The Boil… Revisited.

The Boil… Revisited.The Boil

The boil, was the very first poem that I posted on TSM, in fact my very first post   :shock:  and after rereading it, I thought it would be worth a second , updated run, so here is the updated version   :-)

Funnily enough, I had to only change a small handful of lines to make it relevant for today   :shock:

The Boil… Revisited   :wink:

The Australian public looked upwards in awe

From the base of a hill that was not there before

It appeared just like magic…. And it grew overnight

And by the next morning…. was a hell of a sight

And some people said this was surely a sign

That the country was sick, and we’re in a decline

But the government said wait.. this just isn’t right

We’ve got loads of coal, so the future is bright

But the people got frightened by the sight of the mound

And despite all the spin, said the country’s not sound


But the government continued, claiming figures were good

Ignoring the truth, as they knew that they should

But frustration increased, with the LNP show

And the hill stole their focus and continued to grow

Big red and angry with a festering head

“It looks like a pimple”, one observant soul said

Then a little boy smiled, as he spoke to his Mum

“It’s just like that boil, that I had on me bum”

And a woman with shock written over her face

Said “The damned thing’s so big, you could see it from space”


So the question arose as to what should be done

With a bloody great boil that could blot out the sun

Could they lance it or squeeze it or just build a fence

Round a festering pustule that was so immense

But after heated discussion machinery was brought

So the squeezing commenced and the excision sought

And they pushed and they squeezed until up went a shout

And bugger me dead, all the media popped out.

Pushing harder and harder, spurred on by success

Coalition backbenchers were expelled with the mess.


Then the core broke away in a fountain of pus

And in the midst of the gore was an LNP bus

Covered with slogans and filled up with slime

Then the door slowly opened and out stepped Chris Pyne

And the children collectively said to their mummies

“It’s a big mincing poodle, with a mouthful of dummies”

Then Hockey slipped… landing, calculator in lap

But the batteries were spent and his figures were crap

Sue Ley and Jules Bishop stepped out hand in hand

They were covered in slime….. but their posture was grand

:?   o_O

Abetz and his senators came out, single file

Followed closely by Abbott spewing venom and bile

His budgies were glowing and his hirsute chest puffed

But the people all saw that his party was stuffed

With his slogans revealed for the rubbish they were

And his efforts exposing him as the billionaires Cur

With their policy vacuum being more than enough

To expose them as naught but a large pile of slough (sluff)

So the people moved on with their confidence high

As the Abbott’s ambitions went completely awry


And the country recovered, growing stronger each day

Till the LNP circus was voted away

And the moral for all is the poison… you’ll foil

If you use enough pressure to excise the boil

And don’t be misled into sad apathy

But seek out the truth, as it will set you free

Ask questions, demand answers and ignore all the spin

And then those that deserve it will hopefully win

And be careful when riding the LNP bus

As you may well end up…. Sitting… covered in… pus.


The LNP bus


The original can be found at the link below   :-)

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LNP shills get shrill over playing kill Bill…

LNP shills get shrill over playing kill bill…

Abbott and the LNP are rattled   :shock:   I mean really rattled!Abbot shill shrill+1

What other possible reason could there be for the positively hysterical and  slanderous diatribe unleashed by the mad monk against Bill shorten under parliamentary privilege?   :?:

One can only assume that they know they are in deep shit, as the wheels fall off their Highly politicised “Royal Commission”, and the only smoking guns to be found are in the hands of LNP’ers, including Abbott and the Bishops, who just keep shooting themselves in the foot   :roll:

The spectacle of the alleged Prime Minister of our country standing up in parliament and, as was declared by one commentator on the ABC, “Coming out swinging”, was to say the least, an unedifying spectacle, along with similar hysterical rants by Jules “Medusa” Bitch-chops and the glow in the dark Bananaby Juice   :shock:

Bananaby red+

An independent observer would be forgiven for thinking that the next logical step, after these latest, totally hysterical and illogical diatribes would be a declaration of martial law!   :shock:

And to be honest, at this point in time, I would put nothing past Abbott, in an attempt to secure his position.

