Let the fear, smear and verbal diarrhoea begin!

Let the fear, smear  and verbal diarrhoea begin!Turnbull 2+

Let’s face it, all the talk by the Turdball, of going full term, was just that…Talk!   😯

Many of us here have been predicting an election as early as April – May, as Morescum is totally incompetent, and is much more likely to bring down the country, than to bring down a decent budget   😯

But now the “Talk” is of a July election, to be announced the day after the budget, which would be typical for the LNP, especially this iteration of the LNP, as they will try every trick in the book (of “dirty tricks”), to gain some level of advantage.   🙄

And I have to say, Turdball was quick out of the blocks, with the start of a fear campaign on negative gearing, it’s just a shame that they were nowhere near as quick in releasing a policy… Any policy!   😛

But the problem that they have, is that Turdball’s iteration of the LNP can’t even do a Turdball 2++decent scare campaign   😯   , with absolutely  no research to back up their ludicrous claims, claims that are not only ludicrous, but blatantly contradictory.   🙄


Like Turdball channelling  his inner Abbott, resurrecting and citing the old “Wrecking Ball”, and claiming that “House values will be SMASHED”   😯    while the perennially disengaged mouth, Smelly O’Dire (Or is it Kelly… Oh’Dear) the “assistant Kelly O'Dwyer+treasurer” claims House values will soar   😯

I mean really, if they’re determined to go with stupid, the least they could do is go with the same stupid, instead of opposing stupids!   🙄

But then this IS the LNP we’re talking about???   😡

The good thing about the LNPee’ers and Turdball’s position, if there is a “Good thing”  to be found, is that they have shown their hand, as totally incompetent and all at sea on critical issues.   😉

And I suppose that the idea of “Floating” rabid right thought bubbles (Read “Brain farts”   😛   ), is that once “floated”, they can then be declared “On water matters”  and no longer up for discussion   😛

So with that in mind, and the fact that it is an election year;

Let the fear, smear and verbal diarrhoea begin!

Turdball 2+1



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4 Responses to Let the fear, smear and verbal diarrhoea begin!

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    First off Truthy 🙂 congrats on the meme presentations as they add Syrup to the Wentworth Waffle O_o
    Albo 🙂 saying Malpractice was just Tones in a TopHat O_o is also apt
    Now as for Kelly OhWhyHer what can be said? Orwellian up is down-in is out-stupid is as stupid does?
    The chances of a DD hasten IMO if the Greens/LNP deal happens
    The day after signing Truffles will announce a DD even though the Greens deal was that they run full term so as only half their Senators have to face the people
    But we all know how Maladjustment operates after all he is the Wentworth Waffler who Malsplains and Maladministers

    The NewsLtd team is ready for the bungarra on the lawn

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