The NSW election…

The NSW election…Abbott and Baird+

With just one day to go, till the punters of NSW go to vote, I thought I should post my take on this critical time in NSW and Australian politics.

Victoria, SA and QLD all screamed a resounding NO to state LNP’ers, and Abbott’s mendacious mob of miscreants, and QLD in particular completely rejected an almost identical policy direction to that currently being proposed by the smiling assassin Mike Baird, which shows complete contempt for the truth, and  what his policies mean for the people of NSW.

He is just another LNP’er who wants to piss our future up the crumbling wall of NeoLiberalism, with complete disregard for the people of his state, and the wider community that is Australia.

So with just 1 day to go here’s the NSW election campaign and election in verse   :shock:

The NSW election…


The NSW election’s on

With all the usual spin

About the Liberals selloff con

While Murdoch says they’ll win

Mike Baird says that it’s just a lease

Lasting for a century

But lies and spin will never cease

From the mendacious LNP


They say the lease of poles and wires

Will result in cheaper bills

But the LNP is full of liars

They treat us all like dills

They tried to fudge their own report

Which could bite them on the arse

Cos all the smarter people know

This policy’s a farce


They’ve promised billions spent on roads

To end the traffic woes

But decentralisation eases loads

As everybody knows

With public transport a priority

And a first class NBN

The corporate masters of the LNP

Can be put back in their pen


Cos we’ve left the 20th century

And to the future should be led

But if left up to the LNP

Our future’s all but dead

Plan A’s the only plan they’ve got

And it isn’t a good plan

And if they win, they’ll sell the lot

And flush us down the pan


Ignoring facts and experts

Is the best the Libs can do

Cos for Liberals, thinking really hurts

And they’re full of cattle poo

And Baird is no exception

He is Tony Abbott’s mate

So lets force a big correction

And kick Michael in the date


Say NO to privatisation

You can only sell things once

And this policy constipation

Proves that Baird’s a right wing dunce

A man of tunnel vision

And rabid ideology

Who deserves our firm derision

As does all the LNP


But Luke Foley is a decent man

Of deep integrity

And both are traits you’ll never find

In the lying LNP

Their policies foster corruptions seed

Whilst they’re living in the past

So say NO to Murdoch, and corporate greed

And put the LNP’ers LAST



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Will NSW prove as smart as QLD?

Will NSW be as smart as QLD?Abbott and Baird+

Why is Mike Baird the current Premier?   :?:

Well for starters it’s little to do with skill, ability or talent; he’s there because Bazza Ofazza, along with at least 10 of his LNP mates, got caught up in the ICAC enquiry touted by the LNP’ers as the big Labor corruption exposé.   :shock:   which caught 3 Labor figures.

So with a ratio of close to 4-1 in favour of the LNP’ers (and not in a good way   :shock:   ), and counting, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the LNP are in it up to their scrawny, dishonest bloody necks.

And from the latest evidence of Baird’s office being  heavily involved in fudging the  official report into the selloff/lease of the poles and wires in NSW. at the very least there’s a cloud of corruption hanging over Baird’s head too   :shock:


And then, there’s also the small issue of the 1 billion $’s that he lost as treasurer from the NSW coffers, conveniently, it would seem, to make the states financial situation look worse than it was   :shock:   Accident?   Incompetence?   Dishonesty?… You decide!   :?:

Whatever the reason for the stuff up, as a good friend of the most dishonest, discredited and incompetent PM this country has ever seen, and obviously a graduate of the Hockey school of economics   :roll:   one can only conclude that he’s there as Premier only because he’s the best (of a very bad bunch) that they can come up with!   :shock:

So what is he offering, other than his smile?

In QLD, Newman only had Plan A, to sell/lease public assets.

In NSW, Baird only has Plan A, to sell/lease public assets

Newman was lauded and called a friend by Abbott.

Baird is still being lauded and called friend by Abbott.

Newman jumped on the Abbott’s plan for Asset “Recycling”

Baird jumped on Abbott’s asset “recycling.