And I do so hope that during the next QT, when Abbott repeats his support for the commissioner and the “Rightness” of the commissions work, he will be asked when he, Prissy Cryin’ and George Braindead et al, will appear before the commission to explain their support for one Kathy Jackson, and their ludicrous Parliamentary apology, where  they spoke so glowingly of her and her actions   :shock:


As with KJ, now outed as a thief and fraudster, to the tune of $1.4 million, so far, and despite all the evidence there for Heydon  to clearly see and delve into, (which he conveniently just ignored, again displaying his right wing bias, as he’s obviously a “sucker” for an LNP heroine), and with her given the “Kid gloves” treatment by his /Abbott’s royal commission, one would have to say that his only option for saving some semblance of a respectability and legal reputation has to be to say to himself, in the words of another right wing nut-job… You’re fired!

But I won’t hold my breath   :wink:   and…  I  digress   :shock:

So where does Abbott go from here?

Well some would suggest a sojourn in Syria, or some other suitably unstable region, would be fitting, with the level of instability on display from Abbott and his cronies over recent weeks, but sadly we couldn’t be so lucky, so I would venture to suggest that he will become more manic, unstable and unpredictable in his reactions, as the LNP move inexorably towards self destruction   :shock:

Now maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, but all the signs are there, with the results of him “Reading the riot act” about leaking, only to then have the talking points for how to deal with cabinet leaks… leaked   :shock:

But with the increasingly shrill content of their QT responses, displaying a certain level of panic and desperation   :roll:   one would assume that something will have to come to a head shortly, or Abbott will be forced to;

  • Declare war on some poor, unsuspecting country   :shock:
  • Declare a national emergency (other than his cabinet leaks   :roll:   )
  • Declare KJ innocent of all charges, citing Labor and the unions as the cause of her temptations and untimely fall from grace   :twisted:
  • Declare Knighthoods/Sainthoods for all mining magnates   :wink:
  • Declare coal as THE national treasure… Oh wait   :razz:
  • Announce Team Australia are going to the olympics   :?   O_o

Or all of the above   :roll:

And yet again… I digress   :shock:

Shrill Bishop+So with their wildly inflammatory claims of Economic Treason  and vandalism, combined with their defence of the indefensible Helmet Hair and Dyson Heydon, just feeding into the picture of a government in increasing crisis of political judgement and credibility, and the general public perception/dawning realisation  that they are out of control   :shock:   I suppose the real question is;   “Is this the best we can expect for the six figure salaries we pay these morons?”

Or should we just sit back in a comfy chair, with a good supply of popcorn, and other tasty treats, prime our glasses and enjoy the spectacle of the slow but nevertheless inexorable demise of the worst government this country has ever seen, as;

LNP shills get shrill over playing kill Bill!


Heydons LNP cap+

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They just don’t get it!

They just don’t get it!idiot boy

Well I have to say, that over the last few weeks, I’ve been gobsmacked by the the way that Abbott and the LNP’ers have raised the bar of complete and utter hubris and stupidity, to dizzying heights   :shock:

I mean, when the Helmet Hair expenses rorts debacle just went on… and on… and on, I thought this is madness, even for the Abbott   :shock:

Then, while the Australian public are still seething over “Choppergate”, up pops Dyson “The commissioner who sucks” Heydon, and here we go again   :shock:

And the strangest thing of all, is that before our very eyes, we’ve seen the LNP’ers go from sadly delusional   :sad:   to madly delusional   :?   to completely bat shit crazy   O_o   o_O

Now who’d a thunk that watching a political party head lemming like towards the nearest cliff, would turn out to be such an enjoyable spectacle   :-D

DysonHeydon+The latest foray into right wing stupidity, started with George Braindead, our esteemed Attorney General (The highest lawman in the land   :shock:   )  and his attempts to diffuse the Dyson Heydon debacle, by saying that;

  • Dyson didn’t know that the Sir Garfield Barwick talk, he was invited to give, was a Liberal party affair… Cos it wasn’t!   :shock:   WTF   :?:
  • That it wasn’t an LNP fundraiser   :shock:
  • It was a public event, only organised by the LNP, but nothing to really do with them   :shock:
  • It was all Labor’s fault   :shock:

Then we had Abbott, in QT saying that  Dyson said he didn’t think it was appropriate that he (Dyson) speak at a party fundraiser!   :roll:

We then saw Abbott, still in QT, around 30 minutes later, state that it wasn’t a fundraiser at all   :shock:

Then, when questioned on which answer he stood by, he said… “Both”   :shock:

Now, as keynote speaker, Dyson must have had some inkling that he would be the drawcard for the LNP to solicit donations from guests/donors at a party function, especially as the  Liberal party logo was on the invite, along with instructions on how to donate, and what any donations would be used for   :shock:

You couldn’t make this shit up   O_o   :?

