The more things change, the more they stay the same!

The more things change, the more they stay the same!Turdball 2+

Well here we go again   😀

There has been much talk around  the opinion poll boost afforded to the LNP, courtesy of their change of leader from the most repugnant and archaic Abbott to the egocentric, narcissist  Turdball.   😯    Which, if you believe the polls, says more about the vacuous nature of the small minority of voters, that are prepared to sell their country out, for the sake of  personality appeal, or admiration of someone who exudes the perception of success, based on the fact that they have made a lot of money, even though a majority of those that made loads of money, have done so on the back of;

  • Exploitation of others   😦
  • Ruthless ambition   😈
  • Bribery/graft and corruption   👿
  • All of the above   😉

And Turdball, like most others of his ilk, is no exception!

And then there’s the other possibility that the first round of polls which came out within mere hours of the Abbott’s political assassination has more to do with some level of corporate collusion   😯   Surely not   ❓

But I digress   😯Turdball 3

So back to Turdball   😉   and his foray into politics, from his earlier attempts at Labor preselection, to his rise through the ranks of the LNP, is littered with question marks, over not only his transient positions/ideologies, but also his political judgements.   ❓

When he was opposition leader in the LNP, prior to him being rolled by the mendacious Abbott, he was seen by many as moderately progressive, and  a climate change believer, which was in part why he was unceremoniously dumped.

He was also hated by sections of the right and especially the far right of the party, who to this day still see him as a “Lefty” who doesn’t really belong in their ranks.

But the truth is that Turdball is the ultimate political weathervane, who’s direction is dictated not so much by his own personal beliefs, but by his own ambition.   😯

His desire to be PM supersedes any particular personal leaning, either left or right, and is determined by the one overriding LNP trait that he has… That being his ultimate sense of entitlement!   😈

His “Born to rule” destiny!   😯

And sadly, that overriding sense of entitlement colours his judgement, as it does with so many of similar mindset.   😦

malcolm-turnbull-nbn+The very fact that Turdball, as “Communications Minister” was able to take on the role of selling a third rate “Hybrid” NBN to the public, in the full knowledge that what he was proposing would be laughed at by the rest of the world, and leave us languishing at the bottom of the pack, with a system that will be redundant before it’s even finished, demonstrates his dishonest, whatever it takes, approach.   😈

Not to mention the lies  and mismanagement that resulted in the time and cost blowout of said “Fraudband”   😈

There was also the small matters of his decision made as Environment Minister in the Howard gov, while in caretaker mode, to grant $10 mill for rain seeding, to the Australian Rain Corporation, a 75% swiss owned company part owned by his mate, and liberal party donor; and Rupert Murdoch’s nephew Matt Handbury,  which never resulted in one drop of rain, giving him the tag of “Rainman”  and of course the Godwyn Grech affair and “Utegate” which was one of the catalysts for his demise last time around.   😯

But I digress again… On second thought,,, No i didn’t   😯

Which brings me to his current stupidities   😀

The first of which was his cabinet reshuffle, which elevated the likes of;

  • Arthur Sinodinos, who has a huge ICAC question mark still hanging over his head   😈
  • Mal Brough who is still being investigated by the AFP, for his admitted  part in the stealing of Peter Slipper’s Diary   👿
  • Wyatt Roy with a shadow and questions to answer over his involvement Ashbygate.   🙄
  • Scott Morrison, with the death of Reza Berati, and other serious issues during his tenure as immigration minister   👿

To name but a few   🙄

And his ludicrous decisions to keep the likes of Piecer Mutton, who can’t open his mouth to change feet, cos they’re already both in there   😯   imagesand giving control of water and the Murray Darling, to that doyen of clear and measured thinking   😉   Bananaby Juice   😯

And as the aforementioned Morescum enters the murky world of LNP Treasury, what is his first statement on the economy???   “That we don’t have a revenue problem, but a spending problem!”   W..T..F..???   😯

So once again, the welfare system is in the firing line, as if they haven’t done enough damage to it and its recipients already?   👿

Then there’s The GHunt, who has consistently lied about the real impacts of DA, claiming that it’s working, when clearly, it’s not!   😯

So after replacing a blatant, lying, bullying piece of right wing excrement, with another, albeit more smarmy, lying, narcissistic piece of right wing excrement  the lies and bad policy direction continue unabated…  Who’d a thunk it   😯

And there we have it people;

The more things change, the more they stay the same!   🙄



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23 Responses to The more things change, the more they stay the same!