Newman wanted to spend the money to support mining corporations and LNP corporate donors and self serving infrastructure, as opposed to the infrastructure that the state really needed.

Baird wants to spend the money raised to support LNP corporate donors, and corporate owned Toll roads etc.   Foregoing nearly 2 billion $’s a year in revenue, for the sake of  around 20 billion $’s of quick money, meaning that he’s handing around 180 billion $’s to the successful tenderers (Corporate mates   :shock:   ) over the term of the 99 year lease, on todays figures.   :shock:

So people of NSW, the questions you have to ask yourselves prior to the state election are (in no particular order);

  • Can you trust a man that can conveniently lose 1 billion $’s of your money for purely  political reasons?
  • Can you trust a man that is such a good “Friend” of Tony Abbott, a proven LIAR and incompetent?
  • Can you believe or trust a man who’s office tried to lie to you about their own, report into privatisation?
  • Does the leader of a party, over represented by corrupt and dishonest members, deserve to be supported because he is perceived as a nice guy with a disarming smile?
  • Do you really want to hand the future of your electricity bills, along with at least 180 billion $’s of future revenue, to Baird’s and Abbott’s corporate donor mates?
  • Do you really think that Murdoch’s LTD News and Fairfax have the best interests of the state, or in fact anything but their own gross self interest at heart?
  • Will NSW prove as smart as QLD???


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Government by lies, spin and blackmail… WTF?

Abbott 1+Government by lies, spin and blackmail… WTF?

What is it with LNP’ers, that when their lies and spin fail, they resort to the most basic of corrupt and criminal behaviour… Blackmail?

The fact is that Abbott has been using the most despicable style of political thuggery/criminality since  his  LOTO days , when his foundation strategy was to simply lie and bully his way into government, saying and doing anything and everything to fool the people into voting for his Lying Nut-job Party.   :shock:   And he was relatively successful, right up until he had to do the job he lied his way into, at which point it became blatantly clear that he had no idea WTF he was doing.   :shock:

And the upshot being that we’ve had 18 months of lies, spin, blame and gross incompetence… Pretty much everything he accused Labor of, and the opposite of what he promised his LNP government would be!   :shock:

But I digress   :wink:

At this point, I have to admit that even I with my low expectations of this mendacious mob of miscreants, was somewhat (Somewhat   :wink:   ) surprised by the advent of  the blatant attempts at blackmail undertaken by both state and federal LNP’ers!

{For those that have noticed that I have been, for some time now,  referring to Abbott’s mob as “LNP’ers”, the reason is simply to identify those that are pissing our country and our futures down their rabid right wing sewage system.   :shock:   }

But I digress… Again   :shock:

Anyway, it seemed to come to the fore with Campbell Newman, and his efforts to win , what was for him, the un-winable election , telling voters that even if the LNP won, they would only get the promised “local spending”, if the local member was re-elected too! … WTF?   :shock:

The funny thing is that I heard a similar line from a NSW state MP just yeserday morning, regarding major infrastructure promises made in the election campaign.   :shock:

Barely veiled blackmail?… Extortion?…   Mmmm   :?:

It raised its ugly head, and  became an issue in the federal sphere, when Snott Morriscum decided to use children in detention as a bargaining  chip (blackmail),  to push his reintroduction of TPV’s  through the senate, along with unprecedented power to the minister for immigration and border protection.   :shock:   :twisted:

But despite the public outrage, the senate bowed to the blackmail, and passed the legislation   :mad:

Then we had the “Intergenerational report”, a report that  is supposed to be “Independent”, but held onto by Hockey, until he could turn it into a political document  full of his lies, spin and fudged figures, designed primarily to blackmail the cross benches, and anyone else stupid enough to fall for it, into passing his failed budget measures.   WTF   :?:

We currently have Mike Baird, trying to claim the moral high ground on the issue of asset “Leasing”, (as a result of Abbott’s efforts to blackmail the states into selling off assets in return for extra funding for roads… The infrastructure of the 19-20th century; the LNP call it “Asset recycling”   :shock:   ), by trying to rewrite history, telling voters that prices will go down as a result of said leasing/sell off, when the evidence clearly shows to the contrary.   :twisted:

And now we have seen the farcical situation of Pyne trying to blackmail the senate into voting for his failed “Higher Education” legislation by promising that around 1800 scientists jobs would be at risk if his legislation is not passed   :shock:   , and then performing the now familiar (Almost compulsory) LNP backflip, with pike!   :roll:

The problem for Australia is that not only do we now have a PM that is regarded around the world, as a laughingstock, but we have a government whose;

  • stocks have plummeted, to a point where they may and should never recover.
  • credibility is shot.
  • political and fiscal capital is spent.
  • vision and policy direction are nothing more than a bad joke.
  • record in government is one of stupidity, lies and backflips.
  • ideologies have so blinded them to the realities of life, for the vast majority of Australians, that to say they’re “out of touch” is a gross understatement.
  • only fallback position (plan B), is to blame everyone else for their failings, and accuse the ALP of doing all the things that they themselves are guilty of (right wing projection).

So in conclusion, when I first labeled this “government” (and I use the term very loosely) a “Mendacious Mob of Miscreants”, I thought that I was using the word “Mob” as a purely generic term for group, with some sinister undertones,  :wink:   but now it has become clear that “The Mob” is the  business model the LNP have adopted for running the joint, and what we have is;

Government by lies, spin and blackmail… WTF?





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NSW, don’t be fooled!

NSW, don’t be fooled!

Baird and Abbott+

Abbott, and Abbott lite!


When QLD went to the polls, in January, the expectation was that although Newman would be gone, the LNP would retain enough seats to form government.

That expectation was based on the polls, the deep dislike that the voters had for Newman and his arrogant, dishonest, authoritarian, elitist and arguably corrupt leadership style, and the massive majority that the LNP won at the previous election.

There was also a fair amount of wishful thinking, on the part of the Murdoch Press, as their misleading and downright dishonest approach to reporting, along with their blatant political bias, once more raised its ugly head.

Make no mistake, the QLD election was not only a a major slap in the face to the LNP both state and federally, but in some respects an even bigger hit to Murdoch, and his ability to manipulate the masses for the sake of determining the outcomes of a supposedly “Democratic” election:

In a state where he runs the only game in town (so to speak   :?:   ),  the result signalled the beginning of the end of his influence, which is, in essence, his power base.   :shock:

Now in NSW, we have a slightly different scenario in as far as the power base is shared between Murdoch’s  LTD News, and the similarly biased, UnFair-fax media.

Biggy'sWhat this means for NSW is that there will be an overabundance of news print dedicated to Eddie Obeid, with an emphasis on Labor and union corruption.    Sadly what you most likely won’t hear is that the ratio of corruption is around 3+ -1 in favour of the LNP, for the same ICAC enquiry, with more LNP’ers likely to be caught up in it, before it’s completed!   :shock:

The reality is that there’s little difference between Baird and Newman, other than Baird has a more appealing smile, and a less abrasive leadership style, but their policies are almost identical.

The most glaringly obvious example is the selling off of assets, where they tell us that competition will bring down prices, and we’ll all be sooooo much better off.   :wink:     And that pack of lies alone should be enough to facilitate a result similar to that in QLD,

Here’s an excerpt from John Quiggin’s report “Electricity privatisation in Australia… A record of failure!”


After twenty years, it is evident to everyone that the electricity reform program that began in the early 1990s has not delivered the promised outcomes. Privatisation, corporatisation and the creation of electricity markets were supposed to give consumers lower prices and more choice, to promote efficiency and reliability in the electricity network, and to drive better investment decisions for new generation and improved transmission and distribution networks.

07 None of these promises have been delivered. Prices have risen dramatically. ‘Consumer choice’ has meant the removal of the secure low-cost supply consumers previously enjoyed, and its replacement with a bewildering array of offers, all at costs inflated by the huge expansion in marketing and managerial costs. Investment policies first ran down capacity inherited from the statutory authority system, then replaced it at massively higher costs. In the face of this record of failure, the response of reformers has been to claim that the only option is to push on with yet more privatisation. As has been shown in this report, this argument is baseless. Privatisation has produced no benefits to consumers, but has resulted in large fiscal losses to the public. It is time to admit that the reform process, as a whole, has been a failure, and that a return to a more centralised system, with public ownership of critical infrastructure, is the only sensible response.


