Not oratory Prowess… just waffle!

Not oratory prowess… just waffle!Turdball 2+

Whenever Malcontent Turdball stood up as a minister in parliament to reply to a question in QT, or to make a speech, he always seemed to revel in his own oratory prowess, waffling incessantly much to his own delight, and that of his, apparently, less well educated comrades in arms from the rabid right.

Jules “Medusa” Bitch-chops being a case in point, who always looked at him like a lovestruck schoolgirl, every time he opened his caviarhole.(Cake is too down market for the Turdball Β  πŸ™„ Β  )

His style, that of one born to rule; full of self aggrandised Β condescension. Β  πŸ˜›

But after watching him, on the first sitting day of his PMship, I realised that like everything else about him, his alleged and aforementioned oratory prowess is just another myth   😯

Now it may seem a small and somewhat insignificant point, but when talking about Taxi drivers and cleaners who worked much harder than he does, for far less money   😯   he made a grammatically bad and glaring misquote, of a well known and oft quoted saying   😯

The quote in question is; “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

But the Turdball’s rendition was “There but for the grace of God, goes me!”

Now as I said it may well be seen as a small thing, but since his Coup d’Γ©-arse (The forced overthrow of Abbott Β  😯 Β  ), I have been paying attention to the “fabulous one”, and have come to the grand realisation that his command of the English language is not what it’s cracked up to be Β  😯

In fact, he is only a master of saying… well… nothing!

Turdball it's just business+

Now I know that I have been somewhat distracted over the last few weeks, and I am happy to stand corrected, but I have yet to hear him actually answer 1 question in QT. Β  ❓

And all that Turdball’s polliwaffle has proved, is that, despite the current public perception of our less than glorious leader, encouraged in large part by the love affair that our, also less than glorious, MSM are having with him, it’s nothing more than another almighty con job to further perpetuate the ever increasing list of Turdball myths.

There is no question that he has sold his soul, if in fact he ever had one, to the rabid right devil, for the express purpose of gaining the leadership of the LNP, and nothing more.

Now we see him strutting the world stage, at CHOGAM, and about to represent us (Ugh   :mrgreen:   )   at the UN CC conference in Paris   😯   and already, the myth of oratory prowess has given way to gross polliwaffle, and outright lies.   😑

His claim that Shorten’s 45% target is, amongst other things, “Heroic”, is not only stupid and misleading, but strange, coming from one who hasn’t even got the balls to to stand up to the rabid right of the party he pretends to lead, and lies almost as much as Abbott, albeit with all the skill and expertise of a professional used car salesman, making out he’s your best friend, while stealing the food from your children’s mouths (While they’re still chewing it Β  😯 Β  ), but hasn’t even got the strength of character to stand by his own (alleged) principles/beliefs! Β  ❓

Turnbull 1+

The honeymoon should be well and truly over, except for the fact that Muddick, and the enamoured Australian MSM are supplying viagra by the bucket load, to help Malcontent Β keep it up Β  😯 Β  until the election, at which time, there’s a better than even chance that the rabid right will rise up, to wrest back the leadership for either The mad monk Β  😯 Β  , or the equally as rabid, and just as mad, Snott Morescum Β  πŸ‘Ώ

But I digress   😯

So even though we all thought that the embarrassment was over with the long overdue demise of “Idiot Boy”, Paris could well prove to be yet another monumental international Β embarrassment, as Turdball tries to lie his way through the conference, spruiking Β the mendacious GHunt’s laughingly named “Direct Action” plan, Β  πŸ™„ Β  Β Which Turdball himself referred to in glowingly derogatory terms Β  😯 Β  before he was forced to accept and sell it as something that has his full support. Β  O_o Β  :/

Now I’m sure that Tudball saw Paris as a welcome distraction from the cracks appearing, imagesat home, over that other Malcontent Be-Rough, and his confession on 60 Minutes, WRT contravening the criminal code, in soliciting one James Ashby to steal parts of Β the then speaker, Peter Slipper’s diary, which is casting big black clouds over the Turdball’s political judgement, not to mention his “Captains picks”. Β  πŸ˜›


But the truth is that no matter how much he tries to sell the “Direct Action” lemon, to the assembled leaders of the “Free world”, and vocalises his support at home, for the mendacious (some would say criminal) Malcontent Be-Rough, all that he will produce is more of the same lies and spin of his predecessor, and anyone with even half a brain will know that it’s…

Not Oratory prowess… just waffle!




