The government’s revolting, so the people should revolt

The government’s revolting, so the people should revolt…

Turdball 1+1

With the new year underway, and it being an election year, I thought I should start the year as I mean to carry on   😛

And with so much instability in the ranks of the LNP, courtesy of the rabid right, much of which is orchestrated from the back bench, by the malicious, not to mention, bitter and twisted, Abbott, who’s promise of no sniping etc, went the same way as the rest of his promises, along with any remaining vestiges of credibility, and the Dodo  (Down the crapper!   :/   ) I thought it high time they were called out for the incompetent and dysfunctional fools that they really are.   😛

As a government, they are REVOLTING   😡   and in this election year, we definitely need a peoples revolution!   😕

The Government’s revolting, so the people should revolt!


The Government’s revolting,

So the people should revolt

Cos we’ve had enough of all their lies and spin

With morals sadly lacking,

A majority need sacking

You must wonder how the bastards all got in


With near half still wanting Abbott,

And the other half the Turdball

Mad division is the order of the day

The moderates are bleeding,

While the rabid right are feeding

On the Turdball who is with them all the way


Cos he really has no choice,

If he wants to stay PM

He’s just Judas, in a fine Armani suit

With his future firmly tied

To the rabid right who lied

If he strays at all, he knows he’ll get the boot


So they claimed they’re a “new” government,

But we know they’re really not

Cos the policies of Abbott still remain

And the Turdball’s just a front

For the Liberal party’s runt

Called the IPA, who really are insane


And in this election year,

As the Abbott’s mob still hover

In the background, with the Turdball in their sights

They will struggle to get traction,

As the Turdballs moderate faction

Are beholding to the nut-jobs, who are “rights”


So they stand on shaky ground,

Cos the rabid right are manic

As was shown by Jamie Briggs, the right wing sleaze

Who’s a serial offender,

When he’s on a late night bender

Where he likes to get his victims to say… “Cheese”


Then he sends his mates the pictures,

So to show his deep remorse

And contrition for the shame of his bad actions

And to garner their support,

For his sexist bar room sport

And to show his victim to the right wing factions


There’s his mad mate Peter Dutton,

Who’s sad brain resembles mutton

Lacking any capability to think

Making jokes of climate change,

for a minister, is strange

And his texting language surely caused a stink


And the Turdball’s treasurer Morrison,

Was just one more grave mistake

And another of the Turdball’s captains picks

To secure his leaders spot,

He adopted Abbott’s lot

And a cabinet, that’s chocked full of right wing dicks


There is Brough and Roy and Chrissy

All caught up in Ashbygate

Along with others from the ranks of Turdball’s mob

And there’s still a way to go

To conclude that manic show

Proving Malcontent is not a leaders knob


So the Turdball’s sad dilemma

Is, he’s sold his “Lefty” soul

To fulfil his egos need, for greater power

Leaving ethics in the gutter

As his waffle turns to splutter

And his personal beliefs have all gone sour


And he talks of being “agile”

And an “innovative” nation

But he really means be shifty and untrue

As his narcissistic dream

Is an ideological scheme

To increase the wealth of the very privileged few


And he’ll only tax the poor,

And the elderly and sick

While his wealthy mates get richer by the minute

And the Caymans keep his money,

So he’s not a tax slave dummy

While “The Trough” has right wing snouts stuck firmly in it


And so when he calls the poll

We must raise our voices high

And declare the time of right wing rorts is past

Cos the bastards need to know

That we want them all to go

So put the LNP where they put us… Dead last!


Turdball 2+

About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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29 Responses to The government’s revolting, so the people should revolt

  1. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Yes it seems many in the government are revolting as well as being revolting.

    Much more than fraction fights.

    Removing Abbott solved nothing.

    There are the neoliberals and the rest. Seems never the twain can meet.

    Can’t see a charm offensive by the PM being of any use.

    There won’t be another change leaders.

    The Liberal Party will implode.

