Captain Turdball and the good ship Titanic

Captain Turdball and the good ship Titanic.

As the high farce that is laughingly called LNP Government, continues, and the joke of Turdball’s (And I use the term loosely) “Leadership” stumbles from one crisis to another, I have once again been prompted to attack the keyboard, this time for a poem, based around the many and varied references to ships, and  comparisons to the disastrous voyage of the Titanic.

And as the “Newspolls” have become the Iceberg to Turdball’s TCT Titanic, I felt it incumbent upon me to run with the advent of inspiration I had, whilst having a break from Mondays crazy, fast paced circus , to do the dishes, and respond in the best way I know how!

So I give to you…


Captain Turdball and the good ship Titanic.


I’m a strong leader, Captain Turdball declared

From the bridge of the good ship Titanic

Though there’s lots of Kerfuffle

All the deck chairs we’ll shuffle

So there really is no need to panic


And the iceberg that’s hit, is a bit of a shit

And created a problem not sought

But we’re patching the hole

With a large chunk of coal

And the truth is… It’s all Labors fault!


But I’m good in a crisis he cried with conviction

As he called for his first mate named Joyce

He’ll settle the ship

Cause he’s good with a whip

And his Kiwi ancestry is choice


He’s an old drovers dog who’s quite partial to grog

And he certainly drinks more than he ought’er

But he won’t let us drown

Cause the ship can’t go down

When the Kiwi has sold all the water!


My name’s Barnaby and it’s great to be me

He announced as he entered the bridge

You know I’m your man

I’m a true Turdball fan

And an Aussie that’s true rudgy didge … Hick


So I’ll rally the troops, with a fine rousing speech

And dispel any worry or fear

Cause they all need to know

That I’m running the show

As soon as I have this last beer


Then the Chief Steward came in with his sickly grin

“Steward Pyne is reporting for duty”

“I’m a fixer” he said

With a nod of his head

“And besides that, a bit of a cutie”


I will gather my mates, and we’ll lock all the gates

So the plebs will be trapped down below

Cause they smell and need bathing

While the wealthy need saving

After all, it’s a corporate show


And I’ll keep the band playing, so the people keep saying

That we’re all doing really good jobs

And as a way to distract

From the perceptual fact

We’re a sick bunch of self serving knobs


But the ship kept on sinking while the first mate kept drinking

Till the beer on the bridge was no more

And the glow from his face

Could be spotted from space

As the back of his head hit the floor


While purser Scotty got pouty, and so very shouty

Saying Labor is clearly to blame

The boat master Dutton

With an IQ of mutton

Started rambling much of the same


Jools the director of cruising was out for a bruising

With her death stare all primed for a fight

But with the ship slowly sinking

And five minutes thinking

She ordered a charter plane home for the night


So the captain got terse, as his black mood got worse

And he saw his dreams taking a hit

And he yelled from his gob

I paid heaps for this job

And now everything’s turning to shit


While Christian the Porter does just what he aught’er

Directing the people to leave

Forcing many to jump

With a kick up the rump

While the lifeboats he kept up his sleeve


So, “Abandon the ship”, was the call that went out

From the crew of the good ship Titanic

“First children and women”

“Then start yourselves swimmin’”

“And please, just try hard not to panic”


Then, with them in the water, that fine Christian porter

Watched on as they tried to find floats

As the Turdball came down

With his fine captains crown

Crying “Ok men, man the lifeboats!”


But the people said NO to the Mal Turdball show

With his self serving right wing agenda

With his hubris plain

And his crew quite insane

And like Abbott, a major truth bender


So the captives were freed from the decks down below

And the Captain Turdball was disgraced

Though they loved him at first

They soon learned he’s the worst

And a wanker completely two faced


So the people were saved, while what sad Turdball craved

Turned to shit in the blink of an eye

With his crew all deserting

And his huge ego hurting

And his dreams turned to pie in the sky


So the moral for all those who lead from behind

With ambition exceeding their station

And the lessons to learn

Is that hubris will burn

And self praise is NO recommendation!


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Adani and the QLD election myths and political mayhem

Adani and the QLD election myths and political mayhem.

I don’t know about you, but I am really pissed off with the lies, misinformation and generally grubby political games being played by many of the players in this QLD election.

For starters, I have been prompted to attack the keyboard again, after a fairly long hiatus, (due to health issues, which have now resulted in me being finally placed on the Lung Transplant List), as a result of the misinformation and self serving political games of some of the extreme players and supporters from both sides of the political divide.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I will state from the outset that I am dead against the Adani mine, and everything associated with this bunch of tax avoiding environmental  criminals and vandals!

So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the issues relating to Adani and the QLD election:

There is lots of hysteria around about Annastacia Palaszczuk, and her “Support” for Adani,  the Galilee Basin mine, and associated infrastructure , and to get this in perspective, you first have to look at the vagaries of QLD politics, and the very tenuous nature of the state Labor government.

  1. The Palaszczuk government is a minority government, resurrected from the ashes of the disastrous 2012 Newman election landslide, with the current LNP leader Tim Nichols as his treasurer.
  2. With her stunning reversal of Labors fortunes at the 2015 election, the state was delivered a hung parliament, but with the support of the independent Peter Wellington, she was able to form government with a majority of one.
  3. Wellington then became the speaker, leaving the QLD gov dependent upon support from  The Katters Australia party, who are vocal supporters of the Adani mine.
  4. Without that support from the aforementioned Katters, the state would revert to the LNPee’ers, and in the early days, the (and I use the term loosely) “Leadership” of the much despised Laurence Springborg, or the more recent Nerwman’s policy “Mini Me” Tim Nichols, who until recently was regarded as having too much Newman baggage, to be taken seriously as leader!