  1. bilko says:

    I did mention the axe was blunt but the deadwood that is still there plus the crooks, spivs and liers he has elevated makes one suspect his judgement/intelligence. Out here in the real world NOTHING has changed which dovetails into your heading nicely. He really has sold out for his 30 pieces of silver. We dont have a revenue problem so let us just slap another 5% on the GST and carry on as before. Morons Inc is in charge and it will be an ON LAND issue so move on nothing to see here. makes me want to damage something. One thing “we need more lerts”

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂

      Yes mate, it’s a good excuse to cut income tax for the wealthy and as you say, raise the GST 😯

      And further cut spending on welfare, to force all those “Leaners” into jobs… That just aren’t there! 🙄

      I think the worst party is that they think we’re all fools, and treat us accordingly 😡

      Keep a “lert”… But only If you can still afford to feed it! 😉


  2. JohnB says:

    Well said Truthy
    – not to forget TurnBull/Ghunts dedication to chasing the (millionaire making) elusive clean coal mirage.
    From an ABC report (2014) Well worth a listen.
    “…However, the CSIRO technology in question—the Direct Injection Carbon Engine, or DICE—exists only as a prototype single-cylinder 16 kilowatt, 3.9 litre diesel engine in a lab in Newcastle.
    ….The CSIRO itself cautions the technology is ‘immature and unproven’ and at least five years away from operating at a commercial scale….
    …Running on a mix of coal and water, the Direct Injection Carbon Engine received nine million dollars in funding for stage one trials earlier this year, including one million dollars from the Victorian and commonwealth governments….
    ….Ignite Energy Resources, a member of the DICE network, also received a 20 million dollar grant to produce liquid fuel for DICE engines from brown coal, among other things.
    ….Ignite Energy Resources, a member of the DICE network, also received a 20 million dollar grant to produce liquid fuel for DICE engines from brown coal, among other things…..
    ….rolling out large new coal-fired diesel engines for power makes no sense given there is already a surplus of generating capacity and—based on his analysis of forecast cost figures given to the government—the technology is neither cheap nor clean.
    ….It doesn’t appear to be cheaper than modern black coal. It may be cheaper than large scale gas if gas prices turn out to be higher but so what? Wind and solar and customer demand shifting is a lot less expensive than that.”

    The scam has been feeding crooks and multi millionaires bank accounts for the last 40+ yrs;
    – it ends like this:
    “So from the local perspective we have seen the same set of people just working their way through the valley following the coal seam and making a fortune out of it, while the rest of us are putting up with noise, dust, loss of our neighbours, hundreds of coal trains. It’s just changed the dynamic of the region. They are now multimillionaires if not billionaires and the rest of us are feeling quite done over.

    Paddy Manning: And the clean coal just never seems to eventuate.

    Bev Smiles: No, there is no clean coal, and all of the money that has been poured into various aspects of clean coal—geo-sequestration, this briquette proposal—there is a whole range of things that have been called clean coal, and nothing has come of it. It’s certainly not cheap, so it’s been a great waste of taxpayers’ money, at the same time as people that have been shopping around have just made millions and millions of dollars out of selling dirty coal.”

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey John 🙂

      Thanks mate 🙂 and yes, I heard something yesterday, in passing, about GHunt having a plan to access some money from some fund or other, to support more infrastructure for coal mining 😯 but I was out for most of the day, so haven’t caught up on it yet 😦

      They really are fools! 😡

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      • Truth Seeker says:

        Correction, it was not GHunt, it was Josh Friedandburnt, promising to do for Adani, with taxpayer funds, what the banks are running away from 😡

        There’s more dickheads in this government, than in a Kings Cross brothel 🙄

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  3. driftwood12 says:

    I feel the same Truthy, mentioned it on the wrong page.
    The Prime Ministers job increasingly turning into reality tv distractions.

    There is a pdf download on the galilee basing impact concerning water. I cant bring it up in a link.
    Googling Draining the Lifeblood. Galilee coal pdf should bring it up. It has all the brief facts and figures and volumes covering usage what for rainfall of the area and artesian basin volumes , impacts on the artesian basin etc.
    I was very impressed with the report.
    A volume of water the same size of the Sydney Harbour volume is to be pumped out before mining can even think of progressing. That’s if things go to plan. Mine usage is projected to be 2 Sydney harbour volumes. I suspect rain is going to play havoc with the matter.
    There is no way it will not hugely be detrimental to surrounding water supplies and broader basin levels across the state. Water from far and wide will start to backflow to the mines well before they get halfway through pumping out the first Sydney harbour volume to even start. That removes the pressure off bores statewide to even make the surface.
    The bores all had to be capped all over the state in the early 70’s because there were too many and flows reduced to trickles because of reduced pressure.-Too many taps on.
    To John above- there are engines out there that are running on pure water . Magnet engines. Hybrids etc that leave anything around or on the road for dead.
    This is just one of hundreds out there. Brazil is a hotspot for inventions.

    One guy has a magnet motor, runs off 6 AA batteries. It pumps a 4 ft pipe of water 16 feet up in the air. The batteries stay charged to the point of getting hot. They are not rechargables. They must be acting capacitively which means the system is capable of recharge. He demonstrates it also running on a couple of solar panels. He has had a lot of trouble with corporate and govt.
    They blackened him and he called out the universities to acknowledge the workings. The power is not supposed to be able to pump water anywhere near that high.
    He films the university and govt guys and questions them on camera. They say it is doing everything he said and claims and displayed but they will not acknowledge it because the bounds of science say it can’t happen.
    He says it is corporate fraud and a huge freedom and comfort stolen off all people. That Bell and Tesla and the old guys etc knew too but only allow electricty to be used in a way to be metered for profit. Flow in one end and out another.
    The engines are silent and everyone could have one in their yard or under the house and put electricty back on the grid for community and industry. As oil, would the US home base of tyrant bomb us if we nationalised?

