Wipe the grin off Tony’s face!

Wipe the grin off Tony’s face!Abbott toilet paper

This poem was written out of sheer frustration, and inspired by a couple of things.

Firstly, I’m sick to death of seeing that sneering smirk of Abbott’s, accompanied by his blatant lies and fudged figures every time I turn on the TV   :mad:

And secondly, Biggy’s post of Toilet humour, which reminded me of a silly idea I had a few days ago   :shock:

So while “toilet humour” is pretty base, IMHO it’s exactly the kind of derision that the Abbott deserves, and besides there’s not been much to smile about of late, so I thought a bit of light relief was not only in order, but sorely needed   :grin:

And the best and most deserving object of scorn and derision, that I can think of, is Tony Abbott, Prime Moron!


Contains base, toilet humour    :shock:   



Wipe the grin off Tony’s face!


To wipe the grin off Tony’s face

Is what I’d love to do

To see him slowly sinking

In a pile of his own poo

A mess of his own making

From a defecating jerk

Who suffers mental diarrhoea

With a sneering bloody smirk


As PM there is little doubt

The Abbott’s a disgrace

With a smirk so irritating

As he lies straight to your face

Some say he’s pathological

Some think he’s just plain silly

But you couldn’t get that stupid

Playing with a second willy

O_o   o_O

I know of some who think reward

For all his mad Brain farts

Should be to put his picture up

As target for their darts

To show their level of disdain

For this national disgrace

And wipe the stupid, smirking grin

From Tony Abbott’s face


Some say he should be pilloried

For his stupid captains calls

For fairness claims they’d gladly kick him

Fairly in the balls

He’s made us all embarrassed

A worldwide laughingstock

He’s trashed Australian democracy

The raving little cock


Some think an Abbott dunny roll

Would be a bit of fun

To wipe the grin off Tony’s face

When your toilet time is done

But we’re not one Rupert Murdoch

And we have a lot more class

Than to have the Abbott’s smirking face

Placed that close to our arse


And we know that Abbott’s forte

And his area of form

Is incompetence par excellence

Where great failure is the norm

And a failure of his dunny roll

Is something you would hate

Leaving you red faced and angry

With your finger up your date


Which is really a good metaphor

For Abbott’s dopey rule

As puppet of the IPA

And Rupert Murdoch’s tool

He’ll slash and burn our services

To satisfy his donors

While attacking the poor and powerless

To give his MP’s… boners


And while aspirational voters

Who are just too dumb to think

And will never smell the Abbott rat

For the strong corruption stink

Will approve the lies and budget cuts

And so much more to come

As he takes their own self interest

And shoves it fairly…up their bum!


So heed the call and wipe the smirk

Right off the morons face

By showing him Australians think

He’s a national disgrace

And help him learn the lesson

Of the ultimate rejection

By dumping Abbott’s sorry arse

At the next federal election!



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The greatest backflip of all… So far!

The greatest backflip of all… So far!Budget 1

So that’s the budget we have to have!   :shock:

What a bloody joke this alleged government is!

Senators and MPs being sworn in at the Opening of the 44th Parliament at  Parliament House in Canberra.

Senators and MPs being sworn in at the Opening of the 44th Parliament at Parliament House in Canberra.

As I watched QT on Wednesday after the budget release, and saw Bronnie “Helmet Hair” Bitch-chops, further trashing the office of speaker, along with parliamentary process and whatever credibility this criminally/pathetically dishonest and incompetent government had left, all I could do was yell at the TV   :mad:

Primarily at someone, anyone, to shut that stupid and thoroughly dishonest, despicable and corrupt speaker up, followed quickly thereafter by expletives directed to said lying, incompetent and corrupt speaker!

