Turdball and Di Natale, are a real Double Disillusion!

Turdball and Di Natale, are a real Double Disillusion!Turnbull ++

Well, with all the expectations heaped on Turdball since the carefully engineered (albeit long overdue, and well deserved) demise of The Abbott, the disappointment, disgust and disillusionment  has been steadily  building, to the point where it’s almost palpable.  😯

So finally, despite the initial euphoria of the masses, over the aforementioned demise, and the relief of not having to watch The Abbott embarrass us on the world sage, whilst doing everything he could to make life as hard as possible, at home, for the sick, the elderly, the unemployed, the disabled and disadvantaged, people are starting to wake up to the fact that Turdball is no more than Abbott, in a designer suit!  😡

The frustration for truth seekers everywhere, is that we predicted both how dysfunctional and incompetent Abbott would prove to be, and that Turdball would be no better!  😛

And then, to add insult to injury (and what we were always led to believe to be from the left of politics)  we saw Milne hand over the reins of the greens to the big Dick Di Natale   😯   giving us Turdball the rabid right wing lefty, and Big Dick Di Natale the rabid left wing righty  O_o  :/  😕

Now the greens have been walking on shaky ground, since their “Green” credentials came under suspicion during the Rudd years, when they voted, on “ideological grounds”, with the LNP, against the original ETS, and are in large part responsible for the lack of environmental policy today, that has made us a world wide laughingstock and environmental pariah.  😡

There then followed a conga line of LNP bed hops, making the greens look more like political whores, than progressive ideologues, siding with the rabid right to block policies like the Malaysian Solution,  which ultimately resulted in the mess that is our current Border Farce and Asylum Seeker debacle, instead of compromising their ideals, for the greater good!  😦

In other words, rather than compromise for the sake of getting s0me possibly reasonable outcome, they stuck  to their “Principles” to achieve the worst possible outcome, and their own ideological nightmare  😯

They also voted with the LNP to remove the cap on gov borrowings, which has now resulted in a major blowout in the Abbott and Hockey declared “Debt and deficit disaster” of the Abbott opposition, to what we have now, which by comparison, can only be seen as a “Major debt and deficit catastrophe”

But of course, Dick Di Natale and his greens will take no responsibility whatsoever for any of the policy disasters that their complicity with the LNP has enabled, rather still claiming that they are diametrically opposed to the LNP… WTF???  :/

So here we are, as the last parliamentary sitting week before the budget session comes to an end, and both the greens and the LNP have stymied debate on their own policies,  for the sake of once again getting in to bed together for a quickie over senate voting “reform”, which Dick calls political pragmatism, while Malcontent screws not only the greens, but the voting public, for the sake of trying to hang on to power, and in the process gaining control of the senate so as to further reward wealthy LNP donors!  👿

So while the LNP, rather than negotiate, do what they always do  (Cheat, steal and manipulate) to try to get their own way, the greens in their political naivety and stupidity try to be relevant in the name of pragmatism, by crapping on their own “principles”, not to mention their supporter base.  😯

And while we don’t know for sure if Turdball will call a Double Dissolution, the one thing we do know for sure is that;

Turdball and Di Natale, are a real Double Disillusion!

Greens Senator Richard Di Natale speaks to the media in Melbourne, Friday, Jan. 3, 2014. The acting Greens leader said The Greens will push for a ban on the promotion of alcohol in sport (AAP Image/Julian Smith) NO ARCHIVING

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What has Australia become?

What has Australia become?Beetroots+


So, we got rid of Tony Abbott AKA The village Idiot, and now we have Surgical Truss, AKA the Human Sedative, heading for the public sector, leaving us with Turdball AKA The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth, and the Mr Beetroot Head AKA Bananaby Juice, to take the level of stupid to new heights  FFS  😯

Is it just me, or is it feeling like we’re stuck in a parallel  universe, where stupid is the norm, and the best we can hope for, as a nation, is gross national embarrassment  😳

And in that parallel universe, I suppose we should feel some level of sympathy for the Turdball, who has lost so many ministers, that it has moved well past unfortunate, to downright careless  😯   but in the real world, what it screams is… Turdball’s bad judgement!  😛

