Australia’s evil inTent!

Australia’s evil inTent!

While sections of the MSM hail Abbott’s long overdue venture into Arnhem Land, as another kept promise, albeit 12 months later than promised, and the idiot Warren Mundine still pushes the line that Abbott is the best thing to happen to the indigenous community since the advent of thongs … ?   :shock:   , the cuts to services along with the litany of other lies and broken promises, tell the real story.

The truth is Abbott is as good for the Aborigines as he is, as for women, the poor, the unemployed, the pensioners and Australia as Prime Moron!   O_o   :/

And now that he’s declared war on…. well… Australia, with his no “boots on the ground” approach to sending in 400 Airforce personnel and 200 SAS, to Iraq (Presumably in their socks?), and painted a huge big target on our citizenry, our country and way of life, we have to wait with baited breath to see if he has achieved his ultimate “Look over there” moment, to scare the pants off those recalcitrant voters who have been deserting the LNP, in droves?

But not for too long, as there should be a newspoll out shortly that will show how successful, or otherwise, this latest piece of deception has been.   :wink:

So while Abbott spends a week, living under canvas, in Arnhem Land, making out that he’s the Aborigines “best friend”   :shock:   and hiding from questions about LNP involvement in Ashbygate and dodging other inconvenient truths, there are now other questions that also need to be asked, and answered!

Questions like:

  1. How, when we’ve been told ad-infinitum about our debt and deficit emergency, can we afford to send planes and 600 personnel, to the Middle East?
  2. Are you now telling us that the poor and vulnerable are going to be paying for your chest beating distraction?
  3. Why is it that we have been kept in the dark about operational matters regarding asylum seekers, yet you’ve been telling all and sundry, how you are ready, willing and able to do whatever, to combat what is essentially a war that should be dealt with, on the ground, by the neighbours directly affected?
  4. Why is it that neighbouring countries like Turkey, that have a large number of citizens directly affected, are yet to commit to action against ISIL, while you maintain that the threat to us is sufficient to warrant this action?
  5. Why is it that we are at the forefront of any action, while the UK, have yet to commit to air strikes, even though their citizens are directly involved as both murders and victims?
  6. Will you take some level of responsibility if and when one or more of our service men or women, or overseas aid workers become a victim, as a direct result of your overblown, warmongering rhetoric, and gung-ho  attitude towards this conflict?
  7. Why is it that we are already seeing Muslin communities, at home, targeted by redneck elements, which in itself will only serve to further heighten the risk, as young Muslims feel more marginalised, subsequently making them more susceptible to radicalisation!
  8. Why is it that the announcement of a heightened state of alert, coincided with:  1. The retirement of the security chief? 2.  His reasoning, regarding around three to six months of heightened social media traffic which also seems strangely coincidental with the time that your warmongering rhetoric started, not to mention?  3. the anniversary of 9/11?
  9. Why announce a raised alert level, and claim a direct threat to Australia, when even the US said there’s no immediate or direct threat to them?
  10. Why go to Arnhem Land, now, when you’ve had a whole year to make good on your promise to spend your first week as PM there?

Cos to be honest Tony, with such an appalling record over your first year, of Backflips, broken promises, obfuscation and downright lies; and with past behaviour being the best predictor of future behaviour, it looks very much like you running away from the hard questions, that need to be answered, to a remote camping ground, where media access is limited, and easily controlled, and has the the distinct stench of;

Australia’s evil inTent!   (Pun intended!… or not?   :wink:   )

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One year down!

One year down!Pants on fire

The sad truth is that we could summarise their first year in a two word slogan:

“They LIED!”

But that wouldn’t make much of a poem, even though it accurately tells the story of this mob.   So I’ve added a bit more detail, although if I covered everything they lied about, I’d still be writing it when the next election is called, so this is but a snapshot of their first year.  :shock:


One year down.


For the Abbott’s first anniversaryimages

We look back with reflection

On a year of policy backflips

And mendacious recollection

From a man who condemned dishonesty

And “No excuses”… he loudly cried

He said he’d be the “battlers friend”,

Yet from the start he lied!


