The government’s revolting, so the people should revolt

The government’s revolting, so the people should revolt…

Turdball 1+1

With the new year underway, and it being an election year, I thought I should start the year as I mean to carry on   :razz:

And with so much instability in the ranks of the LNP, courtesy of the rabid right, much of which is orchestrated from the back bench, by the malicious, not to mention, bitter and twisted, Abbott, who’s promise of no sniping etc, went the same way as the rest of his promises, along with any remaining vestiges of credibility, and the Dodo  (Down the crapper!   :/   ) I thought it high time they were called out for the incompetent and dysfunctional fools that they really are.   :razz:

As a government, they are REVOLTING    :mad:   and in this election year, we definitely need a peoples revolution!   :?

The Government’s revolting, so the people should revolt!


The Government’s revolting,

So the people should revolt

Cos we’ve had enough of all their lies and spin

With morals sadly lacking,

A majority need sacking

You must wonder how the bastards all got in


With near half still wanting Abbott,

And the other half the Turdball

Mad division is the order of the day

The moderates are bleeding,

While the rabid right are feeding

On the Turdball who is with them all the way


Cos he really has no choice,

If he wants to stay PM

He’s just Judas, in a fine Armani suit

With his future firmly tied

To the rabid right who lied

If he strays at all, he knows he’ll get the boot


So they claimed they’re a “new” government,

But we know they’re really not

Cos the policies of Abbott still remain

And the Turdball’s just a front

For the Liberal party’s runt

Called the IPA, who really are insane


And in this election year,

As the Abbott’s mob still hover

In the background, with the Turdball in their sights

They will struggle to get traction,

As the Turdballs moderate faction

Are beholding to the nut-jobs, who are “rights”


So they stand on shaky ground,

Cos the rabid right are manic

As was shown by Jamie Briggs, the right wing sleaze

Who’s a serial offender,

When he’s on a late night bender

Where he likes to get his victims to say… “Cheese”


Then he sends his mates the pictures,

So to show his deep remorse

And contrition for the shame of his bad actions

And to garner their support,

For his sexist bar room sport

And to show his victim to the right wing factions


There’s his mad mate Peter Dutton,

Who’s sad brain resembles mutton

Lacking any capability to think

Making jokes of climate change,

for a minister, is strange

And his texting language surely caused a stink


And the Turdball’s treasurer Morrison,

Was just one more grave mistake

And another of the Turdball’s captains picks

To secure his leaders spot,

He adopted Abbott’s lot

And a cabinet, that’s chocked full of right wing dicks


There is Brough and Roy and Chrissy

All caught up in Ashbygate

Along with others from the ranks of Turdball’s mob

And there’s still a way to go

To conclude that manic show

Proving Malcontent is not a leaders knob


So the Turdball’s sad dilemma

Is, he’s sold his “Lefty” soul

To fulfil his egos need, for greater power

Leaving ethics in the gutter

As his waffle turns to splutter

And his personal beliefs have all gone sour


And he talks of being “agile”

And an “innovative” nation

But he really means be shifty and untrue

As his narcissistic dream

Is an ideological scheme

To increase the wealth of the very privileged few


And he’ll only tax the poor,

And the elderly and sick

While his wealthy mates get richer by the minute

And the Caymans keep his money,

So he’s not a tax slave dummy

While “The Trough” has right wing snouts stuck firmly in it


And so when he calls the poll

We must raise our voices high

And declare the time of right wing rorts is past

Cos the bastards need to know

That we want them all to go

So put the LNP where they put us… Dead last!


Turdball 2+

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To the “bad” manners born!


An oldie but a goodie

To the “bad” manners born!

