The “How To” page

This page is for those who would like to add a little emotion to their comments on wordpress sites like this one.

There will be more hints added like how to BOLD  and Italic text as time allows   😀


Smileys.   🙂   😀   😆   😦   😥   😉   😳   

Smileys are a bit of fun to help show the emotion of your comment and there are a number of them.

These instructions work on wordpress sites but won’t work on some other sites

Smileys are produced using colons (:) not semicolons (;).

They need at least two spaces before the first colon and after the last colon.

There should not be any spaces between the colons and the word between them.

The “sss” either side represents three spaces.

This is how they should look when written, and will appear in a comment.

sss:grin:sss or sss:-Dsss  =   😀   

sss:lol:sss =   😆   

sss:smile:sss or sss:-)sss  =   🙂

sss:sad:sss  or  sss:-(sss  =   😦

sss:cry:sss =   😥

sss:oops:sss   😳

sss:wink:sss or sss;-)sss  =   😉

sss:mrgreen:sss =   :mrgreen:

sss:evil:sss =   👿

sss:twisted:sss  =   😈

sss:shock:sss  =   😯

sss:eek:sss   =   😮

sss:mad:sss  =   😡

sss:???:sss   =   😕

sss:?:sss   =   ❓

sss:?sss   =   😕

sss^^’sss  =   ^^’

sssO_osss  =   O_o

ssso_Osss  =   o_O

sss:bear:sss  =   🐻

sss:developer:sss  =   :developer:

sss:!:sss   =   ❗

sss:razz:sss   =   😛

sss:neutral:sss   =   😐

sss:idea:sss   =   💡

sss:arrow:sss   =   ➡

These are all the smileys available for wordpress that I can find, but they cover pretty much everything   😀

Here are the Smileys for other sites like TPS   😀

TPS Smilies

Happy Smile – full colon close bracket  =

   sss:-)sss     🙂

Sad Frown – full colon open bracket 

  =   sss:(sss    =   😦

Grin,Laughing – full colon capital D    

=   sss:Dsss   =   😀

Tongue out – full colon  capital P    

  =   sss:Psss   =   😛

Wink – semi-colon  dash  close bracket  

   =   sss;)sss   =   😉

Surprised, gasp – full colon  dash  capital O  

 =   sss:-Osss   =   😮

Embarassed – full colon   dollar sign ?  

  =   sss:$sss     =   😳

Kiss – open bracket  capital K   close bracket  

=   sss(K)sss

Sealed (my lips are sealed) – Full colon    dash   Hash  =   sss:-#sss

(the “Kiss” and “sealed” smileys will not work in wordpress, but they will work at TPS)

Text Formatting.

To make a word or sentence or part thereof, stand out or to give it emphasis, you can make it Bold, or Italic, or Bold Italic.

In a comment you can make a word or an entire sentence bold by putting <b> directly before the word/sentence and </b> after the word/sentence

<b>Bold</b> = Bold

<i>Italic</i> = Italic

<b><i>Bold Italic</i></b> = Bold Italic

You can also underline a word or sentence, or part thereof in the same way

<u>underline</u> = Underline

To put the whole lot together <u><b><i>Underline, Bold, Italics</i></b></u> do this.

To put the whole lot together Underline, Bold, Italics do this.

Another option, for effect is strikethrough.

<strike>Strikethrough</strike> = Strikethrough

49 Responses to The “How To” page

  1. cornlegend says:

    Thank you wise one


  2. cornlegend says:

    Truthy , don’t know what I did wrong at TS 😀


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, TS ?

      If you mean TPS, you didn’t do anything wrong, you got ToM’s straight away 😀 that’s why I said you were a legend and quick on the uptake, I was impressed 😀

      And SIC is another from the same mould, Right wing nut jobs.

      Ad goes pretty easy on the trolls, and they are two of the resident trolls 😦 but TPS is a great site, and I’m sure they will appreciate your input as I do 😎

      Keep up the good work mate, as I said you’re a legend 😀

      Cheers 😀


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Cornlegend, sorry for the mix up 😳 but I just went to TPS, and I think I see what you mean, TPS isn’t a wordpress site, so the smileys work differently there.

        the one that I use there is just sss:-)sss and it comes out as 🙂

        Cheers 😀


  3. cornlegend says:

    Sorry I did mean TPS.
    I still seem to have trouble with smilies there.
    no other sites 😀
    The bloody ironic thing was, Lyn,who I think is connected to TPS, in her posting of the best daily sites today put a smilie next to your link
    It didn’t bloody work either !!!
    I have directed her to your “How To” for smilies. 😀


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, there are three smileys that I have found that work on TPS

      sss:-)sss = 🙂

      sss;-)sss = 😉

      sss:Psss = 😛


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Hope that helps 😀

        Lyn actually copied and pasted the smiley from my post, that’s why it didn’t work 😦

        but if you try those leaving the spaces, they should work.

