After spending a few days pondering the truth of “Post-truth” politics, I’ve come to the conclusion that “Post-truth” is actually a gross simplification, and nothing more than an umbrella phrase that covers a much broader problem.   😯

Now, notwithstanding that being fast and loose with the truth has been a prerequisite for politicians from the very beginnings of politics, blatant lies, in politics, really started in

Lest we forget!

Lest we forget the Godfather of “Post-truth”1

earnest with the advent of “Honest” John “Lying rodent” Howard.   👿

The great irony in Howards case is that it was allegedly George Braindead, the current AG who, is said to have given Howard the tag, even though Braindead himself couldn’t lie straight in bed!   😛

In fact, the only revelation to be gained from someone with the, to say the least,  dubious moral standing of Braindead, calling a fellow LNPee’er a “Lying rodent” , is that the rabid right is full to overflowing with pots and kettles!   😯

But I digress   😛


As previously mentioned, the Lying Rodent, was the first real exponent of “Post-Truth”, but that was long before “Post-truth” was even a phrase, but his “Core and non Core” promises became an LNPee’er catch-cry, which The Abbott took to dizzying heights with  his “Carbon Tax” and “Debt and Deficit disaster” lies, not to mention the blatant lies he told about the GFC, and the ALP stimulus incentives such as the HIP and school halls abbott_capone_poster_by_natsa666-d4bgnxw+schemes , which are still repeated to this very day by his rabid right sycophants.   😯

Now I could waste untold amounts of space going over the plethora of lies told by The Abbott, but we are all painfully aware of The Abbott’s dishonesty, so let me cut to the chase!

The big problem, as I see it, is that the disaffection that many feel, as a direct result of Abbott’s lies, is that they now tar all politicians with the same brush, which is manifestly unfair, notwithstanding the aforementioned fact that playing fast and loose with the truth is an integral part of the profession.   😯

Let me explain!

As we know, Abbott based his entire campaign as LOTO, on one lie after another about Julia Gillard and the ALP, and these lies were ably supported and built upon by a not only compliant, but complicit Muddick controlled MSM (“Post-truth/morals/ethics”)

A largely apathetic section of the electorate believed these lies, in the absence of some basic critical thinking, and accepted that;

  1. Gillard and the ALP were liars
  2. Abbott and the MSM were telling the truth
  3. The LNP were better at managing the economy

So these deluded fools trusted Abbott, despite all the evidence to the contrary, and gave him the job of PM   😯   , only to find out later that he had deliberately lied to them, promising anything and everything to get said job!   😦

And who can forget Abbott, when confronted by video proof that he lied, he just lied some more, accusing  the voting public of “Misunderstanding him”, and  flat out denying that he said what we all know he said!   😛Turnbull 1+

So then we came to another more devious liar in Malcontent”Waffling Wanker from Wentworth” Turdball, who got the Abbott’s job of PM, based on the premises that;

  1. He wasn’t Abbott   😛
  2. He wasn’t a Climate Change denier   ❓
  3. He wasn’t from the rabid right   O_o
  4. He wasn’t beholding to the rabid right   o_O
  5. He wasn’t beholding to any factions… Cos there are no factions in the LNP   😯
  6. He wasn’t the pathetically bad economic manager that Abbott was   😉

But sadly those poor deluded fools who voted for a Turdball led LNP soon found out that;

  1. He sold his soul/principles/credibility to the right wing devils of the LNP, to get the job   😈
  2. He was as big a liar as Abbott, albeit a somewhat more convincing one, as his lies were masked under a pile of waffle, commonly known as Turn-Bullshit   😛
  3. He was only the smartest person in the room, when “The room” was… The loo!   😯
  4. He was a universe away from what they expected   😦
  5. He wasn’t the Messiah, he was just a very naughty boy   😛
  6. He isn’t a PM’s arse!   😡

HansonRobertsAnd as The Turdball is directly responsible for (Post-intelligence) the second coming of the Raving Redhead from PHON, and her cohort of catastrophic  consequence, along with the Xylophone band and the Human Headline, and one policy and governmental disaster after another,we can reasonably and confidently conclude that (and I have to say that I never even thought this was possible) he is every bit as bad, if not worse than Abbott!   😯

But again, I digress.   😉

So here we are, with a large section of the voting public feeling a level of disaffection based on lies that made them vote for the very ones that caused said disaffection in the first place.

