It’s just business… WTF?

It’s just business… WTF?Turnbull 1+

Now you may have noticed that I’ve been somewhat MIA for a while, and the reasons for this, as some of you know is, I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch with my dad in hospital, and my own health issues   :-(

But there was one statement that I felt I had to respond to, which IMHO goes to the very heart of the problem with Malcontent Turdball (apart from him being an LNP’er   :roll:   )   :shock:

When asked by Neil Mitchell from 3AW, if he (Turdball) and Abbott had “made up” his response was;   “It’s not personal… It’s not personal… It’s just business!”

And therein lies the problem, for me, and should be ringing alarm bells for many others across our country!   :roll:

The truth is that in his justification presser, he cited, amongst other things, economic incompetence as a motivating factor.   :razz:

So if his response had been ‘It’s not personal, I just did it for the good of the nation!’   ;-)    That would have been, at least, consistent with his initial claims,   :shock:   and acceptable for many I suspect   :wink:

Or even ‘It’s not personal, it’s just politics, and as we all know, politics is a dirty game full of players with monstrous  egos and ambition’, then that could have been seen as, at least, an honest response, albeit somewhat disconcerting   :?

But it appears that Malcontent sees the destabilisation of government, and the knifing of a 2/3 of a 1st term PM, as nothing more than a hostile boardroom takeover, with scant regard for anything other than his own ambition, aggrandisement  and CV.   :shock:

So what can we glean from this rare moment of clarity from our latest PM?   :?:

For starters, it shows him up as nothing more than a ruthless, whatever it takes, type of  business man, with a typical LNP “Born to rule” attitude,  who’s only motivations are self interest and the end game.   :twisted:

His past shows him up in a similar light, with his dishonesty and possible propensity for corruption highlighted by the Godwyn Grech/ Utegate affair, and his decisions as both environment minister (Rainman), in the Howard government, and his tenure as communications minister, where he has blatantly and repeatedly lied about the NBN!

He has sold his soul to the rabid right wing devil that is at the core of the LNP   :evil:   , and is just like the PM he replaced, albeit in a better suit, and with a more personable smile that he uses to try to disarm the masses, and disguise his real intent   :-D

So when;

  • The disabled
  • The sick
  • The elderly
  • The unemployed,
  • The pensioners
  • The low paid
  • The students
  • And generally the lower socioeconomic demographic

are being screwed to the wall, by the smiling assassin and his cohorts, we can know with all certainty that it’s not about good governance, or what’s in the nations best interest, or even what we voted for.   :shock:

But we can be comforted by the knowledge that “it’s not personal…

It’s just business!”… WTF   :?:

Turdball it's just business+

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The more things change, the more they stay the same!

The more things change, the more they stay the same!Turdball 2+

Well here we go again   :-D

There has been much talk around  the opinion poll boost afforded to the LNP, courtesy of their change of leader from the most repugnant and archaic Abbott to the egocentric, narcissist  Turdball.   :shock:    Which, if you believe the polls, says more about the vacuous nature of the small minority of voters, that are prepared to sell their country out, for the sake of  personality appeal, or admiration of someone who exudes the perception of success, based on the fact that they have made a lot of money, even though a majority of those that made loads of money, have done so on the back of;

  • Exploitation of others   :-(
  • Ruthless ambition   :twisted:
  • Bribery/graft and corruption   :evil:
  • All of the above   :wink:

And Turdball, like most others of his ilk, is no exception!

And then there’s the other possibility that the first round of polls which came out within mere hours of the Abbott’s political assassination has more to do with some level of corporate collusion   :shock:   Surely not   :?:

But I digress   :shock:Turdball 3

So back to Turdball   :wink:   and his foray into politics, from his earlier attempts at Labor preselection, to his rise through the ranks of the LNP, is littered with question marks, over not only his transient positions/ideologies, but also his political judgements.   :?:

When he was opposition leader in the LNP, prior to him being rolled by the mendacious Abbott, he was seen by many as moderately progressive, and  a climate change believer, which was in part why he was unceremoniously dumped.

