Living within our means… Mmmm?

Living within our means… Mmmm?

Don’t you just love it, when a multi millionaire, with his money stashed in an offshore tax haven, tells you to “Live within your means”?Man on loo+

The funny thing is that Malaise Turdball has been playing catch-up since stabbing Abbott in the back, using the reason that he was going to give us better fiscal management, which was “beyond” the aforementioned Abbott   😯

Now call me cynical   😯   , but not only would I say we haven’t seen “better” fiscal management, but I would venture to suggest we’re yet to see any fiscal management,   😛   unless, of course, he was talking about better fiscal management of his own Cayman Islands accounts   😉

But even worse than that, after nearly three years in gov, and seven months of the Turdball iteration of the Abbott/Muddick/IPA/LNP  regime, they have no discernible policies or direction (other than backwards   😡   ), and seem obsessed with only talking about, and blaming, the Labor opposition, for everything that has ever gone wrong   😯

The fact is, that at the last, Muddick sponsored, “Leaders” debate, when Turdball said that he knew what it was like worrying about whether the grandkids could have an ipad, or a tablet etc, for their education, I nearly threw up!   :mrgreen:

I mean really… How can an ex lawyer/banker, living in a $50 mill, harbour-side mansion, with his money stashed in the Caymans, have any idea what it’s like in the real world, that the vast major of us inhabit???

But I digress…  Oh… Actually, I didn’t   😯

But anyway, as Snott Morescum and Maths Conman, continue to push their bullshit and meaningless slogans, and Turdball continues to stand for nothing other than rabid right ideology, and his tenuous hold on power, at any cost (To us), the choice becomes clearer by the minute!   😛

And as there are more debates, and the pork barrels start overflowing, predominantly in marginal seats, and we get beaten around the head with “Jobson Growthe” and “It’s all Labor’s fault” and “Their big black hole is bigger than our big black hole”, I have a few things to say to Mr Malcontent Turdball:

  1. You are no friend of this country or its citizenry, cos if you were, you would not have your money stashed in the Caymans, you would not be protecting the top end of town with your opposition to the changes to negative gearing (which by any measure should be seen as a gross conflict of interest), and you would not have sold out your “alleged” principles, for the sake of a job at the top, which you have obviously coveted for no other reason than personal ambition and self aggrandisement!
  2. The more you hold the line about how good your stuffed up NBN is, the less people are taking you seriously, and the more people are just no longer listening, which is evidenced by your dramatic slide in the polls.
  3. Stop your waffling, prevarications and downright lies, and start actually answering questions!   I know it’s foreign concept to LNPee’ers, but if you started telling the truth, answering questions and taking some responsibility for your actions, instead of blaming everyone else, you probably still won’t save the election, but you might just limit the damage both you and Abbott have done to the LNP brand!
  4. They say that perceptions are critical, and the perception that you are “out of touch”,Turdball selfie+ is a difficult thing to deal with, but the reality that you are “out of touch”, is the more pressing problem, and only servers to reinforce and in fact confirm the perception; and no amount of riding trains and taking selfies will change that fact.
  5. The only legacy of your time in parliament, and the only thing that you can claim as your own, is the complete suff up of the NBN, courtesy of your ex-boss The Abbott, AKA the village idiot, who played you for the fool, and got you to destroy the most needed and relevant piece of 21st century infrastructure planned for our future jobs, growth and prosperity, the very things you claim as your main priorities.
  6. So you shouldn’t be surprised by your poll numbers dropping like the proverbial stone.  Neither should you be surprised by the fact that the people have stopped listening to your waffling and hyperbolic bullshit. And you certainly shouldn’t be surprised by the anger, frustration and resentment invoked, when someone like you, who has cut our services to the bone, while having absolutely no conception of the day to day struggles that most of us have to deal with, sends out the directive from your ivory tower that, we should all be ;

Living within our means… Mmmm?





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Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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36 Responses to Living within our means… Mmmm?

  1. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Living within your means is OK if you have enough to live on.

    Most when they find this not to be the case, don’t cut essentials but seek to raise more income.

    One can’t balance a budget unless one addresses both income and outgoings.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Florence 🙂 hope you are keeping well? 🙂

      Absolutely, and that’s where their arguments fall flat!

      Unlike many of us on fixed incomes, they have options for raising more money, but choose instead to cut spending from essential services that those of us that try to survive on fixed incomes, rely on!

      They refuse to understand that a gov budget is not the same as a family or business budget!

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  2. Florence nee Fedup says:

    How are you traveeling now. Good I hope.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Still hanging in there, thanks for your concern 🙂

      Slowly losing weight, and inching my way to the final tests for the lung transplant list 😀

      and staying away from any infections so far, thank God, 🙂

      Having said that, the change of season is playing havoc with my general breathing issues… but you get that 😉

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  3. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Tonight will be interesting. will be stacked against Shorten but I suspect he will be able to handle it. Shorten is completely on top of his policies and campaign. Not frighten to answer all questions clearly and honestly. Not frightened to be aggressive when necessary,

    Liberals believe all the have to do, is get focussed back on the economy. Miss their notice, that is what Labor has been talking about all the time.

    They don’t seem to understand voter is rejecting company taxes, as they see corporations not paying a fair share now.

    They are so wrapped up in neoliberalism and ideology, they are blind to the reality around them.