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41 Responses to Not oratory Prowess… just waffle!

  1. Florence nee Fedup says:

    I trust no one who tries to win me over by charm. Especially one that refuses to defend their own stated beliefs.

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  2. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Good to see you well enough to post. Missed you.

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  3. JohnB says:

    Well said Truthy,
    Good to see you back at the writing desk serving it out to the silvery mouthed peacock.

    I have been posting a few comments at the Guardian of late – generally in relation to AGW.
    On the subject of media pied piper Turnbull; this reply contained an interesting reminder of Turnbull’s past unsavory practices:

    A bit of history – the internet never forgets.
    FAI case: “The suit dates back to when Mr Turnbull was insurer FAI’s financial adviser during its takeover by HIH eight years ago [1999]…. accused of withholding information about FAI’s financial health and failing to advise HIH about “illusory profits” in FAI’s accounts. The reinsurance contracts enabled the company to turn losses into profits.”

    Raging Turnbull (SMH)

    Considering the LNP pursued Gillard through TURC over events of 20+ years ago, Turnbull’s past shonky deals and bastardry should not remain buried.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning John πŸ™‚ and thanks mate πŸ˜€

      Yes, I’ve noticed your comments there πŸ™‚ and up-tick them when I see them πŸ˜€

      Love your work mate 😎

      Cheers πŸ™‚


  4. Judes says:

    Absolutely spot on Truthy. The embarrassing pics of Turnbull on TV laying that HUGE wreath in memory of the Paris victims was ludicrous ! John Key had three or four large white roses.. Far more class there. Turnbull seemed quite unsure of himself on one of his ‘ where’s the camera walks’ and was looking around for John Key.. (His new best friend), but had to settle for Lucy beside him instead.

    Just a thought regarding the Turnbull ‘ heel lift ‘ whilst Pollywaffling…. Did you know that high heeled shoes were first designed to be worn for the male aristocracy ? .. To lift them above mere peasants like us. Bet twinkle toes is sorry they went out of fashion before he got to wear them ! LOL. Although I’m willing to bet that he still wears the perfumery… To mask his Rainbow Farts.. They’re “a breath of fresh air” according to Mdm Asbestos. πŸ™‚ LOL

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Judes πŸ™‚ and thanks for that 😎

      Just got back from taking SWMBO to work πŸ˜‰ and it’s already warm out πŸ™„

      Climate change… What climate change? 😯

      Yes, I wonder how far up the embarrassment meter Turdball’s lies and spin will go, in Paris? 😑

      And I suppose Turdball would be seen by some as a breath of fresh air after Abbott, but I would describe it as a breath of one of those cheap air fresheners, where the perfume soon wears off, only adding to the old stench that remains :mrgreen:

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  5. consider says:

    Morning all. Your observations re Turnbull are on the mark Truthy.
    The more he presents himself to real public scrutiny, the more his real persona becomes obvious. Despite him acquiring great wealth he really is a light-weight without much substance.

    His own mob were awake to him the first time he was LOTO. His popularity in the polls was down to 14% before he was rolled by Abbott. (who ?).

    I reckon one of his major hurdles will be climate change. That will be one of the first things that will bite him, ( wait for the report on how solar is going in California to rear it`s head in the Paris conference to really destroy his and Hunt`s pathetic Direct Action scam ), followed by the Brough saga.

    By the way I still think he set Brough up so as he could sack him, Two reasons, to make him (Turnbull), look tough, and if Brough was to survive the AFP ‘investigation’ (which the grub probably will ), he will always be seen as a serious rival in Turnbull`s view.

    When people realise just how many dodgey deals Turnbull was/is involved in, some of which you mentioned above , hopefully his stay will be shorter than Abbott`s (who ?).
    Cheers πŸ™‚

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  6. Bighead1883 says:

    Yes Truthy,Malcolm “Buffering” Turnbull is all things IPA and hey the “Glib Lib”set are positively weak at the knees over him.
    The parliamentary display of open corruption when Dreyfus and Burke stood them up over Brough was/is amazingly brusque and I`m sure its keeping the MSM lubricated.

