I’m fabulous the Turdball said…

I’m fabulous, the Turdball said…071127-MalcolmTurnbull-c83d7dd4-7a4b-49d5-b4d6-07e082dd963c_thumb[1]

After the first week of the LNP’ers, Turdball experiment, I thought it time to give my take on the man who would be king   😯

And after watching his performance in QT, I have to say that if anyone changed their voting intention based on the substance, or lack thereof, of said performance, then all I can say is… WTF?   😯

All that was confirmed this week was that if you expected Turdball to change direction of the worst government in the history of this country, you must be horribly disappointed!   😦

But then those with even half a brain would, and should, have expected no less, as the LNP take the blatantly vacuous option of style over substance   😯   Which is Turdball to a tee (party)   😉

So here it is:

I’m fabulous the Turdball said…

I’m fabulous the Turdball said
As he stared at his reflection
While the sound of his own voice promoted
The seeds of an erection
I do love my oratory prowess
It shows I’m really smart
I’m quick to think, and my shit don’t stink
And I never.. ever fart
I’m a man of great potential
With a bucket load of charm
And I’ll run rings around opponents
Whilst staying nice and calm
I’ll tear them down a peg or two
And barely raise a sweat
Now the Abbott’s done, and I’m the one
You ain’t seen nothing yet
They say I’ve sold my principles
For the sake of my ambition
But discarding all your principles
Is rabid right tradition
And though I’m now the leader
Of the right wing LNP
Of right or left, I’m now bereft
Cos it’s just all about me
I can talk them round in circles
With my intellect immense
And sell our rubbish policies
With my uncommon sense
And compromising values
Is the smallest price to pay
When your only dream, is the winners scheme
And a lie can win the day
I’m the salesman of the century
I’ll sell ice to Eskimos
With my glorious oration
And my talent for great prose
I can baffle them with bullshit
While I pick their carcass clean
And they’ll never know, which way I’ll go
And my agenda won’t be seen
I’m fabulous the Turdball said
To the rabid coalition
The only one within the ranks
Who’ll regain our first position
They can call me narcissistic
But that really isn’t true
Cos you all must know, that the polls will show
That it’s me they love… not you
So I’ll boost our flagging numbers
To the point where we will win
By incorporating Shakespeare
In my rabid right wing spin
Cos it’s not about the substance
It is all about my style
The pied piper of Point Piper
There’ll be dancing in the aisle
I will be the party’s saviour
First of equals will be me
Though more equal than all others
As I lead the LNP
I will duck and weave adeptly
As all questions I will dodge
And set my place, in the master race
With a lifetime in the lodge
I’m fabulous said the Turdball
And I’ve made a lot of money
I’m handsome and I’m clever
And incredible…ly funny
But if perchance the rot’s too deep
Then it won’t be about me
Cos I’ve done my best, and I’ve passed the test
It’s just the rotten L…N…P!

Turnbull 1+


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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34 Responses to I’m fabulous the Turdball said…

  1. melaine says:

    Morning Truthie 🙂

    Absolutely wonderful offering for POETS day 😉

    Custard tarts, blueberry muffins and a very big slice of black forest cake for this effort 😀

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  2. JohnB says:

    Well done Truthy.
    Little doubt, it’s all about HIM. If his deal to become PM is to not change Abbott’s policies until after an election he has a bumpy road ahead.
    I can’t see the polls improving for very long until many of their policies are changed, Turnbull’s credibility on so many of his so called ‘progressive beliefs’ will fall away a weeks pass.

    Once desperation sets in watch the skin fly – many of their RWNJ’s are delusional ratbags, very sore losers and will play dirty.politics.
    I’m waiting for the corporate money influence to be brought to bear on the hard right – they have their hard won billion dollar concessions & subsidies to protect.
    – I foresee a spectacle to behold ahead.
    Same circus, same clowns, different ringmaster

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks John 🙂
      Yes mate, I agree wholeheartedly 😯 So far, the only thing he’s done is prove himself the ultimate hollow man, who’s only aim was the job 🙄

      And giving water back to the Nats, was a huge mistake 😡 one can only assume that he has a plan to give more money to cloud seeding, to make up for any shortfalls in river restoration 😯

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  3. cornlegend says:

    Don’t ya just luv it 😀
    Poets day , just invented for Truthy to bucket Turnbull.
    I was a bit sad that Tones went {well, sort of went, he’s holding out on the Office, diaries etc }
    Malcolms “rain man” and Utegate will come back to haunt him, the right nutters will backstab him, he is burdened with shit policies even he doesn’t support .
    Labor will cop it in the polls for a while , but we all should be celebrating the greatest scalp of all, and it isn’t Abbott
    and the fun and games within the ranks of the rats has already started , young Libeals in puch ups over their man Tones, Bring Back Tony petitions {which I intend to sign:-D}
    and even those jockeying for jobs spilling the beans

    Social Services Minister Scott Morrison has revealed Tony Abbott offered him the jobs of treasurer and deputy Liberal leader as the former prime minister tried to cling to his job before Monday’s leadership coup.

    Mr Morrison made the revelations during a combative commercial radio interview where he was repeatedly asked to swear on the Bible by host Ray Hadley.

    Mr Morrison outlined how Mr Abbott wanted him “to throw Joe Hockey under a bus” by offering him the treasury portfolio on the day Malcolm Turnbull ignited the successful leadership challenge.

