Failings of the current Union/ALP affiliation arrangements.

  Failings of the current Union/ALP affiliation arrangements. By guest author

Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

John B.

Well truth seekers, I have decided to make an exception to my usual policy of TSM being purely restricted to my musings/ramblings, for the sake of reproducing a comment/article posted by one of our valued commenters John B, who has, by his in-depth comments, and thoughtful, intelligent  and insightful approach, added greatly to our understanding of the workings, and need for reform, of the ALP.

I decided to post this, as I thought it was worthy of serious consideration and discussion, and to coincide with the ALP National Conference, held this coming weekend.

I would encourage all to read and share this article, and add your thoughts/comments   :-)

Failings of the current Union/ALP affiliation arrangements. By John B.


Current ‘whole of Union’/ALP affiliation arrangements have proved problematic and unproductive for the ALP.

While union affiliation fees provide a steady income for the ALP, it has failed to extend ALP reach into the unaffiliated ‘other half’ (900,000 members) of the broader union movement.
It has also inadequately encouraged or achieved inclusive democratic participation of union R&F membership in ALP affairs, or increased R&F ALP membership.
The current arrangement has fundamental design flaws, which in conjunction with greatly diminished union membership over recent decades has undesirably further distanced R&F from involvement in ALP governance – it has provided few progressive benefits to the ALP.
Regulatory inadequacies in Union and ALP rules are exploited by self serving manipulative factions to effectively acquire and retain control of ALP governance –factions who through collusion actively resist disempowerment by opposing and voting down any meaningful democratising reform.

Long term adverse outcomes for the ALP are a consequence of inherent flaws in current affiliation arrangements. Contributing deficiencies are:-

a) – it rewards Union management for misrepresentation/manipulation of union membership numbers (provides increased conference representation, assists appointment of their preferred party officers); Refer recent revelations from TURC re TWU membership audit. (Table on Page 1152)

b) – ALP financially benefits from inflated union membership claims – more union members= more affiliation fees received. This presents a conflict of interest to the ALP – both the governor and administrator of the scheme;

c) – it provides no incentive for Union execs to promote or recruit ALP membership from union rank and file;

d) – it enables, and has resulted in, union management effectively isolating/excluding union R&F from ALP governance conferences;

e) – it provides no incentive to eradicate unfair/undemocratic rules/practices from impacting ALP peak governance conferences – in fact, ineffective and ‘loose’ rules are guarded from reform by groups and factions that advantage from such rule deficiencies;

National Platform /Constitution Ch 12, Pt C Sect 10:
“Subject to rule 10(b), it shall be the right of each union to determine the criteria and procedures for selection of its delegates, subject to those delegates being financial members of that union and of the Party”
The above regulation is completely inadequate to ensure proper democratic process is practised in the governance of either Union or ALP – Union rules vary, but generally there is no proper nomination, election process, specified term of office, right of tenure, or expulsion procedure specified;

f) – it constitutes a financial disincentive for unions to affiliate with the ALP;

g) – it provides no effective proper democratic barrier to restrict strategic         collaboration/collusion of factionally aligned union execs in the appointment of state conference delegates. Factions thus effectively control the conference floor so as to thwart policy/rule reforms that may diminish their control;

h) –it has effectively created a division in the union movement;
there are two classes of union members in respect to ALP governance – affiliated unionists are allocated delegates to conference – non affiliated unionists have no access to ALP conference, and no way under the rules to achieve any representation at conference should their Union executive unilaterally choose not to affiliate with the ALP.
This group constitutes approx 900,000 unionists (statistically [2013 Fed. Election] 300,000 primary ALP voting unionists) effectively shut out of participation in ALP affairs through unilateral action of union executives– actions usually beyond those individuals control.

Affiliation has been abused by factional power-brokers and exploited by ambitious careerist union officials. It has demonstrably failed to recruit union members to the ALP, and is grossly undemocratic for the R&F of both unions and the ALP;
– it has been cleverly and shrewdly used to empower self-interested factions to effectively exclude ‘unfavoured’ R&F from participation in ALP governance;
– it has stymied party modernisation and delayed progressive reforms so urgently needed to embrace available new technologies for delivery of meaningful R&F inclusivity.

I am aware that many unions volunteer/donate support in many other forms during elections and at other times, but I’m not convinced the degree of that cooperation would change if present affiliation arrangements were replaced with the proposed arrangement (see proposal below).
The industrial and political arms of the Labor movement have much in common – they are interdependent in advancing the common cause of fairer more equitable wealth distribution.
The closer and more successfully they work together, the more powerful is the whole Labor movement.
The ALP needs deeper more inclusive and positive connections with the broad R&F membership base of all 1.8 million unionists in Australia and to utilise that connection to attract a larger political membership base.

