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The Soapbox.Soapbox

I’ve noticed that a number of my regulars feel the need to vent their spleen at times, as do I, and with this in mind, I thought a “Soapbox” page, would provide an outlet for all that pent up frustration.    😡   And also take the pressure off the other pages!   😀

So this page is for anyone that has a gripe, from;   “What cheeses me off”   😉   , to a full blown, spleen venting, rant,   ^^’    and all points in-between.   😀

No subject is off limits, but I would appreciate that we all try to maintain the same level of decorum and consideration  shown on other pages   😀

So step on up and vent!


Extremely offensive, abusive or other uncalled for or unsavoury comments may be subject to editing or full moderation, at the moderators (That’s me   😯   ) discretion!   O_o



AND HERE’S A LITTLE SOMETHING TO GET YOU STARTED!  It’s usually enough to get me started!   😡



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  1. JohnB says:

    Morning Truthy & all,
    Ran across this set of Bernie Sanders youtube interviews:

    Why can’t Australia produce a Sanders type?
    Does no-one have the courage or are they all blinded by personal greed and obsessed with political self preservation?
    The same political/economic truths he speaks apply here – but there is no politician with the guts to speak out for the common people.

    Both the majors are into appeasing the neoliberal ‘establishment’ – no-one has presented a plan to oppose the radical right’s drive for corporate dominance at the expense of undermining proper democratic processes and social inequality.

    The video’s are worth a view – Sanders has the important issues nailed IMO.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning John 🙂 and thanks for the link 😎

      Yes mate, what used to be and should now be core Labor values 😦

      And he’s dead right about the mentality of those at “The Top” 😡

      The “Politicians” are revolting… And the people should revolt! 😡

      That’s a good name for a post 😀

      Cheers mate

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  2. Bighead1883 says:

    Hi JB and I asked myself this question,but keep returning to Kevin Rudd as we had produced one already who was abandoned by not only his Party but the MSM.
    His demise showed in the two leading Redneck states of QLD and WA that he was well loved
    Losing 21 Fed members from memory
    Say Sanders wins and a “Democrats Unity”emerges to destroy him from day one like happened to Rudd Hmm?

    More examples

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    • driftwood12 says:

      It was Bush, Macain, Sanders and someone else that got the health clinics through.
      The trade deals and assoc clauses are the trouble. But yeah, If the past rings true Bernie is in for an accident unless the single pay system is a free lolly shop for health.
      Bernie is on about the main stuff, banks etc but rhetoric and platitudes is the name of the game,


  3. driftwood12 says:

    Afternoon folks , hope alls well and Biggie.
    For those interested and who aren’t . I’ve spent the last three days contacting the Dept of Veteran Affairs over my Fathers matter. In the que wait i was cut off within seconds having to ring and go through the speil again. Contacted the GG’s office, no answer but the DeptVA sent a letter to try again.
    Got onto a woman with a plum voice who has never heard of anyone getting compensation through the DVA before, though the site lists the matter and she says we have to go through the courts and to send a letter to the Deputy Commissioner. And she can’t help me with my enquiry.
    So i mailed the GG again briefly outlining the matter and with fears of the state of law and politics in this country and our chance of fair play. Dyson ringing in my head aside the last 50 years here in this corruption. Asked for advice and direction in the matter of how to go about it and who to see.
    Still waiting for an answer to first mail to the GG unless he kicked Veteran Affairs into gear to get in touch so not sure what to make of waiting for any other answer.
    If they are keeping the door closed on us there is nothing else i can do than try and warn the public. 55 years of hell and stress and hunger and hurt because my Father fought for this country and the United Nations.And shone as a person and a soldier. They even denied him a soldiers grave ,which doesn’t mean much anymore. I was told some years ago that no Barrister would take up his case in this country.
    I do not recommend doing the same but anyone who does should be warned.

    On politics, i think you’s are wasting your time and stressing yourselves unneccessarily, but i know it passes the time. It’s a circus farce and corporates and banks run the lot.
    We lost years ago. Other than what we can pretend isn’t, which i’ve done 50 years of.

    Big show of Bernie Sanders pushing for single payer health. Unless it’s a golden goose giveaway for the health trade- 250 thou operations for 30 thou jobs as they’ve always done , it wont go through. Just like the ndis and Truthy having to come up with ten though for 1200 dollars of equipment. It feels like a stall job for the trade agreements which have had immense diversion of topicing in the media. Once they get in the door with that, it’s game over. The clausing and wording is a booby trap that will open and expand in all directions once inside the system by law.

    Learnt minds here are probably aware of this matter but it is interesting to our situation as Australia is mentioned as one of the Countries that has had this fraud applied to it.
    The matter is supposed to be being addressed but the trade deals have to be dealt to.

