Said the Abbott to the rank and file

Said the Abbott to the rank and file…abbotts-mouth

Well, as the Abbott has once again raised his ugly head, I thought it was time for another instalment of the “Said the Abbott…” poem series   😯

I was hoping to have it posted a few days ago, but like everything these days, it took a whole lot longer than it should   😡   But we got there in the end   🙂

Oh, and I know that “Rank and file” is a tad low rent for the LNP, but “Rank”, (and I do mean “RANK” in the most odious sense of the word) seems more than appropriate for the idiots that support this Mendacious Mob of Miscreants, especially in NSW!   😛

But it also applies across the nation   😀


Said the Abbott to the “rank” and file…


Said the Abbott to the rank and file

You need to have your say

Cos the factions, that don’t quite exist

Are having too much, their own way

And as a future, er… umm… Past PM

My thoughts are all well known

And the rumours of my lies and spin

Are grossly overblown


The moderates are all bleeding hearts

With pseudo left agendas

And NSW needs the rabid right

And our policy truth benders

Cos we can’t be wishy washy

And we need to tell it straight

But our cred has all but bolted

Through the moderates open gate


And the PM, who I do support,

Is leading our great party

They say he’s smartest in the room

And he really is a… smarty???

His plan to run the country

Is a plan we all endorse

And even though he stabbed me in the back

I’ve got his back… Of course


Said the rank and file to Abbott

Our numbers have diminished

And if we don’t reform real quick

In NSW we’re finished

Cos the ICAC has our measure

All our trusts accounts are blown

And our links to the Mafia and money laundering

Have now been clearly shown


And the coalition federally

Has numbers that are tanking

And the waffler from Wentworth

Will deliver us a spanking

So we need a man of vision

And we need a man of guts

To renew the peoples confidence

In our party full of nuts


So we think we’ll stick with Turdball

And his sidekick Mikey Baird

Cos the terrorists and unionists

Have got us really scared

And our Liberal ideologies

Have taken quite a hit

And although the Turdball’s useless

As a PM, you were shit


But we’ll keep our options open

Cos we’ve heard the backbench talking

And they say, with numbers going south

Our Mal’s a dead man walking

So we’ll stay the course with Turdball

Till a better choice appears

And he doesn’t wear your clown shoes

Or those silly monkey ears


Said the Abbott to the Turdball

In Question Time you called me liar

And instead of showing leadership

You became an Abbott… Fryer

Which bloody Billy Shorten

Seemed to think was really neat

As he made you cock your Adler

And blow off both our feet


And the whole thing looked quite silly

Though  a deal, I did not do

With that independent Lyingarse

Who’s dumped us in the poo

By side-tracking our agenda

On our A B C C con,

And relentless union bashing…

Our momentum has all gone


Said the People to the LNP

You’ve really lost the plot

With your bullies in the Senate

And your credibility shot

And your ministers delusional

With the bullshit that they spout

And your lack of clear direction

Means you really should get out


And pontificating waffle

Is the order of the day

As the really pressing issues

Are all glibly swept away

With your climate change denial

And backbenchers running riot

And all those bloody experts

That refuse to just keep quiet


And we really need support

For the workers of our Nation

But all we get from the LNP

Is policy constipation

While first home buyers struggle

To get their first foot in the door

And your targets for austerity are

The old, the sick and poor


You have lied, deceived and cheated

And exploited every rort

For the sake of wealthy donors

And just deny it, when you’re caught

And for Abbott and for Turdball

There is only one conclusion

When it comes to running Australia

They’ve been the REAL… Double Disillusion




About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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8 Responses to Said the Abbott to the rank and file

  1. JohnB says:

    Great work Truthy – you haven’t lost your touch – though its a pity you have to waste so much effort on these LNP traitors.
    Australia is being done over by this rubbish government of corporate stooges.

    This short article summarises core LNP governance principles.

    On a lighter note,
    this photo needs no caption:

    – her hands betray her age, don’t they:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey John 🙂

      Thanks mate, but you can take some credit, as it was your last post that got me motivated to start thinking, and writing again. 🙂

      And although we’ve all said it many times before, the LNP are indeed the gift that just keeps on giving 😀

      And now with the SG quitting, and Joyce sparking another controversy with the sacking of his head of dept, and the story on ACA tonight on Dan Tehan’s incompetence, and one of the backbenchers saying he’ll cross the floor for a private members bill calling for a free vote on SSM, it can nly be a matter of time before the wheels all fall off 😕

      If only I had invested in popcorn futures 🙂

      Cheers mate 🙂


  2. JohnB says:

    Thanks Truthy.
    I’ve been busy on domestic chores (painting house), not a lot of time for online activities -though I have been posting on the Guardian from time to time – mostly on economic threads.
    One must keep the mind active, or age will atrophy the brain cells.

    Economics is most important as it is what the neocons use to enslave the citizenry.
    They infiltrate political parties offering lollies all round to those politicians/bureaucrats content with an easy life of plenty if they play along with their sovereignty destroying economic scams.
    Us party R&F are mere spectators I fear – the damage continues despite our protestations.
    Professional politicians pursue their careers first – its a dirty business,

    Bill Mitchell has the neoliberals number – its a pity we didn’t have leaders who could recognise him as the economic/social luminary of our time – the more I read of him the more I am convinced he is from the same mold as Curtin, Chifley and Nugget Coombes – his soul is of true Labor values. Ged Kearney shows promise, I hope she can effect some change with pressure from the union side via the factional cabals. The ACTU must surely come to realise it is do or die for the union movement – globalisation/corporatism is disemboweling organised labour.

    Keep up the good work Truthy – hope your health is improving with the warmer weather.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, I’ve been busy just getting through the day 😦 but I agree with your comment,generally, and also more specifically about Ged Kearney who I think will make a great PM one day 🙂

      She is very smart, and reflects old Labor values IMHO 😉

      Thanks fr all your support, and I hope that I can move forward from here, with more writing 😕

      Cheers mate 🙂

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  3. Florence nee Fedup says:

    That picture tells it all. Still plenty to come.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Floorence 🙂 Hope all’s well with you?

      I presume you’re referring to the menagerie on the back bench? And yes, still loads to come 😀

      Cheers 🙂


      • Florence nee Fedup says:

        Sure is. Can’t help but think we are going to see some real scandals even corruption. This government is completely incompetent. Hasn’t had the clean out that was necessary after the Howard days, Abbott kept what was left during his term. Turnbull has attempted some new blood, which is utterly inexperienced, even if they have some ability. Haven’t seen any evidence though

        Hope you are travelling well..

        Liked by 1 person

        • Truth Seeker says:

          Yes, this mob have made incompetence and stupidity the norm, and the really sad and annoying thing is that we have just wasted three years of bad or no policy, with more to come 😡

          Sadly, still struggling with the change of season 😦 Thanks for your concern though 🙂

          Cheers 🙂


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