    More amazingly to add to your excellent piece is Talc Malc is in Paris talking up his CC creds with real AGW believers and we`ve just appointed a “Windfarm Commissioner” FFS and this is BEYOND BIZARRE
    Well done Truthy πŸ™‚

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Biggy πŸ™‚ I hope you and Darling πŸ™‚ are both doing well πŸ™‚

      Yes mate, we should start calling him the disingenuous Turdball, as that should be the obvious conclusion for most there πŸ™„

      I mean really, pathetic targets and dodgy accounting to claim false achievements, giving a paltry $1 mill to help developed countries deal with CC, while committing $2.8 mill (I think) for a fund to help stop young Muslims being radicalised, and $80 mill for the TURC etc etc ????
      It’s good to see where their priorities are 😑

      Not to mention the $600,000.00 for the “Windfarm Commissioner” WTF???

      I’m surprised someone hasn’t stuck a sign on his back saying “Kick Me” 😯

      Cheers mate

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  7. JJ says:

    I’ve been waiting for some-one to tell me exactly why Turdball’s popularity is supposedly so high. The Murdochracy must be doing a good job on the sheep again. You tell me, I’m confuzzled.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning JJ πŸ™‚ and welcome to TSM πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your comment 😎

      I think a lot of Turdball’s popularity is firstly because he’s not Abbott 😯 and the sheeple are just so glad to have someone who sounds positive, even though many have not yet realised that he has the same bad policies, just pushed by a slicker salesman πŸ™„ but as I said in my post, and as you also alluded to, Muddick and the MSM are working overtime to sell him as the greatest thing since sliced bread 😯 conveniently ignoring the many skeletons in his Point Piper closet πŸ‘Ώ

      Of course Muddick’s newspolls are also a fine tool by which to manipulate the sheeples, as most want to be on what they perceive to be the winning team, and there are strong rumours around that the Morgan polls, previously regarded by many as the most reliable of polls, have a personal and vested interest in Turdball, hence their numbers being even more way out than Muddick’s 😯

      There is also the fact that many either don’t remember or don’t know of his involvement in such sleazy deals as “Utegate”, Godwyn Grech and cloud seeding etc etc, but I’m sure they will be reminded of, or enlightened on many of these little corruptions prior to the next election πŸ˜‰

      They are just a few ideas, to answer your question, and I hope that helps πŸ™‚

      I also hope that you can join our conversations again πŸ™‚

      Cheers πŸ™‚

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    • Florence nee Fedup says:

      They say he is great at turning the charm on. Maybe his charm only works when in close approximately. Doesn’t charm at a distance?

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      • Truth Seeker says:

        Hey Florence πŸ˜€

        Yes, it must have a limited range, cos I certainly haven’t seen it 😯 but then I know him for the lying, smarmy bastard that he is, so I doubt it would work on me anyway πŸ˜› and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him πŸ‘Ώ

        Then there are those that get overawed by the fact that he has obscene amounts of money, not realising that 99.9% of those that have that kind of money got it by being ruthless and in many cases corrupt, and Malcontent’s past would indicate that he is both, aided and abetted by his so called “charm” 😈

        Some people think that he’s the perfect example of a moderate Liberal, I just think he’s a perfect fit for the current crop of RW Nut-jobs, and a typical Liberal! πŸ‘Ώ

        But that’s just me 😯

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      • Judes says:

        Be EXTRA careful when at close proximity … Bet would charm the fillings out of your teeth and auction them off… for a tax free $ ! 😦

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  8. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Suspect many would agree. What was his polling as Opposition leader. Something in range Shorten, I bet. In fact at a level that is norm for most Opposition leaders.

    Charm, or as I see it, bullshit, always turns me off.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Yes πŸ™‚

      The problem that Turdball has, is that people like me and you see through the expensive suits and lolly words, and his “charm” comes through clearly as not “charm” at all but rather smarm 😯

      To me he’s the epitome of everything that’s wrong with Bankers, Lawyers, snake oil salesmen and Liberals in general 😈

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    • Judes says:

      He was Mr 14% and most unliked by many of his fellow Libs…. especially those of the far right.