This above critique has not been composed lightly – there is little point criticising without proposing a practical more productive alternative arrangement.
The proposed framework redefining ALP/union interaction and cooperation will not be favoured by those currently enjoying the control delivered by the current compromised (easily manipulated) affiliation arrangements. In association with other democratising reforms, it will deliver a healthier Union/ALP relationship and set the scene for substantial growth in ALP membership.

Framework and Benefits of Proposed Model:

( to replace the current affiliation arrangement)

Following is the framework of the proposed arrangement devised to replace the existing decaying and dysfunctional ALP/Union affiliation agreement with a broader, fairer, more robust and open ‘special’ membership system.

  1. The ALP should progressively replace current ‘affiliation’ arrangements with a system based on individual ALP membership.
  2. Abandon/phase out ‘whole of union’ ALP affiliation currently managed/implemented at union executive level.
  3. Calculate quota of delegate positions to State Conference using similar method as to that applied to currently affiliated unions, except that only ALP members who are also financial members of that particular Union are counted towards that quota.
  4. ALP and Union financial membership data records should be linked insomuch as required for each party to validate/cross-check an individual’s ALP/Union membership status.
  5. Union executives would now have real incentive to encourage union R&F members of their union to join the ALP – so to provide their union with maximum delegate representation at conference.
    Traditionally ‘non affiliated’ unions, who currently insist on distancing themselves from the ALP can continue as they are; except that if the union’s executive decline their right to claim delegate representation to conference, that unaffiliated unions R&F members who have joined the ALP can claim pro rata representation at State Annual Conference under a ‘generic’ trade union grouping created especially for that purpose.
  6. ALP membership should be offered to unionists at a special discount rate.
    Suggest $1.00 per week ($52p.a.)
  7. Current affiliated Unions can choose to retain current ALP affiliation fees formally remitted to the ALP under the ‘old system’ ($500*1%=$5 p.a. per union member) as incentive/compensation to assuage administrative costs of implementing the proposed system.
    ALP membership fee collection should continue to be controlled and managed by State ALP via auto payroll deductions etc.
  8. Provides an est. 900,000 current unaffiliated union members potential representation at ALP conference – a reason to join the ALP; an opportunity to have a say in determining policy and priorities of the Labor movement.
  9. Remediates a long standing neglected discrimination issue whereby ALP rules effectively prevent 900,000 non-affiliated R&F unionists from gaining equivalent ‘union’ representation on Annual State Conference – even though they may be ALP members. They are currently in effect a lower class of unionist in the eyes of the ALP due to the fact their union executive has unilaterally decided not to affiliate with the ALP.
  10. ALP membership now drawn from all 1.8 million union R&F members – assists generational change through accessing a fresh group of 900,000 working age union members.
  11. ALP/Unions should implement revised arrangements over a 12 month transition period to ensure smooth uninterrupted flow of finance and industrial/political governance operation.
  12. ALP rules should be further reformed to democratise and enhance participation/inclusion of R&F membership in relevant current/real-time union/ALP governance matters and surveys.
  13. To ‘road-test’ the concept (to re-assure the doubting Thomases):
    Following development of a suitable tailored membership benefits package, specially designed to be attractive and inclusive to all union members, perhaps members of unaffiliated unions should be the first offered the revised more attractive ALP membership.
    Keep in mind a basic marketing strategy – give them a reason to join the ALP !!!
  14. The future – open to expansion into other diverse areas from which further ALP membership may be drawn – the sky’s the limit;
    g. The proposed arrangement for ‘special’ ALP membership could be extended to individual members of other ’registered/regulated’ non profit organisations and cooperatives who seek input to ALP political policy formulation. Including groups of the population who presently have no political voice provides a broadening of the base of the ALP, and creates a new source of membership and supporters.
  15. Financial projections:
    Refer excel spreadsheet.
    A ‘what if’ guide only, based on best estimations from publicly available relevant information.

The spreadsheet was arranged as below to calculate a ‘dollar benefit’ comparison/analysis of the current system of union affiliation vs the proposed personal ‘special’ ALP membership system.


Notes on the Spreadsheet calculations:

While conducting research to design this proposal, it became evident that Union/ALP affiliation financial arrangements are played ‘close to the chest’ by both unions and the ALP.