He was also hated by sections of the right and especially the far right of the party, who to this day still see him as a “Lefty” who doesn’t really belong in their ranks.

But the truth is that Turdball is the ultimate political weathervane, who’s direction is dictated not so much by his own personal beliefs, but by his own ambition.   :shock:

His desire to be PM supersedes any particular personal leaning, either left or right, and is determined by the one overriding LNP trait that he has… That being his ultimate sense of entitlement!   :twisted:

His “Born to rule” destiny!   :shock:

And sadly, that overriding sense of entitlement colours his judgement, as it does with so many of similar mindset.   :sad:

malcolm-turnbull-nbn+The very fact that Turdball, as “Communications Minister” was able to take on the role of selling a third rate “Hybrid” NBN to the public, in the full knowledge that what he was proposing would be laughed at by the rest of the world, and leave us languishing at the bottom of the pack, with a system that will be redundant before it’s even finished, demonstrates his dishonest, whatever it takes, approach.   :twisted:

Not to mention the lies  and mismanagement that resulted in the time and cost blowout of said “Fraudband”   :twisted:

There was also the small matters of his decision made as Environment Minister in the Howard gov, while in caretaker mode, to grant $10 mill for rain seeding, to the Australian Rain Corporation, a 75% swiss owned company part owned by his mate, and liberal party donor; and Rupert Murdoch’s nephew Matt Handbury,  which never resulted in one drop of rain, giving him the tag of “Rainman”  and of course the Godwyn Grech affair and “Utegate” which was one of the catalysts for his demise last time around.   :shock:

But I digress again… On second thought,,, No i didn’t   :shock:

Which brings me to his current stupidities   :-D

The first of which was his cabinet reshuffle, which elevated the likes of;

  • Arthur Sinodinos, who has a huge ICAC question mark still hanging over his head   :twisted:
  • Mal Brough who is still being investigated by the AFP, for his admitted  part in the stealing of Peter Slipper’s Diary   :evil:
  • Wyatt Roy with a shadow and questions to answer over his involvement Ashbygate.   :roll:
  • Scott Morrison, with the death of Reza Berati, and other serious issues during his tenure as immigration minister   :evil:

To name but a few   :roll:

And his ludicrous decisions to keep the likes of Piecer Mutton, who can’t open his mouth to change feet, cos they’re already both in there   :shock:   imagesand giving control of water and the Murray Darling, to that doyen of clear and measured thinking   :wink:   Bananaby Juice   :shock:

And as the aforementioned Morescum enters the murky world of LNP Treasury, what is his first statement on the economy???   “That we don’t have a revenue problem, but a spending problem!”   W..T..F..???   :shock:

So once again, the welfare system is in the firing line, as if they haven’t done enough damage to it and its recipients already?   :evil:

Then there’s The GHunt, who has consistently lied about the real impacts of DA, claiming that it’s working, when clearly, it’s not!   :shock:

So after replacing a blatant, lying, bullying piece of right wing excrement, with another, albeit more smarmy, lying, narcissistic piece of right wing excrement  the lies and bad policy direction continue unabated…  Who’d a thunk it   :shock:

And there we have it people;

The more things change, the more they stay the same!   :roll:


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I’m fabulous the Turdball said…

I’m fabulous, the Turdball said…071127-MalcolmTurnbull-c83d7dd4-7a4b-49d5-b4d6-07e082dd963c_thumb[1]

After the first week of the LNP’ers, Turdball experiment, I thought it time to give my take on the man who would be king   :shock:

And after watching his performance in QT, I have to say that if anyone changed their voting intention based on the substance, or lack thereof, of said performance, then all I can say is… WTF?   :shock:

All that was confirmed this week was that if you expected Turdball to change direction of the worst government in the history of this country, you must be horribly disappointed!   :sad:

But then those with even half a brain would, and should, have expected no less, as the LNP take the blatantly vacuous option of style over substance   :shock:   Which is Turdball to a tee (party)   :wink:

So here it is:

I’m fabulous the Turdball said…

I’m fabulous the Turdball said
As he stared at his reflection
While the sound of his own voice promoted
The seeds of an erection
I do love my oratory prowess
It shows I’m really smart
I’m quick to think, and my shit don’t stink
And I never.. ever fart
I’m a man of great potential
With a bucket load of charm
And I’ll run rings around opponents
Whilst staying nice and calm
I’ll tear them down a peg or two
And barely raise a sweat
Now the Abbott’s done, and I’m the one
You ain’t seen nothing yet
They say I’ve sold my principles
For the sake of my ambition
But discarding all your principles
Is rabid right tradition
And though I’m now the leader
Of the right wing LNP
Of right or left, I’m now bereft
Cos it’s just all about me
I can talk them round in circles
With my intellect immense
And sell our rubbish policies
With my uncommon sense
And compromising values
Is the smallest price to pay
When your only dream, is the winners scheme
And a lie can win the day
I’m the salesman of the century
I’ll sell ice to Eskimos
With my glorious oration
And my talent for great prose
I can baffle them with bullshit
While I pick their carcass clean
And they’ll never know, which way I’ll go
And my agenda won’t be seen
I’m fabulous the Turdball said
To the rabid coalition
The only one within the ranks
Who’ll regain our first position
They can call me narcissistic
But that really isn’t true
Cos you all must know, that the polls will show
That it’s me they love… not you
So I’ll boost our flagging numbers
To the point where we will win
By incorporating Shakespeare
In my rabid right wing spin
Cos it’s not about the substance
It is all about my style
The pied piper of Point Piper
There’ll be dancing in the aisle
I will be the party’s saviour
First of equals will be me
Though more equal than all others
As I lead the LNP
I will duck and weave adeptly
As all questions I will dodge
And set my place, in the master race
With a lifetime in the lodge
I’m fabulous said the Turdball
And I’ve made a lot of money
I’m handsome and I’m clever
And incredible…ly funny
But if perchance the rot’s too deep
Then it won’t be about me
Cos I’ve done my best, and I’ve passed the test
It’s just the rotten L…N…P!

Turnbull 1+

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Pig (LNP), meet lipstick (Turdball)!

Pig (LNP), meet lipstick (Turdball)!turnbull1+

So here we are, with the biggest liar deposed, by the biggest fraudster!   :shock:

I say that, not with any reference to Godwyn Grech or “Utegate”, even though they are relevant, but because Turdball, in his first foray into QT, made it perfectly clear that the great “Moderate” of the LNP, has done a Judas, and sold out to the rabid right.

But not for the money, per se, but for his own egocentricity!   :twisted:

And the LNP conversely, have gone for a leader, not because they want him, but simply because he’s the most highly polished turd available!   :shock:

A marriage of convenience, made in the depths of hell; which shows that Turdball obviously isn’t that smart, cos if he was, he would know for sure and certain that once he delivers what the LNP hope for from him, he will go the same way as Abbott, dumped for the likes of Morrison (Morescum), or some other darling of the corporate, rabid right.   :roll:

The very fact that the LNP heavies including Turdball, himself have publicly stated that it’ wasn’t the policies, but the salesman that was the problem   :shock:   ; has shown their hand, hoping that the great unwashed will be so overawed by their shiny “new”, regurgitated leader, that they won’t see the truth of their ongoing deceptions!   :razz:

Now sadly for at least some, that will be the case, as the relief of seeing the back of the worst and most divisive, alleged, PM in our history, will blind them to the Turdball reality.   :sad:

And while the deals are being done, to secure his position, like giving Bananaby Juice, control of the Murray Darling and other water resources, the rabid right of the LNP are now falling over one another to see who can crawl the furthest up Turdball’s arse, in a frantic bid to be on the “Winning” team.   :shock:

So, after doing exactly what the LNP pilloried Labor for, the question is who are the winners and losers?

