A Turdball Kind of Christmas..

malcolm-turnbull-nbn+A Turdball kind of Christmas…

With Christmas fast approaching, and things not looking really flash in the last couple of weeks for the Turdball  (and I use the term loosely   😛   ) “led” LNP.

With the defection of  Macca, to the Nats   😯   , the disastrous “Captains picks”, hot on the heels of the widespread condemnation of Abbott’s “Captains picks”, which at best shows a distinct lack of judgement on Turdball’s part too, and all the chatter, backgrounding and whiteanting, from the Abbott camp; is it any surprise that the only Christmas spirit enjoyed by the aforementioned Turdball, will be out of a bottle!

And some have suggested that by the look of his ruddy proboscis, he’s already well and truly started   😯

So here’s my take on the LNP Christmas 2015   😀

A Turdball kind of Christmas…

A Turball kind of Christmas

Is a very odd affair

Supported by some right wing crims

And good old Helmet Hair

Who’s up the back, near Abbott

And the ultra right wing nuts

who’re plotting Malcontent’s demise

Though they’re bullies with no guts


So the yuletide celebrations

Will take on a certain twist

As the right wing traitors watch their backs

While the nut-jobs all get pissed

And Malcontent’s supporters

Sip, sedately on their Grange

As the Abbott plots his mad revenge

With supporters who are strange


Like the rabid right Bernardi

Who’s as manic as can be

And almost half the party room

Of the rabid LNP

So while Turdball sits precariously

Upon his tainted throne

The Abbott stands behind him

And indiscreetly points the bone


So the Christmas celebrations

Are not what they used to be

They’re without the fancy costumes

And the gay frivolity

And the talk is of defectors

From the Liberals to the Nats

And the traitors to the rabid right

Are looked upon as rats


With the party room divided

And near half living in hope

That the Abbott will rise up again

And dump the lefty dope

The rabid right pretender

Who for power sold his soul

And his climate change credentials

For a ton of coking coal


So he’s Malcolm in the middle

Between a hard case and a rock

And he’s trying to look like Santa

But he just looks like a cock

Trying to keep the right wing happy

And the centre right as well

As his honeymoon deserts him

In this yuletide hind of hell


Cos from cloud seeding to Godwyn Grech

We knew his judgement’s rough

But he reached new heights in low this year

By appointing Malcolm Brough

And Wyatt Roy and Chrissy Pyne

All named on a search warrant

Which should disqualify them all

Cos morally they’re abhorrent


And it’s all of his own making

So we shouldn’t feel too bad

Cos the Turdball’s a pretender

And the Abbott’s raving mad

And driven by ambition

Is one thing that they both share

Along with the same old deputy

And good old Helmet Hair


They also share the policies

Surpported by the right

Cos Turdball’s really gutless

And he’s not up for the fight

So although they changed their leader

Nothing else has really changed

With a backbench that’s unsettled

And a cabinet deranged

:/   o_O

And as the year draws to its close

We look back with reflection

On the Abbott’s overdue demise,

And Turdball’s… self induced erection

And to the new year full of promise

For some rabid right surprise

And Ashbygate, Turdball and Abbott

Directing… the LNP’s… Demise!





About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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38 Responses to A Turdball Kind of Christmas..

  1. Judes says:

    Ha Ha 🙂 .. Loving it Truthy. Malcolm is the shabby, faded bowsprit on the barnacle encrusted ship of fools. Abbott is the deranged Gringe who has stolen Malcolm’s Christmas cheer .. just as he stole ours last year. My New Years wish is that Australians will wake up and vote them all OUT this election year.
    Oh, .. and I’m very glad we have a ‘deranged Senate’, … which saved many of us from a much bigger Abbott/Hockey economic slaughter. Let’s see if they can now withstand the bullying of the sneering hypocrite Morescum.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Judes 🙂 Thanks for that 😀

      Yes, Turdball’s not a happy camper, and the new years promise, combined with Abbott’s bone pointing should well be Turdball’s big regret 😀

      And I don’t know about you, but I have noticed a certain ruddiness around his nose over the last week or so 😉 So one could assume that the Turdbull’s at “home, home on the Grange, where the fear and the anti-dope range” 😛

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      • melaine says:

        Excellent poem Truthie … extra large plate of super fortified custard tarts for that effort 😉

        I’ve dug out the old harmonica and am practising the one and only tune I can coax out of the damn thing… so wet those vocal chords of yours and start stumming buddy… “Home on the Grange” it is and it should be a real hit … with the help of our musical talents 😆

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  2. Bighead1883 says:

    IMHO Truthy,poetry like song,is one of the more difficult means of passing on to the masses the message intended.
    Reading this one of yours I had that Dylanesque background music playing on auto in my mind.
    It was a combination of “Desolation Row&Tombstone Blues” ,funny how ones mind can do that but you`d need two players to achieve it.
    Well done comrade as only 11 more sleeps till Santa Scott tries to slip us the bill for tax cuts to those who already don`t need them.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Biggy 🙂

      Yes mate, and the Turdball is a more difficult subject to work with, than Abbott,, as his stupidity and hypocrisy is more insidious 😈

      And you’re right about Santa Scott 👿

      Cheers mate 🙂

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  3. consider says:

    Good one Truthy. That is a perfect photo of Stan Laurel at the end.
    We have Turnbull using terms like , ‘ innovation, exciting times, technology ‘ etc, this, from the bloke who was Communication Minister under the failed Abbott government who inherited a good NBN system from Labor and turned it into a farce, where some lucky ones have fibre to the premises and the rest of us, thanks to Turnbull, will have the old slower copper. What a dill he is.