        I’ll keep trying to see if there are any more, but I know those work 😀

        Cheers 😀


  4. cornlegend says:

    I’M BACK !!
    thanks Truthy


  5. Bacchus says:

    If you remind me TS (or if my aged weary brain manages to remember 😆 ), I’ll see if I can come up with a post for TPS codes next week – I’m off to visit Mum & Dad for the next few days 🙂


  6. Bacchus says:

    btw, I use that email address so I don’t have to login to WordPress all the time. I used my correct address on this post 😀


  7. cornlegend says:

    Sorry I missed you last night at TPS.
    That was very kind of you mate.
    I have had a good muck around, and I think I am now over my training wheels and onto P plates.
    Really do appreciate your help 🙂


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, glad to be able to help 😀

      If you want to check out if they are working at TPS, there is a “Preview” button just above the comment box that is very handy 😀

      Cheers 😀


  8. cornlegend says:

    I’ve had my fun at TPS for a while.
    might leave the poor buggers alone so they stay on topic.
    They don’t need me egging on Tom of Melbourne or Sir Ian


  9. cornlegend says:

    I’ll just annoy you, IA, and Kate insteaad


  10. cornlegend says:

    and that was said with a 😈 sense of 👿


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cornlegend, you’ve made quite an impression at TPS, and I think you’ve bamboozled ToMs and SIC 😀 😆

      But you are always welcome here mate, and I’m sure Kate feels the same 😀

      Glad to see you’ve taken control of the smileys and bent them to your will 👿 😛

      Cheer 😀

      BTW, a new post on its way either later today or tomorrow 😀


  11. cornlegend says:

    Re- ToMs and SIC,
    just tried to engage them to get them off everyone elses case.
    If they are distracted by me, they don’t seem to bother about ruining the post.
    Worried that I, in my engagement with them, did exactly what I was trying to stop them from doing
    , getting off the topic


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, there are, in my estimation, at least two and probably three Toms of Melbourne and have been kicked off CW and AIMN after months of trolling there, so TPS is the only site left that tolerates them. 😦

      SIC is a similar type of troll, but I have only come across him on TPS, although he may be on other sites with a different name. 👿

      There is one other calling himself “Capstan” who everyone else calls Crap stain 😀 which pretty much sums him up.

      Jason and ToMs have been going at it for a long time, as have a few others, that’s why I said you have them (The Trolls) bamboozled 😀 cos you have taken an approach that they don’t quite get 👿 😀

      But the truth is they are there, only to disrupt the thread, and they will continue to try no matter what. 😯 TPS is all they have left 😦

      Keep up the good work 😎 😀 😆

      Cheers 😀


  12. cornlegend says:

    Mate, thats what friends are for ! 😉


  13. bighead1883 says:

    Trying out this
    and trying out that


  14. driftwood12 says:

    I think heights that own our govt have got in a tiz. Including the barrackers who have had intelligence twigged by Wixxy’s pursuit and commentary. Also with many participants, it doesn’t look to have an end. Distractions anyone?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Jim 😀
      We now have smileys for distractions O_o o_O


      • driftwood12 says:

        Hi Truthy, I noticed the indepth discussion of smiley’s.
        They do help as people are prone to jump the wrong way on matters. Type leaves something out of interactions. And when pc fatigue sets in you never know where somethings going. Only the smile caption works for me, don’t know how the others come up 🙂

        Been watching Wixxy and the matter. To me it looks like Kathy’s a whistleblower if it will get Tony in and court food to keep everyone looking the other way now Thompson has been munched on. It was much less than this matter and it’s insight in to our governing and players that got Wayne Goss out in Qld.
        There is definately a ruling gang in this country that clothes itself in all and any matter of legitimacy and illusions.


  15. bighead1883 says:

    I`ll try 🌯 and a ⭐ and then ^^’ finish


  16. bighead1883 says:

    try :fish: 💡 ^^` try ^^’


  17. JohnB says:

    test only
    test different text color


  18. JohnB says:

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this Truthy, but here goes:
    This is a little add on program that I have found very handy – how many posts have we all regretted losing somewhere between the text editor and the final posting?

    This clever program stores to disc all/each entry to the clip board sequentially – unless you choose to manually delete same. Just ‘select’ your text then Ctrl-C to auto store a snapshot copy of your text composition as you type.
    How many times have you wished to recover some lost overwritten clipboard entry- well this makes it possible. ($20 one off cost -free 30 day trial)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey John 🙂
      Yes mate, it’s the perfect place for it 😎

      I’m suffering a touch of porridge brain tonight, and will be out for a while tomorrow, but I’ll check it out when I get a chance, and my head clears O_o

      But for now I’ll just have to say thanks, and wish you a hearty good night mate 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

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