Then I started swearing at Shorten and the opposition front bench, as they tried, somewhat valiantly, but in vain, to make her listen to the rules that she as speaker is there to uphold and enforce, along with the integrity of the chamber!   :mad:

I was swearing out of frustration, as Abbott, Hockey, Pyne et al were allowed to lie and abuse the standing orders, and parliamentary protocols totally unfettered, while perfectly  legitimate points of order were summarily dismissed, with nary a second thought.   :mad:

At one point I was sure that someone from the ALP would call for a no confidence vote against Bitch-chops, at the very least… But nothing!   :shock:   which made me even madder.   :mad:   :mad:

So while Abbott’s mob of mendacious miscreants, carry on their merry way, trashing any remaining semblance of democracy that we may have, the question  I keep asking myself is;  “Why have a question time at all with this mob?”   O_o

I mean, it’s horribly frustrating for me as an observer   :mad:   ,  so how much more for the opposition who have to sit and listen to the lies and bullshit with no right of reply?

And all over Sloppy Joe’s attempt at keeping his own and Abbott’s jobs… Cos that’s what this “budget”, and I use the term loosely, is all about   :shock:

It’s a document that needs to be held on to, cos if you drop it on the ground, it’s so full of Hockey’s rubbery figures and spin, that it will either defy gravity and take off into the ether, or just simply… bounce away   :shock:

I then saw another example of what a waste of time QT is on Thursday, which was the last sitting day of the “Budget” session   :shock:   before they head off once more.   :roll:

And despite the expectation of at least something from the budget, and the subsequent discussions, to set the agenda for the future of our country, I was left wondering… WTF was that?

I mean really, WTF was that   :?:

So in one fell swoop, what we got was a 180° turn around on;

  •  PPL, from a solid gold scheme that was Abbott’s “signature” policy, to accusations of double-dipping and rorting, from the masters of double-dipping and rorting, for women who used the current scheme as it was not only intended to be used, but was enshrined in legislation.   :shock:          Followed closely by revelations that two of the architects of the policy’s wives were, by their own twisted standards, rorters and double-dippers.   :wink:
  • Depreciation write offs and tax cuts for small businesses, which, if memory serves, the LNP railed against, and voted against, when the previous government tried to introduce similar legislation.   :shock:        They then tried to claim the moral high ground for doing it now… WTF?   O_o   :?   o_O
  • Waiting times for the dole, cutting them from six months, to one month for the young unemployed, thinking that we’ll all agree that they’ve been listening, and applaud them for their great generosity… NOT!   :roll:
  • The alleged “debt and deficit disaster” which despite 4 + years of scaremongering and lies, has magically disappeared back into the LNP fairy land from whence it once emerged…   :shock:
  • And the list goes on…

They played, shuffle the dollars and responsibility, for childcare and pensions, pitching one group against another, in the fight for the pittance proffered, and once more rearranged the deck chairs on the good ship LNP Titanic   :roll:

Now the truth is that much of the last failed budget was repackaged into this one, as blackmail, for passing the “sweeteners”; which is already causing issues for the cross benches, as the LNP’ers true agenda bubbles away just below the surface, and their mendacious machinations start to unravel on this pathetic document, even before the bloody ink’s dry   :roll:

And as we wave a fond farewell to the much anticipated budget week, the sad realities for me are that;

  • The highlight of the week was Shorten’s reply speech, where for once he did display some level of passion, in his own inimitably dispassionate way   :roll:
  • Our democracy took another hit, from the mendacious, incompetent and corrupt speaker of the house   :twisted:
  • The government once again displayed their ability to be hypocritically self serving, totally dishonest, and in reality a NON-government!   :shock:
  • What they produced was not a budget at all, but a barely economic, and primarily political document that’s not worth the paper it’s written on, and;

The greatest backflip… So far!



For anyone that didn’t get to see Shorten’s budget reply speech,  here it is.

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Climate Change thinks Tony Abbott is crap!

Climate Change thinks Tony Abbott is crap!Abbott CC

With the chorus of derision rising, about this (and I use the term very loosely) government, and its $4 million handout to the Climate “Contrarian” Borg for his UWA  “NO  think” tank, and the lies about the funding process coming to light, is it any wonder that we’ve been labelled by the UN climate council as, effectively “Public Enemy No 1″, on Climate Change   :shock:

For starters, the LNP’ers said that they were approached by the chancellor of the UWA, and the $4 mill was only part of the funding, that was going to be added to by the university.   :?

