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Merry Christmas Truth Seekers

Merry Christmas Truth Seekers Well, as the year winds down, and the new year looms large, and dare I say, somewhat scary, we can only wonder what 2017 will bring???   ❓ And as Canavan, the federal resources minister, supports … Continue reading

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With the Christmas now upon us

With the Christmas now upon us. So, as the worst (and I use the term very loosely) “government” in our history, scrapes through another year, and managed to dodge the accountability bullet, by barely sitting, and never answering any questions, … Continue reading

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The vagaries of a “Post-Truth” world

The vagaries of a “Post-Truth” world. As the world comes to terms with the fact that, despite belief amongst most political pundits/tragics (Yours truly included) , that the good old boys of the US of A could not/ would not … Continue reading

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