As no ‘actual’ account figures were available, to determine the total income the present union affiliation arrangements return to the ALP, it was necessary to apply ‘educated estimates’ as input data

Some approximate figures were extracted from published audited Union financial accounts via the web. I consider Union financial account entries provide a reasonably reliable basis for the estimation of the rate at which the ALP levies unions as affiliation fees.
When the amount of affiliation fees paid out are co-related to each Union’s declared financial membership base, it indicates that an amount of approximately 1% of collected union membership fees is remitted as an ‘affiliation fee’ to the ALP.

An average union membership fee of $520 per annum was utilised (as published in an ACTU Union information pamphlet , “How much does union membership cost?” ).

The average affiliation fee forwarded to the ALP was simply calculated as 1% x $520pa x number of affiliated members.

ABS figures indicate there are 1.8 million unionists in Australia.
It is generally accepted (though I have been unable to locate supporting data) that about 50% of Australian unions are affiliated with the ALP.

The above numbers were entered on the spreadsheet to perform basic calculations to establish the financial feasibility of replacing the current ‘whole of union’ affiliation system with this proposed individual unionist ‘special’ ALP membership arrangement.


The results to be very promising, as can be seen from the spreadsheet projections – of course these figures are based on estimates and approximations.

However it clearly illustrates the financial viability of the concept.

Those ’in the know’ with access to real data can insert properly verified numbers to perform a ‘real life’ practical comparison/evaluation.


In Conclusion:

Almost everybody recognises that the present affiliation arrangement, despite its many shortcomings, provides reliable, essential and much needed income for the ALP.
Any move to change/reform the current system will not only face predictable stiff opposition from those factions empowered through it, but from many whose opposition is financially motivated – those concerned to ensure this reliable source of income for the party is not jeopardised.

I want not only for the ALP to retain this important income source, but to grow it – and also to strengthen the relationship with unions and unionists. Furthermore I consider this proposal represents a better way to achieve that income, with the added advantage of potentially significantly increasing ALP R&F membership while retaining and extending cooperative arrangements with the entire trade union movement.

It creates a broader, healthier relationship with unions in that all R&F union members are treated as equals in the eyes of the ALP, irrespective of the factional/political stance of union executives.
All Union execs under this proposed system would have a vested interest in becoming active recruiters for ALP membership – the more members they enrol, the more say they get in ALP governance.
Conference representation strength to be allotted using ALP (financial) membership data, that is cross checked with union (financial) membership data.
It would serve the interests of both the unions and the ALP to enrol as many ALP members as possible from within all Australian unions.

The integrity of membership records is enhanced by the maintenance of a cross referenced Union/ALP database – enabling the establishment of a secure web-based personal access ALP login facility.
It removes the ALP’s obvious conflict of interest, the ‘reward for deception’ that is inherent in the current system – where the ALP receive additional income resulting from union membership numbers that have been fraudulently inflated for the purpose of unfairly gaining additional delegates at conference.

Changes must be made to the existing system, as it is clearly not working in the interests of the greater Labor movement.
It has resulted in the ALP falling under the control of self serving factional groups who have contrived ways to ‘game the system’, using regulatory inadequacies to their advantage.
Union R&F numbers have been falling steeply for the last 40 years (union membership rate down from 48% to 17% of eligible employees), growth in ALP R&F membership has stagnated.
ALP Membership is not increasing – even with the worst government ever in Canberra tearing away at every aspect of our living and working conditions there has been no significant increase in membership.

Graph 2

How far does union membership have to drop before the ALP look seriously at their 50-50 relationship with affiliated unions ? Is it 10%, or perhaps 5%?



It soon becomes an almost ludicrous discussion.

ALP membership rate amongst unionists is appallingly low, especially considering unions are an integral part of Australia’s Labor movement. Even if every ALP member was also a union member, it would represent 2.2% ALP membership rate amongst unionists.
This proposal goes some way to addressing the long ignored R&F disconnection with the ALP.

I commend this proposal to all ALP members for consideration and comment.  



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Well Tones, you set the precedent!

Well Tones, you set the precedent!idiot boy

With the TURC dominating the headlines, as Shorten faces the blatantly outrageous Stoljar searching in vain for the smoking gun, to fulfil the LNP’ers brief of union and Labor bashing, the question is:

“Should  a future ALP government adopt the Abbott model for political opponent bashing, seeing as how the precedent has now been set”?

