100 years on, and what have we learnt?

Anzac Day_TILE100 years on, and what have we learnt?

Over the last couple of days, I’ve heard people say “Have a happy ANZAC day!”, or just “happy ANZAC day!”, and it got me thinking about the true meaning of ANZAC day, and I’m sure that those people meant no disrespect to the memory of the ANZACS, as I mean no disrespect in these musings, but just wonder what those people are truly thinking about and are they;

  • Remembering those that suffered and/or died?
  • Remembering the sacrifices that the soldiers, sailors, airforce personel, doctors, nurses, and their families made?
  • Remembering the sheer stupidity and futility of war?
  • Remembering the millions of innocents caught up in a struggle, not of their making?
  • Remembering that war is primarily a tool of the politically ambitious?
  • Remembering that wars are started primarily as the result of lies and deceit, bigotry, racial, ethnic and/or religious  hatreds, or a combination of all of those, and not forgetting the main motivators of a hunger for power in the minds of a few, and the ultimate motivator of… GREED?
  • Or when they say “Happy” ANZAC day, are they primarily thinking about the social event?

Cos to my mind there’s little to be “Happy” about, in remembering war!

And the truth is that, (and it’s a sad admission) I’m a bit ANZAC’ed out this year, and it’s not a reflection of any disrespect for the day, or its significance, but rather as a result of all the commercialism and coverage, in the media, that’s been going on for weeks if not months, and in the sickening and ongoing rhetoric  of our politicians.

And every time I see these bloody lying politicians waxing lyrical about the sacrifices of those that went before, while actively promoting involvement in more of the same, and at the same time demonising those that are displaced as a result of  wars, started and/or exacerbated primarily as a result of their own, or their predecessors, political and personal ambitions and ideologies, I just get angry.

I also wonder what those that went before would have thought of this current situation, where the very same politicians that are standing hand on heart and declaring “Lest we forget”, are using war and the threat of war, to diminish and in some cases throw out altogether, the very freedoms that “Those that went before” fought and died to preserve?

War is not and should not be a time of happy remembrance, and for most, I’m sure that it isn’t, and although I know that the ceremonies are very solemn events, as they should be, and many do try to remember the horror and futility of war, there seems to me to be an unprecedented level of gross hypocrisy attached to the so called “remembrance” of a failed battle, and the birth of a nation that, in the current political climate, seems hell bent on repeating the mistakes of the past!

I know that we should”Never forget”, and hope we never do, but in many respects, it appears that we have!

We should always remember, revere and respect those that fought for our nation, from all wars.  That fought for our hard won freedoms, and died in the pursuit of said freedoms

We should always remember the nobility of spirit and the sacrifices of those individuals that fought and selflessly sacrificed so much, to stand against the power hungry and the tyrannical , for the sake of the innocent, and those that could not defend themselves.

We should also remember that there are times when we have to fight for our country, and what we believe to be right.

But we should also remember the implications for those innocents caught up in a war that is not of their making, and over which they have little or no control.

We should and must also remember the stupidity and futility of war.

And the question in my mind is, with all the talk of remembrance at this time;

100 years on, and what have we really learnt?

Anzac day

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We want our Labor party back!

Abbott's mini me

We want our Labor party back!

With the level of frustration around, at the direction that the ALP is taking, and the ever increasing calls for change from within the party, I thought it was time for me to add my own take on it   :shock:

And as I, like so many have been saying, since the leadership ballot, that the current leader, Bill Shorten, is not what the majority of R&F voted for, I decided to write this poem as a way to join the clarion call   :-D

Now I know that many will say that we shouldn’t criticise our own, and that we need to show a united front, to defeat the LNP, but the truth is that we are not the LNP, and unlike their supporters, we don’t just accept without question all that the party serves up.

Many are unhappy with the direction our ALP has taken over recent times, me included!   :mad:   And  I sincerely believe that it would be much better to deal with these issues now, than wait for the LNP to use all the ammunition, that the current leader and the party has handed them, to win another term!

Reading comments across the media, the overarching theme, from a majority of commenters is that there is little or no difference between the two major parties, and whether truth or perception, it needs to be addressed.