The full report can be read here:


There’s also what’s shaping up as Baird’s own version of Newman’s “Galilee Basin” expansion, and the promised, tax payer funded rail project to facilitate bigger and better profits for the Indian owned company ‘Adani’, except that with Baird it’s Rio Tinto, and the relocating of the village of Bulga, for the sake of Rio Tinto’s controversial Mount Thorley-Warkworth mine extension.

These are but two of many examples, of why NSW should follow Victoria and QLD’s lead in ridding our great country of the scourge that is this current iteration  of right wing nut-jobbery.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that privatisation is about anything other than corporate greed, political ideology, and LNP self interest.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Baird is any better than Newman, they’re both turds, it’s just that Baird has been rolled in glitter.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Baird will do anything other than capitulate to the right wing nut-jobbery of the federal Abbott LNP.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that policies that were so roundly rejected, by what’s seen as a usually parochial QLD electorate, will be the right ones for NSW.

Don’t be fooled by the media lies and spin.

Put the LNP where they put you, your families and your futures… LAST!

NSW, don’t be fooled!


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WTF were they thinking?


WTF were they thinking?idiot boy

The start of the year has been, by anyones measure, a right royal stuff up for Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants.   :wink:

It started as the previous year finished, with many of their budget measures held up in the senate due to the unfair nature of their born to rule policies and rabid right ideologies, based not on what’s in the best interests of the nation, but what’s in the best interests of the big end of town, the out of town corporations, the LNP donors, and as is becoming clearer by the minute, their own personal self interest.

Now the irony is that many within the LNP are realising that what’s good for the aforementioned rich mates,corporations and blatant self interest of the few, isn’t quite so good for the party itself, as their polling tanks, and even though the latest Newspoll  shows a  3%  spike in LNP stocks   :shock:   , in general terms they either can’t, or won’t, fudge the figures sufficiently, to make them look even remotely better than disastrous.   :shock:  while the Fairfax Ipsos poll makes more of an effort with a very respectable (albeit unbelievable) 6% jump over the very weekend when Idiot Boy and George Braindead tries to put the boot into Gillian Triggs and the HRC, over the “Children in detention” report.   :shock:   And the question once again rears its ugly head… WTF were they thinking?   :?:

The myriad problems that they have, are not, as they would have us believe, the fault of the previous administration (Labor), but purely of their own making.

Now many commentators, even in the MSM. have identified Abbott’s lack of ability to transition from LOTO to PM as a major problem, and I agree up to a point, but I would suggest that it’s more about his own firm, albeit misguided, belief that it’s his destiny to be one of the ruling elite, and as a consequence, incapable of making wrong , bad or just plain stupid decisions!

I call it the “Thick as a brick” syndrome, based on the song of the same name, and the line;   “And your wise men don’t know how it feels, to be thick as a brick”   :wink:


Most politicians from both sides of politics suffer this syndrome from time to time, and in varying degrees, but this current crop of nut-jobs led by the mendacious Abbott, have turned it into an art-form!   :shock:

They spent all their years in opposition telling us a pack of lies, and coming up with, what they thought were, clever slogans, whilst outsourcing policy production and direction to the rabid right IPA  (WTF were they thinking?   O_o   ).   The end result being that they were totally unprepared for government, and made “policy on the run” announcements that most referred to as Abbott’s “Brain farts”.   :roll:

I certainly wont waste time going over the plethora of broken promises, that have already been widely canvased, but there is one that demands further attention, as it was obviously a lie, for the sole purpose of securing votes.   :shock:

When David Johnston promised there would be twelve subs built in SA, there was no ambiguity in his words.    Then we had the aforementioned Johnston as Minister for defence, state that ASC couldn’t be trusted to build a canoe!   :shock:

Now most thought at the time… “WTF was he thinking”, or words to that effect (amongst other things   :wink:   )