As the Turdball, alleged government enters the new year, still trying to sell the proposition that it’s a “New” government, not just a close, plastic, facsimile of the Abbott’s regime; anyone with even half a brain, who’s not dazzled by the smile and expensive suits, can see that it’s anything but new!   :shock:

The sad thing is that the Turdball, despite his protestations to the contrary, has learnt nothing tangible from his time in opposition, after being deposed as LOTO, by the aforementioned Abbott.   :roll:

And for those who believe that he’s a better, more moderate, option than Abbott, then all I can say is look at his cabinet… And his policies!   :razz:

The LNP are still collectively going after the poor, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the unemployed,  families and any that are already disadvantaged, to pay more, while refusing to cut corporate welfare and tax avoidance.   :twisted:

Having said that, it’s hardly surprising that the Turdball and his Mendacious Mob of Miscreants have no interest in doing anything real about tax avoidance, when the PM himself has a substantial sum of his own money stashed in the Cayman Islands; a world renowned tax haven.   ;-)

But I digress   :shock:

So before the new year is a week old, we’ve seen Jamie “It won’t hurt did it” Briggs throwing himself on his (pork) sword   :shock:  after a late night, and drunken, “inappropriate” dalliance with an unwitting and unwilling, Public Servant, participant!   :shock:


We then saw some of his LNP mates, supporting him; telling anyone who would listen, what a great bloke he is   :shock:   , culminating in the minister for border protection and zombies The Horrible Piecer Mutton MP, sending a text message to the aforementioned Briggs calling one alleged News corpse  journo, Samantha Maiden a”Mad F*&#@$^ Witch”.   :shock:


Now that language, in itself, would have been bad enough, coming from a “Minister of the Crown”, but then in his own special kind of stupid, he managed to send it to the subject of his venom spewing ire, rather than his “inappropriate” mate, the again aforementioned Briggs   :roll:

What a KNOB!   O_o   :/   o_O

So the question is “Where’s the Turdball?”   :?:    …

And the answer is nowhere to be found, just like he was for the delivering of his and Morescum’s MYEFO!   :?

He even left the trash to take itself out   :shock:   , despite making a big song and dance about not taking the Christmas off!   :shock:

The truth is that he may as well have taken the time off, as he’s only been available for photo ops, and no actual work of being PM!!!   :roll:

Briggs and Be-Rough were the purveyors of the announcements of their own demises, while Turdball’s office made out like he was some kind of great leader for letting them do it!   :shock:

There’s nothing like a leader, leading from behind   :shock:   … And Turdball’s nothing like a leader   :shock:   , just another Corporate lackey, who wants to be seen as a strong leader whilst doing nothing to upset the real powers that be!   :razz:

And when his hand was forced, he finally put out a press release blaming The Australian, for publishing photos of Briggs and the PS complainant, and said that Piecer Mutton’s text was plainly inappropriate   :shock:

So there are a couple of questions for you Mr PM;

  • Why didn’t you front the media when the story first broke, as a true leader would, and answer questions, and address the issues that clearly need to be addressed, instead of doing the press release late in the day, after it was clear that it wasn’t going away, liked you hoped it would?   :?:
  • Why, when the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, would you promote an absolute moron like Piecer Mutton, who already has form in the area of making stupid, insensitive, offensive and crass remarks?   :roll:
  • Why, when you finally admitted that Mutton’s text was clearly “inappropriate”, is he still there, when Briggs who admitted to “inappropriate” behaviour, was found to have breached the ministerial code of conduct, and dumped?   O_o
  • Why are you nothing more than a fair weather PM/leader?   :shock:

Ok, so that’s a “Bakers” couple   ;-)

And just for good measure one final question:

Why are you a gutless, right wing, egomaniac, with an overinflated sense of his own importance, playing at being head of a rabble of born to rule dickheads who prove time and again that they are not Upper Class, but only;

To the “bad” manners born! 


And the chances are, on this issue… There’s more to come   :shock:

Watch this space!

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Happy New Year, or same old same old?



Happy New Year, or same old same old?