Well I for one say a resounding yes   :shock:   , as I sincerely believe it would be in the public interest to do so.   :wink:

The truth is that at a time when the LNP have been telling us that the sick, disabled, elderly, disadvantaged, young, unemployed and basically all from the lower Socio-Econ0mic demographic, have to tighten their belts, so that the mega rich can continue to receive huge subsidies, and they can pat themselves on their collective backs for achieving   “welfare sustainability”, and  some mythical surplus , they are throwing tens of millions of tax payers dollars at blatant political witch hunts, under the barely veiled guise of Royal Commissions.   :twisted:

So what should the ALP  do?   :?:

Well ideally, IMHO a federal ICAC would be the place to start, but I think that they should at least set up an  RC into political donations, with terms of reference written by the ALP, and covering such areas as:

  • Trust funds, such as Abbott’s own “Australians for honest politics” fund
  • Money laundering
  • Cash for access, as per “Treasurer for sale”
  • Entities like Joe Hockey’s Millennium Forum
  • Party fund raising events held in the speakers chambers
  • Mafia links in funding

An RC into travel and living away from home allowance rorting, with terms of reference including:

  • claiming expenses for private functions like weddings of friends, relatives and colleagues.
  • Charity bike rides and other similar public events
  • Claiming a living away from home allowance for staying in a family owned home.
  • Overseas and interstate junkets that coincide with the timing of major sporting, social and/or cultural events, that require no official representation

An RC into the unholy alliance between multi national corporations and  think tanks in the formulation of public policy, with terms of reference including:

  • The level of overseas influence exerted by such groups as the IPA
  • How much LNP policy is determined by multi national self interest

An RC into the media, with terms of reference including:

  • Recommendations for mandatory  accountability for false and misleading reporting, including headline for headline corrections and apologies
  • Ownership rules and responsibilities
  • Consequences for blatant bias based on self interest
  • Recommendations for changes to a Canadian style ‘truth in media’ legislation.

Now I know that some will say I’ve gone a bit over the top   :shock:   but in my humble opinion… The more the merrier, and all I have to say to the LNP’ers is;

Well Tones, you set the precedent!   :razz:

What other RC’s would you like to see Labor announce… If any?

Austrlias debt

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Said the Abbott to the ABC…

Said the Abbott to the ABC…Abbott's ABC+

With the QandA-gate dragging on longer than “War and Peace”, and the entire cabinet being banned from appearing on said show, which most agree, will only increase (possibly double) the collective IQ of the panel, I thought it only fitting that it should get the “Said the Abbott… ”  treatment   :-D

So here it is   :shock:

Said the Abbott to the ABC


Said the Abbott to the ABC

You’ve really done your dash

If you can’t tow my party line

I’ll cut more from your cash

With your bloody lefty lynch mob

And convicted terrorist

Who’s side are you on anyway

I’m acting really pissed


How dare you think that free speech

Is there for you to claim

To give an open forum

For anyone that’s game

And “The Truth” is not a plaything

For the ABC to use

It’s only there for the LNP

To openly abuse!


But this is not about me,

It’s about your lefty mob

And how I don’t think you can claim

You’re doing a good job

We’re spending Aussie billions

To keep the baddies out

With Sovereign Borders and Border Force

To give us lots of clout


But giving voice to all and sundry

Only denigrates

Our efforts to maintain the fear

And aid our corporate mates

Like Rupert with his headlines

And radio… shock jocks

While Q and A, and the ABC

Support the lefty cocks


We just can’t get a word in

So a boycott’s what we’ll do

To make it really “Crystal Clear”

Who’s full of cattle poo

And Bananaby said that fascists

Could get invites for the show

And we can’t have that, so I’ve ordered

All my ministers not to go… Er???

O_o   o_O

Said Mark Scott, to the Abbott

We don’t live in North Korea

And we’re not required to regurgitate

Your verbal diarrhoea

We’ve a legislative mandate

For an independent stance

And not to take directions

From a man in Speedo pants


Said the people to the Abbott

We know what you’re about

A pugilist, misogynist

A bully… and a lout

You say you will protect us

Stop the terrorists getting in

But we know you’re full of naught but lies

And rabid right wing spin


You think that we’re all stupid

Fully lacking brains and class

But a majority of Aussies know

You’re talking through your arse

And when you say you want Australian

Sole citizenship rejected

The truth is that your “sole” concern

Is getting re-elected


So stop your lying, threatening ways

Cos it’s not your ABC

And not the propaganda arm

Of your rabid LNP

So keep your grubby mitts off

Cos the ABC’s just fine

And stick your  extremist right wing views

Where the sun don’t bloody well shine!


Abbott Bummer jacket1


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Border Force… WTF?

Border Force… WTF?

Piecer Mutton, minister for Zombies and the Border Force!

Piecer Mutton, minister for Zombies and the Border Force!