Then the chancellor was interviewed, and said that the government approached them about the proposal, and the only things the university was providing was space and internet access   :shock:

We then saw Pyne defending the decision… WTF   :?:

Greg Hunt+There’s also Greg “Climate Change…What Climate Change” Hunt, claiming a “stunning success” for giving away $660 million to polluters, which firstly has, in reality, put a price on carbon (which could rightly be seen as “just another broken promise”), and more importantly in this instance, is blatantly misleading, as the only “Stunning Success” he can claim is in giving away around 1/3 of the total budget for carbon abatement, with no guarantee of reducing anything, except… the budget for carbon abatement!   :shock:

Part of the reason for my scepticism, is because from what I’ve heard, the majority of this money will be going into trees, the growth of which takes many years, and is, in itself, subject to the ravages of Climate Change, and the resultant floods, fires and droughts.   :roll:

The other part of the reason for my scepticism is this is Abbott’s “Direct action” plan… :shock:

Now I have to say that, as it turns out, after much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that Abbott’s idea of a “Green Army” is not such a bad idea   :shock:   as we have just seen two major weather events in as many weeks, both in NSW, then SE QLD, and now again in NSW, and as a result, the regular SES and local authorities are over stretched, and Abbott’s “Green Army”  would be a welcome addition to help with the clean up.   :wink:

The problem being that so far, that other aspect of  Abbott’s “Direct in-action” plan, the aforementioned “Green Army” is nowhere to be seen, unlike the effects of Climate Change, which are everywhere to be seen!   :shock:

So I’d like to say that I wait with bated breath for the UN Climate Conference in Paris in November – December this year…  But in reality, with Greg Hunt representing us, and trying to sell the LNP’ers climate credentials, rather than baited breath, it’s more about cringing in embarrassment as our position as climate change pariah is cast in bronze and displayed on the world stage for all to see.   :oops:

On the positive side, we have the next instalment of  “As the budget fails”  coming up in a bit over a week, and I live in hope that the LNP party machine comes to the conclusion that their best bet will be to call a DD, in which case we may be rid of idiot boy and his mendacious mob of miscreants, before they make us an even bigger laughingstock and climate change pariah than we already are   :mad:   , and before the economy finally goes, Lemming like over the fiscal cliff of Abbott and Hockey’s budget disasters, dragging our AAA rating with it.   :sad:

And far be it from me to speak on behalf of something as dangerous and far reaching as Climate Change, but on this I feel confident in saying that;

Climate Change thinks Tony Abbott is CRAP! 


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The most dangerous drug of all

The most dangerous drug of all

Myuran Sukumaran's art

Andrew Chan                            Myuran Sukumaran   REST IN PEACE   

I was thinking last night, about the injustice and hypocrisy of the state sanctioned murder that we were witness to yesterday, and the reasons for such political expediency.

Fran’s comment yesterday also pushed home the sad truth, that within a few days, all the posturing will be over, and it will be business as usual, as the political and financial imperatives once again kick in.

And the thing that really stood out to me, was that the truth is, there are many addictions that afflict mankind,  but there’s one in particular, that is responsible for far more poverty, human tragedy and deaths, than any man made drug could ever claim responsibility for.

It may not be recognised as a “drug” in the traditional sense, but has just as strong a hold on those addicted to it, and is in reality;