But I digress   :razz:

So for a couple of days, we saw spurious and puerile excuses flying from Abbott and his ministers, like shit from a diarrhetic’s convention, as  they tried everything in their distractions manual, to promote a “Look over there” scenario     :roll:

Suffice it to say that, that approach went down like a French kiss at a funeral   :shock:

We even saw Braindead enter the fray once more with the old… “It wasn’t a fundraiser, cos it wasn’t going to earn much money!”   :shock:   …   Well that’s all right then George… You IDIOT!!   :roll:

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more stupid, Tosh Friedandburnt, who wasFriedandburnt+ introduced by the ABC as a “Keen LNP legal mind”   :shock:   said that it was perfectly acceptable that a Jurist, who was being accused of, at the very least, the appearance of bias, was allowed to pass judgement on his own publicly, perceived, if not yet fully proven, bias    :wink:      WTF   :?:

And as more of the long and abiding relationship between idiot boy, and his Rhodes Scholarship mentor, bubbles to the surface, along with the rest of the “Jobs for the boys/girls”, we start to see just how much the payback is costing us, the long suffering, taxpaying general Australian public, and the anger is palpable!   :mad:

And while Abbott displays vast amounts of Arrogance and hubris in equal measure, during the current sessions of HoR QT, with no semblance of common sense, or political judgement, the rest of his mendacious mob of miscreants are scouring the recesses of their pathetically, ideologically driven, small minds, for a distraction…  any distraction, to  take the attention away from their other stupidities   :roll:

And what have they come up with???

What they laughingly refer to as “Vigilantly Lawfare”, cos the “Vigilantes  have put out a “Manual”, on how to stop coal mining.   :shock:

Changing the laws around environmental objections, so that only those in the immediate vicinity can use the courts to object to mining developments   :shock:   WTF   :?:

The minister ( and I use the term very loosely) Ian Macfarlane, when asked why these changes were needed, stated that there were a raft of projects that were being affected!

But when questioned further on the numbers, admitted that the Adani mine was the first   :shock:   … A raft of… well… ONE!   :wink:

And once more with feeling… WTF???   :roll:

To be fair though, he did cite other “state” controlled projects, even though they would not be affected, as they were subject to “state” laws, and not the laws they want to change   O_o   :?   :roll:   … So still a raft of… ONE   :shock:

One of the other notable statements of the last couple of weeks, came from Abbott himself, at a Liberal conference, last weekend, where he claimed they’ve had  “Two good years of government”   :shock:

Now with him and his mob languishing in the polls, almost since day one, and his disastrous record of “Captains picks”;  (remembering that he himself turned out to be a disastrous “Captains pick” by Muddick   :evil:   ) their lies and deceit, broken promises, unfair budgets and cuts wher they promised no cuts, along with becoming an international laughingstock, stumbling from one stupidity to another, you just have to wonder what two good years he was referring to   :?:   … Cos it couldn’t be the last two   :razz:

bishop_iran_still_2We even witnessed Jules “Medusa” Bitch-chops reach new heights in stupid, in QT this week, in a vain attempt to position herself favourably, for what looks suspiciously like the inevitable, upcoming leadership spill, where “stupid” seems to be the overriding prerequisite for LNP leadership!   :shock:

I say “Vain attempt”, as it already looks like another Muddick captains pick, as he positions Snott Morescum to take up the expected vacancy   :shock:

Which is just another level of stupidity again, and proves conclusively that, when it comes to good public policy, political judgement and the mood of the electorate, amongst other things LNP…

They Just don’t get it! 



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LNP, the Lying Nasty People.

LNP, the Lying Nasty People.TONY_WINTER_SM__57351.1378638419.1280.1280

What is it with the morally bankrupt LNP, that they think it’s OK to attack the sick, the elderly and the disabled   :?:

I mean really; we know about their efforts to cut pensions   :evil:   when they promised no changes   :shock:   and we know about all the other cuts that they promised they wouldn’t do… and then did   :twisted:   , we know about the lies and spin that we were subjected to :roll:   and we know about the LNP rorts, as highlighted by that doyen of the born to rule set, one Bronnie “Helmet Hair” Bitch-chops   :evil:   , but what we didn’t hear about was the changes to the criteria for gaining access to the DSP   :shock:

Kevin Andrews+Under the evil   :evil:   and twisted   :twisted:   oversight of the then minister for  social services, the hugely incompetent and heartless Kevin Andrews, along with the rest of the soulless and totally amoral LNP’ers, not only was the Centrelink budget cut, but the criteria by which applicants for the DSP were toughened to the point that many will be dead before they will ever qualify!   :-(

Now I know that some may think I’m making wild and unsubstantiated claims, but sadly I can speak with some authority on this subject, after spending nearly 18 months, trying, in vain, to help get my BI onto the DSP.