    Could be a slow process. Gradually whither away.,

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Florence 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, they really are in a mess of their own making, and as you say “removing Abbott solved nothing” 😯

      Yes, should be an interesting year in politics 😀

      Popcorn? ❓

      Cheers 🙂

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  2. Bighead1883 says:

    I`ll tell you a little fact that I discovered in hospital lying flat on my back recently Truthy 🙂
    And that is those who only have free to air TV have no freaking idea WTF is going on 👿
    21 Channels basically said all`s well now Mal`s in charge along with the associated bullshit 😈
    It was a rare opportunity for me to see what Joe/Jill Public are being fed O_o
    It`s a constant diet of horseshit,bullshit and pig`s arse,and to those worried about my swearing-get stuffed;

    Thankfully to Gough Whitlam and Labor my universal healthcare and staff looked after me like rolled gold [ I do question the amount of Pathology used over an extended period,but I`m not an MD]
    Prior Gough the Golden Casket was the main funding of Queensland hospitals now it`s still the Medicare levy.
    Good poem Truthy,reminding us to Put The LNP last

    False Balance: ABC Directed Journalist To Target Labor NBN Plan For “Insurance” Against Coalition Attacks

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Biggy 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better mate 🙂

      Yes, the MSM are flat out with another bloody con job, but I have a suspicion that it won’t be as effective this time around, as the LNP have put so many different groups off side, and even the mendacious MSM can’t completely gloss over all the stuff ups and division in the LNP 😉 not to mention the extra imposts of the cuts and increased costs they are making and proposing 👿

      And I worked out the other day that just taking Panadol Osteo off the PBS, will cost the average user/sufferer around an extra $195.00 per year, and considering most are pensioners, or self funded retirees, that’s a big hit, and only one of a number of hits planned and/or implemented 😡

      They really need to go!

      Cheers mate 😀

      BTW mate, I seriously doubt anyone would be bothered by anything in your post 😀

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      • Bighead1883 says:

        The MSM X LNP placebo`s divided by actual facts tells me Joe/Jill Public are no wiser than Sept 2013,just ask some random passer by,it`s all still Labor`s fault and it never was to begin with
        I`m freaking more worried now than at the end of 2013 because the LNP voting Imbeciles are going to double down on their stupidity
        I dare you Truthy,have a couple of random chats in the chemist/breadshop etc
        The moronic will terrify you

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        • Truth Seeker says:

          Mate, I have had a couple of conversations of late, one in a chemist, and I still think that attitudes are changing albeit very slowly 😦

          I agree there is still plenty to do, and maybe I’m overly optimistic, but I do think that once the election is called, people will engage, and a lot less will be fooled, than were last time! 😯

          Sadly mate, there will always be morons, and you can’t legislate against stupidity! 😦

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    • Judes says:

      Welcome back Biggy 🙂 No worries, your rant sounds exactly the same as those in our house during the ‘news’ and full on COAlition election propaganda, that we are being fed these days. 😦 The roof almost blew off yesterday when we saw that Arfur see-no-donors, got off scot free.. as was expected of course, but still we blew a fuse when it was finally confirmed for us. Arfur HAD to get off, as the King Truffle obviously did the ‘deal’ with THEIR AFP, before he promoted soon as he got his bum on the Throne. All that now remains is for him to sit back while HIS AFP whitewash Bronnie, Brough and Kathy Jackson, Ashby et al .. Squeaky … But far from clean, is what they are Biggy ! We wish you a speedy recovery. HO and Jude. 🐒🍺

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  3. JohnB says:

    Good work Truthy,
    Any semblance of LNP ‘unity’ is a mirage of Murdoch’s making.

    The real battle is one of Australian values vs avaricious neoliberal corporatist greed.
    Powerful wealthy interests are in the throes of ‘end game’ moves to disempower and exheridate the common citizenry of the nation’s common wealth.
    Bumbling myopic LNP neocons are surrendering our sovereign nation to fascist foreign subservience.

    I am wanting of a leader to rally behind – at least to express our fears and outrage, a Sanders or a Corbyn – such gutless silence is killing us.

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    • Bighead1883 says:

      Hey JB and why haven`t we got such a leader here?
      My short answer is the the corporatists in our Labor Party kill off any who raise the anti US dogma heads {Ruddy example} 21 FTA in ASEAN without US approval had him on the Right Faction Sunstone having his beating heart carved out after he was white anted for almost a year prior.
      I love Labor but I hate it when the right faction control it-of course they play the opposing game but not with the heart fire and brimstone they should
      The UK/US media have blackouts on Corbyn/Sanders yet they shine through them
      Also if Shorty and crew believe that playing fair or by some unwritten rules is dignified and holding the high moral ground then they are dumber than we`re all lead to believe

      If we lose 2016 then the Party must kill off it`s corporate element because your blue ties are showing boys and girls

      Why are we as Labor supporting WAR in the Middle East
      A total crime against humanity that begets much of the world`s ills causing racial vilification and fostering hatred

      [video src="" /]

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning John 🙂 and thanks mate 😎

      Yes, Muddick’s news corpse has been working overtime trying to put more lipstick on the pig 🙄

