Canopy of leaves

I was just having a play on my guitar, whilst listening to the rain falling on the roof, and was reminded of a song I wrote around 21 years ago, after my first GS was born, so I thought I’d share the lyrics with you all, as they seem now, not only personally prophetic :sad: but indicative of our current situation, and that I was worried about the damage we were doing to our planet even then   :shock:

Sorry I can’t post the whole song, but it’s never been recorded   :roll:

It’s called … “Canopy of leaves”

hangs heavy in the tree tops
Falls gently to feed the earth below
What does it know?

Majestic in the forest
Green canopy to purify the air
What do we care?

About our canopy of leaves

That cleans the air we breathe
What will we breathe?

Sing symphonies of sadness
To the menace that stalks them from below
Where can they go

So precious yet so cheap
And as we sow so shall we reap
So shall we reap

How much longer can this slaughter
Now go on
Amongst our canopy of leaves
What shall we tell our children
When they’re gone
Where to find the air to breathe
What will they breathe

So deep and yet so hollow
Never looking to see beyond tomorrow
Alway blinded by our greed
We can’t survive without our canopy of leaves
We need this canopy…. Of leaves

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Hey Abbott… what’s the story?


sub+Hey Abbott… what’s the story?

Was it just me, or did anyone else find it more than passing strange that Shinzo Abe would be worried about whether or not Abbott would lose a spill, and him citing concerns over losing the submarine contract?… WTF?

Now Abbott has stated that there were no back room deals, ( and we all know how much we can trust what our mendacious Prime Moron says???   :?:   ), but since when do other countries leaders enter the public discourse on internal politics in Australia?   O_o

One can only conclude that he is obviously under some understanding that the contract is already theirs,   :shock:   so the questions are…?

  • Did Abbott give him personal assurances?
  • Was it one of the conditions for signing the FTA with Japan?
  • Do we stand to be sued for any decision that disadvantages the Japanese, under ISDS provisions?

Now prior to the spill motion being defeated, Abbott gave a SA LNP MP, along with the rest of the country, the impression that there would be an “Open Tender” process, whereby Australian companies can bid for the work.   :wink:

For starters why, only under duress and the threat of losing his job, would an Australian PM make a concession to the effect that “Australian companies” can tender for an “Australian” defence contract , when that should have gone without saying?   WTF?   :shock:

And then the day after the spill motion was defeated, we saw Kevin Andrews going to SA, to make an “announcement” about the tender process, but trying very hard to sidestep the question of whether there is going to be an “Open Tender” Process, rather referring to “His decision” to make it a “Competitive Evaluation Process” instead… WTF?

Or to be more precise, WTF is a “Competitive Evaluation Process”?   :?:

Well apparently no-one knows, as the term has only been found in some LNP talking points, and the Minister who claims it as his decision, couldn’t explain it???   Mmmmm?   :wink:

So what can we assume from this further, apparent deception, so soon after Abbott’s promise that he has heard, and changed, and his government has changed too!

Well another clue to the accuracy, or not, of Abbott’s statement/declaration/promise, came via Sloppy Joe, who on 7.30, reaffirmed his commitment to the very same policies for the next budget, that are left over from the last budget, and are currently held up in the senate, with little  to no prospect of being passed… So once more with feeling… WTF   :?:

We also saw Abbott claiming that Labor are promoting the open tender process that would mean that we could end up with “Putin” class subs, or in fact subs supplied by Kim Jong Ill, who just happens to be dead, making that another claim that’s somewhat less than credible   :shock:

So, since Abbott’s umpteenth promise of a more consultative and collegial government – cos he’s heard the messages and he and his government have changed   :shock:   –  and  what we’ve seen of the good government that was supposed to start on Monday after the spill that wasn’t, is Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants,  giving us the same old lies, spin, misinformation, policies and confusion that got them into this mess in the first place.

  • We’ve seen ministers contradicting Abbott, or was it Abbott contradicting ministers?  O_o   o_O
  • We’ve seen self retracting weasel words about  building the subs in SA, with many a cynical commentator alluding to the possibility it was all about gaining votes, and nothing to do with building the subs anywhere but Japan!   :shock:
  • We’ve seen Hockey standing by his budget that only he and Abbott want   :mad:
  • We’ve seen more of Chrissy Pyne lying  (according to ABC fact check) about Labors $6.6 billion cuts to higher education   :shock:
  • We’ve seen Andrews saying there will be no open tender process    Just a …. “Competitive Evaluation Process”… WTF?   :wink:
  • We’ve seen the continuing farce that is laughingly called parliament, courtesy of Bronnie Bishop?   :mrgreen:
  • And the list goes on   :shock:

So they’ve changed eh???   O_o   :roll:

But I digress   :shock:

So, in conclusion, I for one would be more than happy to see us pay half as much again for local production of the subs, as the lions share of whatever money we pay for them would be put back into the economy, OUR economy, in the creation of jobs, tax receipts, consumer spending and confidence, and the flow on to other associated as well as unrelated industries.   :shock:

$20 – 40 billion would be much better spent here than in Japan or anywhere else for that matter, so my final question is;

Hey Abbott… What’s the story?