Now  let me paint a picture for you   :wink:

A man who has spent his entire life working and paying tax, as a truck driver/plant operator, wakes up one day, blind in his right eye, and after going through all the tests, is informed that he has had a stroke in his eye, and can no longer work as a professional driver, and will only be allowed a restricted licence.

He struggles on for a year, or so, trying to get work as a courier driver, using his own ute, until he ends up in hospital with severe asthma and emphysema.

He can no longer work!

His only option to survive is to sell up everything and move a thousand + klms south, away from his friends and life, to live with his sister and brother in law, which he does.

Once settled, he applies for the DSP, which despite all the evidence from the hospital, and his GP, is quickly rejected, and he is placed on Newstart, which is much less per fortnight than the DSP.

He then receives a text message, telling him that he has to report to a “Disability” jobs network provider, who will try to find him a job!

Despite a severe lack of confidence for driving in traffic, he arrives at the appointment, stressed out and struggling to breathe, and was immediately sent home again, as he was obviously too sick to even go through the initial interview, and told to get a doctors certificate, to excuse him from further appointments for 3 months, which he did.

Centrelink was given a copy of the doctors certificate, which they promptly rejected, and sent him another text message and letter telling him that if he didn’t go to his appointments with the Job network, his “Newstart” allowance would be cut!

After numerous cancelled appointments due to ill health and even hospitalisation, and a number of submissions from the the Jobs network officers, telling Centrelink that they are wasting their time, and  would not be able to find him work, and recommending that he be transferred onto the DSP… He’s still on Newstart!

And the question is, WHY?

It’s hard to know how much it costs to keep a “client” on the books of these “Jobs Network” providers, but would it be less than the difference between Newstart and the DSP?… I doubt it!

Is it in the best interests of the “client”?… Definitely not!

Is it improving the quality of life for these people, many of whom are already dying from terminal diseases, while others are in a state of terminal despair?… NO

This is just one story of many   :mad:

And just today I heard a very disturbing report, from a credible source, in the medical field, that there are changes afoot, from the 1st of October, which may strip some carers of their Pensions/payments/allowance, and force the frail, the elderly and disabled to  access their care, not from their loved ones/ carers, but from such organisations as blue care and other paid (by the recipient) care givers, and the community nurses, who are all already grossly under resourced, and over worked.

Now I’m still trying to verify this information, so I can’t say for certain that the report is 100% correct, but with Scott Morescum, now in charge of the welfare portfolio, and the Abbott’s LNP… anything’s possible   :evil:

As many of you know, my sister was recently out from the UK, and when the talk turned to politics   :shock:   one of the first things she said was that the Tories in the UK are trying to kill off the elderly, the sick and disabled, with similar policies to those of the LNP over here   :evil:

Is this the kind of Australia the we want, for our elderly, sick and disabled?

Is this the kind of Australia that, past generations of Australians fought and died to protect?

Is this the kind of Australia that we want for our kids and grandkids?

And is it any wonder that many call the LNP:

The Lying Nasty People?


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Said the Abbott to the Bishops…

Said the Abbott to the Bishops…Bronwyn catches ferry

Bloody Helmet Hair   :mad:   I just finished this poem, and she resigned   :mad:

How bloody inconsiderate   :evil:   , but that’s Bronnie all over, only ever thinking of herself!   :twisted:

Anyway, credit where credit’s due   :shock:   as it’s the best thing (In fact the only thing   :-)   )  she’s done for the country since starting in politics   :razz:

So without further adjure…


Said the Abbott to the bishops…


Said the Abbott to the Bishops

We are in a bit of trouble

The peasants have all caught on

That we’re in a privileged bubble

You know I love you Bronnie

You’re my ideological mummy

But the ALP and the great unwashed

Are about to spit the dummy


With Executive jets and limousines

You really have been outed

As a true and faithful Liberal

And one who’s greatly snouted

But the public just don’t understand

That It’s our God given right

To make them suffer, so we don’t have to

And they’re spoiling for a fight


So I’m going to have to ask you,

Though it goes against our class –

Cos it’s reflecting on my PMship, they’re saying,

I’m not a leaders arse –

So you need to say you’re sorry

On Alan Jones’s show

And make out like you mean it

Or we all may have to go


And Jules, a distraction’s what we need, so pick

Another fight with Putin

Take it to the UN

And really put the boot in

Cos we’ve got to get this “Choppergate”

Out of our national papers

And redirect their focus

Away from our rorting capers


Cos even uncle Rupert

Is giving us some shtick

With the headlines in his tabloids

Making me look like a dick

And comments on The Guardian saying

“Heads should roll”, in the LNP

I’d have them charged, for incitement

But I said the same of the ABC


And that traitor “Titanic” Palmer

Says he’ll call a no confidence vote

I only wish that Morrison

Had stopped his bloody boat

And Labor say they’ll not respect

The speakers authority

So Bronnie when OUR parliament returns

Eject the whole damned ALP


No, the apology just didn’t work

So I’m afraid Bronnie, you’re on the outer

Cos the people all know, you’re a moral no show

And sadly, a serial trough snouter

But I’ll put the hard word on the AFP

So they don’t try to do you for fraud

If you bite the bullet nice and hard

And fall upon your sword


Said the people to the Abbott

You’re quick with “Captains calls”

But when it’s time to fix your mess

You haven’t got the balls

And though there’s two Bishops, and an Abbott

You’re a bunch of rorters and liars

Your morals are lacking, and you all deserve sacking

Cos you’re nothing but honesty “Fryers”


So bring on an early election

And STOP all the rorting and lies

You are incompetent fools, and mad corporate tools

And there’s plenty of you we despise

We’re not buying the lies you are selling

We’ve stopped listening, when you are talking

You don’t realise it yet, cos you were Rupert’s pet

But electorally you’re now… dead men walking





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Failings of the current Union/ALP affiliation arrangements.

  Failings of the current Union/ALP affiliation arrangements. By guest author

Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

John B.

Well truth seekers, I have decided to make an exception to my usual policy of TSM being purely restricted to my musings/ramblings, for the sake of reproducing a comment/article posted by one of our valued commenters John B, who has, by his in-depth comments, and thoughtful, intelligent  and insightful approach, added greatly to our understanding of the workings, and need for reform, of the ALP.

I decided to post this, as I thought it was worthy of serious consideration and discussion, and to coincide with the ALP National Conference, held this coming weekend.

I would encourage all to read and share this article, and add your thoughts/comments   :-)

Failings of the current Union/ALP affiliation arrangements. By John B.


Current ‘whole of Union’/ALP affiliation arrangements have proved problematic and unproductive for the ALP.

While union affiliation fees provide a steady income for the ALP, it has failed to extend ALP reach into the unaffiliated ‘other half’ (900,000 members) of the broader union movement.
It has also inadequately encouraged or achieved inclusive democratic participation of union R&F membership in ALP affairs, or increased R&F ALP membership.
The current arrangement has fundamental design flaws, which in conjunction with greatly diminished union membership over recent decades has undesirably further distanced R&F from involvement in ALP governance – it has provided few progressive benefits to the ALP.
Regulatory inadequacies in Union and ALP rules are exploited by self serving manipulative factions to effectively acquire and retain control of ALP governance –factions who through collusion actively resist disempowerment by opposing and voting down any meaningful democratising reform.

Long term adverse outcomes for the ALP are a consequence of inherent flaws in current affiliation arrangements. Contributing deficiencies are:-

a) – it rewards Union management for misrepresentation/manipulation of union membership numbers (provides increased conference representation, assists appointment of their preferred party officers); Refer recent revelations from TURC re TWU membership audit. (Table on Page 1152)

b) – ALP financially benefits from inflated union membership claims – more union members= more affiliation fees received. This presents a conflict of interest to the ALP – both the governor and administrator of the scheme;

c) – it provides no incentive for Union execs to promote or recruit ALP membership from union rank and file;

d) – it enables, and has resulted in, union management effectively isolating/excluding union R&F from ALP governance conferences;

e) – it provides no incentive to eradicate unfair/undemocratic rules/practices from impacting ALP peak governance conferences – in fact, ineffective and ‘loose’ rules are guarded from reform by groups and factions that advantage from such rule deficiencies;