Now, while Annastacia Palaszczuk has publicly declared her support for the mine, and yes, she did go to India to meet with Adani, the alternative for her was to publicly decry Adani, and lose support from the Katters, handing the state over to Nichols who would/will not only publicly support Adani, but would/will actively encourage the company to do anything and everything they want,  signing off on any monies proffered by the feds, along with state funds and our first born children… Anything to get it up and running!

So lets take a closer look at what her support for Adani entails:

  1. At the very start of the campaign, she stated categorically that she will only support the mine, as long it can raise the funds itself, and will NOT support it financially!
  2. She has consistently stated that the proposed Northern Australian Investment Fund support for the $900+ million “Loan”, will NOT be signed off on through the state NAIF office.
  3. She is always referring to the “Promised” 10,00 – 14,00 jobs, quoted  ad infinitum by the LNPee’ers, both state and federal, when we all know, and Adani itself conceded that the real number would be around 1400 full time positions after the construction phase!

There is also the point made by one of the stupid trolls at The Guardian, where he stated that   Annastacia Palaszczuk was against the mine, prior to the election, and then became supportive of it afterwards!   And doesn’t that indicate that there might well be some level of political imperative, in such a dramatic turn around, at the same time that many of the allegations about Adani’s world wide operations/indiscretions, and their, to say the least, questionable corporate and financial structures and use of tax havens like The Caymans were just starting to rise to the surface?

There is also the lies told in support of the mine from the federal LNPee’ers who have stated time and again that there are currently over 640 new coal fired power plants either under construction or in the planning stages,  which is a gross misrepresentation of the true numbers which are around half that, with more being cancelled almost daily, and the other BIG lie is that this mine will give power to millions of poor Indians, when the truth is that it will do nothing of the sort, as the “Poor Indians” they refer to have no access to a power grid, and these remote communities are already starting to get their power from Autonomous solar with battery storage, as it’s by far the cheapest and quickest solution to their energy requirements.

But I digress   😮

So at this  point, it might be worth while embarking on a little role playing journey of; “In her position, what would you do?”

So, let’s set the scene.

You have just effectively won the unwinnable election, relegating the worst possible little narcissist, seen in recent history, to the political garbage bin after only one term, and  are now about to form a minority government with a majority of one, courtesy of the independent Peter Wellington, and with the promised support from the Katters Australia Party, who are regarded as a much closer political fit to the conservatives you just ousted.

Now, your choices are, that;

  1. you can take a pragmatic approach to towing the line on the Adani project that you really don’t support, in the knowledge  that, on the weight of evidence from the experts and the lending institutions, there’s a pretty good chance that it will never see the light of day, so as to keep the Katters on side, or
  2. you can  hold to your opposition to the mine, and chance squandering your hard fought victory and a chance to fix the mess created by the aforementioned little Narcissist, as well as allowing the LNPee’ers to wedge you at every opportunity on the promised 10,000+ jobs, that will never eventuate, but which will be a major problem for you in FNQ and the regions?

So, the question remains “In her position, what would you do?”

Despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, the Palaszczuk government has tried very hard to encourage renewables, with large investments in, and strong support for wind and solar, and has tried, albeit in vain, to stop the rabid land clearing introduced by Newman, which is a huge contributing factor when it comes to polluting the GBR,  but  their reforms have been constantly thwarted by the Katters.

With all that in mind I would venture to suggest that a Palaszczuk government with an outright majority would be a very different beast from the one that we have seen thus far.

But even if I’m totally wrong, in my assessment of the situation, the one thing that I’m reasonably sure of is that the “Spoiling game” that’s being played by the greens, and other vested interests for their own personal and political ambitions, has the very real potential to deliver what most of their supporters would agree is their worst nightmare, of an LNP/PHONy  COALition government, implementing their own version of a scorched earth policy on Climate Change, spearheaded by QLD tax payers financial support for Adani and the Galilee basin mine, New coal fired power stations, the degradation of support for renewables and associated jobs, the destruction of the GBR, and the long term loss of 10’s of thousands of jobs in the tourism industry.

So my appeal to QLDers, is to exercise some critical thinking, don’t listen to the plethora of hysterical rhetoric whipped up by self-serving  vested interests, and if you love our great state, then turn your backs on  Adani and the QLD election myths and political mayhem…

And put the LNP and PHON last, where they put you!… And vote for Labor, QLD’s best, if not ONLY chance to send Adani back from whence they came!

The only options for QLD Government


For those that don’t know, this article was kindly reposted on AIMN, and some   interesting facts have come to light courtesy of a comment from a poster named Gary.

And after some further research of my own, it has come to light that what Gary said is true.

The first contract was signed by Newman and Seeney, in Jan 2015, when the LNP government was in caretaker mode, and that contract had severe penalties for any government that tries to walk away from said contract!

So effectively Newman and Seeney did to QLD what Naptime did to Victoria, and in short AP inherited a contract that no-one can walk away from and has to publicly support the Adani mine, or very possibly send the state bust, paying compensation to Adani!

From what I understand, Andrew Robb and Abbott were also heavily involved.

SO, if you love Australia, put the ALP first, and put the LNP, PHON and any that put this state and country at further risk by their lies and propaganda, stone, motherless LAST!!!


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I’m a strong leader

For any that have wondered what has happened in the intervening months since my last post, it has been a long and difficult road, of sickness and specialist/hospital visits, to the point where the surgeon recommended that I be listed for a lung transplant.

The listing was to take place last Thursday, the 17/8/17, followed shortly thereafter by the actual transplant.   But unfortunately my GP didn’t read the letter from the transplant coordinator, and as a consequence I am only now catching up on the Hep B injections that I need coverage for prior to being listed, so it has been put off for another couple of months… Grrrrr.

And to add insult to injury, I now have one of the myriad of viral infections going around ATM, and once more with feeling… Grrrrr.

So I’m now even more sedentary than usual, barely able to get out of my own way, and thought I might try writing again???