The most dangerous drug of all


Around the world there’s lots of talk

About mans drugs of choice

Yet the ignorant and self serving

Speak with the loudest voice

They talk of epidemics

And they talk, the rule of law

And approve state sanctioned murder

Which has corruption at its core


But everybody has a drug

That in some way rules their life

It’s something we’re addicted to

And most can cause great strife

It might be one that’s taken

Or it might be from within

It could be our endorphins

Or it could be heroine


And legally accepted drugs

Like grog and nicotine

Are social epidemics

With a cost that’s just obscene

Like violence, rape and murder

And the medical costs we pay

As the price for our addictions

In our sadly human way


There’s people that are addicted

To such things as exercise

There are people that can’t tell the truth

Addicted to their lies

And for the love of money

Atrocities have been done

And those that think, to cheat and steal

Is fine, because they’ve won


Even “Love” has been defiled

By peoples mad obsession

Addicted to emotion, thinking

Someone, is their possession

With personal greed and selfishness

As drugs of choice as well

Addictions just as damaging

That create a living hell


And now our politicians speak

Of epidemics verge

Referring to the man made drug

Of Ice, the latest scourge

They say we need much stronger laws

To make a safer nation

So they’ll fill our courts with addicts

Causing legal constipation


But the truth is there’s a much worse drug

The most dangerous drug of all

It doesn’t need a dealer

But can cause the great to fall

A drug that’s been the start of wars

The cause of millions dying

A drug that’s fed by other drugs

Like personal greed and lying


A drug that’s used by media moguls

And corporate heads as well

The very rich and politicians

Succumb to this drugs spell

It’s a drug of mans condition

That perverts each waking hour

For those that are addicted

To the mad desire… for power.




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100 years on, and what have we learnt?

Anzac Day_TILE100 years on, and what have we learnt?

Over the last couple of days, I’ve heard people say “Have a happy ANZAC day!”, or just “happy ANZAC day!”, and it got me thinking about the true meaning of ANZAC day, and I’m sure that those people meant no disrespect to the memory of the ANZACS, as I mean no disrespect in these musings, but just wonder what those people are truly thinking about and are they;

  • Remembering those that suffered and/or died?
  • Remembering the sacrifices that the soldiers, sailors, airforce personel, doctors, nurses, and their families made?
  • Remembering the sheer stupidity and futility of war?
  • Remembering the millions of innocents caught up in a struggle, not of their making?
  • Remembering that war is primarily a tool of the politically ambitious?
  • Remembering that wars are started primarily as the result of lies and deceit, bigotry, racial, ethnic and/or religious  hatreds, or a combination of all of those, and not forgetting the main motivators of a hunger for power in the minds of a few, and the ultimate motivator of… GREED?
  • Or when they say “Happy” ANZAC day, are they primarily thinking about the social event?

Cos to my mind there’s little to be “Happy” about, in remembering war!

And the truth is that, (and it’s a sad admission) I’m a bit ANZAC’ed out this year, and it’s not a reflection of any disrespect for the day, or its significance, but rather as a result of all the commercialism and coverage, in the media, that’s been going on for weeks if not months, and in the sickening and ongoing rhetoric  of our politicians.

And every time I see these bloody lying politicians waxing lyrical about the sacrifices of those that went before, while actively promoting involvement in more of the same, and at the same time demonising those that are displaced as a result of  wars, started and/or exacerbated primarily as a result of their own, or their predecessors, political and personal ambitions and ideologies, I just get angry.

I also wonder what those that went before would have thought of this current situation, where the very same politicians that are standing hand on heart and declaring “Lest we forget”, are using war and the threat of war, to diminish and in some cases throw out altogether, the very freedoms that “Those that went before” fought and died to preserve?

War is not and should not be a time of happy remembrance, and for most, I’m sure that it isn’t, and although I know that the ceremonies are very solemn events, as they should be, and many do try to remember the horror and futility of war, there seems to me to be an unprecedented level of gross hypocrisy attached to the so called “remembrance” of a failed battle, and the birth of a nation that, in the current political climate, seems hell bent on repeating the mistakes of the past!

I know that we should”Never forget”, and hope we never do, but in many respects, it appears that we have!

We should always remember, revere and respect those that fought for our nation, from all wars.  That fought for our hard won freedoms, and died in the pursuit of said freedoms

We should always remember the nobility of spirit and the sacrifices of those individuals that fought and selflessly sacrificed so much, to stand against the power hungry and the tyrannical , for the sake of the innocent, and those that could not defend themselves.

We should also remember that there are times when we have to fight for our country, and what we believe to be right.

But we should also remember the implications for those innocents caught up in a war that is not of their making, and over which they have little or no control.