Well Julie “it had nothing to do with me” Bitch-chops appears to be the big winner, with around 70% support for maintaining her position as bridesmaid, when Turdball only got around 55% , and a mere 6 votes from a second political oblivion   :roll:

The nats have had a win or two, with the concessions  gained under the “new” COALition agreement, even though there was little to no chance that they would have pulled the pin on there only option for political relevance!   :sad:

And of course the rabid right of the LNP who have bought themselves some badly needed time, in the hope of fooling the unwashed masses in to giving them a desperately wanted second term.   :shock:

The losers are… us, our country and our future!   :mad:

The truth is that nothing about the LNP has changed, other than the leader, which was made blatantly clear to anyone who bothered to watch Turdball’s first QT, where he confirmed his support for everything Abbott!   :shock:

His hypocrisy is also something to behold, as in his first presser, he claimed that science and technology are where our future lies   :shock:   and this from a man who has spent the last two years, as communications minister, trying to sell his and Abbott’s plan for a third world NBN, that will be obsolete well before it’s even finished, and leave us trailing the rest of the developed world, in communications technologies, not to mention the massive debt blowout associated with failed management of the project!   :mad:

For those that think Malcontent Turdball is a “conviction” politician, and will be good for Australia,  you only have to look at day one of his PMship to realise that his only conviction is that he deserves to be PM, and will do whatever it takes to fulfil that overriding, narcissistic,  ambition, including selling his arse, and any morals/principles he is perceived, by some, to have.

And with the first week of Turdball’s tenure, barely begun, I make the obvious introduction…

Pig (LNP), meet lipstick (Turdball)!


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Abbott’s not only delusional, he’s positively certifiable!

Abbott’s not only delusional, he’s positively certifiable!village-idiot

After trying to watch the first few days of QT, for the first spring parliamentary sitting week, and finding myself getting angrier and angrier, at the blatant lies, denials and spin of the Abbott regime, I came to four conclusions.   :shock:

  1. Abbott and his “Team Australia” LNP are obviously inhabiting a parallel  universe, where white is black, up is down, night is day, lies are truth, and sociopathy is the normal!   :shock:
  2. The arrogance, hubris and delusion of this mendacious mob of miscreants, is positively mind boggling.   O_o   o_O
  3. The new speaker is just as much, one of them, as was Helmet Hair!   :twisted:
  4. Under this mob of mendacious miscreants, our democracy is pretty much stuffed!   :sad:

The latest sorry episode started the week before this current sitting week, after a marathon sitting of Dyson Heydon, where he took 10 days, and lots of public funds to adjudicate on his own perceived bias   :shock:   … Finally coming to the decision that, in the mindset of Bronnie “Helmet Hair” Bitch-chopper; “There is no point of order”   WTF   :?:

Now, as if this was not sufficient evidence of not only perceived bias, but actual bias, we then had the revelation that council assisting the RC, coached Kathy Jackson on the questions she would be asked, and how to deal with said questions!    Bias… What Bias???   And once more with feeling… WTF   :?:

There was also the not so small matter of complaints made by Peter Wicks and others, WRT the attempted intimidation of RC witnesses, by Jackson’s running mate, Marco Bolano , which were not even followed up, despite the fact that that is exactly the kind of union thuggery the RC was allegedly set up to expose!   :shock:  … And again WTF with triple twist and pike.   :?

But I digress   :razz:

So what was Abbott’s response, in QT?