And the really scary thing is that a similar scenario is being played out around the world, with no rhyme or reason to the electoral outcomes being achieved, other than apparently in this post-truth world, the bigger and more outrageous the lies, the more morally bankrupt and devoid of principles, a candidate is, the more chance there is that that candidate will be elected   😯

And with the new year less than a fortnight old, I can’t miss the opportunity to mention the latest  disaster to befall the Turdball  alleged gov, courtesy of their continued foray into post-truth politics, with one of its classic exponents… Sussan Ley.   👿sussan-ley

And although an exponent of “Post-truth”, she’s not a victim of it, but rather a victim of her own sense of entitlement, hubris and gross stupidity.   😛

When the story of her “Impulse buying” of an $800k Gold Coast unit broke, she said that her purchase was not premeditated, and basically, her being in the right place, at the right time, and inspecting the property “Maybe ten minutes before the auction”, and being registered, at the auction, to bid on said property was all just a happy coincidence   😉

Since then of course we’ve seen the usual level of contradictions, including but not limited to, numerous tax payer funded trips to the Gold Coast, and a Gold Coast hinterland couple who said that Ley and her bloke inspected their property a couple of times, around ten months earlier, and put in several bids which were unsuccessful, casting further doubt on her assertions of no premeditation, and a spur of the moment “Impulse” buy!   😯

There are also new claims of travel allowance rorts where 4 of the usual suspects/serial offenders claimed expenses to go to Turdball’s 2014 new years eve party, while the majority that went,  paid for their own expenses… Of course Braindead was in the forefront of these trough snouters, in Sydney from 30/12/14-1/1/15 claiming flights, COMCAR costs  and travel allowances.   😛

Piecer Mutton flew from Brissy on 31/12/14, and returned on 1/1/15 and claimed flights,COMCAR costs and $468 travel allowance.   😯

Mitch Flyblown claimed flights to and from Melbourne for himself and a family member, and then flew to Sydney on 31/12/14 and returned on 1/1/15.   😀

And Birmingham claimed a cab fare of $62.53.   😉

And as usual, the Turdball is playing part time PM, and MIA … AGAIN!   😯

And the question is… “How much longer are the voting public of Australia going to put up with the blatant lies, rorting, stupidity and downright corruption of these right wing nut-jobs, living in their self made world of …

Post-truth-morals-ethics and intelligence???   😦




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8 Responses to “Post”-truth-morals-ethics-intelligence…

  1. JohnB says:

    Hey Truthy,
    great writing.
    Truth is now whatever our corporate media deems it to be – our ‘democracy’ has been so corrupted by vested neoliberal profiteers that ‘tame’ careerist politicians are a protected species. Too many politicians these days are de facto corporate servants, using our public funded democratic ‘institutions’ as a stepping stone to more lucrative ‘post politic’ corporate ‘business’ sinecures – safe from the vagaries of voters/election cycles,where success is measured in accumulating ethic-free megamillion$.

    Our politicians no longer serve the people, our governments no longer serve the people -. instead they first serve themselves, then advance their business career interests.
    Their oath of office is a sick joke – profit seeking is what’s important these days – serving the Australian people and providing social/work structures is way down their list.
    Business mentality rules – they govern the nation as if it’s a business – which it most certainly is not.
    The role entrusted to them is to provide stable social conditions and equity for us citizens.
    They serve the 1%.
    Hence we are all so pissed off !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey John 🙂 Thanks mate 🙂

      Yes, one way and another our democracy has certainly been subverted, for the sake of personal and corporate greed 😡

      The one “Mandate” that they seem to completely ignore, is their social contract with the electorate to maintain the true essence of what it means to be Aussie; To look after the all the people, and ensure a fair go for all 😦 , which in reality is their only mandate… IMHO! 😉

      Cheers mate 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. bilko says:

    good start to the year PM mia, hope a tsunami does not occur like the one that put paid to Latham, a bullet missed thank Alla/Buddha/God etc.
    How can you have a social contract when their social conscience is non existent as the OH often says ” self first. self second and if there is anything left over its self again” thankfully she does not mean me (at least i hope not). Bring back the Dept of Administrative Affaires include Sir Humphrey (Hologram of course) this mobs old boss and current boss as shown on the Micallef sketch almost did not twigto it. stay alert

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂 Thanks for your comment mate 😀 and a very happy new year to you and yours 🙂

      IMHO, the contract is through the electing, and accepting the commission given to them by said electors to the elected 😯 and their lack of social conscience is of no never-mind, and of no consequence to their responsibility, which is paramount. 😉

      And the fact that they are “Post-conscience” too, will at some stage come back to bite them fair on their arses 😀

      And besides, most of this current crop are dead men walking, they just haven’t realised it yet 😛

      And I’ll try hard to be the best lert i can be in the circumstances 😀

      Cheers mate 🙂


      • bilko says:

        stay cool and alert this summer thruthy you know it makes sense. Moving to a retirement village this year so all senses are alert and hyperactive unlike the claytons government.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Truth Seeker says:

          Morning Bilko 🙂

          It’s difficult doing either ATM mate, but I’ll keep trying, cos it does make sense 🙂

          Hope the move’s a good one for you mate 🙂

          I’m working towards at least part time grey nomadship this year 😯 I’ve got the grey bit down pat, I’ve just got to work on the nomadship 😉

          Mate, this mob are positively asleep at the wheel! 👿

          Cheers 😀


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