So I make no apologies in saying, for the sake of our country, our futures and the party, we need change, and we need it NOW…

We want our Labor party back


We want our Labor party back

From the right wing interlopers

They’ve infiltrated  branches

To install their own… no-hopers

Professional politicians

Moving too far to the right

And now the rank and file are pissed

And spoiling for a fight


We had our proud traditions

Progressives one and all

Till the factions flexed their muscles

And the leaders dropped the ball

We used to be the party

That supports the working classes

But now it seems we support the dreams

Of a bunch of right wing arses


Like the traitorous “Richo” Richardson

Who to Murdoch, sold his soul

And the mendacious Ferguson brothers

Who should fall… into a hole

There’s so many I could mention

But it’s plain for all to see

That the way that Labor’s going

They could join the LNP


There’s the baggage man Bill shorten

Who the members don’t endorse

But who won the tainted ballot

Supported by the right… of course

Though his actions through the leaders spills

Reveal a shady past

He’s now the only party leader

Who won by coming… last


And with his “Team Orstraya” moments

And “Me too”, mentality

We have lost our grass roots focus

And our clear identity

For the sake of corporate governance

And the Dollar’s siren song

And the rank and file are screaming

The party’s direction, is all wrong


As self serving machinations

Are the order of the day

When they used to be primarily

The coalitions way

With Labor seen by many as

The epitome of greed

When the truth is very simple

We’ve been sadly…  L N Peed


In NSW the factional right

Has sullied Labor’s brand

With ALP and Liberal crooks

All working hand in hand

While cheating and corruption

From the Libs is just expected

But with 4-1 against them

It’s still Labor that’s rejected


With Ed Obeid the poster boy

For all that’s wrong with Labor

While the Murdoch’s rabid MSM

Ignore his Liberal neighbour

Who’s every bit as crooked

With a few more Libs in tow

But all you hear from the MSM is

“Labor’s corruption show.”


But the problem isn’t Murdoch

Or his lying News Corpse mob

Or the Mendacious Mob of Miscreants

Who Just aren’t up to the job

And it isn’t those who’ve left the fold

For corporate reward

It’s the right wing plants that live within

That must be… put to the sword


So all you rank and filers

Lift your voices up as one

And tell the right wing factions

That their time is all but done

That a wave of change is coming

And to fight it is just barmy

Cos you’ll end up like old King Canute

Trying to hold back… the tsunami




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Reclaim Australia… From whom?

Reclaim Australia… From whom?Reclaim-Banner-300x300

I’d like to tell you all a short story about my childhood.

When I was a kid in London, there was lots of talk of racism, and at one stage I was accused of it myself   :shock:

Now I started school, at the age of three, as my mum was pregnant with my little sister (who later died, at the ripe old age of six months, from  whooping cough and pneumonia…   :cry:   )

My mum was very sick, with the pregnancy, and spent months in hospital prior to giving birth, and so I just had to go to school, as there was no other option   :sad:

So off I went, to Findsbury Park, Montem Street Primary School, where at the time there were some 28 nationalities attending said school, around half of whom could not speak English   :shock:

Now I was very much a loner at school, and only found one boy that I called friend, and his name was… Photius Themostoclious ( I’m not sure if the spelling is right), a good Greek boy from  mainland Greece.

I clarify  that point, cos at the time, in our school, there was a lot of issues with Greek and Turkish Cypriots (Greeks and Turks from the island of Cyprus) who were the cause of lots of trouble.

Now Photius and I were on the outer with the other kids, cos we were always top of the class, reasonably big for our age, and kept to ourselves, playing in our group of… Just two  :shock:

One particular day we were in the playground, playing “Scuba divers”, which was a bit odd (at least for me, as I couldn’t swim, and had a real fear of water   :shock:   ), but there we were in the playground, being “Scuba Divers”, when we noticed about 20 kids milling around in a partially hidden corner of the playground   :?:

So we decided to go and see what was going on.   :wink:

To our annoyance, there were all these Cypriot boys, picking on one little English kid   :shock:   so Photius and I went in and broke it up , freed the little English kid, and then went back to our game of Scuba Divers, thinking no more about it   :grin:

A little while later, we were called up to the Head Masters office, (A certain Mr Fish) and threatened with the cane, for picking on the Greek kids… WTF?