Turdball 2++

And when we look at the Abbott’s track record of bad “Captains Picks”, a record which many thought  would stand forever as a testament to Abbott’s stupidity, and would never be surpassed, we now have a situation where the Turdball is a real contender to actually wrest that somewhat dubious record from the Abbott’s dead, yet still grasping, claws!  🙄

Dunce 1The fact that Abbott is still on the backbench, agitating as only a true dickhead can, speaks volumes about the delusion that he works under.  😦    and the tenuous hold that he has on reality… Not to mention the even more tenuous hold that the Turdball has on power  😀

But I digress  😯

So as we watch the slow-mo  train wreck that the LNPee’er, alleged. government has become, with Morescum looking more economically  inept with every passing moment,  and Ashbygate threatening to disembowel the cabinet…Again…, we now have the prospect of the much promised/threatened DD, which is becoming more urgent by the day, for them as the Turdball’s poll numbers drop like the proverbial!

Tony Windsor

And with Tony Windsor snapping at Bananaby’s heels, not like an angry Pistol and Boo, but more like The Hound of The Baskervilles, waiting to rip out his political throat  😯   and NSW polling showing at least 10 LNP seats in real danger of changing hands, along with major factional preselection wars, and their complete lack of direction and policy, panic is the order of the day!  😀

We also have  the treasurer in witless protection, as he tries to come up with something vaguely resembling  a budget  😯   and Turdball trying to blackmail the cross benches into passing the ABCC legislation, while playing puerile little games about the timing of both the budget and a possible DD  🙄

So, as we move inexorably from democracy to neo-fascist stupid, and just as inexorably towards the election, that it looks increasingly like he’s scared to call, there are 2 burning questions that I for one am asking:

  1.   Have the masses woken up enough, to vote this dysfunctional rabble out?  ❓
  2.   The very fact that the first question needs to be asked, means that the most important and relevant question is… What has Australia become?  😦   

Turnbull ++

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Let the fear, smear and verbal diarrhoea begin!

Let the fear, smear  and verbal diarrhoea begin!Turnbull 2+

Let’s face it, all the talk by the Turdball, of going full term, was just that…Talk!  😯

Many of us here have been predicting an election as early as April – May, as Morescum is totally incompetent, and is much more likely to bring down the country, than to bring down a decent budget  😯

But now the “Talk” is of a July election, to be announced the day after the budget, which would be typical for the LNP, especially this iteration of the LNP, as they will try every trick in the book (of “dirty tricks”), to gain some level of advantage.  🙄

And I have to say, Turdball was quick out of the blocks, with the start of a fear campaign on negative gearing, it’s just a shame that they were nowhere near as quick in releasing a policy… Any policy!  😛

But the problem that they have, is that Turdball’s iteration of the LNP can’t even do a Turdball 2++decent scare campaign  😯   , with absolutely  no research to back up their ludicrous claims, claims that are not only ludicrous, but blatantly contradictory.  🙄


Like Turdball channelling  his inner Abbott, resurrecting and citing the old “Wrecking Ball”, and claiming that “House values will be SMASHED”  😯    while the perennially disengaged mouth, Smelly O’Dire (Or is it Kelly… Oh’Dear) the “assistant Kelly O'Dwyer+treasurer” claims House values will soar  😯

I mean really, if they’re determined to go with stupid, the least they could do is go with the same stupid, instead of opposing stupids!  🙄

But then this IS the LNP we’re talking about???  😡

The good thing about the LNPee’ers and Turdball’s position, if there is a “Good thing”  to be found, is that they have shown their hand, as totally incompetent and all at sea on critical issues.  😉

And I suppose that the idea of “Floating” rabid right thought bubbles (Read “Brain farts”  😛   ), is that once “floated”, they can then be declared “On water matters”  and no longer up for discussion  😛

So with that in mind, and the fact that it is an election year;

Let the fear, smear and verbal diarrhoea begin!