Well, here we are, within a few days of the end of the year, and what we know for sure is that the Turdball, alleged, “government”, is still playing Abbott’s games   :shock:

In the last few weeks we’ve seen:

  • The Paris CC conference, where the GHunt and Medusa Bitch-chops lied to the rest of the world, about our CC credentials   :shock:
  • Hockey rewarded for gross incompetence   :mad:
  • Morescum doing a Sloppy Joe, with pike, as he released the Kraken… Er…  MYEFO (Mid Year Economic F#$* Over)   :shock:
  • Abbott doing exactly what he promised he wouldn’t   :shock:    ,
  • Macca trying to defect from the Libs to the Nats   :razz:
  • Jamie Briggs quit cabinet after admitting to “Inappropriate behaviour” with a female Public Servant, after a few drinks in a Hong Kong bar  O_o   :?:
  • Malcontent Be-Rough finally “step aside” after Turtdball refused to act, when he should have, and actually shown some leadership   :shock:
  • Turdball MIA, as his Mendacious Mob of Ministers make all the announcements and take the flack for them!   :roll:

And in good old Abbott fashion, as the holidays approached, we saw the first of a number of announcements, designed to fly under the radar, and get lost in the excitement of the Yuletide celebrations.

The gov report (released on Christmas eve) stating that our Co2 levels are still rising,  contrary to the protestations of GHunt and Medusa Bitch-chops, at Paris, should be no real surprise to anyone with half a brain, as the words from this bunch of idiots, are diametrically opposed to their actions and policies.   ;-)   But the timing of the release, is  clearly just another cynical exercise in dishonest “Abbott” politics from the LNP!   :shock:

And the very fact that it was released as everybody was winding down from the year that was, and focusing on preparing for Christmas, the next day, shows the mendacity of these LNP’ers, and that despite calling themselves a “New” gov, they are just the old one repackaged, with Turdball instead of Abbott   :razz:

Then, straight after Christmas, while, they hope, no-one’s taking notice, Ley announces another attack on Medicare, claiming that cutting  23 “obsolete” services that have only been used 52,500 times, this year, will save $6.8 mill.   ;-)

We also saw yet another backflip on Gonski, with the announcement that they will renege on their “Unity Ticket” promise, and not be funding the last two years!   :mad:

Then, in quick succession, we saw the resignation of Jamie Briggs, for Inappropriate behaviour, followed soon thereafter by the announcement that Malcontent Be-Rough will “step aside”,  pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation into his involvement in the “Ashbygate” affair   :shock:

Now, the burning questions for the new year are:

  • Why have all these announcements been withheld until the Christmas break???   :?:
  • Why did GHunt and Bitch-Chops try to mislead the world, at Paris, and then try to mislead the Australian people???   :mad:
  • Why do the the LNP reward incompetence, as with ex-treasurer Sloppy Joe Hockey???   :twisted:
  • Why are procedures used 52,500 times, deemed “Obsolete”???   :shock:
  • Why did the LNP break another promise on Gonski???   :evil:
  • Why are LNP promises (No cuts to health, Education etc etc ) not worth the time it takes to listen to them???
  • Why change PM, when nothing but the figurehead has changed???   :roll:
  • Why has Turdball learnt nothing from the Abbott’s disastrous “Captains picks” , with clouds hanging over Be-Rough, long before he was appointed “Special Minister of State”, along with the likes of Pyne, Roy, Sinodinos etc etc… ???   :mad:
  • Why did Turdball, in parliament, state his support for Be-Rough, then  wait until the Christmas hols to let him “step aside”???   :wink:
  • How can the voters of this country have any confidence in the political judgement of this latest iteration of PM, thrown up by the lying and corrupt LNP???   :evil:
  • Why did Turdball stab Abbott in the back, when he declared in the last sitting week of parliament that Abbott was a fine PM???   :shock:
  • Was his decision based solely on personal ambition, and if so, why did he lie to the people about his reasons for said coup???   :wink:
  • When does “GOOD” government actually start???   :?:

And of course the big one we all deserve an answer to…     For Australia, is this going to be a;

Happy New Year, or same old same old???