But I digress   😉

For my first post in months, I was inspired by the incredible stupidity that is this TCT, and the fact that Turdball himself felt it necessary to declare that he was a “Strong Leader”   WTF???

As many have pointed out since, if you need to declare it, then you really have a problem!

And he does on many levels!

I’m a strong leader

I’m a strong leader, the Turdball declared
Addressing the presser, so proud
I can walk and chew gum
And I’ll kick Shorten’s bum
Cos I’m favourite of the whole crowd

I’m a man for all seasons, and I have valid reasons
To call out the lies of the left
Cos my integrity’s in tact
Though I’m not swayed by fact
And of honesty… I’m totally bereft… Oops

Though my polls are all tanking I’ll give Shorten a spanking
Cos a winner will always prevail
And the people all love me
There is no-one above me
There is no way a Turdball can fail

With me at the wheel, we’ll bring Labor to heel
And the voters will know we’re the best
Cos our policies show
And the corporates know
That we’re light years ahead of the rest


They say Scotty’s a clown, with his old “trickle down”
But the corporates love him to bits
And the fiscal injection
Gives him an erection
Though it gives all the workers the shits

Which is reason enough, to sell them this guff
And the workers should just suck it up
Cos we’ll pay all our donors
Which will give them all boners
While we’re selling the masses a pup


And my time in the sun shows I’m second to none
As PM I’m the best of the bunch
But the plebs need to learn
That their rights I will burn
Cos there’s no such thing as a free lunch

Unless you’re the top, you’re the best of the crop
Then the truth is that you’re born to rule
While it must be quite rotten
Being born at the bottom
Nothing more than a corporates tool

And while Porter and Tudge are refusing to budge
On our drug testing scheme we think’s super
There’s a Kiwi named Joyce
Who thinks alcohol’s Noice
And who lives in a grog induced stupor

And he sits among them, as my deputy PM
While his citizenship problems still linger
And on me his squirrel grip
Means on citizenship
I will give the constitution the finger


And if that’s not strong leadership, I don’t know what is
Cos I’ve told the High Court what to do
With the consequence clear
If the judges won’t hear
That we’ll all end up deep in the poo

But with Jules on the case, with her Medusa face
It’s much better than pointing the bone
At the treasonous Labor
And our New Zealand neighbour
She’ll just turn our detractors to stone


And though our numbers are tight we’ll still fight the good fight
With support from defacto right wingers
Like the Hansonite mob
And Nick Xenophon’s gob
A sad mob of dysfunctional swingers

And climate change skeptics, who’s thinking is sceptic
And an empirical evidence denier
Whose collective IQ
Would be small for a shoe
Being led by a fish and chip fryer


And it’s a strong leaders hallmark, that we’re still in the ballpark
Even though Labor left such a mess
But they won’t take the blame
And they won’t play our game
And I want them to simply confess

That they wasted our money, and it’s really not funny
That they blame us for blowing the budget
When the truth is quite clear
Straight from Moronscum’s rear
That he worked really hard just to fudge it

So I find it appalling, and really quite galling
That I’m given such little respect
I’m the Prince of Point Piper
And a veritable viper
And the strongest of leaders elect

I have millions of dollars, wear Armani collars
As an orator, I’m number one
In the room, I’m the smartest
I’m a great bullshit artist
And I think making money is fun


But the people say NO to the Mal Turdball show
Saying you’re not as smart as you think
You’re and ex lawyer, Banker
And a waffling wanker
And your ideas and policies stink

Your vision is sparse, not a strong leaders arse
And your judgement is certainly lacking
And you’re smartest it’s true
When alone in the loo
And the truth is you really need sacking.


You speak about fairness, but you really don’t care less
For those that are beneath your high station
Cos it’s power you need
Born of personal greed
Ambition and sly machination

You’re a cheat and a liar, and a principle denier
And you’ve sold out your soul to the right
And all you held true
Has been flushed down the loo
Now you’re hollow in everyone’s sight


And your pedestal stand, and belief that you’re grand
Are really quite sad to behold
You have little to offer,
Except the cash in your coffer
From accounts in the Caymans I’m told

And the lesson you need, is to walk from your greed
Cos it’s not that that brings you high station
And there’s something quite humbling
To gain from your bumbling…
That… Self praise is NO recommendation

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From one “smartest person in the room” to another…

From one “smartest person in the room” to another…

As I sit here, in my lounge room, with my laptop, and no-one else around, to my shock and horror, I realise that, Turdball and I have something in common.   😯

Cos like Turdball in a COALition party room meeting, or a cabinet meeting, or in fact in the toilet,  I, like Turdball, am  also currently the smartest person in the room!   😯

And while I’m here enjoying the fact that I am currently the “Smartest person in the room”, and pondering the latest “agile” and “innovative” proposal by the aforementioned Turdball, which in fact was first disregarded in the 1980’s, as not economically viable, I thought It was incumbent upon me to point out a few areas that might have been overlooked in his rush to look like our illustrious PM was actually “Leading a debate”, (any debate, and/or … doing something   😉  ) after his disaster of an environment minister, one Tosh Friedandburnt, was ripped a new one by the premier of the much maligned SA , at a presser where Tosh intended to give himself a good and hearty pat on the back for doing such good work in his portfolio!   🙄

At this point, I should explain for those that have been waiting a while for more words of wisdom from your’s truly   😯   , I have been bloody crook, at least in part as a direct result of another summer of record temperatures and humidity, as climate change once again rears its ugly head for any with even half a brain, to see.   😡

And as the great Turdball is looking a bit, to say the least, dodgy when it comes to climate change, let me just remind you of a couple of quotes from the great man (read narcissist) himself;

Remember that old Turdball promise that “I will not lead a party that’s not as committed to climate change as I am”; and who can forget his colourful description of The Abbott’s “Direct Action” plan, as a “Fig-leaf”  to cover the fact that they have no real climate change policy???   😮

But I digress   😛

So, I know that the Snowy Hydro scheme is an iconic Aussie infrastructure project, that has a lot of sentimentality attached, in the public mindset, and I know that the pressure is on Turdball to look like he’s actually got some idea WTF he’s doing, after months of lying to the public and misleading parliament over the part renewables played in the SA blackouts… But has he really thought this through???