Turdball 2+1


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The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth

Turnbull 2+The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth

Now although this poem is about the Pernicious Prince of Point Piper; as an avid observer of the human condition, I felt compelled to share an observation that I made about one of his co-conspirators in the coup  😉    and I don’t think he’s the only one, as I’ve started to notice this phenomena in other LNPee’ers as well  😕

After watching Snott Morescum give his Press Club address, I came to the inescapable conclusion that we are run by absolute morons.  😯

Now this may not come as any grand revelation,  😛   except that there seems to be a pattern emerging  😉

So why, you may ask, did I come to that inescapable conclusion?  ❓

Well, it appears that LNPee’ers naturally take on the Characteristics of their (And I use the term loosely) “Leaders”  😯

I distinctly remember under Abbott; Morescum and the rest of the mendacious mob of miscreants repeating Abbott’s much discussed and even more despised “three word slogans” Ad-nauseam,  😡   , and now after only five months of the Turdball’s tenure, Morescum,  who was always a wanker, is now himself a waffler too  😯

And quite frankly, of late, waffling is about all that LNPee’ers seem to do.  😛

Now, I’m sure that part of the problem is that waffling is a logical next step, when a politician has no bloody idea WTF they’re talking about, and it’s further compounded by the fact that they have no clear policies,  and are being done over by a very policy proactive Labor party, that’s leading the debate on many fronts  😯   , but that certainly isn’t the whole story!  😉

But I digress  😛

The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth


The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth

Said, for the economy, I am your man

The Abbott is just a pretender

He can’t do all the things that I can

I’m a man for all seasons with a million good reasons

Why everyone should vote for me

It’s not rocket science to show your compliance

Cos I’m fabulous you will agree


I will run a new government for all the people

My tenure will be hailed a success

Unlike all those that have gone before me

I promise I won’t make a mess

And it’s natural to think, that my shit doesn’t stink

And a rainbow is all I can fart

I’ll be honest and true, a good guy through and through

Cos I’m a rabid right lefty at heart


My credentials are clearly outstanding

And my character far from reproach

As a captain you’ll never find better

And there’s no one who’s a better coach

I’m an orator supreme, and a voters wet dream

A repository for national pride

I can fix all our ills, while appeasing the dills

And I can probably hold back the tide


My millions I’ve stashed in the Caymans

My investments are all at arms length

But I don’t avoid paying my taxes

Cos minimisation’s my strength

I’ll be clear and precise, and really quite nice

And as always incredibly calm

While I take up the fight for my mates from the right

As we sell off the family farm


But there’s no need for deep consternation

Cos you know I’m the one you can trust

To get a fair price for our assets

And to pay down our debts, as we must

Cos we emptied the vault, though it’s all Labors fault

As with money they have no idea

And they haven’t yet learnt, that they’ll always get burnt

By my verbal and fiscal diarrhoea


I’m the bard of the right wing agenda

A regular Shakespeare am I

I’m that good, I’ll sell ice to the Eskimos

And my forte is pie in the sky

Like my fabulous broadband, that Labor calls fraudband

You all bought it all,  hook line and sinker

As my fibre to the node, was the lie mother load

And what I’ve delivered’s a stinker


But you cannot blame me, it isn’t my fault

The Abbott’s the one you should blame

He told me to wreck Labors fine NBN

Which I thought was really a shame

But blowouts and debt, are the best you will get

Till the legacy of Labor’s no more

Cos the copper, you see, is a long way from free

And I’ve already shown fibre the door


And my plan is to win the election

Cos I know that now, it’s my shot

And if Abbott can do it then anyone can

Cos Abbott’s a rambling clot

And I’ll easily win, with some media spin

And the backing of my LNP

Cos I’m the prince of Point Piper, and a political viper

And the truth is…  It’s all about me!


Turdball selfie+

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Where are the real headlines???

Where are the real headlines???The Un-Australian1

If there was ever a valid argument for MSM bias, this last few months has cemented that argument in the minds of many, and should be a big wakeup call to many more that we are being misled and downright lied to by a majority of those that call themselves “Journalists” and “News papers/outlets”!  😯

The truth is that if a Labor government showed even half the level of dysfunction, disunity, dishonesty, incompetence and, in some cases, corruption, that Turdball and his mendacious rabble have shown, the MSM would have been screaming it from the rooftops ad-infinitum.  😡

Now to be fair, blatant media support for the rabid right is nothing new, as all truth seekers would be well aware, but IMHO  they seem to have taken their sycophancy to dizzying new heights, with their positively sickening, almost obsessive  love affair with everything Turdball.  😈

Again, to be fair to them, it must have been very hard work for them to find positive spins to put on the Abbott stupidities, so Turdball, with his smarmy smile, fine suits and positive spin on his mendacious ramblings, must be like a walk in the park, by comparison.  🙄