Let’s make it a HAPPY NEW YEAR in spite of the worst government in our history, and put the LNP where they put us…   LAST!   :razz:



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Merry Christmas


Well Truth Seekers, what a year we’ve had   :shock:   Starting the year with one alleged PM, and finishing it with another alleged PM   :roll:

And along the way we had:

  • Abbott starting the year on shaky ground,  with his stupid ideas and “Captains picks” culminating in an attempted coup by Turdball, who in typical Turdball fashion… turned out to be a no show   :shock:
  • Hockey after his first failed fudgeit, declared his efforts a success in combating the “Debt and Deficit disaster”, and despite all the evidence pointing to the contrary, tried to sell another pig, with a different coloured lippy   O_o   o_O
  • GHunt declared that the rest of the world was going down the road of Direct Action, again ignoring the facts, in favour of his own heightened level of lies and deceit   :evil:
  • Helmet Hair booking an “Air Taxi”, at great cost to the public purse, for a trip that would have taken less than an hour by car, and cost us, the poor suffering tax payer, thousands of $$$ less than it did, finally ending her time as speaker, and forever labelling her as Helmet Hair “Chopper” Bitch-chops   :razz:
  • Abbott declaring he would stand by the aforementioned Helmet Hair… Until… he didn’t!   :shock:
  • Turdball selling whatever semblance of a soul he had, to the rabid right, in exchange for LNP leadership, making deals with the likes of Malcontent Be-Rough, who is now a millstone around his neck, as the “Ashbygate” shit, hits the LNP fan   :razz:
  • Turdball declaring his support for Malcontent Be-Rough… until like Abbott with “Chopper”, he will be forced to “Let him go”   :?
  • Abbott declaring “We’re not Labor”, while Turdball stabbed him in the back, proving once again that they have no case at all for claiming the moral  high ground… Or in fact any moral ground, at all   :shock:
  • Turdball proving conclusively that he’s just Abbott in a better suit, with more pollywaffle, albeit, at times, slightly more coherent pollywaffle   ;-)
  • Snott Morescum, following in the footsteps of  Sloppy Joe, arguably the most incompetent treasurer this country has ever seen, with some commentators actually saying Morescum’s worse   :shock:   (Is that even possible   :?:   ) … (I don’t know how, but… YES!   :shock:   )
  • Now, two + months of Turdball’s alleged PMship, and all the talk is of the LNP hitting the poor, sick, elderly and disabled again, with higher medical costs and a 50% rise in the GST, including a broadening of the base, to include essentials like food, as well as Cash trying to duck shove the cutting of penalty rates, to the (and I use the term loosely) “Fair”work commission, to hit some of the lowest paid workers on the pretence that it will be good for jobs, as opposed to the truth… that it will be good for employers bottom lines!   :twisted:
  • In the wake of MYEFU (Mid Year Economic F#@% Up ) And the Christmas time announcements of further nasties,  Turdball goes MIA… Again   :shock:

So despite the LNP protestations to the contrary, nothing has changed except the salesman… Same shit, different shovel, same horse, different rider, same pig, different lippy, etc etc…

On a more personal level, TSM has suffered as my health forced me out of action for quite a while, with a multitude of severe chest infections, including some viruses, followed by a multitude of tests, doctor and hospital visits, and the sad passing of my Dad, topping off a somewhat less than great year.   :sad:

And although the new year promises more tests, and a possible short hospital stay down at the Prince Charles, we will be approaching it with an attitude of hope and optimism for a much better year, than this one turned out to be.   :-)

So thanks to all Truth Seekers who have continued to support me and TSM  throughout the ups and downs of 2015, and for this Christmas, and 2016, I wish you all Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness   :-)

And a new Labor government   :-D


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Agility. or just plain shifty?

Agility, or just plain shifty?

From failed ALP wannabe, to Liberal leader NOW THAT'S AGILE??? :shock:

From failed ALP wannabe, to Liberal leader… NOW THAT’S AGILE??? :shock:

After watching 7.30 with our less than illustrious leader Malcontent (The Polished ) Turdball, my grand realisation was that he’s nothing but a slimy, smarmy, lying piece of crap, that refuses to answer questions, and is only comfortable when in control.