We should and must also remember the stupidity and futility of war.

And the question in my mind is, with all the talk of remembrance at this time;

100 years on, and what have we really learnt?

Anzac day

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We want our Labor party back!

Abbott's mini me

We want our Labor party back!

With the level of frustration around, at the direction that the ALP is taking, and the ever increasing calls for change from within the party, I thought it was time for me to add my own take on it   :shock:

And as I, like so many have been saying, since the leadership ballot, that the current leader, Bill Shorten, is not what the majority of R&F voted for, I decided to write this poem as a way to join the clarion call   :-D

Now I know that many will say that we shouldn’t criticise our own, and that we need to show a united front, to defeat the LNP, but the truth is that we are not the LNP, and unlike their supporters, we don’t just accept without question all that the party serves up.

Many are unhappy with the direction our ALP has taken over recent times, me included!   :mad:   And  I sincerely believe that it would be much better to deal with these issues now, than wait for the LNP to use all the ammunition, that the current leader and the party has handed them, to win another term!

Reading comments across the media, the overarching theme, from a majority of commenters is that there is little or no difference between the two major parties, and whether truth or perception, it needs to be addressed.

So I make no apologies in saying, for the sake of our country, our futures and the party, we need change, and we need it NOW…

We want our Labor party back


We want our Labor party back

From the right wing interlopers

They’ve infiltrated  branches

To install their own… no-hopers

Professional politicians

Moving too far to the right

And now the rank and file are pissed

And spoiling for a fight


We had our proud traditions

Progressives one and all

Till the factions flexed their muscles

And the leaders dropped the ball

We used to be the party

That supports the working classes

But now it seems we support the dreams

Of a bunch of right wing arses


Like the traitorous “Richo” Richardson

Who to Murdoch, sold his soul

And the mendacious Ferguson brothers

Who should fall… into a hole

There’s so many I could mention

But it’s plain for all to see

That the way that Labor’s going

They could join the LNP


There’s the baggage man Bill shorten

Who the members don’t endorse

But who won the tainted ballot

Supported by the right… of course

Though his actions through the leaders spills

Reveal a shady past

He’s now the only party leader

Who won by coming… last


And with his “Team Orstraya” moments

And “Me too”, mentality

We have lost our grass roots focus

And our clear identity

For the sake of corporate governance

And the Dollar’s siren song

And the rank and file are screaming

The party’s direction, is all wrong


As self serving machinations

Are the order of the day

When they used to be primarily

The coalitions way

With Labor seen by many as

The epitome of greed

When the truth is very simple

We’ve been sadly…  L N Peed


In NSW the factional right

Has sullied Labor’s brand

With ALP and Liberal crooks

All working hand in hand

While cheating and corruption

From the Libs is just expected

But with 4-1 against them

It’s still Labor that’s rejected


With Ed Obeid the poster boy

For all that’s wrong with Labor

While the Murdoch’s rabid MSM

Ignore his Liberal neighbour

Who’s every bit as crooked

With a few more Libs in tow

But all you hear from the MSM is

“Labor’s corruption show.”


But the problem isn’t Murdoch

Or his lying News Corpse mob

Or the Mendacious Mob of Miscreants

Who Just aren’t up to the job

And it isn’t those who’ve left the fold

For corporate reward

It’s the right wing plants that live within

That must be… put to the sword


So all you rank and filers

Lift your voices up as one

And tell the right wing factions

That their time is all but done

That a wave of change is coming

And to fight it is just barmy

Cos you’ll end up like old King Canute

Trying to hold back… the tsunami




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Reclaim Australia… From whom?

Reclaim Australia… From whom?Reclaim-Banner-300x300

I’d like to tell you all a short story about my childhood.