But as it turns out, it appears that he was just softening us up for the inevitable backflip, as Abbott made some kind of deal with Shinzo Abe to make the subs in Japan; either  a personal assurance, or an agreement as some kind of condition for the signing of the FTA with Japan.    The truth is that this promise was made, as were most other Abbott pre-election promises,  out of pure political expediency  (The end justifies the means   :shock:   )

And in the last few months (since the start of the year) we’ve seen, in no particular order;

  • Abbott finally after 6+ years and two elections drop his gold plated “Signature PPL” scheme, like the steaming pile of excrement that it always was.   :roll:
  • Abbott do the reshuffle of the cabinet/deck chairs on the Titanic.   :wink:
  • the new minister for health, Susan Ley, take their grossly unpopular “GP co-payment”   from a “Price” signal to a “Value” signal, to a full reenactment of the demise of the Dodo, with Abbott declaring  it, like the old chestnut “Workchoices”, Dead, Buried and Cremated.   :roll:   (Yeah right   :wink:   )
  • Abbott exercising his true leadership credentials, by making another disastrous “Captains Pick”, and Knighting Prince Phillip   O_o   :/
  • A spill motion called, where there was no challenger, but still around 40% of MP’s voting for it…   :shock:
  • Scott Morrison trying to reinvent himself as… well… Human?   O_o
  • Turdball busily putting lipstick on the sty of pigs that is his portfolio disaster.   :roll: while trying hard not to look like the backstabbing arsehole that he is, but still trying to look like the PM in waiting, after someone else does all the dirty work, and the party begs him to get them out of the shit that is of their own making   :mrgreen:
  • Abbott exercising more of his own particular style of “Pugilist” deplomacy   O_o   o_O
  • Chrissy Pyne still trying to sell his Higher Education “reforms”, that no-one’s buying   :shock:
  • Abbott and Braindead, attacking the integrity of Gillian Triggs, for producing a report that they claim is a political stitch-up, that isn’t, whilst themselves producing the five year “Intergenerational report”,  that is so blatantly a political stitch-up that it positively reeks of Hockeynomics (Read right wing nut-job bullshit!)   :shock:
  • Abbott hitting the reset button so hard, so many times, that his greatest achievement is  breaking the reset button, without actually resetting… Anything!   :shock:

This list is by no means exhaustive, but a mere snapshot of the LNP’s special kind of stupid   O_o   o_O   :/   , and a preview of what we can expect for the year ahead   :shock:

So here we are in March, with the lunatics still running the asylum, Bronnie still trashing the office of speaker, Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants still blaming Labor for… everything, and taking responsibility for nothing, whilst the MSM are torn between their continued support for the man that they’re responsible for getting elected, and their need to distance themselves from… The man that they’re responsible for getting elected   :wink:

And it’s only March   :?:   :shock:

So the question remains… “WTF were they thinking?”

And the answer is:

Apart from gross self interest… NOT BLOODY MUCH!   :shock:

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Canopy of leaves

I was just having a play on my guitar, whilst listening to the rain falling on the roof, and was reminded of a song I wrote around 21 years ago, after my first GS was born, so I thought I’d share the lyrics with you all, as they seem now, not only personally prophetic :sad: but indicative of our current situation, and that I was worried about the damage we were doing to our planet even then   :shock:

Sorry I can’t post the whole song, but it’s never been recorded   :roll:

It’s called … “Canopy of leaves”

hangs heavy in the tree tops
Falls gently to feed the earth below
What does it know?

Majestic in the forest
Green canopy to purify the air
What do we care?

About our canopy of leaves

That cleans the air we breathe
What will we breathe?

Sing symphonies of sadness
To the menace that stalks them from below
Where can they go

So precious yet so cheap
And as we sow so shall we reap
So shall we reap

How much longer can this slaughter
Now go on
Amongst our canopy of leaves
What shall we tell our children
When they’re gone
Where to find the air to breathe
What will they breathe

So deep and yet so hollow
Never looking to see beyond tomorrow
Alway blinded by our greed
We can’t survive without our canopy of leaves
We need this canopy…. Of leaves

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Hey Abbott… what’s the story?


sub+Hey Abbott… what’s the story?