      I have noticed that Shorten is showing a touch more passion since returning from holls, but the first presser that I saw, started a few minutes in, so we conveniently missed his first and “main” point 😯

      I agree that a more inspiring leader would be advantageous, but with the way the MSM are in this country, they still wouldn’t get a fair go 😡

      So we just have to hope that the LNP continue to implode, until the election is announced 😉 as they are providing huge amounts of ammo, and if they keep shooting themselves in the foot, the noise alone should be enough to make some wake up, and we don’t need a landslide (although that’s what they deserve to lose by 😛 ) we just need to win! 😀

      Cheers mate 🙂

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  4. Bighead1883 says:

    I can give you a X general example of some public thinking concerning refugees
    The public calls/thinks of them as illegals
    They don`t give a shit that WE bomb Iraq and Syria creating more “illegals”,it doesn`t even come into their moronic existences
    They are all against violence to women and child sexual abuse but are deaf to it going on in Nauru and the horrendous tortuous treatment of men on Manus
    They can all tell you who has a chance at the Oscars at the {All White} Academy Awards which of course they don`t think is racially loaded
    I even ask people`s views on Apartheid Truthy and am shocked at the double standards which shows not that much has changed since I marched/protested against South African Apartheid in `71 and was arrested for it.
    TV has kept Australians dumb [as a generalization] and losing our ABC is going to have youth spiral into neo-condria where Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are fine examples of humanity-MERCY 😥

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, Palin and Trump can’t be regarded as fine examples of humanity ;-( cos I don’t think they qualify 😯

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    • JohnB says:

      Can only say that I’m in furious agreement.
      The opiate applied to the masses is wall to wall propaganda – a refined product of erstwhile fascist corporate activists.
      No guns, tanks or blitzkrieg employed this time around (at least in developed countries) – just soothing distractive mind-numbing populist MSM trash while the silver tongued financiers transfer our nations national/social wealth to the elite .01%.

      With wealth control/borders adequately established, austerity is the unspoken ‘final solution’ to cull the ‘leaners’ numbers – let them starve or perish quietly while the worthy ‘lifters’ get on with accumulating the plebs un-affordable ‘abandoned’ assets.

      Orwell was a visionary.

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  5. Judes says:

    Loving it Truthy … Brilliant ! 🙂 And the Laxative icing on the cake is Dutton complaining that Clive Palmer is giving politicians a bad name .. DUTTON is saying that ! Where do we start .. Don’t even get into Pyne and his desperate attempts to save his SA seat… or Morrisons lies, after THEIR IPA plant and Abbott’s Capts pick, little Timmy Wilson finally opened his mouth over human rights abuses. OMG ! BARKEEP .. 🍻🍺🍷🍸🍹☕️
    The Australian population will get EXACTLY what they deserve if they don’t WAKE UP AND VOTE THIS MOB OUT !!
    NZ is looking better by the day .. bugger the cold, living under heaps of COALition bullshit is worse ! 😦

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks Judes 😀

      Yes, don’t you just love it when the LNPee’ers talk like they actually have some credibility 😯

      And yes, what a novelty having a Human Rights commissioner that speaks up on… Human Rights 😯 Who’d a thunk it??? O_o :/ 😕

      Liked by 2 people

  6. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie,and another sterling effort with the quill, it had the metre and cadence of Clancy Of The Overflow. Dont wanna talk about this mob at the moment,i’ll just enjoy your poem. Cheers.

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  7. olddavey says:

    Hey, TS, don’t hold back mate, it is unbecoming of you!
    But regarding Trump, I can’t wait until he’s prezzie. It’ll be like Budgie Boy on steroids.
    World War III will be just around the corner, and when this hits home the RWNJ’s will be f**ked for the next two decades.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Olddavey 😀 mate, I’ll keep that in mind 😉

      Yes, Trump in the “very” White House 😯 What a mistake’a to make’a 🙄

      He’d make Reagan look like an absolute progressive lefty 😯 and bush look like a genius 😯 the problem being that it wont only be the RWNJ’s that will be f**ked,for the next two decades, but the whole damned world 👿 and climate change will look like a mere trifling inconvenience 😯

      Pas the popcorn mate, it’s going to be a fascinating year 😛

      Cheers mate 😀


  8. Bighead1883 says:

    So with Australia Day looming I believe we should change it to “Mabo Day” per First Australian`s and kevin Rudd`s wishes
    This should be broadcast by ABC/SBS on 26th January
    IQ2 Racism Debate: Stan Grant


  9. Judes says:

    They will stop at nothing to get their bum into the swively chair… their deviousness starts early as it’s in their DNA. 😦

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