Which brings me back to a few points he may have overlooked.

Firstly, The very reason we’re told that we need the extra generation capacity, is to help with peak loads during the hot summer months, which are predicted to get progressively hotter, for longer, as is evidenced by the fact that records seem to have been broken every year, for at least the last few, with temperatures climbing steadily and weather patterns noticeably changing for the last couple of decades.

But the question to Turdball is, do you really want to rely on hydro… Really?

I mean , what happens when we have long, hot, record breaking summers, with more and more frequent extreme weather events? (Yes, that is a rhetorical question, but currently being the smartest person in this room, I feel more than qualified to answer it anyway   😛   )

  1. We can suffer more droughts,  like the one in 2007 that had a major impact on the snowy hydro schemes ability to produce power.   😯
  2. We can experience less rain, and shorter ski seasons due to the quality and amount of snow, both of which the snowy scheme relies upon.
  3. During longer and hotter summers, we lose more of our precious water supply to evaporation, and what water is available , is needed for irrigating our precious food supplies, both for the domestic and export markets.
  4. At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, when we’re talking longer, hotter summers, and more frequent and intense heatwave conditions, the one thing that we can rely on during peak load periods is an over abundance of sunshine, which is overwhelmingly the cause of said peak load periods, and can be easily and cheaply used and harnessed through PV and battery storage, in both large and small capacities, to cover any base load shortfall.  And the one thing that we cannot rely on during those extreme weather events is sufficient excess water!
  5. The “Pump” part of the “Pumped hydro”, will still be powered by coal , which will continue to pollute the atmosphere at unacceptable levels, further exacerbating the already dire and increasingly extreme effects of CC, and the reasons for the required action in the first place   O_o   o_O

And now we come to your other preferred option of “Clean Coal” which being the smartest person in the room, you must know is not only NOT a viable economic or environmental option, but an oxymoron, not unlike your energy minister Matt Canavan… Although, he completely ignores the “Oxy” part, and goes straight to MORON!!!   😛

But again, I digress.   🙂

With “Clean Coal” producing a maximum emissions reduction of only around 30% (If  and when it becomes commercially viable) , and true renewables at least 70% lower than that, (and already available) and with the cost of renewables dropping exponentially , as take up rates increase, any fool can see that there is absolutely NO justification for seriously considering the coal option!

So, my advice to you is;

  1. Stop the lies and spin!
  2. Stop accusing others of Ideologically driven energy policy, when that is clearly the realm of your IPA/Muddick/LNP gov!
  3. Stop treating us all like idiots, just because that’s what you’re dealing with in your own party room!
  4. Start listening to the experts, instead of the idiotic right wing of the LNP!
  5. Either come into the 21st century, and start to deal realistically with the very real problems that we’re facing, or get out of the way, so that someone with real vision and  an understanding of the challenges that we face, can do what’s needed for our country and its future!

And I offer this perspective, and advice, as first among equals…

From one “smartest person in the room” to another   🙂

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After spending a few days pondering the truth of “Post-truth” politics, I’ve come to the conclusion that “Post-truth” is actually a gross simplification, and nothing more than an umbrella phrase that covers a much broader problem.   😯

Now, notwithstanding that being fast and loose with the truth has been a prerequisite for politicians from the very beginnings of politics, blatant lies, in politics, really started in

Lest we forget!

Lest we forget the Godfather of “Post-truth”1

earnest with the advent of “Honest” John “Lying rodent” Howard.   👿

The great irony in Howards case is that it was allegedly George Braindead, the current AG who, is said to have given Howard the tag, even though Braindead himself couldn’t lie straight in bed!   😛

In fact, the only revelation to be gained from someone with the, to say the least,  dubious moral standing of Braindead, calling a fellow LNPee’er a “Lying rodent” , is that the rabid right is full to overflowing with pots and kettles!   😯

But I digress   😛


As previously mentioned, the Lying Rodent, was the first real exponent of “Post-Truth”, but that was long before “Post-truth” was even a phrase, but his “Core and non Core” promises became an LNPee’er catch-cry, which The Abbott took to dizzying heights with  his “Carbon Tax” and “Debt and Deficit disaster” lies, not to mention the blatant lies he told about the GFC, and the ALP stimulus incentives such as the HIP and school halls abbott_capone_poster_by_natsa666-d4bgnxw+schemes , which are still repeated to this very day by his rabid right sycophants.   😯

Now I could waste untold amounts of space going over the plethora of lies told by The Abbott, but we are all painfully aware of The Abbott’s dishonesty, so let me cut to the chase!

The big problem, as I see it, is that the disaffection that many feel, as a direct result of Abbott’s lies, is that they now tar all politicians with the same brush, which is manifestly unfair, notwithstanding the aforementioned fact that playing fast and loose with the truth is an integral part of the profession.   😯

Let me explain!