Since then, we have had the alleged treasurer Snott Morescum and his sidekick Maniacal Conman, handing down the MYEFO, with the Turdball absolutely nowhere to be found.   :shock:

Now, it’s hardly surprising that the Turdball ran and hid, after the bad joke that is LNP “Fiscal management”???   :razz:  As ably demonstrated once again in the rehash of the Abbott and Hockey 2014 fudgeit, laughingly called the 2015 MYEFO, which should really go under the acronym MYEFU (Mid Year Economic F@#^Up   :shock:

But having said that, his excuse for stabbing Abbott, was that the aforementioned Abbott was not up to good economic management, intimating that he would be!   :shock:   He obviously hasn’t learnt one of the most fundamental lessons, that seems to be a widespread LNP phenomena; and that lesson is, as I have previously written about on numerous occasions, “Self praise is no recommendation!”   :shock:

One can only surmise that, going on their well established economic incompetence, those that have made a fortune in the LNP have either achieved said fortune, by:

  • sucking the life blood out of the public purse
  • acting corruptly to gain personal advantage
  • lying, cheating and stealing
  • utilising insider knowledge for personal gain
  • taking advantage of tax loopholes, tax avoidance schemes, and tax havens
  • using and abusing others on their way up
  • all of the above… and probably more   :razz:

But I digress   :shock:

So, despite Turdball’s, and pretty much every other LNP’ers,  protestations that this is a newly minted, more caring and sharing, al singing all dancing, exciting time to be alive, and Australian,   LNP government, the truth is anything but, and Morescum’s MYEFU proves indubitably, that all we’ve got is Abbott in a better suit, with a more disarming smile, and a positive spin on the same old policies that are anything but positive, or in the national interest.   :roll:

And when Turdball claims that they have to be more “Agile”, what does that really mean?

Well to be agile means to “Move quickly and easily”

And to “Move” is also to “Shift”   :wink:   , so in conclusion, for all Malcontent’s talk of agile government, the real question is:

Agility, or just plain shifty?

And the jury is in with an overwhelming verdict of… Just plain SHIFTY!   :razz:

Turdball 2+




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A Turdball Kind of Christmas..

malcolm-turnbull-nbn+A Turdball kind of Christmas…

With Christmas fast approaching, and things not looking really flash in the last couple of weeks for the Turdball  (and I use the term loosely   :razz:   ) “led” LNP.

With the defection of  Macca, to the Nats   :shock:   , the disastrous “Captains picks”, hot on the heels of the widespread condemnation of Abbott’s “Captains picks”, which at best shows a distinct lack of judgement on Turdball’s part too, and all the chatter, backgrounding and whiteanting, from the Abbott camp; is it any surprise that the only Christmas spirit enjoyed by the aforementioned Turdball, will be out of a bottle!

And some have suggested that by the look of his ruddy proboscis, he’s already well and truly started   :shock:

So here’s my take on the LNP Christmas 2015   :-D

A Turdball kind of Christmas…

A Turball kind of Christmas

Is a very odd affair

Supported by some right wing crims

And good old Helmet Hair

Who’s up the back, near Abbott

And the ultra right wing nuts

who’re plotting Malcontent’s demise

Though they’re bullies with no guts


So the yuletide celebrations

Will take on a certain twist

As the right wing traitors watch their backs

While the nut-jobs all get pissed

And Malcontent’s supporters

Sip, sedately on their Grange

As the Abbott plots his mad revenge

With supporters who are strange


Like the rabid right Bernardi

Who’s as manic as can be

And almost half the party room

Of the rabid LNP

So while Turdball sits precariously

Upon his tainted throne

The Abbott stands behind him

And indiscreetly points the bone


So the Christmas celebrations

Are not what they used to be

They’re without the fancy costumes

And the gay frivolity

And the talk is of defectors

From the Liberals to the Nats

And the traitors to the rabid right

Are looked upon as rats


With the party room divided

And near half living in hope

That the Abbott will rise up again

And dump the lefty dope

The rabid right pretender

Who for power sold his soul

And his climate change credentials

For a ton of coking coal


So he’s Malcolm in the middle

Between a hard case and a rock

And he’s trying to look like Santa

But he just looks like a cock

Trying to keep the right wing happy

And the centre right as well

As his honeymoon deserts him

In this yuletide hind of hell


Cos from cloud seeding to Godwyn Grech

We knew his judgement’s rough

But he reached new heights in low this year

By appointing Malcolm Brough

And Wyatt Roy and Chrissy Pyne

All named on a search warrant

Which should disqualify them all

Cos morally they’re abhorrent


And it’s all of his own making

So we shouldn’t feel too bad

Cos the Turdball’s a pretender

And the Abbott’s raving mad

And driven by ambition

Is one thing that they both share

Along with the same old deputy

And good old Helmet Hair


They also share the policies

Surpported by the right

Cos Turdball’s really gutless

And he’s not up for the fight

So although they changed their leader

Nothing else has really changed

With a backbench that’s unsettled

And a cabinet deranged

:/   o_O

And as the year draws to its close

We look back with reflection

On the Abbott’s overdue demise,

And Turdball’s… self induced erection

And to the new year full of promise

For some rabid right surprise

And Ashbygate, Turdball and Abbott

Directing… the LNP’s… Demise!




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The Abbott’s been defrocked…

The Abbott’s been defrocked…Abbott's head1+

With the advent of the Turdball’s PMship, and the apparent demise of the Abbott, followed by his promise to be a good team player   :shock:   who won’t destabilise or whiteant, this poem was just waiting to be written.     :-D

And as that promise, immediately went the way of  the Dodo, and Abbott’s other promises, and Turdball has already shown himself to be just another LNP Turdbullshitter, it’s hardly surprising that there are already major problems for the current iteration of the LNP, and I use the term loosely, “government”   :shock:

The Abbott’s been defrocked…


The Abbott’s been defrocked

And it’s not a pretty sight

With his budgie smugglers glowing

In the Turdballs shining light

With Jules Bitch-chops turned traitor

And the mincing poodle too

And over half his party room

Dumping Abbott in the poo


The polls said people hated him

So they knew he had to go

But the Abbott’s grand delusion told him

He must run the show

And the Turdball’s a pretender

Truly hated by the right

And his pugilistic attitude meant

He was ready for a fight


But the backroom machinations

Were beyond the Abbott’s nous

As the Turdball schemed and plotted

With the shills from Menzies house

But in securing a majority

He was digging a big hole

And the only way to fill it

Was to sell his right wing soul


So he discarded all his principles

And his ideology

And signed up to the rabid right

For to lead the LNP

And just scraping in the numbers

He engineered his coup

Knowing fully what he promised

Would serve up a motley crew


But he persevered so doggedly

Until he won the day

Telling lies and obfuscating

In the good old Liberal way

With a coterie of nut-jobs

Who all want their pound of flesh

And will never let him dictate terms

On policies that are fresh


So he chose the only cabinet

His supporters would allow

With Bitch-cops as his deputy

The rabid right wing cow

And Malcontent Be-Rough

As special minister of state

Responsible for integrity

As well as Ashbygate


While Wyatt Roy and Chrissy Pyne

Were warming the front bench

Along with many others

That were tainted by the stench

But he dumped the Abbott’s treasurer

Joe Hockey was replaced

By Snott Morescum from the rabid right

Who’s obviously two faced


While the Abbott said he’d tow the line

And be a good team player

Whilst hiding in the shadows

Like a Liberal Vampire slayer

He said whiteanting’s not his style

But as usual Abbott lied

And he just won’t give up till the Turdball’s

PMship is fried


So he’ll sit there on the back bench

And he’ll wear his sickly smile

As he backgrounds Muddicks Journos

With his venom and his bile

To destabilise the moderates

Who stabbed him in the back

Encouraging division

And exploiting every crack


And he didn’t have to wait too long

For corruptions ugly head

To rise above the parapet

Of a problem they hoped was dead

The theft of Slipper’s diary

Which may prove the smoking gun

That shoots the Turdball in the foot

And means his honeymoon is done


The Abbott’s been defrocked

But he isn’t down and out

Cos the rabid right still love him

And his pugilistic clout

His ambition still burns brightly

Though his talent falls well short

But to give him credit where it’s due

He’s a master of the rort


And the moral of the story is

You shouldn’t sell your soul

Or shirtfront a mad pugilist

Who’s a rabid right arsehole

As it may come back to bite you

Cos a bully’s never done

And in the rabid LNP

Of morals there are none



Meme courtesy of Biggy

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