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Said the Abbott to the Bishop, the party is revolting!

Said the Abbott to the Bishop, the party is revolting!

Abbott sleeping+

As Tony does another backflip and calls the spill meeting for Monday, I’ll let the poem speak for itself   :wink:

Said the Abbott to the Bishop, the party is revolting!


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

The party is revolting

The backbench’s really nasty

And their comments, quite insulting

They say I’m an embarrassment

Some say I’ve lost the plot

I should demand a show of hands

Then smack the whole damned lot


I’ll punch their bloody lights out

If I’m given half a chance

But the buggers run a country mile

When I take my pugilists stance

How dare they call a spill motion

That’s really a low hit

We’ll prove to them on Monday

That their motion’s… full of shit


Said the Bishop to the Abbott

I’m a loyal 2 i c

I’ve been here once or twice before

In the glorious LNP

I’ll sing my leaders praises

And I’ll do what must be done

To flush their motion down the loo

To make sure that we’ve won


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

We shall stare the bastards down

But the courier mail’s not helped the cause

By dressing me as a clown

But your support’s invaluable

In quelling this dissent

Cos I’ve lost my political capital

It’s sadly all been spent


But I know that I’m the best we’ve got

A leader through and through

And Turdball’s just a popping jay

Who’s full of cattle poo

A rabid right wing lefty

Who believes the climate’s changed

Our party wont support his type

He’s clearly quite deranged


But when he speaks in parliament

I really must concede

His quoting of the English bard

Can make old Labor bleed

Though a man of decent intellect

A lawyer and a banker

Our backers and the IPA

All think he’s just a wanker


Where I’m the party visionary,

My future view is clear

And I’ll make the bastards love me

Through my policies of fear

I know it is my destiny

The best man for the job

And Malcolm’s a pretender

An upstart and a knob


Said the Bishop to the Turdball

We have walked this path before

As I signed up to the Abbott until

He’s shown the exit door

So if the motion’s taken up

Then may the best man win

Cos I’ll be there as the 2 i c

With all the usual spin


Now I’ve indicated to the Abbott

We’re on a unity ticket

But if it all goes belly up

I’ll tell him he can stick it

So wait until the count is in

At which time we’ll decide

Whether we can stand as one

Or simply run and hide


Cos if we stick with Abbott, then

The polling won’t be pretty

But if we change, and go with you

The Nats will sure be shitty

And many will be nervous

About the path that we might take

As the right don’t like their Ideologies

Given such a shake


Said the people to the government

Your direction is the issue

So tell someone who really cares

And grab yourselves a tissue

To mop up all those crocodile tears

And stuff your false contrition

Cos we’re done with all your lies and spin

And your stupid coalition


You brag about your big mistakes

And feed us lies and fear

But we’ve woken up to all your crap

You’re talking through your rear

And changing leaders just won’t help

We’ve had your right wing mob

So call a double dissolution now

And let real adults have the job!



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When it comes to disappointment, Abbott doesn’t disappoint!

Abbott stupidWhen it comes to disappointment, Abbott doesn’t disappoint!

After watching the Abbott press club address, all I can say is   WTF?   :?:

To me and others, it sounded like the election campaign launch speech rehashed from 18 months ago, with some minor updates, but the same old slogans.   :shock:

Bragging about the repeal of the carbon price, and the $550 benefit, that no-one that I know, has seen, and using that old worn out chestnut “Let me be Crystal clear”   Grrrr   :mad:

His answers however were far from “Crystal clear” , along with his direction and vision for the future of our country.

What was “Crystal clear” was his contempt for the electorate, and his insult to Victorian and QLD voters, when he said that, ousting a one term LNP government for a Labor gov, was “A fit of absentmindedness”.   WTF?   :shock:

Another thing that was “Crystal clear”, was his dishonesty, as he tried to blame the new Vic Labor gov for the possible $1.2 bil payout for the cancellation of the East West link, that was one of the terms included in the contract rushed through and signed off on, by the Previous, stupid and dishonest Napthine LNP, aforementioned, one term gov, and again… WTF?