As we know, Abbott based his entire campaign as LOTO, on one lie after another about Julia Gillard and the ALP, and these lies were ably supported and built upon by a not only compliant, but complicit Muddick controlled MSM (“Post-truth/morals/ethics”)

A largely apathetic section of the electorate believed these lies, in the absence of some basic critical thinking, and accepted that;

  1. Gillard and the ALP were liars
  2. Abbott and the MSM were telling the truth
  3. The LNP were better at managing the economy

So these deluded fools trusted Abbott, despite all the evidence to the contrary, and gave him the job of PM   😯   , only to find out later that he had deliberately lied to them, promising anything and everything to get said job!   😦

And who can forget Abbott, when confronted by video proof that he lied, he just lied some more, accusing  the voting public of “Misunderstanding him”, and  flat out denying that he said what we all know he said!   😛Turnbull 1+

So then we came to another more devious liar in Malcontent”Waffling Wanker from Wentworth” Turdball, who got the Abbott’s job of PM, based on the premises that;

  1. He wasn’t Abbott   😛
  2. He wasn’t a Climate Change denier   ❓
  3. He wasn’t from the rabid right   O_o
  4. He wasn’t beholding to the rabid right   o_O
  5. He wasn’t beholding to any factions… Cos there are no factions in the LNP   😯
  6. He wasn’t the pathetically bad economic manager that Abbott was   😉

But sadly those poor deluded fools who voted for a Turdball led LNP soon found out that;

  1. He sold his soul/principles/credibility to the right wing devils of the LNP, to get the job   😈
  2. He was as big a liar as Abbott, albeit a somewhat more convincing one, as his lies were masked under a pile of waffle, commonly known as Turn-Bullshit   😛
  3. He was only the smartest person in the room, when “The room” was… The loo!   😯
  4. He was a universe away from what they expected   😦
  5. He wasn’t the Messiah, he was just a very naughty boy   😛
  6. He isn’t a PM’s arse!   😡

HansonRobertsAnd as The Turdball is directly responsible for (Post-intelligence) the second coming of the Raving Redhead from PHON, and her cohort of catastrophic  consequence, along with the Xylophone band and the Human Headline, and one policy and governmental disaster after another,we can reasonably and confidently conclude that (and I have to say that I never even thought this was possible) he is every bit as bad, if not worse than Abbott!   😯

But again, I digress.   😉

So here we are, with a large section of the voting public feeling a level of disaffection based on lies that made them vote for the very ones that caused said disaffection in the first place.

And the really scary thing is that a similar scenario is being played out around the world, with no rhyme or reason to the electoral outcomes being achieved, other than apparently in this post-truth world, the bigger and more outrageous the lies, the more morally bankrupt and devoid of principles, a candidate is, the more chance there is that that candidate will be elected   😯

And with the new year less than a fortnight old, I can’t miss the opportunity to mention the latest  disaster to befall the Turdball  alleged gov, courtesy of their continued foray into post-truth politics, with one of its classic exponents… Sussan Ley.   👿sussan-ley

And although an exponent of “Post-truth”, she’s not a victim of it, but rather a victim of her own sense of entitlement, hubris and gross stupidity.   😛

When the story of her “Impulse buying” of an $800k Gold Coast unit broke, she said that her purchase was not premeditated, and basically, her being in the right place, at the right time, and inspecting the property “Maybe ten minutes before the auction”, and being registered, at the auction, to bid on said property was all just a happy coincidence   😉

Since then of course we’ve seen the usual level of contradictions, including but not limited to, numerous tax payer funded trips to the Gold Coast, and a Gold Coast hinterland couple who said that Ley and her bloke inspected their property a couple of times, around ten months earlier, and put in several bids which were unsuccessful, casting further doubt on her assertions of no premeditation, and a spur of the moment “Impulse” buy!   😯

There are also new claims of travel allowance rorts where 4 of the usual suspects/serial offenders claimed expenses to go to Turdball’s 2014 new years eve party, while the majority that went,  paid for their own expenses… Of course Braindead was in the forefront of these trough snouters, in Sydney from 30/12/14-1/1/15 claiming flights, COMCAR costs  and travel allowances.   😛

Piecer Mutton flew from Brissy on 31/12/14, and returned on 1/1/15 and claimed flights,COMCAR costs and $468 travel allowance.   😯

Mitch Flyblown claimed flights to and from Melbourne for himself and a family member, and then flew to Sydney on 31/12/14 and returned on 1/1/15.   😀

And Birmingham claimed a cab fare of $62.53.   😉

And as usual, the Turdball is playing part time PM, and MIA … AGAIN!   😯

And the question is… “How much longer are the voting public of Australia going to put up with the blatant lies, rorting, stupidity and downright corruption of these right wing nut-jobs, living in their self made world of …

Post-truth-morals-ethics and intelligence???   😦




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Merry Christmas Truth Seekers

Merry Christmas Truth Seekerscharlie1

Well, as the year winds down, and the new year looms large, and dare I say, somewhat scary, we can only wonder what 2017 will bring???   ❓

And as Canavan, the federal resources minister, supports Adani and their business structures based in the Caymans, despite corruption allegations being investigated by their home state of India, and large clouds still hanging over their heads over previous allegations, it’s becoming increasingly “Crystal Clear” that the LNPee’ers only interest is that of their crooked corporate donors/masters, and after all… What’s a lazy Billion between friends… Especially when it’s not your money anyway???   👿

There is also the ever present spectacle of the imminent demise of the Turdball, as Corgi Barnyardi and Georgie Porgie Christensen, talk about splitting from the Libs, to start their own version of Pauline Hanson/James Ashby’s “One Notion”  along with The Abbott, Abetz and a plethora of other LNP nut-jobs publicly blaming Turdball for the current level of LNP instability???   😀

And speaking of Pauline Hanson…   :mrgreen:   , and her “One Notion” which seems to beHansonRoberts hell bent on dividing our “One Nation” into as many competing right wing nut-job parties as is possible, with the level of STUPID in her party reaching dizzying heights, as their collective IQ struggles to make double digits   🙄   , one has to wonder just how long before some (Sarcasm alert) “genius” in the party, hits the self destruct button so hard that not only the party, but the button itself… destructs!   😯      Now there’s one Christmas present the majority of the country would appreciate!!!   🙂

But I digress   😛

Now, I have to say that 2016 has been a somewhat less than great year, on a personal note, with numerous health and other issues for us and our family, that have taken a heavy toll, and has been reflected in my writing, or lack thereof, so I would like to say a huge thanks to all my loyal friends and readers who have hung around for my sporadic musings of late, and I’m hoping that, despite the aforementioned worries for the year ahead, 2017 will be a much better year for us all!   😉

So I wish you all a very merry Christmas and the best possible new year.   🙂

And my hope for Australia and the world in general, in 2017, is that all the lying, corrupt bastard, right wing nut-jobs get everything that they deserve!   😛

And it’s not too late to reclaim a future for our kids and grandkids!