When I heard the name “Border Force”, coming out of the TV, my first thought was B grade 70’s TV show.   :roll:

Then I saw the “Black is the new brown” shirt, corporate uniform, and immediately realised this was not just a bad joke, but Abbott playing Rambo again!   :mad:

Now emotionally, I want to just punch his lights out, whilst telling him to bloody well GROW UP!   But the rational side of me wants to ask WTF are you doing, you dickhead?   :?:

I mean really!    Is scaring old ladies and firing up the redneck contingent the best he’s got?

The truth is, we have the Army, we have the Airforce, we have the Navy, we have the AFP and state police forces, we have ASIO and Customs… WTF do we need another “FORCE” for?   O_o   :?   o_O

The border Force   :shock:   God help us   :mad:

The border Force… God help us! 

And when we have been told over and over, that we (The poor, the disabled, the pensioners, the unemployed the sick, the students, the homeless and dispossessed)  have to tighten our collective belts, cos of Abbott and Hockey’s confected “Budget Emergency”, I don’t understand how we have suddenly found millions to finance another of Abbott’s muscle flexing thought bubble/brain farts?   :mad:

Then whilst still seething over this gross stupidity, George Braindead’s and Pissy Cryin’s stupidity, not to mention Abbott and Julie Bitch-chops misleading… pretty much everyone… on everything   :shock:    and the news that they are now considering secret court hearings to provide phone taps, search warrants etc, we had Bananaby Juice, on insiders, pontificating over his reasons for accepting a place on QandA whilst claiming that they, the ABC have seen the error of their ways, which was just as well, as the next step would be fascists on the show… W…T…F…   :?:   :shock:    Hello!images

Bananaby, that ship has already sailed and sunk on the back of Wilson, Ciobo and a plethora of other IPA and LNP, rabid right wing nut-jobs, and you were planning to be there on Monday night.   :roll:

But then we heard that Abbott had pulled the pin on Bananaby anyway!   :razz:    …   Fascists?… What fascists   :?:

But I digress   :roll:

Meanwhile, back at the “Border FORCE”, and the question WHY?

We are supposedly a first world country   :shock:   , and a bloody big island, a long way from most of the rest of the world, and we are being told that ISIS, with no Airforce, or Navy, and only a relatively small army, comprising a group of thugs, rapists, murderers and fanatics, based in and around Syria, are “Coming for us”   :shock:   and we need to spend millions more to protect our borders, and keep our citizenry safe???… And once more with feeling… WTF?   :mad:

The truth is that the only weapon that they have, that might threaten us, is the internet!   :roll:   And although their speeds are probably better than ours, (Who’s aren’t   :roll:   ) why not just employ a couple of teenage hackers, to block them and infect their computers with viruses?   :wink:   They could even give the hackers black uniforms… for effect!   :wink:

That would then presumably free up millions of dollars, so that:

  • People with real disabilities could access the DSP, instead of languishing on Newstart, for around $100.00 less a fortnight, and having to spend money they don’t have, going for interviews for jobs that aren’t available, and they’d never get even if they were available, cos they’re not capable due to their disability!   Grrrr   :mad:
  • Pensioners would not need to be threatened with cuts to their meagre pittance!   :sad:
  • Jobs could be created for the young and long term unemployed by investing in such radical ideas as renewables, and the new innovation, science and technology jobs of the 21st century.   :shock:
  • AVO’s can be enforced, and the hundreds, if not thousands, of domestic violence victims, each year, can get support from more emergency accommodation, and better police protection!   :mad:

So IMHO, the only new “FORCE”  that we need is some “body” that could “FORCE”:

  • Bronnie ‘Helmet Hair’ Bitch-chops to stop trashing our democracy!   :twisted:
  • The LNP’ers to “stop the fear-mongering”!   :mad:
  • The “Government” to set the right priorities!   :shock:
  • Abbott and his Mob of Mendacious Miscreants, to TELL THE BLOODY TRUTH!   :shock:

And in conclusion…

Border Force… WTF?

Border Force 1

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Politics makes for strange bed fellows?

Politics makes for strange bed fellows?

Senators and MPs being sworn in at the Opening of the 44th Parliament at  Parliament House in Canberra.

Senators and MPs being sworn in at the Opening of the 44th Parliament at Parliament House in Canberra.

WTF is going on with politics in this once great country of ours?