    The black plains and rolling hills and high fertile soil where coal is found is largely from coal broken down. I’ve heard coal powder is being used for fertiliser. Which i think is great.

    We need good media.
    Tonight i read a report amongst the wests gloom and woe tales on the people that Russia is or is heading into 15% growth.
    Malcolm is not comforting, nor is spin.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Jim 🙂

      Yes mate, we know the corporations don’t like anyone rocking their “profits” boat 👿

      Bastards! 😈

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    • Florence nee Fedup says:

      Maybe not. Media appears to have lost it power to influence. Like Henny Penny and calling out sky is falling. People quickly stopped listening when it didn’t .

      Social media and internet have people actually being part process, talking, exchanging ideas. Maybe now, it is the strongest.

      Trolls & AstroTurfers now have to contribute something. Power of slagging no longer works. Most bar or ignore them.

      Just a thought. I expect Turnbull is only on trial. People will quickly expect him to deliver. Like Abbott, time isn’t on his side.

      I see Turnbull as being the opponent that Shorten would be happier to have in his sights. Suits the nature of Shorten better.

      We now have two leaders we really don’t know much about.

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      • Truth Seeker says:

        Morning Florence 🙂 and thanks f0r your comment 😎

        I do agree that the media is losing its power, as they’ve sold us so much crap since the advent of Abbott, that as you say, people have stopped listening to a large extent 🙂

        I also agree that Turdball and Shorten are closer in style than Shorten and Abbott. 🙂

        Having said that, Abbott was so on the nose, that a cane toad would be more popular with the electorate at large 😯

        But I do believe that Turdball only has a small window of opportunity, before his glitter is worn off, showing the real turd beneath 😀


    • driftwood12 says:

      Major correction, motor pumps a 4inch pipe of water not a 4 foot.
      The motor will pump water or electricity for as long as a set of lithium batteries last which is around 5 to 7 years.
      It is very hard to find these clips now on youtube, they dont come up. I havent been able to bring them up for a couple of years.


  4. driftwood12 says:

    The guy on the waterbike gets 500klm a litre of water.

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  5. Bighead1883 says:

    This one is the most dangerous move for Australia Truthy IMHO
    Already people are saying “Turnbull is a small L Liberal” which he may have been once upon a time ago
    He is a tool of the Banksters/IPA-all faceless and unelected
    Well written mate 🙂

    But what I really have to say is man is judged by his faith or proclivity to it teachings.
    How anyone can claim any adherence or following of this meme and become PM is beyond me as the teachings in the Talmud have to be exposed [posted in the Dungeon by me]
    I verified all claimed in RENSE and found it to be correct as Hebrew to English translation only.

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  6. Dee says:

    You are so right, Truthy…..& it won’t take long for even the most gullible to realise it’s just the same package. After watching that Sales interview, I believe Morrison was his worst choice. Malcolm wants to “sell” the austerity measures to the public but with his nasty and bullying persona, there’s no chance. Malcolm’s need to be loved and appease everyone will very quickly bring him down either from disgruntled voters or from within. Life without Abbott is much quieter but we still have a major problem, a government that disrespects us and is hell-bent on screwing us. We just have to hope those swinging voters come to their senses sometime very soon.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Dee 🙂

      Yes, I’m watching Morescum now, at a presser, and he’s an arrogant and ignorant arse, with the same old tired and rejected message 😈

      And anyone with even half a brain will see through it very quickly 🙂 Sadly, there are some that obviously don’t even have half a brain 😯 but then they would nearly always vote LNP anyway 😦


    • Florence nee Fedup says:

      I find it hard to believe, that the Charmer PM would have expected any better behaviour from Morrison. Let him do dirty work, then the charmer moves in, kissing everything better.

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  8. cornlegend says:

    Hey Truthy ,
    great article mate .
    It really is another fine mess they have got us into
    Forelock Tugger Malcolm will surely be looking for an early election , before people begin to see the real Malcolm .
    Can’t stop now, I’m trying to invent a cloud seeding machine to flog to Mal. while he still has the job
    I could do with a lazy $10 mill.

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  9. Frank Ston says:

    Hi Truthy
    Just passing by at present but I noticed your meme at the tail of this piece.
    I wasn’t sure whether you had intended Banker/Lawyer or Wanker/Lawyer – I suppose it’s moot given that both versions fit.

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  10. SF says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same…. check out this madness.

    Not a Joke – Saudi Arabia Chosen to Head UN Human Rights Panel!

    WTF? The war in Yemen never happened?

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