National Platform /Constitution Ch 12, Pt C Sect 10:
“Subject to rule 10(b), it shall be the right of each union to determine the criteria and procedures for selection of its delegates, subject to those delegates being financial members of that union and of the Party”
The above regulation is completely inadequate to ensure proper democratic process is practised in the governance of either Union or ALP – Union rules vary, but generally there is no proper nomination, election process, specified term of office, right of tenure, or expulsion procedure specified;

f) – it constitutes a financial disincentive for unions to affiliate with the ALP;

g) – it provides no effective proper democratic barrier to restrict strategic         collaboration/collusion of factionally aligned union execs in the appointment of state conference delegates. Factions thus effectively control the conference floor so as to thwart policy/rule reforms that may diminish their control;

h) –it has effectively created a division in the union movement;
there are two classes of union members in respect to ALP governance – affiliated unionists are allocated delegates to conference – non affiliated unionists have no access to ALP conference, and no way under the rules to achieve any representation at conference should their Union executive unilaterally choose not to affiliate with the ALP.
This group constitutes approx 900,000 unionists (statistically [2013 Fed. Election] 300,000 primary ALP voting unionists) effectively shut out of participation in ALP affairs through unilateral action of union executives– actions usually beyond those individuals control.

Affiliation has been abused by factional power-brokers and exploited by ambitious careerist union officials. It has demonstrably failed to recruit union members to the ALP, and is grossly undemocratic for the R&F of both unions and the ALP;
– it has been cleverly and shrewdly used to empower self-interested factions to effectively exclude ‘unfavoured’ R&F from participation in ALP governance;
– it has stymied party modernisation and delayed progressive reforms so urgently needed to embrace available new technologies for delivery of meaningful R&F inclusivity.

I am aware that many unions volunteer/donate support in many other forms during elections and at other times, but I’m not convinced the degree of that cooperation would change if present affiliation arrangements were replaced with the proposed arrangement (see proposal below).
The industrial and political arms of the Labor movement have much in common – they are interdependent in advancing the common cause of fairer more equitable wealth distribution.
The closer and more successfully they work together, the more powerful is the whole Labor movement.
The ALP needs deeper more inclusive and positive connections with the broad R&F membership base of all 1.8 million unionists in Australia and to utilise that connection to attract a larger political membership base.

This above critique has not been composed lightly – there is little point criticising without proposing a practical more productive alternative arrangement.
The proposed framework redefining ALP/union interaction and cooperation will not be favoured by those currently enjoying the control delivered by the current compromised (easily manipulated) affiliation arrangements. In association with other democratising reforms, it will deliver a healthier Union/ALP relationship and set the scene for substantial growth in ALP membership.

Framework and Benefits of Proposed Model:

( to replace the current affiliation arrangement)

Following is the framework of the proposed arrangement devised to replace the existing decaying and dysfunctional ALP/Union affiliation agreement with a broader, fairer, more robust and open ‘special’ membership system.