    The other cohorts in this matter are the banks and the history of the commonwealth bank written up on the net is an eye opener full of gems and dawnings of wealth pumping the country dry and entrapping. One clause of present is that the banks can demand and get back their money anyway they see fit to apply to the people including pace of life.
    I may post it later in case anyone wants to see where we stand.
    Stay well all.


    • Bighead1883 says:

      Nah I`m not wasting my time or stressing myself Jim 🙂
      I like Tory veins in my teeth and their entrails dragging behind my wrath 😈
      Total pricks like Dutton need constant harassing

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  4. Truth Seeker says:

    Hey Jim 🙂 hope all’s well with you too 😀


    • driftwood12 says:

      Hi Truthy , hope your motoring along fine. I’m a Bit run down, cant sleep in the heat of unit at night so my clock is out of whack well and truly. Still shifting, able to start making moves cash wise.
      Started smoking again but back on patches. Had enough of it. Debilitating me cronically. This times it. And i need the cash.
      Sweating here like rain is brewing but nothing showing on the radar.


  5. JohnB says:

    Hi Truthy,
    This article was emailed to me today -it deserves wider exposure:
    The Baird Government is not “moderate”, it is privatising NSW

    “One of my biggest gripes is about how the Baird Government in NSW is portrayed. It has been called “centrist” and “moderate” when its agenda is clearly driven by vested business interests….

    …Below is a list of things that show how the Baird Government is privatising the state and delivering for its base of property developers, big business and conservative interests:
    Privatising the electricity network
    Privatising the Northwest Rail Link & beginning the privatisation of our rail network
    Selling the land the Powerhouse Museum is on to developers
    Exempting the casino and a range of pubs from the lockout because of pokies
    Evicting tenants from public housing in the inner city and selling off their housing in Miller’s Point
    Using the Metro to demolish public housing in Waterloo
    Slashing funding to womens’ shelters, leading to closures & transferring remaining shelters to faith-based providers
    Removing one person, one vote from the City of Sydney
    Gerrymandering local government boundaries
    Watering down the powers of ICAC
    Destroying TAFE by introducing contestable funding
    Using the NDIS as an excuse to shut down all publicly run disability services by 2018
    Changing strata laws to make it possible for developers to force people to sell their home
    Allowing James Packer to take public land from Barangaroo to build a casino through an unsolicited bid
    Privatising all public transport in Newcastle
    Shutting down the Newcastle rail link because developers wanted it
    Privatising ports in Newcastle, Port Kembla and Port Botany
    Privatising the land registry, which is a natural monopoly
    Selling off historic public service buildings in the CBD to hoteliers and Australian Technology Park
    Selling the land Hurlstone Agricultural High School is on to developers
    Imposing a wage cap on public servants and taking away power from the Industrial Relations Commission to determine wages and conditions
    Demoted the Department of Environment to an office under the auspices of the Planning Department
    Allowed councillors with a pecuniary interest to vote on planning controls that effect all or a substantial part of a local government area as long as they declare the interest
    Outsourcing public sector jobs in IT, corporate services, construction & maintenance that will undermine public sector capacity
    Impose additional and reintroduce tolls on the M4 & M5 to pay for WestConnex
    Allowed shooters to hunt in national parks
    Cut all funding to Welfare Rights Centre
    Introduced donations and expenditure laws to make it impossible for unions to run political campaigns
    Promising to repeal legislation to stop the clearing of native vegetation
    Pursuing an anti-cyclist agenda by tearing up bike lanes and making it harder to cycle
    Making it more difficult for children to enrol in ethics classes at school “

    The LNP are selling Australia out to their mates just as fast as they can.

    On my way out to an FEC meeting tonight – will be interesting to see what our reps in Canberra have to report.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey John 🙂 sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier, but I’ve been busy getting my latest poem “The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth” ready to post in the morning 🙂

      Mate, we tried to warn them about Baird too, but they wouldn’t listen 😡 And there’s a line in my new poem about privatisation 😀

      Cheers mate 😀


  6. Bighead1883 says:

    I was posted a link to an article on Twitter seemingly serious as to a woman wanting an abortion imprisoned by Australia`s border force on Nauru
    I clicked the link and saw it was in Mamamia and the story was written by Sarah Hanson Young

    Sarah Hanson Young: Australia needs to know there is a better way for refugees.