Quoting his shonky figures, and still blaming Labor, were key planks of his speech, but in doing so, he looked and sounded more like a man about to walk those planks.   :shock:    And if he seriously thinks that anyone, other than his front bench and rich mates, are buying what he’s selling, then not only will he and his party be keelhauled by a fit of “Crystal clear-mindedness” from an offended and angry electorate, but he is in serious need of professional help.   O_o   :/

Rupert "The Pirate" Murdoch, Puppet Master

Rupert “The Pirate” Murdoch, Puppet Master

It was full of slogans, spin, misinformation and downright lies, funnily enough, apart from some small variations and updates, the very same slogans, spin, misinformation and lies that, with the help of Muddick’s propaganda, got him elected in the first place   :twisted:

The only “new” announcement, was the scrapping of his bloody stupid PPL scheme that was his “signature” policy, and one that he declared would define his Prime Ministership.   :shock:

Well it only took him 5 years of negative feedback to learn that lesson, and then true to form, he’s broken another promise, and one that many young women voted for on the misunderstanding that they would get paid $150,000 for spitting out a kid!   :shock:

The Irony being that it may well still define his PM’ship, as it looks suspiciously as though he, like his  “Signature” PPL scheme,  will be unceremoniously dumped, if not by his own party, then by the electorate!   :shock:

In his speech, there was so much crap spoken, and so little said, that the main themes that stood out to me, from this nothing event, were the Abbott’s arrogance, hubris and self praise!

And so I thought that even though this poem was written in early December, it is very relevant to the summing up of this latest speech/brainfart, and covers much of what he touched on   :shock:

Self praise is no recommendation!

Self praise is no recommendation

I yelled at the TV

As I watched the right wing Abbott

Talking up his LNP

Like before he was elected

When he said he knew it all

About running an economy better

Than Labors “wrecking ball”


Saying interest rates and taxes

Are always lower, under Libs

But the one thing that we know for sure

Is that Abbott tells big fibs

And to sing his party’s praises

He would talk our country down

So with lies and stupid slogans

Phony Abbott went to town


To reinforce these right wing myths

They used old Murdoch’s papers

To spread their lies and right wing spin

And ignore their crooked capers

He went out to destroy careers

To further his own cause

Assassinating friend and foe

Without regret or pause


They cried “Budget emergency”

As Hockey took the lead

Claiming if they don’t fix “Labors mess”

Our country’s going to bleed

With his shonky take on numbers

And his count to “Eleventy”

He proved he wasn’t capable to

Run our economy

O_o :/

But still the Media pressed ahead

To realise Murdoch’s ambition

Of running our great country through…

The nut-job coalition

And here we are 15 months down

The Abbott’s road to hell

And yet his nasty first budget

The Hockey still can’t sell


And stuff-up after stuff-up

Is the story of these knobs

Proving no one in the LNP

Is fit to do their jobs

But as the year comes to an end

The Abbott fronts the press

To play his game of lies and spin

Talking down his party’s mess


He praised his party’s courage

And he praised his party’s guts

And he said they’ve had a productive year

Which proves the Abbott’s nuts

He bragged about how he repealed

That toxic carbon tax

Ignoring world wide condemnation

And scientific facts


He claimed that every household

Would be so much better off

To the tune of five hundred and fifty bucks

Excuse me while I scoff

He said they had good policy

That was worthy of pursuing

While the people say they’re rubbish

And our country you are screwing


He said they’re high achievers

And the job they’ve done is great

But the proof of Abbott’s pudding is

Most would rather eat the plate

With hand on heart he told us that

“The buck stops here with me”

But we all know consequences don’t apply

When you’re in the LNP


His arrogance is astounding

And his hubris immense

He lives for ideology

Ignoring common sense

He has no social conscience

Cos it’s all about the money

He’s a laughingstock around the world

But for us it isn’t funny


He claimed success at the G20

But it really was a farce

With the blunder from downunder

Talking shit… Straight from his arse

He whinged about the senate

Blocking policies that are bad…

The policies he’s sticking by;

Which shows he’s raving mad


He’s a man of little substance

And a hypocrite supreme

And blowing his own trumpet

At the presser, was the theme

He suffers verbal diarrhoea

But mental constipation

And we need to make him understand

Self praise is no recommendation!



An oldie but a goodie!    :grin:

An oldie but a goodie! :grin:

And in conclusion;

When it comes to disappointment, Abbott doesn’t disappoint!   :wink:

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QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!

QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!Newman1+

As I posted in a comment yesterday, during dinner last night, the phone rang   :mad:   So I interrupted my dinner and went up stairs  (5 stairs)  to get the phone.   :shock:

Now as I’ve mentioned, of late my breathing is crap,  (Oh the humidity   :wink:   )  so having to interrupt my dinner and go up stairs to get the phone doesn’t exactly fill me with love for whomever had the audacity to ring me at bloody dinner time    Grrrr   :mad:

But I made it, and to my further annoyance, when I answered it, it was a recording   ^^’    , but as I was about to hang up, it started talking to me, and I realised it was an automated poll   :wink:  So I thought… OK, I’m prepared to give my two bobs worth, cos they were stupid enough to ask me   :grin:   and interrupted my dinner,   :mad:    so I think I’ve earned the right!   :wink:

And the first question was;

“Who do you think will win the election?”… Now immediately my suspicion was aroused, as that seemed a very leading question, when you have every MSM commentator saying that the LNP will win, most would say LNP   :shock:

The choices were;   For the LNP, press 1… For the ALP, press 2, so despite the nagging reservation, I pressed #2 and moved on.   :grin:

The second question was; “Who do you think would make the best Premier?”, which left me very bloody angry, as there I was, primed to press the number allocated to Anastasia, and when it had gone through the options, to my utter disbelief…  there was no number for Anastasia… WTF?   :shock:   In fact she didn’t even get a mention !   :shock:

So I didn’t press anything, and the machine reset and asked again; and what it gave me was numbers 1-7, which was a list of  7 possible LNP contenders finishing with Fiona Simpson, and nothing else… Again, WTF   :shock:   so I pressed #8, as there was no-one on their list that I wanted as Premier.   :mad:

It didn’t like #8, and reset itself for a third time, at which point I let slip a loud expletive and hung up.

Now for a split second, I thought about picking a number and completing the poll, but then I realised that it wouldn’t matter at all, as the first two questions made it perfectly “Crystal Clear” that any responses I gave would be skewed by the nature of the questions, and point to something other than what I wanted to say   :shock:    so as previously stated, I hung up!   :mad:

I tell this as a cautionary tale, for those that make their final decision on polling day, based on what they perceive as the trends shown by the opinion polls… cos sadly some do!   :shock:

And just to reiterate, for those that don’t know; we live in the very safe LNP state seat of Caloundra, (Federal seat of Fisher, of Peter Slipper fame   :roll:   ) on the Sunshine Coast,  and get polled at pretty much every election   :shock:    Which should say something in itself ?  Mmmm   :?:

Anyway, IMHO, these polls are not representative of the public sentiment, and aren’t designed to be, but rather put out, along with the rabid right spin of the MSM, to guide the gullible and the undecided voters to stick with the perceived “winning team”   :twisted:

So with this “Cautionary tale”, fixed firmly front of mind, I have to say;

QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!





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QLD… How much crazier can it get?

QLD… How much crazier can it get?yu0VBc4

And how good is it to have the “Adults” in charge?   :wink:

Of course that’s a rhetorical question, cos quite frankly the “Adults” are MIA at both a state and federal level, with the LNP seemingly playing politics by distraction.   :shock:

And the main thrust of the distraction of the last week or so is… When all else turns to shit, shoot yourself in the foot…   :shock:   … That’ll distract them!   :wink:

Like when Newman said that he couldn’t guarantee that the LNP promises to individual electorates, would be fulfilled if the LNP got back to government but the local MP’s, in said electorates, lost their seats!   WTF?   :shock:    That is tantamount to bribery and corruption, and makes an absolute joke of our democracy, and of any claims that he will govern for all QLD’ers!   :twisted:

He was forced to retract/clarify that statement the next day, but his intention was made clear, in the original statement, and as the old saying goes… “You can’t unscramble an egg!”