  1. The ALP should progressively replace current ‘affiliation’ arrangements with a system based on individual ALP membership.
  2. Abandon/phase out ‘whole of union’ ALP affiliation currently managed/implemented at union executive level.
  3. Calculate quota of delegate positions to State Conference using similar method as to that applied to currently affiliated unions, except that only ALP members who are also financial members of that particular Union are counted towards that quota.
  4. ALP and Union financial membership data records should be linked insomuch as required for each party to validate/cross-check an individual’s ALP/Union membership status.
  5. Union executives would now have real incentive to encourage union R&F members of their union to join the ALP – so to provide their union with maximum delegate representation at conference.
    Traditionally ‘non affiliated’ unions, who currently insist on distancing themselves from the ALP can continue as they are; except that if the union’s executive decline their right to claim delegate representation to conference, that unaffiliated unions R&F members who have joined the ALP can claim pro rata representation at State Annual Conference under a ‘generic’ trade union grouping created especially for that purpose.
  6. ALP membership should be offered to unionists at a special discount rate.
    Suggest $1.00 per week ($52p.a.)
  7. Current affiliated Unions can choose to retain current ALP affiliation fees formally remitted to the ALP under the ‘old system’ ($500*1%=$5 p.a. per union member) as incentive/compensation to assuage administrative costs of implementing the proposed system.
    ALP membership fee collection should continue to be controlled and managed by State ALP via auto payroll deductions etc.
  8. Provides an est. 900,000 current unaffiliated union members potential representation at ALP conference – a reason to join the ALP; an opportunity to have a say in determining policy and priorities of the Labor movement.
  9. Remediates a long standing neglected discrimination issue whereby ALP rules effectively prevent 900,000 non-affiliated R&F unionists from gaining equivalent ‘union’ representation on Annual State Conference – even though they may be ALP members. They are currently in effect a lower class of unionist in the eyes of the ALP due to the fact their union executive has unilaterally decided not to affiliate with the ALP.
  10. ALP membership now drawn from all 1.8 million union R&F members – assists generational change through accessing a fresh group of 900,000 working age union members.
  11. ALP/Unions should implement revised arrangements over a 12 month transition period to ensure smooth uninterrupted flow of finance and industrial/political governance operation.
  12. ALP rules should be further reformed to democratise and enhance participation/inclusion of R&F membership in relevant current/real-time union/ALP governance matters and surveys.
  13. To ‘road-test’ the concept (to re-assure the doubting Thomases):
    Following development of a suitable tailored membership benefits package, specially designed to be attractive and inclusive to all union members, perhaps members of unaffiliated unions should be the first offered the revised more attractive ALP membership.
    Keep in mind a basic marketing strategy – give them a reason to join the ALP !!!
  14. The future – open to expansion into other diverse areas from which further ALP membership may be drawn – the sky’s the limit;
    g. The proposed arrangement for ‘special’ ALP membership could be extended to individual members of other ’registered/regulated’ non profit organisations and cooperatives who seek input to ALP political policy formulation. Including groups of the population who presently have no political voice provides a broadening of the base of the ALP, and creates a new source of membership and supporters.
  15. Financial projections:
    Refer excel spreadsheet.
    A ‘what if’ guide only, based on best estimations from publicly available relevant information.

The spreadsheet was arranged as below to calculate a ‘dollar benefit’ comparison/analysis of the current system of union affiliation vs the proposed personal ‘special’ ALP membership system.


Notes on the Spreadsheet calculations:

While conducting research to design this proposal, it became evident that Union/ALP affiliation financial arrangements are played ‘close to the chest’ by both unions and the ALP.

As no ‘actual’ account figures were available, to determine the total income the present union affiliation arrangements return to the ALP, it was necessary to apply ‘educated estimates’ as input data

Some approximate figures were extracted from published audited Union financial accounts via the web. I consider Union financial account entries provide a reasonably reliable basis for the estimation of the rate at which the ALP levies unions as affiliation fees.
When the amount of affiliation fees paid out are co-related to each Union’s declared financial membership base, it indicates that an amount of approximately 1% of collected union membership fees is remitted as an ‘affiliation fee’ to the ALP.

An average union membership fee of $520 per annum was utilised (as published in an ACTU Union information pamphlet , “How much does union membership cost?” ).

The average affiliation fee forwarded to the ALP was simply calculated as 1% x $520pa x number of affiliated members.

ABS figures indicate there are 1.8 million unionists in Australia.
It is generally accepted (though I have been unable to locate supporting data) that about 50% of Australian unions are affiliated with the ALP.

The above numbers were entered on the spreadsheet to perform basic calculations to establish the financial feasibility of replacing the current ‘whole of union’ affiliation system with this proposed individual unionist ‘special’ ALP membership arrangement.


The results to be very promising, as can be seen from the spreadsheet projections – of course these figures are based on estimates and approximations.

However it clearly illustrates the financial viability of the concept.

Those ’in the know’ with access to real data can insert properly verified numbers to perform a ‘real life’ practical comparison/evaluation.


In Conclusion:

Almost everybody recognises that the present affiliation arrangement, despite its many shortcomings, provides reliable, essential and much needed income for the ALP.
Any move to change/reform the current system will not only face predictable stiff opposition from those factions empowered through it, but from many whose opposition is financially motivated – those concerned to ensure this reliable source of income for the party is not jeopardised.

I want not only for the ALP to retain this important income source, but to grow it – and also to strengthen the relationship with unions and unionists. Furthermore I consider this proposal represents a better way to achieve that income, with the added advantage of potentially significantly increasing ALP R&F membership while retaining and extending cooperative arrangements with the entire trade union movement.