The upshot being that at the age of  around 7, one English kid (With a European last name, and one Greek kid were accused of being racist for picking on around 20 Greek boys.   :roll:

Luckily my Mum worked at the school at that time, and quickly told Mr Fish what he could do with his accusations and his cane!   :shock:

And that was my introduction to racism and injustice.

So we were told that we were naughty naughty boys, and not to pick on 20 greek kids again!

Now to be fair to the aforementioned Mr Fish, he was only responding to numerous complaints from the Cypriot kids parents without any knowledge of what really happened!

The truth is that the bullying and intolerance shown by those Cypriot kids came not from them, but from the racist attitudes of their parents, who were in the UK not to become assimilated into British society, but primarily to take advantage of the NHS, via a loophole in the immigration policy.   :sad:

Another example was the barber that my mum used to take me to, was taken over by a Muslim, and when she took me there for a haircut, the first thing he said to her was  “You hate me… Don’t you?”   :shock:   Somewhat taken aback, my mum replied,   “I don’t even know you!”  RCA

Now the majority of said Cypriots were Muslims, and arrived with a huge chip on their shoulders, but although many judged all people from Cyprus and Muslims according to the few that were seen as racist and and nasty people, there were many more that never caused any problems, just wanted to assimilate, and have a better life for themselves and their families.

The funny thing is that my family background includes everything from English aristocracy, to Scottish brigands, with a smattering of the Welsh and Irish, through to a very old Italian family that won our coat of arms during the crusades, (Those particular ancestors were artist and musicians, as indicated by said coat of arms, which included two daffodils (Roses) and a rampant duck (Swan)… or at least that’s how I describe it   :grin:  ).

But I digress   :shock:

So why am I telling you all this?

Because the part of London that we called home in the 195o’s, was a melting pot, with every nationality imaginable, and what I learnt during that time, was that there are good and bad in all races, which has only been reinforced throughout my life since.

We even had the Polish/Jewish Dr involved in the QB VII court case, Dr Dering, as our family doctor, who despite the claims against him, was a truly decent man and a brilliant doctor, who we watched deteriorate through the court case, which eventually killed him   :sad:

I’ve known good and bad Muslims, Jews, Germans, South Africans, Italians, Asians, Japanese, Croatians Americans, Enlish and yes, even Australians   :shock:

But in my experience, the vast majority of all nationalities are essentially just like us; people who just want to live in peace, and make a good life for themselves and their families.

IMHO we should all “Treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves!”

And everyone deserves to be treated with decency and respect, until THEY prove otherwise!

So the question is:

Reclaim Australia… From whom?






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The NSW election…

The NSW election…Abbott and Baird+

With just one day to go, till the punters of NSW go to vote, I thought I should post my take on this critical time in NSW and Australian politics.

Victoria, SA and QLD all screamed a resounding NO to state LNP’ers, and Abbott’s mendacious mob of miscreants, and QLD in particular completely rejected an almost identical policy direction to that currently being proposed by the smiling assassin Mike Baird, which shows complete contempt for the truth, and  what his policies mean for the people of NSW.

He is just another LNP’er who wants to piss our future up the crumbling wall of NeoLiberalism, with complete disregard for the people of his state, and the wider community that is Australia.

So with just 1 day to go here’s the NSW election campaign and election in verse   :shock:

The NSW election…


The NSW election’s on

With all the usual spin

About the Liberals selloff con

While Murdoch says they’ll win

Mike Baird says that it’s just a lease

Lasting for a century

But lies and spin will never cease

From the mendacious LNP


They say the lease of poles and wires

Will result in cheaper bills

But the LNP is full of liars

They treat us all like dills

They tried to fudge their own report

Which could bite them on the arse

Cos all the smarter people know

This policy’s a farce


They’ve promised billions spent on roads

To end the traffic woes

But decentralisation eases loads

As everybody knows

With public transport a priority

And a first class NBN

The corporate masters of the LNP

Can be put back in their pen


Cos we’ve left the 20th century

And to the future should be led

But if left up to the LNP

Our future’s all but dead

Plan A’s the only plan they’ve got

And it isn’t a good plan

And if they win, they’ll sell the lot

And flush us down the pan


Ignoring facts and experts

Is the best the Libs can do

Cos for Liberals, thinking really hurts

And they’re full of cattle poo

And Baird is no exception

He is Tony Abbott’s mate

So lets force a big correction

And kick Michael in the date


Say NO to privatisation

You can only sell things once

And this policy constipation

Proves that Baird’s a right wing dunce

A man of tunnel vision

And rabid ideology

Who deserves our firm derision

As does all the LNP


But Luke Foley is a decent man

Of deep integrity

And both are traits you’ll never find

In the lying LNP

Their policies foster corruptions seed

Whilst they’re living in the past

So say NO to Murdoch, and corporate greed

And put the LNP’ers LAST



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Will NSW prove as smart as QLD?

Will NSW be as smart as QLD?Abbott and Baird+

Why is Mike Baird the current Premier?   :?:

Well for starters it’s little to do with skill, ability or talent; he’s there because Bazza Ofazza, along with at least 10 of his LNP mates, got caught up in the ICAC enquiry touted by the LNP’ers as the big Labor corruption exposé.   :shock:   which caught 3 Labor figures.

So with a ratio of close to 4-1 in favour of the LNP’ers (and not in a good way   :shock:   ), and counting, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the LNP are in it up to their scrawny, dishonest bloody necks.

And from the latest evidence of Baird’s office being  heavily involved in fudging the  official report into the selloff/lease of the poles and wires in NSW. at the very least there’s a cloud of corruption hanging over Baird’s head too   :shock:


And then, there’s also the small issue of the 1 billion $’s that he lost as treasurer from the NSW coffers, conveniently, it would seem, to make the states financial situation look worse than it was   :shock:   Accident?   Incompetence?   Dishonesty?… You decide!   :?:

Whatever the reason for the stuff up, as a good friend of the most dishonest, discredited and incompetent PM this country has ever seen, and obviously a graduate of the Hockey school of economics   :roll:   one can only conclude that he’s there as Premier only because he’s the best (of a very bad bunch) that they can come up with!   :shock:

So what is he offering, other than his smile?

In QLD, Newman only had Plan A, to sell/lease public assets.

In NSW, Baird only has Plan A, to sell/lease public assets

Newman was lauded and called a friend by Abbott.

Baird is still being lauded and called friend by Abbott.

Newman jumped on the Abbott’s plan for Asset “Recycling”

Baird jumped on Abbott’s asset “recycling.

Newman wanted to spend the money to support mining corporations and LNP corporate donors and self serving infrastructure, as opposed to the infrastructure that the state really needed.

Baird wants to spend the money raised to support LNP corporate donors, and corporate owned Toll roads etc.   Foregoing nearly 2 billion $’s a year in revenue, for the sake of  around 20 billion $’s of quick money, meaning that he’s handing around 180 billion $’s to the successful tenderers (Corporate mates   :shock:   ) over the term of the 99 year lease, on todays figures.   :shock:

So people of NSW, the questions you have to ask yourselves prior to the state election are (in no particular order);

  • Can you trust a man that can conveniently lose 1 billion $’s of your money for purely  political reasons?
  • Can you trust a man that is such a good “Friend” of Tony Abbott, a proven LIAR and incompetent?
  • Can you believe or trust a man who’s office tried to lie to you about their own, report into privatisation?
  • Does the leader of a party, over represented by corrupt and dishonest members, deserve to be supported because he is perceived as a nice guy with a disarming smile?
  • Do you really want to hand the future of your electricity bills, along with at least 180 billion $’s of future revenue, to Baird’s and Abbott’s corporate donor mates?
  • Do you really think that Murdoch’s LTD News and Fairfax have the best interests of the state, or in fact anything but their own gross self interest at heart?
  • Will NSW prove as smart as QLD???