But I digress  😛

Tellingly, the fact remains that in the 5 months, since he stabbed the Abbott in the back, Turdball and his mob have done absolutely nothing, other than 2 major reshuffles, and reinforce the failures of the Abbott debacle.  O_o  😕

The truth is that the Abbott/Turdball, alleged, government has been plagued with scandals, waste, rorting and mismanagement of epic proportions, with a hallmark of both (And I use the term loosely) “Leaders”, being terrible personal and political judgement, resulting in disastrous “Captains calls”, any one of which, from a Labor leader, would be seen by the MSM as a “Hanging” offence!  😕

And with a cloud still hanging over Crissy Pyne and Wyatt Roy over the “Ashbygate” affair, and rumours persisting of a “Cabinet Minister” who is allegedly guilty of a serious and sackable offence, Turdball’s “New” ministry seems already on shaky ground, and it hasn’t even been sworn in yet!  😯

And the question that we all should be asking of our mendacious and misleading MSM is;

“Where are the real headlines???” 


The daily


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The government’s revolting, so the people should revolt

The government’s revolting, so the people should revolt…

Turdball 1+1

With the new year underway, and it being an election year, I thought I should start the year as I mean to carry on  😛

And with so much instability in the ranks of the LNP, courtesy of the rabid right, much of which is orchestrated from the back bench, by the malicious, not to mention, bitter and twisted, Abbott, who’s promise of no sniping etc, went the same way as the rest of his promises, along with any remaining vestiges of credibility, and the Dodo  (Down the crapper!  :/   ) I thought it high time they were called out for the incompetent and dysfunctional fools that they really are.  😛

As a government, they are REVOLTING   😡   and in this election year, we definitely need a peoples revolution!  😕

The Government’s revolting, so the people should revolt!


The Government’s revolting,

So the people should revolt

Cos we’ve had enough of all their lies and spin

With morals sadly lacking,

A majority need sacking

You must wonder how the bastards all got in


With near half still wanting Abbott,

And the other half the Turdball

Mad division is the order of the day

The moderates are bleeding,

While the rabid right are feeding

On the Turdball who is with them all the way


Cos he really has no choice,

If he wants to stay PM

He’s just Judas, in a fine Armani suit

With his future firmly tied

To the rabid right who lied

If he strays at all, he knows he’ll get the boot


So they claimed they’re a “new” government,

But we know they’re really not

Cos the policies of Abbott still remain

And the Turdball’s just a front

For the Liberal party’s runt

Called the IPA, who really are insane


And in this election year,

As the Abbott’s mob still hover

In the background, with the Turdball in their sights

They will struggle to get traction,

As the Turdballs moderate faction

Are beholding to the nut-jobs, who are “rights”


So they stand on shaky ground,

Cos the rabid right are manic

As was shown by Jamie Briggs, the right wing sleaze

Who’s a serial offender,

When he’s on a late night bender

Where he likes to get his victims to say… “Cheese”


Then he sends his mates the pictures,

So to show his deep remorse

And contrition for the shame of his bad actions

And to garner their support,

For his sexist bar room sport

And to show his victim to the right wing factions


There’s his mad mate Peter Dutton,

Who’s sad brain resembles mutton

Lacking any capability to think

Making jokes of climate change,

for a minister, is strange

And his texting language surely caused a stink


And the Turdball’s treasurer Morrison,

Was just one more grave mistake

And another of the Turdball’s captains picks

To secure his leaders spot,

He adopted Abbott’s lot

And a cabinet, that’s chocked full of right wing dicks


There is Brough and Roy and Chrissy

All caught up in Ashbygate

Along with others from the ranks of Turdball’s mob

And there’s still a way to go

To conclude that manic show

Proving Malcontent is not a leaders knob


So the Turdball’s sad dilemma

Is, he’s sold his “Lefty” soul

To fulfil his egos need, for greater power

Leaving ethics in the gutter

As his waffle turns to splutter

And his personal beliefs have all gone sour


And he talks of being “agile”

And an “innovative” nation

But he really means be shifty and untrue

As his narcissistic dream

Is an ideological scheme

To increase the wealth of the very privileged few


And he’ll only tax the poor,

And the elderly and sick

While his wealthy mates get richer by the minute

And the Caymans keep his money,

So he’s not a tax slave dummy

While “The Trough” has right wing snouts stuck firmly in it


And so when he calls the poll

We must raise our voices high

And declare the time of right wing rorts is past

Cos the bastards need to know

That we want them all to go

So put the LNP where they put us… Dead last!