Like many, I knew that Bronnie Bitch-chops would be the worst speaker this country has ever seen, but even I underestimated the depravity with which she would approach the position, and the sheer audacity with which she would display her blatant partisanship.   :twisted:

I also knew that Abbott would be the worst PM this country has ever seen, and as each week of his tenure continues, I despise him more, although I didn’t think that possible either   :shock:

It galls, that he will be entitled to the perks of being a PM, even if he only lasts one term.   :mad:

It positively sickens me to see the likes of Pyne, Morrison, Hockey, Dutton, Joyce, Ley, Turnbull, Bishop and the rest of the rabid right, occupying the front and back benches, with their self satisfied smirks, and their holier than thou attitudes, whilst doing everything they can to destroy the very fabric of a society that made us one of the great democracies of the world.   :sad:

But what I find just as galling, is the erstwhile left wing ideological nut-jobs, supporting the rabid right nut-jobs led by the most mendacious Abbott   :shock:

In the past we’ve seen the greens exercise their own hypocritical brand of ideological intransigence, that had them supporting the very outcome that they so vehemently, publicly opposed.   :mad:

There was, of course the original ETS, that the greens refused to vote for, cos it didn’t go far enough   :roll:   , and now we have… Well, nothing!

So in their gross ideological intransigence (some would say stupidity   :mad:   ), rather than opting for 20% of something that could be amended and built upon down the track, they opted for 100% of nothing   :shock:   That’s like saying, “I’m holding out for the full three course meal, and I’d rather starve to death, than eat the baked beans on toast, that’s on offer!”   :roll:        RIP greens… NOT!

Then there was the small matter of the proposed “Malaysian Solution”, which had a very good chance of stopping the deaths at sea, as well as the people smuggling trade, boosting our humanitarian intake, reducing the numbers of true asylum seekers languishing for years, in camps across the region, and being the foundation for a real and effective regional framework to deal with the issues!

So what did the greens do?Greens 1

Refused to see the sense in the possibility of the proposal for, once again, their manic Ideological intransigence, and effectively set the foundation  for what is now in place,… “Operation Sovereign  Buggerups” complete with Manus, Nauru and deals with the likes of Cambodia!   :mad:

So in both cases, in holding out for ideology, they have been instrumental in delivering policies that they are diametrically opposed to.   :shock:

And as a footnote to this issue, we now see the hypocrisy of Abbott writ large, as he asks the opposition to support law changes to foil a high court challenge to the illegality of off- shore detention, when in a very similar position WRT the Malaysian solution, he himself refused point blank to support such action   :twisted:   ( but Short-on will   :mad:   )

And now we see Richard Di Natale making a deal with Abbott, who has proved time and again, that any deals he makes are not worth the time it takes to shake hands on them   :shock:

And the question therefore is WTF was he thinking?   :?:

And the answer I would suggest is… Not bloody much!

After all, what he has agreed to, is allowing many of those partly self funded retirees, who decided to work hard, and in some cases go without, to acquire a small, dividend returning asset, to be stripped of the pittance paid to them as a part pension, and consequently forcing many to either live on an income  below the poverty threshold, or to consider liquidating their hard earned asset so as to feed themselves and pay the bills!   :twisted:

Greens 2

All the while Abbott has made it perfectly “Crystal clear” that he has no intention of even considering the recommendation that those on a large income from investing millions of dollars of their disposable income into super, should pay a nominal figure of tax on said income over and above something like $80k per annum!    :shock:

And the accusations and rhetoric from Abbott about Labor stealing you super is just plain lies, as once again he runs true to form.   :shock:

Now, as someone who has no investments, other than our home, I could be wrong, but it’s my understanding that if I had investments that paid say $100k per annum in interest, I would be required to pay tax on that, as “un-earned income”, hence the reason why you have to provide a tax file number when opening a bank account; so that interest paid on any money in the account can be subject to tax.   Now those that are earning that kind of  interest income from super, received a tax break, to stash it away in super, in the first place, and the principle of mega bucks saved, will not be touched.    But why should they get a tax break for having saved millions from their disposable incomes, only then to not be subject to paying tax on the interest paid to them, as the rest of us, who have so much less, are subject to?

I just don’t see the equity in allowing low income earners, both employed and retired, to subsidise the incomes of retired multi millionaires!   :mad:

But my ire is not only directed to the gross  hypocrisy of the greens and LNP’ers, but also Bill Short-on, as he has just agreed to support the petrol excise reintroduction… Good one Bill… NOT   :roll:

It appears to me that all he has achieved is:

  • Giving Abbott another win, and bipartisan support for, a bluff/blackmail exercise, for the sake of more LNP pork barrelling  in regional LNP marginals, whilst further hitting the cost of living, and consequently the disposable incomes of those least able to afford it, as higher fuel prices flow on throughout the wider economy, pushing up prices of everything that needs to be transported!   :mad:
  • Further blurring the lines between Labor and the LNP!   :mad:
  • And along with many other “Me Too” moments, given the sceptics further reason to again accuse Labor of being LNP light, and pointing the finger of hypocrisy squarely at them!   :mad:

And at a time when IMHO all opposition parties and independents should be withholding  support for Abbott, his fascist ambitions, and his mendacious mob of miscreants , with few exceptions they seem to be falling over themselves to find ways to support them.   :mad:



And at the risk of sounding like Abbott myself, I have just two things to say about that:

Politics makes for strange bedfellows   :mad:

And, where’s that bloody barkeep?   O_o   :?   o_O




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Who said it couldn’t get any crazier?

