CC, is it worth the risk?

CC. is it worth the risk?images

After watching the nut-job Malcolm Roberts on QandA, last Monday night, I felt compelled to respond.   😯

Despite his efforts, and his obvious understanding of the  dilemma that faces the planet, Brian Cox, was never going to make any headway with the sadly delusional Malcolm Roberts, as despite his calls for “Empirical Evidence”, the reality is that Roberts is not interested in any evidence that contradicts what he believes to be true.   😯

Although, having said that, I’m not personally convinced that Roberts truly believes his own demented ramblings, as much as he protests that he does?   😛   (But then he did cite Pauline Hanson, as one of the most intelligent people he’s ever known   😯   So who knows???   ❓   )

And his incessant demands for “Empirical Evidence” are only matched by his effort to dismiss any and all evidence put before him

So, what is “Empirical Evidence”?

  1. Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation. This data is recorded and analysed by scientists and is a central process as part of the scientific method.
  2. “Empirical evidence” or “scientific evidence” is evidence which serves the purpose of either supporting or countering a scientific hypothesis or theory.

Now, I may not be as smart as Professor  Brian Cox   😯   , but by those definitions, it seems to me that   “Empirical Evidence” is exactly what we have… But I digress   😉

Roberts+The truth is that Roberts is an ego maniac, and deluded fool, who would never even consider the possibility that he could be wrong , as evidenced by his performance on QandA , and his responses to the evidence that he was confronted with.

But the question needs to be asked, of all those who believe the plethora of crap that  is pervading the internet in regards  to CC;

“What is the worst case  scenario if  either  side is wrong”?????

Well, if those that believe the science (as I do), are wrong, but do what they believe needs to be done, then the worst case scenario is that we will end up with;

  1. A planet that is cleaner and greener than it otherwise would be
  2. A new world wide economy based on renewables
  3. A vastly more efficient, and  environmentally friendly energy sector
  4. A healthier populous, due to a reduction in pollution, amongst other things, reducing at least some of the pressure on grossly under resourced health services
  5. And hopefully a more environmentally aware, and responsible populous, that will leave the planet in a better condition for future generations to work with, appreciate and enjoy.

And on the other hand, if the CC deniers are wrong, but convince the powers that be, to do nothing, other than maintain the status quo then the worst case scenario is that;

  1. There will be potentially billions of environmental refugees
  2. Natural disasters, increasing in both frequency and intensity
  3. Coastal inundation on a grand scale
  4. Untold millions, if not billions, of people dying from the aforementioned natural disasters (Floods, droughts, fires etc etc)
  5. A populous battling the environment, for their very survival, with a vision and grip on the future that is tenuous at best!

Now, at this point, I have to say that I, for one, would be more than happy for all the scientists, and “empirical evidence” to be wrong, and for the likes of Malcolm Roberts et al to be able to say “We told you so”!

Sadly however, as Brian Cox pointed out to Roberts (Which the aforementioned Roberts summarily dismissed   😯   )  the overwhelming consensus of the science community is of the contrary view!

So, IMHO, the most important question that we need to ask ourselves is not who’s right or wrong, (Although, I, like most would argue that the evidence is clear   😛   ) but;

“When it comes to doing nothing about CC… Is it worth the risk???”

And the answer is a resounding NO!








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6 Responses to CC, is it worth the risk?

  1. bilko says:

    Welcome back Thruthy
    with so much material at hand and so large a gap between your posts you must have been well and truely under the weather, my man flu will be mild by comparison. What a lovely Senate more nutcases than you can poke with a stick and thats before we move on from the Noalition, what a wonderful time to be in Australia the once Lucky country so agile, so inovative, so full of free speech I honestly do not know where to start. OOPs back to my meds. Stay alert we need more lerts now more than ever. AND parliament has not yet sat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂

      Thanks for your comment mate 😎

      Yes, it’s been a rough few months, but we’re hoping that things will start improving from here on? ❓

      You’re right that there has been much to cover, and I have been MIA for a lot of it, but it wasn’t for lack of ideas, just a severe lack of focus, with my head all over the place, and a couple of bad infections. 😡

      The weather also played a large part, which also helped me focus on the CC issue, with my own anecdotal evidence of the changes here! ;-(

      Mate, sadly staying alert has been a big part of the problem, but i’ll do my best 🙂

      Cheers 🙂


  2. JohnB says:

    Hi Truthy,
    great to see you back at it.
    AGW is the most dire threat to all life as we know it on Earth, yet most live in practical denial due to insidiously pervasive and misinforming corporate controlled worldwide propaganda.

    We will reap the whirlwind, but not until after the corporate’s escalating profit model collapses into worthless ruins. No doubt they will create massive wars to soak up/dispose of the dis-empowered/dispossessed, disenchanted masses, but even that will only add to the misery of a world lost to selfish greed.

    Have been down with the flu for a few weeks myself -it takes more out of one as the years progress. Nanny kips are now mandatory in the health routine – never thought I would succumb to such needs.
    Well, spring has almost sprung again -and we still have neoliberals in charge – will the electors ever wake up they are being dudded bigtime by profit driven media crap?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey John 🙂

      Thanks mate, it’s good to actually finish something, 😯

      Yes, it is certainly the most dire threat we face, and the RWNJ “Head in the sand” brigade are just making an already difficult job that much harder, and the necessary changes much slower and less effective. 😡

      You’re dead right about longer recovery times as we get older 😦
      Hope you’re well on the mend now though? 🙂

      I’m hoping that I can start to write more frequently again, as there’s much to cover with the most incompetent government (and I use the term “Government” very loosely) in Australia’s history! 😛

      Cheers mate 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. bilko says:

    Clayton’s government thruthy, get with the program mate and parliament has yet to sit heaven preserve us

    Liked by 1 person

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