After much hysterical obfuscation by Prissy Cryin’,  when confronted by the revelation of Council assisting the RC, coaching Jackson, Abbott finally got the call   :shock:   … Well not only did he deny that it had any bearing on the credibility of the RC, but he also tried to make a distinction between Kathy Jackson the corrupt union fraudster, and Kathy Jackson the heroic whistleblower… W T Actual F   O_o   :?:

And although one would think it impossible, QT went down hill from there   :shock:   with Abbott going for a new Guinness world record of repeating himself, and his favourite saying “Crystal Clear” in conjunction with the usual barrage of blatant abuse, lies, spin and political thuggery.   :roll:

And not only from Abbott, but also from the rest of the front bench, emboldened by their not so glorious leader   :shock:

which brings us to the other madnesses of the week so far.

Now when Shorten suggested that a good place to start on the refugee crisis, would be an immediate one off, 10,000 intake, Abbott had already stated that any more Syrian refugees, would be from within the existing targets   :roll:

Then, when Piecer Mutton returned from a quick chat with the UNHCR, the crocodile

Piecer Mutton, minister for Zombies and the Border Force!

Piecer Mutton, minister for Zombies and the Border Force!

tears flowed like Grange at a, Bronnie attended, LNP fundraiser, followed soon thereafter by an alleged commitment to an extra 12,000 Syrian refugees.

Of course, it was always going to be more than the Labor proposal, as it’s not about the refugees, but all about the political wedge   :shock:   (Oh cynical cynical me   :twisted:   )

And then there’s the money   :shock:   and the $44 million to the UNHCR, to help care for 240,000 refugees   :wink:  which seems like a lot of money, and it is, except when you compare it to the $55 million used to settle 4 refugees in Cambodia, and the $80+ million for an RC union/ALP witch hunt   :shock:

Now I have to say, I would much rather have seen the entire $179 million sent to the UNHCR, rather than the largest percentage ($135 million ) wasted, as it was   :mad:

Although, I suppose it could be argued that at least they’re getting better value out of the promised $44 million for 240,00 refugees, than they got for the $55 million to resettle 4 refugees   O_o   :shock:

Of course, there was also the small matter of the long awaited/expected decision to bomb Syria, which Abbott went to great pains to  make out that he agonised over   :roll:   even though we all know that he made the decision to bomb, long before the “request” from Obama was even made   :shock:

And there was no $$$ attached to the commitment to bomb, so we are left to wonder how much more we could have given the the UNHCR if Abbott was not focussed on his own re-election prospects… Surely not   :shock:

And while we were bombarded with all the usual self serving rhetoric about how much we are doing for refugee “Women, children and families” from persecuted minorities, there was a report on the QLD news, that Abbott has sent our Premier Annastacia, a letter telling her that she cannot expect any more money from Canberra, unless she sells off assets, as she went to the election saying she could run QLD without asset sales!   :shock:

Now I was under the impression that the people rejected the LNP selloff plan, which means that he is withholding QLD taxes, and penalising QLD’ers for voting against something they clearly did not believe in or want!

Now again, he’s going for the political wedge, but he’s so stupidly delusional, that he doesn’t realise that he’s actually trying to wedge the people, more than the QLD government   :roll:   ,  and I just wonder how that will go down at the next election, in a state that has just recently given the state LNP the full moon   :shock:

Then on Wed night, the last straw (man)   :shock:   , I saw Abbott interviewed by Leigh Sales on 7.30, and even I was completely dumbfounded by the lies, spin, hubris and pathological delusion displayed by our PM  (Prime Moron), and every detrimental and derogatory name and comment i’ve made and thought about the mad monk came into stark relief and were confirmed beyond doubt   :shock:

Even SWMBO, my usual voice of calm and reason, after hearing his madness, suggested that he needs a “Dynamite suppository”   :shock:

The man’s a raving lunatic!

There was also stupidity from Braindead, Abetz, Bernadi, Hockey Bishop Jnr and a plethora of other LNP’ers, but the highlights of political low, covered herein are IMHO more than sufficient to conclude that:

Abbott’s not only delusional, he’s positively certifiable!

Abbott's mob+


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Wake up Australia…. While there’s still some Australia left!