Who said it couldn’t get any crazier?

The world at large must think we’re raving idiots.   :mad:  idiot boy

I mean really, the joke that is this government, has taken blatant political stupidity, to heights even I never thought possible   :shock:

And with desperation oozing from every open sore and orifice of Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants, and the MSM completely ignoring the fact that they seem to have completely lost the plot, one can only assume, and hope, that we are being primed for an early election!   :roll:

I started writing this  a couple of weeks ago, inspired by Bronnies efforts in QT, and the continued political attacks on Gillian Triggs, but health problems forced me to put it on hold.   :sad:

But the truth is that in that time, it got even crazier   :shock:

Now I’ve heard it suggested that what’s happening is that while Abbott keeps throwing punches at Bill Shorten, he’s made himself such a small target that Abbott keeps missing Bill altogether, and punching himself in the head, instead!   O_o   o_O   :/

Well I have to agree, that’s how it appears   :shock:   , but I’m not sure that even that can account for the gross lies and stupidity of the last couple of weeks.   :?:

I have to say at this point, Abbott reminds me of the old joke of the Irish hijacker, who walks into the cockpit of a plane, sticks a gun to his own temple and says “Take me to Dublin, or I’ll blow my head off!”    Then, when the pilot starts laughing, the hijacker says “Don’t you laugh… You’ll be next!”   :roll:

But I digress… Somewhat   :wink:

abbott_capone_poster_by_natsa666-d4bgnxw+Now, as someone who’s watched Abbott since the early days of his career in politics, and identified him from the outset, as nothing more than a political thug, his rise to the top was at first something of a surprise   :shock:   but I have since realised, it’s nothing more than the political equivalent of  “Scum always floats to the surface”.   :shock:

Which is really a good analogy for Abbott’s tenure as PM; as like the blue green algae/scum, that clogs ponds and streams, starving them of sunlight and oxygen, and killing off the life beneath, so is Abbott and his iteration of the LNP strangling the life and stealing the oxygen out of the future of this country for the sake of blind ideology and blatant self interest.   :twisted:

And once again… I digress   :shock:

But not content with what we’ve come to recognise as normal stupidity, for the LNP’ers, now we have the ludicrous spectacle of this mob of mendacious miscreants pointing the finger of guilt directly at themselves as supporting terrorists by their apparent financing of people smugglers   :shock:

By Cathy Wilcox  SMH

By Cathy Wilcox SMH

Now from the earliest days of “Operation Sovereign Bugger-ups”, Abbott, Bishop et al have claimed ad-infinitum that  they would break the “People Smugglers” business model and “Stop the boats”!

They claimed that:

  • People smuggling was an evil trade   :evil:
  • People smugglers were supporting ISIS   :twisted:
  • Anyone paying a people smuggler, was helping to support terrorism!   :shock:

And their “public” reasoning for stopping the boats, was that it was all about the humanity of stopping the drownings at sea, which even those with half a brain knew, was clearly not their main, or even their secondary motivation. cos if that were the case, they would have at least considered the “Malaysian Solution” as a viable option… But they dismissed it out of hand on the basis of the most spurious of excuses, as we all  know!   :mad:

Well it appears now that even though they have claimed to stop the boats, they clearly haven’t, as one was sent back to Indonesia, and crashed into a reef, only last week.   :shock:      And not only was it sent back, it appears that it was sent back with the captain and crew handed wads of cash from Australian officials, with the message that they are naughty, naughty boys, and shouldn’t do it again   :shock:   :shock:

And even though initially we saw the minister for immigration, border protection and zombies, Piecer Mutton, flatly deny the allegations, followed quickly thereafter by the minister for foreign relationship stuff ups and dirty looks, Jules Bitch-chops, do the same, Abbott refused to do anything other than throw fuel on the speculation fire.   :roll:

And now the aforementioned ministers have decided that they can n0 longer maintain their previous denials, in line with Abbott’s lack of denials, on the grounds that they don’t want to give out information that may advantage our “Enemies”… WTF?   :?:   O_o