When I was a kid in London, there was lots of talk of racism, and at one stage I was accused of it myself   :shock:

Now I started school, at the age of three, as my mum was pregnant with my little sister (who later died, at the ripe old age of six months, from  whooping cough and pneumonia…   :cry:   )

My mum was very sick, with the pregnancy, and spent months in hospital prior to giving birth, and so I just had to go to school, as there was no other option   :sad:

So off I went, to Findsbury Park, Montem Street Primary School, where at the time there were some 28 nationalities attending said school, around half of whom could not speak English   :shock:

Now I was very much a loner at school, and only found one boy that I called friend, and his name was… Photius Themostoclious ( I’m not sure if the spelling is right), a good Greek boy from  mainland Greece.

I clarify  that point, cos at the time, in our school, there was a lot of issues with Greek and Turkish Cypriots (Greeks and Turks from the island of Cyprus) who were the cause of lots of trouble.

Now Photius and I were on the outer with the other kids, cos we were always top of the class, reasonably big for our age, and kept to ourselves, playing in our group of… Just two  :shock:

One particular day we were in the playground, playing “Scuba divers”, which was a bit odd (at least for me, as I couldn’t swim, and had a real fear of water   :shock:   ), but there we were in the playground, being “Scuba Divers”, when we noticed about 20 kids milling around in a partially hidden corner of the playground   :?:

So we decided to go and see what was going on.   :wink:

To our annoyance, there were all these Cypriot boys, picking on one little English kid   :shock:   so Photius and I went in and broke it up , freed the little English kid, and then went back to our game of Scuba Divers, thinking no more about it   :grin:

A little while later, we were called up to the Head Masters office, (A certain Mr Fish) and threatened with the cane, for picking on the Greek kids… WTF?

The upshot being that at the age of  around 7, one English kid (With a European last name, and one Greek kid were accused of being racist for picking on around 20 Greek boys.   :roll:

Luckily my Mum worked at the school at that time, and quickly told Mr Fish what he could do with his accusations and his cane!   :shock:

And that was my introduction to racism and injustice.

So we were told that we were naughty naughty boys, and not to pick on 20 greek kids again!

Now to be fair to the aforementioned Mr Fish, he was only responding to numerous complaints from the Cypriot kids parents without any knowledge of what really happened!

The truth is that the bullying and intolerance shown by those Cypriot kids came not from them, but from the racist attitudes of their parents, who were in the UK not to become assimilated into British society, but primarily to take advantage of the NHS, via a loophole in the immigration policy.   :sad:

Another example was the barber that my mum used to take me to, was taken over by a Muslim, and when she took me there for a haircut, the first thing he said to her was  “You hate me… Don’t you?”   :shock:   Somewhat taken aback, my mum replied,   “I don’t even know you!”  RCA

Now the majority of said Cypriots were Muslims, and arrived with a huge chip on their shoulders, but although many judged all people from Cyprus and Muslims according to the few that were seen as racist and and nasty people, there were many more that never caused any problems, just wanted to assimilate, and have a better life for themselves and their families.

The funny thing is that my family background includes everything from English aristocracy, to Scottish brigands, with a smattering of the Welsh and Irish, through to a very old Italian family that won our coat of arms during the crusades, (Those particular ancestors were artist and musicians, as indicated by said coat of arms, which included two daffodils (Roses) and a rampant duck (Swan)… or at least that’s how I describe it   :grin:  ).

But I digress   :shock:

So why am I telling you all this?

Because the part of London that we called home in the 195o’s, was a melting pot, with every nationality imaginable, and what I learnt during that time, was that there are good and bad in all races, which has only been reinforced throughout my life since.

We even had the Polish/Jewish Dr involved in the QB VII court case, Dr Dering, as our family doctor, who despite the claims against him, was a truly decent man and a brilliant doctor, who we watched deteriorate through the court case, which eventually killed him   :sad:

I’ve known good and bad Muslims, Jews, Germans, South Africans, Italians, Asians, Japanese, Croatians Americans, Enlish and yes, even Australians   :shock:

But in my experience, the vast majority of all nationalities are essentially just like us; people who just want to live in peace, and make a good life for themselves and their families.

IMHO we should all “Treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves!”

And everyone deserves to be treated with decency and respect, until THEY prove otherwise!

So the question is:

Reclaim Australia… From whom?






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