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Government by lies, spin and blackmail… WTF?

Abbott 1+Government by lies, spin and blackmail… WTF?

What is it with LNP’ers, that when their lies and spin fail, they resort to the most basic of corrupt and criminal behaviour… Blackmail?

The fact is that Abbott has been using the most despicable style of political thuggery/criminality since  his  LOTO days , when his foundation strategy was to simply lie and bully his way into government, saying and doing anything and everything to fool the people into voting for his Lying Nut-job Party.   :shock:   And he was relatively successful, right up until he had to do the job he lied his way into, at which point it became blatantly clear that he had no idea WTF he was doing.   :shock:

And the upshot being that we’ve had 18 months of lies, spin, blame and gross incompetence… Pretty much everything he accused Labor of, and the opposite of what he promised his LNP government would be!   :shock:

But I digress   :wink:

At this point, I have to admit that even I with my low expectations of this mendacious mob of miscreants, was somewhat (Somewhat   :wink:   ) surprised by the advent of  the blatant attempts at blackmail undertaken by both state and federal LNP’ers!

{For those that have noticed that I have been, for some time now,  referring to Abbott’s mob as “LNP’ers”, the reason is simply to identify those that are pissing our country and our futures down their rabid right wing sewage system.   :shock:   }

But I digress… Again   :shock:

Anyway, it seemed to come to the fore with Campbell Newman, and his efforts to win , what was for him, the un-winable election , telling voters that even if the LNP won, they would only get the promised “local spending”, if the local member was re-elected too! … WTF?   :shock:

The funny thing is that I heard a similar line from a NSW state MP just yeserday morning, regarding major infrastructure promises made in the election campaign.   :shock:

Barely veiled blackmail?… Extortion?…   Mmmm   :?:

It raised its ugly head, and  became an issue in the federal sphere, when Snott Morriscum decided to use children in detention as a bargaining  chip (blackmail),  to push his reintroduction of TPV’s  through the senate, along with unprecedented power to the minister for immigration and border protection.   :shock:   :twisted:

But despite the public outrage, the senate bowed to the blackmail, and passed the legislation   :mad:

Then we had the “Intergenerational report”, a report that  is supposed to be “Independent”, but held onto by Hockey, until he could turn it into a political document  full of his lies, spin and fudged figures, designed primarily to blackmail the cross benches, and anyone else stupid enough to fall for it, into passing his failed budget measures.   WTF   :?:

We currently have Mike Baird, trying to claim the moral high ground on the issue of asset “Leasing”, (as a result of Abbott’s efforts to blackmail the states into selling off assets in return for extra funding for roads… The infrastructure of the 19-20th century; the LNP call it “Asset recycling”   :shock:   ), by trying to rewrite history, telling voters that prices will go down as a result of said leasing/sell off, when the evidence clearly shows to the contrary.   :twisted:

And now we have seen the farcical situation of Pyne trying to blackmail the senate into voting for his failed “Higher Education” legislation by promising that around 1800 scientists jobs would be at risk if his legislation is not passed   :shock:   , and then performing the now familiar (Almost compulsory) LNP backflip, with pike!   :roll:

The problem for Australia is that not only do we now have a PM that is regarded around the world, as a laughingstock, but we have a government whose;

  • stocks have plummeted, to a point where they may and should never recover.
  • credibility is shot.
  • political and fiscal capital is spent.
  • vision and policy direction are nothing more than a bad joke.
  • record in government is one of stupidity, lies and backflips.
  • ideologies have so blinded them to the realities of life, for the vast majority of Australians, that to say they’re “out of touch” is a gross understatement.
  • only fallback position (plan B), is to blame everyone else for their failings, and accuse the ALP of doing all the things that they themselves are guilty of (right wing projection).

So in conclusion, when I first labeled this “government” (and I use the term very loosely) a “Mendacious Mob of Miscreants”, I thought that I was using the word “Mob” as a purely generic term for group, with some sinister undertones,  :wink:   but now it has become clear that “The Mob” is the  business model the LNP have adopted for running the joint, and what we have is;

Government by lies, spin and blackmail… WTF?





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