It creates a broader, healthier relationship with unions in that all R&F union members are treated as equals in the eyes of the ALP, irrespective of the factional/political stance of union executives.
All Union execs under this proposed system would have a vested interest in becoming active recruiters for ALP membership – the more members they enrol, the more say they get in ALP governance.
Conference representation strength to be allotted using ALP (financial) membership data, that is cross checked with union (financial) membership data.
It would serve the interests of both the unions and the ALP to enrol as many ALP members as possible from within all Australian unions.

The integrity of membership records is enhanced by the maintenance of a cross referenced Union/ALP database – enabling the establishment of a secure web-based personal access ALP login facility.
It removes the ALP’s obvious conflict of interest, the ‘reward for deception’ that is inherent in the current system – where the ALP receive additional income resulting from union membership numbers that have been fraudulently inflated for the purpose of unfairly gaining additional delegates at conference.

Changes must be made to the existing system, as it is clearly not working in the interests of the greater Labor movement.
It has resulted in the ALP falling under the control of self serving factional groups who have contrived ways to ‘game the system’, using regulatory inadequacies to their advantage.
Union R&F numbers have been falling steeply for the last 40 years (union membership rate down from 48% to 17% of eligible employees), growth in ALP R&F membership has stagnated.
ALP Membership is not increasing – even with the worst government ever in Canberra tearing away at every aspect of our living and working conditions there has been no significant increase in membership.

Graph 2

How far does union membership have to drop before the ALP look seriously at their 50-50 relationship with affiliated unions ? Is it 10%, or perhaps 5%?



It soon becomes an almost ludicrous discussion.

ALP membership rate amongst unionists is appallingly low, especially considering unions are an integral part of Australia’s Labor movement. Even if every ALP member was also a union member, it would represent 2.2% ALP membership rate amongst unionists.
This proposal goes some way to addressing the long ignored R&F disconnection with the ALP.

I commend this proposal to all ALP members for consideration and comment.  



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Well Tones, you set the precedent!

Well Tones, you set the precedent!idiot boy

With the TURC dominating the headlines, as Shorten faces the blatantly outrageous Stoljar searching in vain for the smoking gun, to fulfil the LNP’ers brief of union and Labor bashing, the question is:

“Should  a future ALP government adopt the Abbott model for political opponent bashing, seeing as how the precedent has now been set”?

Well I for one say a resounding yes   :shock:   , as I sincerely believe it would be in the public interest to do so.   :wink:

The truth is that at a time when the LNP have been telling us that the sick, disabled, elderly, disadvantaged, young, unemployed and basically all from the lower Socio-Econ0mic demographic, have to tighten their belts, so that the mega rich can continue to receive huge subsidies, and they can pat themselves on their collective backs for achieving   “welfare sustainability”, and  some mythical surplus , they are throwing tens of millions of tax payers dollars at blatant political witch hunts, under the barely veiled guise of Royal Commissions.   :twisted:

So what should the ALP  do?   :?:

Well ideally, IMHO a federal ICAC would be the place to start, but I think that they should at least set up an  RC into political donations, with terms of reference written by the ALP, and covering such areas as:

  • Trust funds, such as Abbott’s own “Australians for honest politics” fund
  • Money laundering
  • Cash for access, as per “Treasurer for sale”
  • Entities like Joe Hockey’s Millennium Forum
  • Party fund raising events held in the speakers chambers
  • Mafia links in funding

An RC into travel and living away from home allowance rorting, with terms of reference including:

  • claiming expenses for private functions like weddings of friends, relatives and colleagues.
  • Charity bike rides and other similar public events
  • Claiming a living away from home allowance for staying in a family owned home.
  • Overseas and interstate junkets that coincide with the timing of major sporting, social and/or cultural events, that require no official representation

An RC into the unholy alliance between multi national corporations and  think tanks in the formulation of public policy, with terms of reference including:

  • The level of overseas influence exerted by such groups as the IPA
  • How much LNP policy is determined by multi national self interest

An RC into the media, with terms of reference including:

  • Recommendations for mandatory  accountability for false and misleading reporting, including headline for headline corrections and apologies
  • Ownership rules and responsibilities
  • Consequences for blatant bias based on self interest
  • Recommendations for changes to a Canadian style ‘truth in media’ legislation.

Now I know that some will say I’ve gone a bit over the top   :shock:   but in my humble opinion… The more the merrier, and all I have to say to the LNP’ers is;

Well Tones, you set the precedent!   :razz:

What other RC’s would you like to see Labor announce… If any?

Austrlias debt

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