The one thing that we can be sure of though, is that despite the LNP’ers assertions that they won’t give the people smugglers an advantage by discussing “On water matters” etc, the people smugglers know a damned sight more about what’s going on, with this pathetic excuse for an Australian government and their border protection policies, than Australians do!   :shock:

And if Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants honestly believe that their refusal to answer questions is anything other than reinforcing the belief that payments were made, then they are more stupid than even I give them credit for.   :roll:

I would now encourage the Senate, if it has any guts at all, to demand that the government answer ALL relevant questions relating to this issue, and exercise the “Blackmail” precedents  set by the LNP, in refusing to even discuss, consider or vote on government legislation, until the people of Australia (Their employers) get the answers they have a right to get.   :mad:

And the questions are;

  1. Were payments made to the captain and crew of an asylum seeker boat? and if so…
  2. Exactly how much of tax payer funds have been handed over?
  3. Who knew that this was happening?
  4. Who authorised said payments?
  5. How long has this been going on?
  6. Will the ministers (Dutton, Bishop and Brandis) that originally denied that payments were made, and those that authorised such payments, be sacked and prosecuted under commonwealth laws relating to people smuggling?
  7. Why would anyone, in their right mind, believe that paying people smugglers was a good idea, and a useful tool in “Breaking their business model”, as opposed to an attractive option for “Evil criminals” to double, triple or even quadruple dip, at taxpayers expense?
  8. How can Abbott and the LNP continue to lie to the people of Australia about the alleged “success” of their border protection policies, and stopping the boats, when they have clearly not stopped, as they are still turning them back, by force or bribery?
  9. How can Abbott continue to claim that they’ve stopped the deaths at sea, as opposed to just stopped the information about how many boats have been turned, towed or bribed and sent back, making it impossible to compare numbers that have actually made it back?
  10. Who said it couldn’t get any crazier?


By Mark Knight

By Mark Knight


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Wipe the grin off Tony’s face!

Wipe the grin off Tony’s face!Abbott toilet paper

This poem was written out of sheer frustration, and inspired by a couple of things.

Firstly, I’m sick to death of seeing that sneering smirk of Abbott’s, accompanied by his blatant lies and fudged figures every time I turn on the TV   :mad:

And secondly, Biggy’s post of Toilet humour, which reminded me of a silly idea I had a few days ago   :shock:

So while “toilet humour” is pretty base, IMHO it’s exactly the kind of derision that the Abbott deserves, and besides there’s not been much to smile about of late, so I thought a bit of light relief was not only in order, but sorely needed   :grin:

And the best and most deserving object of scorn and derision, that I can think of, is Tony Abbott, Prime Moron!


Contains base, toilet humour    :shock:   



Wipe the grin off Tony’s face!


To wipe the grin off Tony’s face

Is what I’d love to do

To see him slowly sinking

In a pile of his own poo

A mess of his own making

From a defecating jerk

Who suffers mental diarrhoea

With a sneering bloody smirk


As PM there is little doubt

The Abbott’s a disgrace

With a smirk so irritating

As he lies straight to your face

Some say he’s pathological

Some think he’s just plain silly

But you couldn’t get that stupid

Playing with a second willy

O_o   o_O

I know of some who think reward

For all his mad Brain farts

Should be to put his picture up

As target for their darts

To show their level of disdain

For this national disgrace

And wipe the stupid, smirking grin

From Tony Abbott’s face


Some say he should be pilloried

For his stupid captains calls

For fairness claims they’d gladly kick him

Fairly in the balls

He’s made us all embarrassed

A worldwide laughingstock

He’s trashed Australian democracy

The raving little cock


Some think an Abbott dunny roll

Would be a bit of fun

To wipe the grin off Tony’s face

When your toilet time is done

But we’re not one Rupert Murdoch

And we have a lot more class

Than to have the Abbott’s smirking face

Placed that close to our arse


And we know that Abbott’s forte

And his area of form

Is incompetence par excellence

Where great failure is the norm

And a failure of his dunny roll

Is something you would hate

Leaving you red faced and angry

With your finger up your date


Which is really a good metaphor

For Abbott’s dopey rule

As puppet of the IPA

And Rupert Murdoch’s tool

He’ll slash and burn our services

To satisfy his donors

While attacking the poor and powerless

To give his MP’s… boners


And while aspirational voters

Who are just too dumb to think

And will never smell the Abbott rat

For the strong corruption stink

Will approve the lies and budget cuts

And so much more to come

As he takes their own self interest

And shoves it fairly…up their bum!


So heed the call and wipe the smirk

Right off the morons face

By showing him Australians think

He’s a national disgrace

And help him learn the lesson

Of the ultimate rejection

By dumping Abbott’s sorry arse

At the next federal election!



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