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      • Truth Seeker says:

        The real irony is that he’s still unliked by many of his fellow libs… in fact almost half of them 😯 and is only there because the voters absolutely hated Abbott O_o πŸ˜• and he was given the job to stop the haemorrhaging 😯 except from Abbott, and no-one will stop that haemorrhaging… maybe it’s Turdball’s knife stuck firmly in his back πŸ˜›

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        • olddavey says:

          The problem with The Duke of Double Bay is that a lot of folk who would be undecided or marginal Labor think he’s charming compared the dog turd on a stick that was the previous PM, and because Ball Scrotum is about as inspiring as a fart in the bath, as are many of his policies at the moment, Captain Caviar will be a likely winner.

          And, yes, Brough is there to be the sacrificial lamb when needed.
          Soon, methinks.

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          • Truth Seeker says:

            Hey Olddavey πŸ™‚

            I’m starting to think that his so called charm is very superficial, and easily seen through, like the glitter on a turd, it soon wears away revealing the shit beneath 😯

            And I also think that Ashby and Brough are going to be a problem for Turdball (one of many πŸ™‚ ), as he (Brough) was one of Malcontent’s first “Captains picks”, and as I said in my post, from the cracks that are appearing in his usually unflappable demeanour, I would venture to suggest that he knows it might come back to bite him πŸ˜€ As it should πŸ˜›

            And even Barrie Cassidy, on this weeks Insiders, noted the cracks appearing 😯

            Cheers πŸ™‚


  9. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthy and so good to see you back in the saddle again and a fine piece of writing on the Wentworth Waffler. Thanks for the tip on the Morgan polls,they have Libs 12 points ahead of Labor and that cant be right,Malcom or no Malcom.

    According to the MSM,the only form of public transport Turdbull does’nt use are the ferries because they think the bastard can walk on bloody water. Go forth and prosper. Cheers.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Brickbob πŸ™‚ Thanks for that mate πŸ™‚

      Yes, there’s definitely something going on there with Morgan πŸ˜‰

      Love the bit about the ferries, although with his CC policies, and support for Be-Rough, he’s off with the Fairies πŸ˜€

      Cheers mate πŸ™‚

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  10. Mark says:

    Great to see you writing again Truthy !

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  11. consider says:

    G’day Truthy. I thought Q`ld was pretty bad over the years with its corrupt politicians and coppers, but watching these Federal grubs in action with their blatant denials of the Ashbygate, Jackson, Brough, Pyne, Roy, sagas and their protection of same, they make the Q`landers look like pussy-cats.

    But it will not last. This mob are answerable to ALL Australians and unlike when Abbott (who)? was around, I sense a stirring in the MSM camp as they smell another coup just around the corner.

    The simple fact is Turnbull has too much baggage and having sold his soul for the top job, he really had nothing to give, to keep this unprincipled mob in check, especially when the real pressure applies itself when he starts to drop Abbotts policies, which he must do shortly, or he will be seen as just more of the same, only more polite.


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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Consider πŸ™‚

      Yes mate, I saw Turdball’s response to the question from Dreyfus, and he really seems rattled 😯

      But Brough is a dead man walking, and Like Abbott, Turdball will be doing himself no favours by dragging it out πŸ˜€

      Cheers mate πŸ™‚


  12. frontad84 says:

    When Turdball became the PM
    The majority thought him a gem
    Now we’d got rid of Big Ears
    And lost some of our fears
    But we know now were fucked up again

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Frontad πŸ™‚ Good one πŸ˜€

      And it’s good to hear from you, and see that you’re still writing your limericks 😎

      Cheers πŸ™‚


      • frontad84 says:

        Thanks Truthy for the welcome, I lost the will a while back when found I had Prostate Cancer and a number of other issues, however medications and treatment are keeping me going and anyway having Turdball in the chair has given me the incentive, he’s such a slimy arsole. I hope this finds you well

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        • Truth Seeker says:

          Hey mate πŸ™‚

          I know how you felt,as we had a pretty rough year last year, with a lot of sickness and the death of my dad not long before Christmas, but I too have started to get back into writing, even though my low blood sats are keeping a bit of fog in my head 😑

          Glad you’re getting some good results from the meds and treatments, and hope you and your contributing can keep going from strength to strength 😎

          Cheers πŸ™‚


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