Was it just me, or did anyone else find it more than passing strange that Shinzo Abe would be worried about whether or not Abbott would lose a spill, and him citing concerns over losing the submarine contract?… WTF?

Now Abbott has stated that there were no back room deals, ( and we all know how much we can trust what our mendacious Prime Moron says???   :?:   ), but since when do other countries leaders enter the public discourse on internal politics in Australia?   O_o

One can only conclude that he is obviously under some understanding that the contract is already theirs,   :shock:   so the questions are…?

  • Did Abbott give him personal assurances?
  • Was it one of the conditions for signing the FTA with Japan?
  • Do we stand to be sued for any decision that disadvantages the Japanese, under ISDS provisions?

Now prior to the spill motion being defeated, Abbott gave a SA LNP MP, along with the rest of the country, the impression that there would be an “Open Tender” process, whereby Australian companies can bid for the work.   :wink:

For starters why, only under duress and the threat of losing his job, would an Australian PM make a concession to the effect that “Australian companies” can tender for an “Australian” defence contract , when that should have gone without saying?   WTF?   :shock:

And then the day after the spill motion was defeated, we saw Kevin Andrews going to SA, to make an “announcement” about the tender process, but trying very hard to sidestep the question of whether there is going to be an “Open Tender” Process, rather referring to “His decision” to make it a “Competitive Evaluation Process” instead… WTF?

Or to be more precise, WTF is a “Competitive Evaluation Process”?   :?:

Well apparently no-one knows, as the term has only been found in some LNP talking points, and the Minister who claims it as his decision, couldn’t explain it???   Mmmmm?   :wink:

So what can we assume from this further, apparent deception, so soon after Abbott’s promise that he has heard, and changed, and his government has changed too!

Well another clue to the accuracy, or not, of Abbott’s statement/declaration/promise, came via Sloppy Joe, who on 7.30, reaffirmed his commitment to the very same policies for the next budget, that are left over from the last budget, and are currently held up in the senate, with little  to no prospect of being passed… So once more with feeling… WTF   :?:

We also saw Abbott claiming that Labor are promoting the open tender process that would mean that we could end up with “Putin” class subs, or in fact subs supplied by Kim Jong Ill, who just happens to be dead, making that another claim that’s somewhat less than credible   :shock:

So, since Abbott’s umpteenth promise of a more consultative and collegial government – cos he’s heard the messages and he and his government have changed   :shock:   –  and  what we’ve seen of the good government that was supposed to start on Monday after the spill that wasn’t, is Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants,  giving us the same old lies, spin, misinformation, policies and confusion that got them into this mess in the first place.

  • We’ve seen ministers contradicting Abbott, or was it Abbott contradicting ministers?  O_o   o_O
  • We’ve seen self retracting weasel words about  building the subs in SA, with many a cynical commentator alluding to the possibility it was all about gaining votes, and nothing to do with building the subs anywhere but Japan!   :shock:
  • We’ve seen Hockey standing by his budget that only he and Abbott want   :mad:
  • We’ve seen more of Chrissy Pyne lying  (according to ABC fact check) about Labors $6.6 billion cuts to higher education   :shock:
  • We’ve seen Andrews saying there will be no open tender process    Just a …. “Competitive Evaluation Process”… WTF?   :wink:
  • We’ve seen the continuing farce that is laughingly called parliament, courtesy of Bronnie Bishop?   :mrgreen:
  • And the list goes on   :shock:

So they’ve changed eh???   O_o   :roll:

But I digress   :shock:

So, in conclusion, I for one would be more than happy to see us pay half as much again for local production of the subs, as the lions share of whatever money we pay for them would be put back into the economy, OUR economy, in the creation of jobs, tax receipts, consumer spending and confidence, and the flow on to other associated as well as unrelated industries.   :shock:

$20 – 40 billion would be much better spent here than in Japan or anywhere else for that matter, so my final question is;

Hey Abbott… What’s the story?


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