Turdball 2+

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To the “bad” manners born!


An oldie but a goodie

To the “bad” manners born!

As the Turdball, alleged government enters the new year, still trying to sell the proposition that it’s a “New” government, not just a close, plastic, facsimile of the Abbott’s regime; anyone with even half a brain, who’s not dazzled by the smile and expensive suits, can see that it’s anything but new!  😯

The sad thing is that the Turdball, despite his protestations to the contrary, has learnt nothing tangible from his time in opposition, after being deposed as LOTO, by the aforementioned Abbott.  🙄

And for those who believe that he’s a better, more moderate, option than Abbott, then all I can say is look at his cabinet… And his policies!  😛

The LNP are still collectively going after the poor, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the unemployed,  families and any that are already disadvantaged, to pay more, while refusing to cut corporate welfare and tax avoidance.  😈

Having said that, it’s hardly surprising that the Turdball and his Mendacious Mob of Miscreants have no interest in doing anything real about tax avoidance, when the PM himself has a substantial sum of his own money stashed in the Cayman Islands; a world renowned tax haven.  😉

But I digress  😯

So before the new year is a week old, we’ve seen Jamie “It won’t hurt did it” Briggs throwing himself on his (pork) sword  😯  after a late night, and drunken, “inappropriate” dalliance with an unwitting and unwilling, Public Servant, participant!  😯


We then saw some of his LNP mates, supporting him; telling anyone who would listen, what a great bloke he is  😯   , culminating in the minister for border protection and zombies The Horrible Piecer Mutton MP, sending a text message to the aforementioned Briggs calling one alleged News corpse  journo, Samantha Maiden a”Mad F*&#@$^ Witch”.  😯


Now that language, in itself, would have been bad enough, coming from a “Minister of the Crown”, but then in his own special kind of stupid, he managed to send it to the subject of his venom spewing ire, rather than his “inappropriate” mate, the again aforementioned Briggs  🙄

What a KNOB!  O_o  :/  o_O

So the question is “Where’s the Turdball?”  ❓    …

And the answer is nowhere to be found, just like he was for the delivering of his and Morescum’s MYEFO!  😕

He even left the trash to take itself out  😯   , despite making a big song and dance about not taking the Christmas off!  😯

The truth is that he may as well have taken the time off, as he’s only been available for photo ops, and no actual work of being PM!!!  🙄

Briggs and Be-Rough were the purveyors of the announcements of their own demises, while Turdball’s office made out like he was some kind of great leader for letting them do it!  😯

There’s nothing like a leader, leading from behind  😯   … And Turdball’s nothing like a leader  😯   , just another Corporate lackey, who wants to be seen as a strong leader whilst doing nothing to upset the real powers that be!  😛

And when his hand was forced, he finally put out a press release blaming The Australian, for publishing photos of Briggs and the PS complainant, and said that Piecer Mutton’s text was plainly inappropriate  😯

So there are a couple of questions for you Mr PM;

  • Why didn’t you front the media when the story first broke, as a true leader would, and answer questions, and address the issues that clearly need to be addressed, instead of doing the press release late in the day, after it was clear that it wasn’t going away, liked you hoped it would?  ❓
  • Why, when the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, would you promote an absolute moron like Piecer Mutton, who already has form in the area of making stupid, insensitive, offensive and crass remarks?  🙄
  • Why, when you finally admitted that Mutton’s text was clearly “inappropriate”, is he still there, when Briggs who admitted to “inappropriate” behaviour, was found to have breached the ministerial code of conduct, and dumped?  O_o
  • Why are you nothing more than a fair weather PM/leader?  😯

Ok, so that’s a “Bakers” couple  😉

And just for good measure one final question:

Why are you a gutless, right wing, egomaniac, with an overinflated sense of his own importance, playing at being head of a rabble of born to rule dickheads who prove time and again that they are not Upper Class, but only;

To the “bad” manners born! 


And the chances are, on this issue… There’s more to come  😯

Watch this space!

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