My sister found this rare Tull vid, and I thought it would be a nice to share it with you all   😉

Stay safe and well guys, and rest up for the year ahead, cos the fight continues!  😦

Cheers   🙂




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With the Christmas now upon us

With the Christmas now upon us.

So, as the worst (and I use the term very loosely) “government” in our history, scrapesTurnbull 2+ through another year, and managed to dodge the accountability bullet, by barely sitting, and never answering any questions, on the odd occasions that they did sit, we end another year of wasted opportunities on critical issues such as;

  • The economy
  • Climate change
  • Health
  • Education

And it’s interesting that under this Mendacious Mob of Miscreants, all the main indicators for the aforementioned “Critical issues” are, like their flagging poll numbers, heading south at an arguably unprecedented rate of knots!   😛

Of course, according to Turdball,  his economically illiterate sidekick Snott Moronscum, and this no account, morally bankrupt LNP mob… It’s all Labors fault!!!   😯

So, the question most thinking Australians are, or should, be asking themselves is…”How many years does this mob have to be in power before they actually take responsibility for… Well anything???   ❓

Sadly, I think the short answer is… They never will!   😡

So;  With the Christmas now upon us…


With the Christmas now upon us

And the Parliament in recess

And the right wing of the LNP

Causing Turdball naught but stress

With his “leadership” in crisis

As the backbench calls the shots

And the born to rulers trying hard

To tame those loud have-nots


With their corporate tax agenda

Preaching for the trickle down

While the economy goes backwards

With this economic clown

And the climate change deniers there

Are pulling Turdball’s strings

As he lies and backflips constantly

To the tune the right wing sings


The princples he may have had

Have long since bit the dust

And the “Steel trap” mind he’s credited with

Is clogged with right wing rust

He’s the consummate pretender

The penultimate hollow man

And a major disappointment

To all those who were a fan


So for Turdball and the LNP

There ain’t much Christmas cheer

Cos the rabid rights agenda

Will soon bite them on the rear

As the climate isn’t listening

To their waffle and their spin

And just like the tide for King Canute

It’s always gonna win


So the Chrissy party’s been called off

And the drinkies have been canned

And discussion of good policy

Like the experts… Have been banned

And the Turball’s in protection

From his own teams rabid right

With the back bench PM Christensen

Giving Turdball quite a fright


And the Abbott’s in the background

Playing spoiler once again

While the country thinks the whole damned lot

Are really quite insane

With Bernadi saying ETS talk

Is the dumbest thing he’s heard

But coming from the dumbest pollie

It’s really quite absurd


And deputy dawg Bananaby

Is just a laughingstock

A second rate accountant

And a raving bloody cock

A man of tiny intellect

And morals sadly lacking

The nationals made him leader

When he really just needs sacking


We thought we saw incompetence

When Hockey held the purse

But treasurer Snott Moronscum

Is proving even worse

He’s an economic time bomb

That has made our country poorer

And he’ll drive us to recession

And of that there’s nothing surer


They’re a cabal of incompetents

Of that there is no doubt

And our new years resolution must be

To kick the bastards out

Cos a full term of the Turdball

And his nut-job LNP

Will visit rack and ruin

On our wonderful country


So make the most of Christmas

And ignore the ruling classes

And when the new year comes around

Lets kick their lying arses

Cos we need a decent government

That’s serving you and me

Not the corporate puppet masters

Of the rabid LNP!


Turdball 2+1


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The vagaries of a “Post-Truth” world

The vagaries of a “Post-Truth” world.trump

As the world comes to terms with the fact that, despite belief amongst most political pundits/tragics (Yours truly included) , that the good old boys of the US of A could not/ would not be so stupid as to elect Donald T (party) Rump as the next “Leader of the free world”… They did   😯

Now, we in Australia really shouldn’t be that surprised by this eventuality, as we are seemingly leading the world in “STUPID”, since the unlikely election of firstly, the political thug Abbott and his cronies, closely followed by his political assassin and the morally bankrupt/devoid Malaise Turdball MP (Manic Personality), PM (Prime Miscreant), AKA the Waffling Wanker from Wentworth, and his cronies, including but not limited to  the master of stupid, the one and only (Thank God) Bananaby Juice MP (Maniacs Personified) and deputy PM (Prime MORON!)!   🙄

HansonRobertsThen, to add insult to injury, the aforementioned Waffling Wanker took us to a DD that resulted in the second coming of The Rambling Rabid Right Redhead from PHON, and her cohort of conspiracy crazes , like Malcolm (I need empirical evidence that he actually has some working brain cells) Roberts   O_o   , not to mention the head banging Xylophone band, and the human headline, who’s self declared first and only vote was to get himself elected… WTF???

So, here we are in this post-truth world, which is in reality more like a parallel  universe, where everything we valued as worthwhile and decent is in fact worthless and indecent; where truth is an expendable commodity, and the real political currency is propaganda and spin; where facts are irrelevant, and the success of a political party is determined not by the number of good policies passed in the name of “The national interest”, but rather the number of lies that can be sold to a majority of totally gullible, unsuspecting and apathetic citizenry; and where a blatantly despicable and corrupt ruling class is accepted as “The norm”!   😡

The sad reality is that after literally months of introspection, this political tragic has come to the undeniable conclusion that I have a palpable anger about the state of the body politic in this country and around the world more generally, that I’ve never felt before.