    Also it will be interesting to see how they will try and turn the embarrassment of the Paris agreement to their advantage. More lies and squirming from Hunt, the bloke that wears his big brother`s suits.


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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Consider 🙂 and thanks mate 😀

      Yes, he does have a striking resemblance now that you mention it 😆 and he’s not happy 😀

      And calling him a dill is being kind mate, IMHO he’s a complete dickhead 😯 for many reasons… including the NBN debacle 😡

      Ah yes, Paris 🙄 another one to come back and bite them 😀

      Cheers mate 🙂

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  4. HO says:

    Great verse Truthy, up there with your best. You have livened up my Christmas with your commentary. Love ya work!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. bilko says:

    Thruthy thruthy you have done it again another brilliant effort, worthy of an old Finsbury Park wanderer.
    Does anyone know if our Fin Min the old terminator mattias has fallen off his perch he is as active as that Norwegian blue in the Monty parrot sketch. If he is still on this mortal coil he has had his wings well and truely clipped.

    Keep alert this b***ard Turdball is trying to lull us into a false sense of security while his exmate Tones policies are still dipping into our back pockets.
    The new budget measures that the Senate crossbenchers let silp through re income streams has left this holdhold $140 a fortnight worse off from Jan 1st, happy new year and a lot of Noalition supporters will be hit as well talk about crapping in ones own nest. This lot could not run a chook raffle let alone a country. We still need “lerts”

    Liked by 2 people

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂 Thanks mate 🙂

      Yes, he’s still around, but as you say, it seems that his wings have been somewhat clipped 😯

      And Tones and his policies still live on through the Turdball, and yes many of their supporters have crapped in their own nests, but they’re just too stupid to see it 😦

      As for me, my “Lert” is alive and well 😉

      Cheers mate 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Judes says:

        Best look after our ‘Lerts’. Truthy. 🙂 Morescum is intending to “take out the trash” when he finally announces his MYFEO Christmas pressie to the Big end of town.. Unfortunately WE are regarded as the trash! 😦 Prepared to be “taken out” !

        Liked by 2 people

        • Truth Seeker says:

          Hey Judes, the ‘lerts’ are all well fed and healthy 😯 unlike the LNP who although well fed, are decidedly sick, morally, emotionally and mentally! 😯

          He can try 😛 , but I’m banking on them being “Taken out” first 😀

          Liked by 2 people

  6. brickbob says:

    Another fantastic poem Truthy,and very entertaining to say the least.
    My rant this week is about that bloody awful woman, old mate ” Jet Hag Julie” in Paris swanning around like some prima donna ingratiating herself with mostly male delegates,and pretending she cares about the climate and sucking up to anyone with a camera in their hand.

    We all know there are some pretty vile people in this Govt but the Jet Hag has got to be the vilest creature god ever put breath into. Thanks again for the poem and putting up with my rant.”””

    Liked by 2 people

  7. brickbob says:

    Thank you, it’s a very tempting offer,but i am not a violent person,””’ On the other hand””””””


  8. consider says:

    It is appropriate that Morrison is using the analogy of driving a car when he is trying to justify his mid-year financial statement, The car he is ‘driving’ has two large stickers on it, front and back.
    They are large yellow ones with a very large “L” on them., and one thing is certain, when he goes for his test the examiner, (the voters) will give him a big FAIL, and send him away for more practice.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. consider says:

    How could an “Adult” Government send people like this overseas to represent us ?
    It is pretty obvious that Turnbull is being told what to do by the RWNJ`S in his party.
    What a disgrace.


    Liked by 3 people

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Consider 🙂

      Yes mate, a disgrace is the only way to describe any delegation that includes Poodles, Helmet Hair and Tim bloody wilson 😈

      I just wonder who’s bright idea that was 😯

      Liked by 1 person

      • Judes says:

        Howdy Truthy … And Credlins husband is also there ! .. It’s the RWNJ flying circus.
        I’m so ashamed they represent Australia ..
        NOT IN MY NAME ! 😦

        Liked by 2 people

        • Truth Seeker says:

          Hey Judes 🙂

          Yes, well I suppose he has to do something to keep his mind off Abbott and Peta playing their games on the speaking tour 😯

          And not in my name either! 😡


    • brickbob says:

      Coming to a theatre near you”” The Three Stooges Go To Palestine.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Truth Seeker says:

        Hey Brickbob 🙂

        Mate, would anyone pay to be that embarrassed??? 😉

        But then some are obviously paying to listen to Abbott 😯 which just proves the old adage “Some people have more money than sense!” 😯


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