Wake up Australia… While there’s still some Australia left!

It appears that we are our own worst enemies!   :-(   TONY_WINTER_SM__57351.1378638419.1280.1280

The old adage of “She’ll be right mate”   has done us a great disservice, as we, as a nation, have rushed headlong into political apathy of biblical proportions, with so many voters at the last federal election stating;  “If Abbott’s no good, we’ll vote him out next time!”   :roll:

So, on the recommendation, and support of, one of the most corrupt and self serving

Rupert "The Pirate" Murdoch, Puppet Master

Rupert “The Pirate” Murdoch, Puppet Master

individuals on the planet, one Rupert Murdoch, our futures were sold, both literally and figuratively, down the river.   :evil:

And here we are, approaching the second anniversary of the election that gave us… well pretty much… Nothing of benefit to our nation!   :shock:

Although, that’s not strictly true, as we have seen proof positive of the old adage “Self praise is no recommendation”, with;

  • Gross economic mismanagement, from the mob of self declared “Better economic managers”   :shock:
  • Puerile policy and general decision making, by the self declared “Adult Government”   :roll:
  • Lies and gross dishonesty from the mob who went to the election claiming they were the ones you could trust… Apparently to lie to us   :twisted:
  • More backflips than the Olympic athletics team   :wink:
  • Coverups and obfuscation from a mob that said they would be more accountable and transparent!   :shock:
  • The dog ate my homework, as the standard response, from a mob who promised no excuses   :roll:
  • Etc etc…

And over the last few weeks, we’ve seen in no particular order:

  • Bronnie the consummate trough snouter, and doyen of the expenses rort   :twisted:
  • Dyson, the integrity vacuum, sucking all credibility from the RC    :shock:
  • George Braindead, proving that he really is… Brain dead   :shock:
  • Hockey and Conmann Claiming that 0.2% growth is a good number for the last quarter , and that they’ve done a great job in turning the economy around… WTF   :?:
  • Piecer Mutton’s Border Farce, shot down in flames by social media, as the outrage at armed BF operatives planning spot checks on ID’s in the Melbourne CBD, reached fever pitch.   :razz:
  • And again with Piecer Mutton, the whining, whimpering, whinging zombie, complaining that Fairfax Media had declared a Jihad on the LNP… Aw didums   :cry:   (Karma’s a bitch, so suck it up zombie boy   :razz:   )
  • Abbott showing that at least his captains pick of Captain Hastie was a good one, as he, Hastie,  volunteered to throw himself on a hand-grenade (read Lolligobble bliss bomb   :shock:   ) lobbed by an impertinent Journo who had the temerity to ask if the Canning by-election was a referendum on his, Abbott’s, leadership   :shock:
  • And irony of ironies, the media now comparing our growth to that of Greece, , which had better growth than we did   :shock:
  • Etc etc…

And on the point of the economy, the reality is that if the previous Labor government had released these latest growth/ debt/deficit figures, Abbott, Hockey and co would not only have been screaming; gross economic mismanagement,  recession, the sky is falling, the world as we know it is coming to an end… but full blown depression with triple twist and pike   :shock:

And WRT Hastie and his effort to “Take one for his glorious leader”   :shock:  in his gungHastieho zeal, he forgot to answer the question that was asked   :roll:  with the highlight of his heroic gesture,  his “Mission failure is not an option” retort… to which Abbott let out a somewhat hysterical/maniacal  giggle   O_o   :?   o_O   WTF   :shock:   But he did prove that he’s just as vacuous as the rest of the LNP, and therefore a perfect fit… Another dickhead in the fold!  :shock:

And speaking of dickheads, how’s Dyson’s form, admitting that he can’t send or receive emails, or open attachments   :shock:   , but is perfectly competent to adjudicate on his own perceived bias   :roll:

This is the same Dyson Heydon who handled Kathy Jackson with kid gloves, even thoughHeydons LNP cap+ he was in receipt of, at the very least, a large amount of the evidence that was used in the civil case against her; that subsequently found that she owed the HSU $1.4 million  that she fraudulently misappropriated from them.   :shock:

One can only assume that the evidence that Heydon had, was overlooked, cos it was on an email attachment!   :roll:

He also dismissed complaints of intimidation of commission witnesses, made  by Peter Wicks and others, WRT  Marco Balano!   WTF   :?:

Eminently qualified   O_o   :?   o_O   :roll:


The truth is that after two bloody long years of what we laughingly call LNP Government, all we have to show for it is

  • International embarrassment   :oops:
  • A tanking economy   :mad:
  • Social division   :twisted:
  • A looming fascist state   :evil:
  • Lunatics in charge of the asylum   O_o   :?
  • And a very bleak future   :sad:

So with one more year of this complete madness to go, and the Canning by-election looming as the only option for a circuit breaker, all I can say to the voters of Canning, and then Australia more generally is:

Wake up Australia… While there’s still some Australia left!


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The Boil… Revisited.

The Boil… Revisited.The Boil

The boil, was the very first poem that I posted on TSM, in fact my very first post   :shock:  and after rereading it, I thought it would be worth a second , updated run, so here is the updated version   :-)

Funnily enough, I had to only change a small handful of lines to make it relevant for today   :shock:

The Boil… Revisited   :wink:

The Australian public looked upwards in awe

From the base of a hill that was not there before

It appeared just like magic…. And it grew overnight

And by the next morning…. was a hell of a sight

And some people said this was surely a sign

That the country was sick, and we’re in a decline

But the government said wait.. this just isn’t right

We’ve got loads of coal, so the future is bright

But the people got frightened by the sight of the mound

And despite all the spin, said the country’s not sound


But the government continued, claiming figures were good

Ignoring the truth, as they knew that they should

But frustration increased, with the LNP show

And the hill stole their focus and continued to grow

Big red and angry with a festering head

“It looks like a pimple”, one observant soul said

Then a little boy smiled, as he spoke to his Mum

“It’s just like that boil, that I had on me bum”

And a woman with shock written over her face

Said “The damned thing’s so big, you could see it from space”


So the question arose as to what should be done

With a bloody great boil that could blot out the sun

Could they lance it or squeeze it or just build a fence

Round a festering pustule that was so immense

But after heated discussion machinery was brought

So the squeezing commenced and the excision sought

And they pushed and they squeezed until up went a shout

And bugger me dead, all the media popped out.

Pushing harder and harder, spurred on by success

Coalition backbenchers were expelled with the mess.


Then the core broke away in a fountain of pus

And in the midst of the gore was an LNP bus

Covered with slogans and filled up with slime

Then the door slowly opened and out stepped Chris Pyne

And the children collectively said to their mummies

“It’s a big mincing poodle, with a mouthful of dummies”

Then Hockey slipped… landing, calculator in lap

But the batteries were spent and his figures were crap

Sue Ley and Jules Bishop stepped out hand in hand

They were covered in slime….. but their posture was grand

:?   o_O

Abetz and his senators came out, single file

Followed closely by Abbott spewing venom and bile

His budgies were glowing and his hirsute chest puffed

But the people all saw that his party was stuffed

With his slogans revealed for the rubbish they were

And his efforts exposing him as the billionaires Cur

With their policy vacuum being more than enough

To expose them as naught but a large pile of slough (sluff)

So the people moved on with their confidence high

As the Abbott’s ambitions went completely awry


And the country recovered, growing stronger each day

Till the LNP circus was voted away

And the moral for all is the poison… you’ll foil

If you use enough pressure to excise the boil

And don’t be misled into sad apathy

But seek out the truth, as it will set you free

Ask questions, demand answers and ignore all the spin

And then those that deserve it will hopefully win

And be careful when riding the LNP bus

As you may well end up…. Sitting… covered in… pus.


The LNP bus


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