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  4. bilko says:

    Well said thruthy in fact almost brilliant, good government starts when?. Abbottlite is now in charge no reverse gear in the COALition bandwagon and the election cliff looms closer. I am hanging on to see the new frontbench. So much dead wood to get rid of and the axe is blunt.

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  5. cornlegend says:

    Geez, you just have to luv em all .

    Cory Bernardi has removed the Liberal Party from his Twitter bio and is now a “Conservative Senator”

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  6. cornlegend says:

    Just who the stuff does Ray Hadley think he is ?
    Bolt, Hadley, Jones etc, are they all the organ grinders

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  7. JohnB says:

    “The recent change of leadership in Australia gets the Taiwanese Animators treatment. Despite the conventional title, ‘Tony Abbott out, Malcolm Turnbull in as Australia’s fifth Prime Minister in five years’, bizarre storytelling ensues. At one point a blindfolded Abbott flies a plane emblazoned with ‘MODERATE CONSERVATIVE’ while Bronwyn Bishop, wearing a bishop’s hat, rides the tail”

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  8. cornlegend says:

    David Marler @Qldaah

    Young Libs start petition to GG to bring back Tony as white ant eating begins. #auspol 1/2

    Terry @korstraw

    Revealed: how Tony Abbott’s government was the least productive since 1971

    Coalition Tea Lady @ItsBouquet

    “Bishop says it was only at that point she switched to Turnbull because Abbott had effectively sacked her….”

    Fin Review


    Phil Coorey-Laura Tingle
    Flying from Adelaide to Canberra early Monday morning aboard the VIP jet, Tony Abbott had no idea it would be his last day as prime minister.

    Neither was he aware he could have been gone already. Sources have confirmed to The Australian Financial Review that the plot to remove Abbott had been ready for several days. Indeed, it was intended to be sprung on Wednesday last week.

    Malcolm Turnbull had the numbers. But it was only on Tuesday night last week that the group co-ordinating events realised the PM was flying to Papua New Guinea straight after question time Wednesday to attend the Pacific Islands Forum.

    It was decided to reassess and move the next week or wait until after the September 19 Canning byelection. Had the coup been sprung as planned, it would have been a complete surprise.

    This article provides a great timeline, and the players


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  9. cornlegend says:

    come on you lot, sign up 😀 I did
    Petitioning Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC
    Bring Back Tony Abbott As PM Because We Voted For Tony

    Share this petition
    5,790 supporters


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  10. JohnB says:

    Abbott’s ‘best-est’ friends are lighting fires under Turnbull – with LNP friends like these perhaps it would serve best if the ALP took a holiday for a month or two.

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  11. Judes says:

    Spot on Truthy … Turnbull is a pontificating, pretentious TWAT !
    Ask him what the time is, and he’ll smile at you, fiddle about with his sp/ esticles, wave his hands about, and tell you ..in a very patronising way, how to make a Cartier, or Rolex watch !

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Judes 🙂

      Yes, he’s a master of obfuscation, lies and spin 😯

      sp/ esticles ??? Is that a veiled reference to “Seeds of an erection 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      • Judes says:

        LOL … 🙂 Well in QT …he does a lot of spectacle fiddling ..when preparing to reach his climax… ( but I wouldn’t say such a thing … me being a lady n all ) 🐒

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  12. brickbob says:

    Bloody brilliant poem Truthy,thats all i got to say at the moment,going back to watch the footy finals,good to see Abbott getting kicked through the goal posts

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  13. SF says:

    Hit nails on head Truthy !

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  14. Bighead1883 says:

    Gadzooks fair Prose Master,
    The dark has now some light shone upon
    For the dastardly Abbott Gollum
    Has returned to cave dwelling
    And will never be again selling
    The three worded bogan slogan
    Because fair Prose master
    As you point so clearly out
    Malcolm Turnbull not ashamed to shout
    It`s all about me you see,just me

    Truthy 🙂 your poetry inspires us all 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Biggy 😀

      Thanks mate 😀 but with this kind of subject matter, they practically write themselves 😯

      But it’s always good to inspire others 😉


    • cornlegend says:

      I wouldn’t say never to return .
      I got caught out in Howards time with that and one thing Abbott is, is ruthless and determined .
      I foresee a golden team of Abbott/Mirrabella in the future 😀
      or if Sophie is too busy chasing demented old blokes, Cory Bernardi, to bring balance to the team 😀

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  15. Dee says:

    Great work again, Truthy! I very much fear that the public have been conned again but this time it may be quite short-lived. Once bitten, twice shy remember! Now let’s see if he can con those difficult senators. Ricky Muir might just be more cautious after the last conning trick. I can’t see Jackie backing down over changes to our social and health system. I suspect that Malcomn’s “fabulousness” will lose its shine gradually over time and he’ll be just as irritating and unpalatable as his predecessor. Now both he and Julie have the cloud of past treachery hanging over them. (just like Bill). However, it’s such a relief to have no more deathcult ramblings and three word slogans so if we ignore the honeymoon polling, we can enjoy a bit of peace for a while.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Dee 🙂 and thanks for your kind words 🙂

      Yes, I believe a large part of Turdball’s honeymoon is related to the relief of seeing the back of Abbott 😯 but I agree that the shine and sparkle will soon wear off to expose the turd beneath 👿

      As I’ve said before, if he doesn’t call an election by Christmas, he will have lost any advantage he currently has… if any???

      And like you and many others,I certainly won’t miss the three word slogans, his annunciation, and constantly repeating statements that were NOT worth saying in the first place, let alone repeating and his oft repeated “Crystal Clear” 😡

      Good riddance 😛


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