Now, I have felt anger towards politicians before, like during the Whitlam dismissal of 1975, when Fraser manipulated the system with the help of Joh Bjelke-Petersen and John Kerr, and then many times during the Howard years, but nothing like the anger that I’m feeling towards this current iteration of the rabid right!   👿

For quite some time now, there has been a pervading sense  of doom, gloom and ever despairing resignation over politics in this country, and apparently around the world, where those of us with some mental capacity have had to sit back and watch, as the lies, spin and propaganda of the rabid right have invaded the sensibilities of average punters, to the extent that they have seemingly lost the will and/or ability to think for themselves, and are more than happy to be led by the nose, lemming like, towards their own imminent demise.   😦

A classic example is the USA, where after years of trying to dig their way out of the hole that they found themselves in, as a direct result of the excesses of the banking and corporate sectors, they finally start to see some light at the end of the GFC tunnel, and immediately turn that light into train, by electing one Donald T (party) Rump, and giving carte blanche to the Republicans to reintroduce many of the policies and ideologies that dug the aforementioned GFC hole, in the first place!   😯

Likewise here, where we have a mendacious mob of miscreants, allegedly running the show, firstly under the appalling Abbott, who like Rump was elected on right wing myths, lies and propaganda, followed closely by the penultimate “Hollow Man” Malaise Turdball, who got in basically on the premise that he wasn’t Abbott, only to then go about disproving that misconception, by proving that in fact he’s actually worse than Abbott… Just in a better suit!    👿

But I digress   😛

Meanwhile back at my unprecedented anger:   😡

I watched the despicable Turdball in QT during the second last sitting week, waffling on about respect, followed shortly thereafter by a prolonged and sustained attack on the lack of  principles of Shorten and the Labor party, and accusing them of everything that he and his LNPee’ers are blatantly guilty of… WTF??? … Talk about Right wing projection!     And in an effort to restrain myself from throwing something large at my lovely 55″ smart TV, I let loose with a few choice expletives, and then hit the mute button and started reflecting on why I have so much anger?

And what came into sharp focus was that the the real problem is that it isn’t just anger that I’m experiencing, but a total and complete lack of respect for the offices of  government ministers, and the once high and revered office of PM, and that I actively despise them and have nothing but contempt for them!   😯

This phenomenon was instigated by Abbott, as LOTO, where he showed a complete lack of respect for the then PM Julia Gillard, and a total disregard for the rule of law, and the truth, heralding the mainstream acceptance of the “Post-truth” era in Australian politics!

Now, there is no doubt that Little Johnny (Lying Rodent) Howard was the instigator of “Post-truth” politics, in this country, but Abbott took it mainstream, and then the thoroughly despicable Turdball used his mainstream persona perception as an LNP moderate to further exploit the “Post-truth” phenomena to further his own personal ambitions, at the expense of the poor, disadvantaged and the wider Australian community.   👿

And now, he’s quoting “Post-truth”, as an accusation against the Labor party, which is in and of itself “Post-truth”!!!   😛

So, as the uninformed and disaffected, prompted by the lies and propaganda of the rabid right, who propagated “Post-truth”, turn to those very same “Post-truth’ers”, and conspiracy theorists, to deliver them from the ideologies that they, by their votes are re-endorsng; those of us with more than a mere handful of working brain cells, can only sit back and shake our heads in despair at the prevailing levels of stupid.   😦

And as we wind up the dissection of the dissemination of post-truth in politics, AussieTurnbull 1++ style, we have just been subjected to the most blatant example the aforementioned “Post-truth” in a Turdball masterclass commonly known as COAG, where our illustrious “Post-truth” PM declared that:    Despite the overwhelming evidence of our very own chief scientist in his “Finkel” report handed to the LNP this week, along with other corroborating opinions and evidence from climate change and economics experts, including from the CSIRO, stating that The LNPee’ers very own “Direct action” is a croc that will not deliver the targets that we have signed up to, in Paris, and that a market based pricing mechanism will not only be effective in making sure we achieve our emissions  targets, but would also put downward pressure on electricity prices, saving us, the consumers billions of $’s; he and his LNP backbenchers know better than all the aforementioned experts!!!   W…T…F???   😯

And so, as sheer bewilderment and  frustration turns to raging anger, and a deep and abiding sense of genuine fear for the future of mankind, combined with a complete loathing for the rabid right, who, as usual, totally ignore truth and facts, for the sake of bat shit crazy ideology and blatant self interest, our only options are to sit back, and watch, wonder and ponder;

The level of STUPID that brought us to this point

The slow motion train wreck that is the Muddick/IPA/LNP gov

And…  The vagaries of a “Post-truth” world???





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Said the Abbott to the rank and file

Said the Abbott to the rank and file…abbotts-mouth

Well, as the Abbott has once again raised his ugly head, I thought it was time for another instalment of the “Said the Abbott…” poem series   😯

I was hoping to have it posted a few days ago, but like everything these days, it took a whole lot longer than it should   😡   But we got there in the end   🙂

Oh, and I know that “Rank and file” is a tad low rent for the LNP, but “Rank”, (and I do mean “RANK” in the most odious sense of the word) seems more than appropriate for the idiots that support this Mendacious Mob of Miscreants, especially in NSW!   😛

But it also applies across the nation   😀


Said the Abbott to the “rank” and file…


Said the Abbott to the rank and file

You need to have your say

Cos the factions, that don’t quite exist

Are having too much, their own way

And as a future, er… umm… Past PM

My thoughts are all well known

And the rumours of my lies and spin

Are grossly overblown


The moderates are all bleeding hearts

With pseudo left agendas

And NSW needs the rabid right

And our policy truth benders

Cos we can’t be wishy washy

And we need to tell it straight

But our cred has all but bolted

Through the moderates open gate


And the PM, who I do support,

Is leading our great party

They say he’s smartest in the room

And he really is a… smarty???