We also saw Newman making claims of “dirty money” supporting the ALP via the CFMEU and their association with Bikies, telling journos to google it, for verification   :shock:   (WTF?   :/   O_o   o_O   ) which quickly turned to shit when it was reported that up to 20 bikies had made small personal donations to the LNP   :oops:   and although the LNP returned one donation, they were challenged by the bikies, to find the rest   :grin:   And  nothing more has been said about that one   :shock:   Who’d a thunk it?   :wink:

Then there was the presser where Newman refused to answer any of the 20 odd questions asked, citing that he was there to answer the questions that QLD’ers wanted answers to, about the economy and jobs… WTF?   :twisted:   To which a few of the journos replied that they were QLD’ers,   :shock:   but he still refused to answer their questions, to the point where one said “well we might as well ask you about the weather, if you’re not going to answer our questions?”   :roll:

The annoying thing is that there is plenty to question him about over his claims on the economy and jobs, like his dodgy figures on the economy,  and the unemployment numbers, along with his gross exaggerations and lies on law and order, and the effectiveness of his despicable “VLAD” laws, none of which were either asked or answered.   :shock:

He has been deliberately misleading, about the decrease in crime, as exposed by the ABC fact check, which shows a steady decline in crime over the last decade or so, and no direct correlation to his term in government, and declared his claims… “Exaggerated”?   :shock:

Then we saw a classic Abbott gaffe with his announcement of the “Knighting” of Prince Phil, who was effectively demoted from Prince Consort, to Knight of the colonies… WTF? :shock:

And all that at the start of the last week of a 3 week election campaign designed to get the jump on the ALP… and the truth   :shock:

There is also  the issue of the Abbott being conspicuous by his absence, during the LNP campaign, both him and Newman claiming that “he (Newman) doesn’t need anyone holding his hand”, trying to make out that it’s nothing to do with Abbott being electorally toxic.   :shock:   And there go those bloody flying pigs again   :wink:

So I come back to the original question asked… “QLD… How much crazier can it get?”

And the answer is;

The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, so based on that premise…

A LOT, and all to our detriment!

Don’t be fooled by the lies spin and propaganda.   :twisted:

Put the LNP and Murdoch last… In everything!   :-)





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Oh the Newman-ity!

Oh the Newman-ity!QLD_CM_NEWS_NEWMAN_24NOV13

As we head towards the final week of the QLD election campaign, and the polls are, IMHO, reflecting more the views of Rupert Murdoch et al, than those of the wider QLD community, it’s only to be expected that Newman should suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous scrutiny, not to mention outrageous poetry, followed shortly thereafter by outrageous misfortune   :shock:   :wink:

I was going to call this one  “Oh the humanity!”, but there’s not a lot of humanity on display with Newman or the LNP more widely, but rather much ego driven self aggrandisement, and many unanswered questions over gross self interest, conflict of interest issues, and their litany of suspect, some would say corrupt, practices.   :twisted:


Lies, general dishonesty, backflips and self serving policy direction are the hallmarks of  the Newman State governments first and hopefully last term of office, with the shadow of corruption  and conflict of interest, hanging over many of the ministers, from the top down, and threatening to blow the LNP wide open, with winning the only option for covering up their mendacious and corrupt dealings.

It’s very telling about a government, when their own start publicly crapping on them, like the extraordinary diatribe unleashed on Newman by that doyen of right wing nut-jobbery, Alan Jones   :shock: with  other disaffected Liberals like Clive Palmer, and Dr Chris Davis adding to the chorus of discontent.   :shock:


So QLDers, you don’t have to believe us, take it from the LNP insiders, who know!   :wink:    But if you had believed us at the last election, we wouldn’t be in the mess, in which we now find ourselves   :mad:

So my fervent cry of despair, at the mere thought of another 3 years of this self serving and corrupt LNP government is;

Oh the Newman-ity!


Oh… the Newman-ity

Of self absorbed inanity

That’s enshrined in Newman’s vanity

And proves the mans insanity

He’s just a raving knob


On the subject of mendacity

Newman has a great capacity

For lying with Tenacity

And lacking all veracity

He’s not fit for the job


He’s a wrecker of ecology

With his whacko ideology

He suffers cash idolatry

And he owes us an apology

The little right wing slob


He’s stuffed the states economy

With spin and gross dishonesty

That’s expected from the LNP

And the hallmark of their polity

Lies flow freely from his gob


Our assets he’ll be “Leasing”

As by stealth our ownership’s ceasing

And our state he will be fleecing

While his palm, corporates are greasing

As hard questions, off… he’ll fob


He’s a little man who’s sleazy

And particularly greasy

With an arrogance that’s breezy

And corruption he finds easy

Cos he’s a crooked right wing snob


With his morals all but missing

Up the wall, our lives he’s pissing

As miners arses he is kissing

You can hear the serpent hissing

While insiders start to dob


His credibility’s lacking

And his smug demeanour’s cracking

We have to send him packing

Cos he really does need sacking

He isn’t worth two bob


His ideas must be rejected

And his party not selected

Cos we’ll all be so affected

As their corruption is perfected

And our future they will rob



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