    As Shorten said of Trumps actions, their policies a barking mad.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Yes, it should be a good one, even though, as you say “Stacked against Shorten” 😡

      Yes, Turdball speaks plenty, but says nothing, so Shorten should be well on top 🙂


  4. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Keep your spirit up. You remain in my thought.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks Florence 🙂

      Yes. you can’t let the bastard win 😀


      • sandrasearle says:

        Truthie, wasn’t on top of your ‘lung’ problem so wish you all my best. I have missed your articles though so it was good to read your blog this morning – you always make me smile.
        Looking forward to tonight’s leaders debate. I hope that Shorten can whip Turnbull’s proverbial backside.
        Keep well my friend.

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        • Truth Seeker says:

          Hey Sandra 🙂

          Thanks so much for your well wishes 🙂
          Yes, it’s the reason that I’m not writing as much as I used to, as I struggle a lot with my focus and concentration due to low blood sats 😡

          But I’m glad that I can still make you smile, and I greatly appreciate all your support 🙂

          I too am looking forward to tonights debate, and expect that Shorten will cut through the waffle, to land a few blows 😀

          Thanks again 🙂


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  5. Dee says:

    Another good one, Truthy! Turnbull is stuttering and stammering more than usual and looking like a man who lacks conviction. Cormann is just a joke with his negative comments and jobsngroathe slogans. It’s quite flabbergasting that 48% of Australians are prepared to give this rabble another go. Tonight will be interesting….I think its on at 5.30 over here.

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  6. brickbob says:

    ‘Hi Truthie and good luck with your medical problems, and good luck to Mr Shorten and good luck to anybody who votes this idiot and his moronic team back into power,because if they get back in we are all going to need a Megaton of it.””

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Brickbob 🙂

      Thanks mate 🙂

      I agree 😯 but it certainly looks like the LNPee’ers are on a highway to nowhere 😛 at this stage in the game 😀

      Cheers mate 🙂


  7. Jack says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

    With that slogan of Growth and Jobs
    You’d think Turdball cared for us yobs
    But in truth his main aim
    Which was always his game
    Is to look out for the rich and the snobs

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  9. frontad84 says:

    Hi Truthy, I’m back and hope this finds you well as possible, for some reason I cant explain I have not been able to post anything on your site until now after spending a couple of hours with WordPress and Gmail retrieving lost passwords and creating new ones etc until finally I think I have been accepted again. What made me go into all this was that I remembered your Birthday was somewhere near my own at the end of July so a belated Birthday wish to you and hope it was a good one.
    Now on a disappointing note I notice that someone named Anonymous Posted on the 06/06/2006 one of my original verses which he has obviously taken from Facebook, so I am not very happy about that, which now makes me wonder whether he has used any more of my work recently as I have written reams of the stuff recently on Facebook all to do with that arsole Turdball of course.prior to the rigged Election. Good Luck to you frontad

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Frontad 🙂

      Thanks mate 🙂 and a Happy Birthday to you too 😀

      Sadly, we’ve had a rough few weeks, but are hoping things will improve soon??? 😦

      I think that post might have been you, as I remember checking our the IP address and was going to change it to you, but something came up, and I couldn’t get back to do it.

      I’ll see if I can confirm that later, when I have a bit more time for a proper reply 🙂

      Thanks again mate 🙂

      Cheers 🙂


  10. frontad84 says:

    The LNP are a crime and a joke
    Now they’re led by that Turdball bloke
    Who with his lies and his pitch
    Mollycoddles the rich
    And shits on the working class folk

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  11. frontad84 says:

    Each time I see Turdball I curse
    And start in to writing crude verse
    For can’t help being rude
    About that lying dude
    And his zoo who daily get worse.

    If body language is studied by you
    Turdball’s mouth should give you a clue
    Oily smile makes me wince
    As he tries to convince
    The public, what he’s saying is true.

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  12. frontad84 says:

    Turdball tries bringing undone
    Other Poly’s for things they have done
    Claims they lie every day
    But you know what they say
    It really does take one to know one

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  13. frontad84 says:

    Honourable is a God given word
    Which is used before Malcolm the Turd
    Due to an idiot’s mistake
    Who did’nt know he’s a fake
    Like the rest of the LNP herd.

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  14. frontad84 says:

    When Turdball first sat in the chair
    Many thought here’s a man that will care
    Seemed then that we’d lost all our fears
    But he’s turned out much worse than Big Ears
    Now were wishing that he was’nt here.

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  15. frontad84 says:

    What a mess Australia is in
    Since the PM rigged Liberal’s win
    I think futures not sunny
    As I sit on the dunny
    Giving birth to Turdball’s twin.

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  16. frontad84 says:

    When they say Rudd’s unfit for the Role
    Take a good look at Turdball our arsole
    Who got where he is by rigging Elections
    And creating dishonest voting selections
    With the use of his bloody great bankroll.

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  17. frontad84 says:

    How on eaeth did that F***wit Turdball
    Become Aussies PM at all
    He just stuttered and stammered
    When by Jones he was hammered
    Re the Chinese purchasing all.

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  18. frontad84 says:

    Another of Turdballs tools
    McCormack must take us for fools
    While he’s telling us no Hacker
    Some other wanker
    Disagrees with this member of the cesspool

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