His plan to run the country

Is a plan we all endorse

And even though he stabbed me in the back

I’ve got his back… Of course


Said the rank and file to Abbott

Our numbers have diminished

And if we don’t reform real quick

In NSW we’re finished

Cos the ICAC has our measure

All our trusts accounts are blown

And our links to the Mafia and money laundering

Have now been clearly shown


And the coalition federally

Has numbers that are tanking

And the waffler from Wentworth

Will deliver us a spanking

So we need a man of vision

And we need a man of guts

To renew the peoples confidence

In our party full of nuts


So we think we’ll stick with Turdball

And his sidekick Mikey Baird

Cos the terrorists and unionists

Have got us really scared

And our Liberal ideologies

Have taken quite a hit

And although the Turdball’s useless

As a PM, you were shit


But we’ll keep our options open

Cos we’ve heard the backbench talking

And they say, with numbers going south

Our Mal’s a dead man walking

So we’ll stay the course with Turdball

Till a better choice appears

And he doesn’t wear your clown shoes

Or those silly monkey ears


Said the Abbott to the Turdball

In Question Time you called me liar

And instead of showing leadership

You became an Abbott… Fryer

Which bloody Billy Shorten

Seemed to think was really neat

As he made you cock your Adler

And blow off both our feet


And the whole thing looked quite silly

Though  a deal, I did not do

With that independent Lyingarse

Who’s dumped us in the poo

By side-tracking our agenda

On our A B C C con,

And relentless union bashing…

Our momentum has all gone


Said the People to the LNP

You’ve really lost the plot

With your bullies in the Senate

And your credibility shot

And your ministers delusional

With the bullshit that they spout

And your lack of clear direction

Means you really should get out


And pontificating waffle

Is the order of the day

As the really pressing issues

Are all glibly swept away

With your climate change denial

And backbenchers running riot

And all those bloody experts

That refuse to just keep quiet


And we really need support

For the workers of our Nation

But all we get from the LNP

Is policy constipation

While first home buyers struggle

To get their first foot in the door

And your targets for austerity are

The old, the sick and poor


You have lied, deceived and cheated

And exploited every rort

For the sake of wealthy donors

And just deny it, when you’re caught

And for Abbott and for Turdball

There is only one conclusion

When it comes to running Australia

They’ve been the REAL… Double Disillusion



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CC, is it worth the risk?

CC. is it worth the risk?images

After watching the nut-job Malcolm Roberts on QandA, last Monday night, I felt compelled to respond.   😯

Despite his efforts, and his obvious understanding of the  dilemma that faces the planet, Brian Cox, was never going to make any headway with the sadly delusional Malcolm Roberts, as despite his calls for “Empirical Evidence”, the reality is that Roberts is not interested in any evidence that contradicts what he believes to be true.   😯

Although, having said that, I’m not personally convinced that Roberts truly believes his own demented ramblings, as much as he protests that he does?   😛   (But then he did cite Pauline Hanson, as one of the most intelligent people he’s ever known   😯   So who knows???   ❓   )

And his incessant demands for “Empirical Evidence” are only matched by his effort to dismiss any and all evidence put before him

So, what is “Empirical Evidence”?

  1. Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation. This data is recorded and analysed by scientists and is a central process as part of the scientific method.
  2. “Empirical evidence” or “scientific evidence” is evidence which serves the purpose of either supporting or countering a scientific hypothesis or theory.

Now, I may not be as smart as Professor  Brian Cox   😯   , but by those definitions, it seems to me that   “Empirical Evidence” is exactly what we have… But I digress   😉

Roberts+The truth is that Roberts is an ego maniac, and deluded fool, who would never even consider the possibility that he could be wrong , as evidenced by his performance on QandA , and his responses to the evidence that he was confronted with.

But the question needs to be asked, of all those who believe the plethora of crap that  is pervading the internet in regards  to CC;

“What is the worst case  scenario if  either  side is wrong”?????

Well, if those that believe the science (as I do), are wrong, but do what they believe needs to be done, then the worst case scenario is that we will end up with;

  1. A planet that is cleaner and greener than it otherwise would be
  2. A new world wide economy based on renewables
  3. A vastly more efficient, and  environmentally friendly energy sector
  4. A healthier populous, due to a reduction in pollution, amongst other things, reducing at least some of the pressure on grossly under resourced health services
  5. And hopefully a more environmentally aware, and responsible populous, that will leave the planet in a better condition for future generations to work with, appreciate and enjoy.

And on the other hand, if the CC deniers are wrong, but convince the powers that be, to do nothing, other than maintain the status quo then the worst case scenario is that;

  1. There will be potentially billions of environmental refugees
  2. Natural disasters, increasing in both frequency and intensity
  3. Coastal inundation on a grand scale
  4. Untold millions, if not billions, of people dying from the aforementioned natural disasters (Floods, droughts, fires etc etc)
  5. A populous battling the environment, for their very survival, with a vision and grip on the future that is tenuous at best!

Now, at this point, I have to say that I, for one, would be more than happy for all the scientists, and “empirical evidence” to be wrong, and for the likes of Malcolm Roberts et al to be able to say “We told you so”!

Sadly however, as Brian Cox pointed out to Roberts (Which the aforementioned Roberts summarily dismissed   😯   )  the overwhelming consensus of the science community is of the contrary view!

So, IMHO, the most important question that we need to ask ourselves is not who’s right or wrong, (Although, I, like most would argue that the evidence is clear   😛   ) but;

“When it comes to doing nothing about CC… Is it worth the risk???”

And the answer is a resounding NO!







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