    Now I`ve made some meme`s to this and Twitter went nuts yesterday as there have been more and more disclosures of Greens working in with the LNP in many areas

    Now I know the passion many Truthseekers have for Julia Gillard [many on Twitter are the same]
    So keep cool before commenting please,many on Twitter did not
    I`ve blocked or been blocked by dozens of Greens on Twitter in the last few days,I know,some people have all the luck 😆


  7. Bighead1883 says:

    I updated the meme later in the day and got even more frenzied results O_o

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  8. Bighead1883 says:

    Added to my other attacks on the Greens O_o 👿 I can`t understand why they don`t like me 😦 😆
    Especially as this one is so cute

    Then the Greens vomited bile my way when I showed them this one

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey mate 🙂

      Yes, the greens have really been the biggest hypocrites by far, and I really hope that when the ALP return to government, they revisit the Malaysian Solution, as a viable alternative to the crap that passes for AS policy. 😀


  9. Bighead1883 says:

    Here`s a Tweet George Christiansen just returned me

    CorporateSubsidy ‏@Biggy1883 3m3 minutes ago Melbourne, Victoria
    @g_christensenmp @themarkjacka @bdrinkwater don`t bother re-contesting Dawson George-they are ashamed enough at their mistake of electing U

    George Christensen
    @Biggy1883 @themarkjacka @bdrinkwater They love me in Mackay mate. I’m safe as houses (especially negatively geared ones) #auspol

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  10. Judes says:

    This is a copy/paste from the Guardian..where a very knowledgable commentor has replied to my post..
    The reply from Clarke68 ( I’m sure he/she wouldn’t mind me sharing it with Truth Seekers) ..
    really needs to be aired in as many places as possible…

    My comment… Regarding the NDIS article.
    The Fed government “has plans to add three more spots to the board..and extend its term” ? Oh REALLY .. so there will be three highly paid ‘jobs for their mates’, “to enhance the development and governance for the scheme”… ( that’s ‘Fed speak’ for )….who will be sure to tinker with the eligibility criteria and funding cap, so their added salary expense will also come out of the ever decreasing NDIS allocation as we expect it to be delivered within budget !
    Be afraid.. It’s sickening what THIS government considers to be ‘reasonable and necessary’ for anyone in need of assistance…. Unless of course it’s one of their own.

    Clarke68 Maggiemum 11h ago

    Three more IPA stooges.

    25 more IPA demands of the LNP have been added. Read them carefully.

    76. Have state premiers appoint High Court justices

    77. Allow ministers to be appointed from outside Parliament

    78. Extend the GST to cover all goods and services but return all extra revenue to taxpayers through cutting other taxes

    79. Abolish the federal department of health and return health policy to the states

    80. Abolish the federal department of education and return education policy to the states

    Maggiemum Clarke68 1h ago

    OMG ! We Absolutely MUST get this info ‘out there’ to the glorious brain dead voters of Australia..soon to be turned into an IPA dictatorship ..

    Clarke68 Maggiemum 48m ago

    This is a watershed moment in the nation’s history. 2013 built upon the wrecking ball of Howard, who gave the IPA taxpayers’ money to come up with a report that recommended removing the tax deductible status of NGO charities, but not that of the IPA! It worsened under Malcolm Abbott and if re elected with their stooges now on the benches the nation is seriously in trouble.

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  11. JohnB says:

    I just posted this on The Guardian:

    Some food for thought.

    Independents seeking election to the senate have got to change their tactics to take advantage of the multiple candidate ‘party tickets’ still being exclusively exploited by the larger political parties.

    Since below the line group party tickets have been abolished it is quite pointless for any micro party to attempt winning a senate position in there own right either ATL or BTL.
    Any party or candidate receiving less that 5% primary vote in the senate ballot is (statistically) electoral dead meat.

    What they have to do is outpoll the Greens above the line.
    To do this they need to accept the reality that only one senate position is achievable to them.
    To at least be in the running to achieve one position they must cooperate to form a ‘carrier’ party (‘Independents Cooperative’ ?) for ATL listing.

    If all the minors/micros joined that one ‘cooperative’, based on 2013 senate results their combined primary vote would tally around the same as the total Green primary vote. They would of course need to assemble a ‘party ticket’ (via draw/ballot) to determine who is at head of that ticket.
    Their objective would be to exceed the Green primary vote and thus gain position above the Greens during preference counting/distribution.

    With the Greens losing almost all preference flows from all other majors (they enjoyed 2nd posn on almost all ALP senate ‘party group tickets’ in 2013) the ‘cooperative’ will be in a good position to gain whatever preferences remain (or haven’t exhausted) after the majors attain their quotas.

    Summed primary vote% figures from 2013:
    ‘Micros’=around 1% (or less) pri vote
    2013………Micros ………………………………Green pri vote
    NSW ………7.87%…………………………………….7.79%
    VIC ………..8.20% …………………………………..10.85%
    TAS………..9.01% ……………………………………11.67%
    WA…………9.53% …………………………………….9.48%
    WA(2014)…10.04% ………………………………..15.61%

    As can be seen from the above pri. vote percentages, there would not need to be much drop in the Green pri vote to put the ‘cooperative’ in the box seat for a senate position in each state.

    Green disenchantment in the electorate together with the loss of ALP preferences will accelerate the rise of ‘independents’ ………. and hasten the demise of the Greens.

    To the self serving Greens I say “How do you like them apples?”

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