He had a lot of slogansditch the witch

And motherhood statements too

But instead of decent policies

He gave us cattle poo

As he lied about the pensions

And he lied about his cuts

Then he lied about his lying

Making out that we’re all nuts

:/   O_o

Telling us that we misheard him



That he didn’t say… what he said

Refusing to admit he lied

Showing in the LNP, truth is dead

With no regard for the vulnerable

For the weak, the old and frail

With dollar based ideologies

That are well beyond the pail


Whilst giving unfair access to

Vested interests by the score

Through trust funds and Joe Hockey

Who’s the corporate dollar whore

They promised adult government

To be open, straight and fair

Pyne's speaker… Helmet hair!

Pyne’s speaker… Helmet hair!

And then they gave the speakers job

To Bronnie “Helmet hair”


Who quickly trashed our parliament

Making question time a farce

Delivering non-rulings

That came straight from Bronnie’s arse

She misused the standing orders

Treating all with gross contempt

While the party treated rules and law

As if they were exempt


And the proof was with George Brandis

Sir Brandis of Nott

Sir Brandis of Nott

In his first week on the job

Getting Credlin off her DUI

The crooked little knob

Exercising his new powers

As top lawman in the land

Cos for Abbott, Peta Credlin

Is the leader of the band



On Gonski, Pyne and Abbott said

We’re on a unity ticket

Not Gonski, but my Conski

Not Gonski, but my Conski

But straight after the election

They both told the states to stick it

And for years they screamed “Emergency”

Our debt is way too high

We have to live within our means

So to surplus, we must fly!


Then they promptly canned the debt ceiling

And doubled government debt

While the Murdoch piper called the tune

To Abbott; Rupert’s pet

Turnbull lied about the NBN071127-MalcolmTurnbull-c83d7dd4-7a4b-49d5-b4d6-07e082dd963c_thumb[1]

To support his mogul mate

And our broadband won’t be running fast

It’ll just be running late


They said they believe in climate change

But they lied about that as well

Cos they’d rather count their money

While the planet goes to hell

And they’re still lying about its impactGreg Hunt+

And about the carbon “tax”

Ignoring all the experts

And dismissing all the facts


And they lied about our super

And about our Medicare

And they lied about helping the vulnerable

And their changes to welfare

They lied about the economy

The workers and the poor

And with his poll numbers dwindling, Abbott

The Abbott ot Downunderton Abbey

The Abbott of Downunderton Abbey

Wants to take us all to war


So one year down, and two to go

And we’re primed to take a hit

From this clown they call “The mad monk”

And his party, who’re full of shit

They promised “no surprises”

But the truth is plain to see

That you can’t believe a word that dribbles

From the lying LNP







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Tony, we just don’t believe you!

Tony, we just don’t believe you!


Abbott’s backflip.  Courtesy google images

Another day, and another broken promise seems to be the norm for this lying bastard, we laughingly call PM!

The latest in the conga line of lies, distortions, backflips and broken promises by Abbott, WRT superannuation, even inspired my sister in the UK to email me about it, with a link to an article she came across soon after the announcement.

And once again Abbott denies it’s a broken promise.   WTF?   :shock:

Which proves once again that rather than the adults we were promised, they delivered a bunch of spoilt little rich kids, led by someone who’s supposed to be well educated, yet  certainly suffers a severe comprehension problem, not to mention other more worrying characteristics like;

  • possible psychological defects   O_o   :/
  • a firm, if delusional, belief that he can lie his way out of  anything   :wink:
  • a naive and totally delusional belief that he can avoid all scrutiny by simply changing the goal posts regularly   :razz:
  • adjusting the laws to accommodate his corrupt view of the world or   :grin:
  • all of the above, and a few more besides!…   O_o   :shock:

And his claim that they are leaving the money in the workers pockets, is pure fantasy land stuff, as there will be no pay rises other than the CPI (or less) for the vast majority of workers, and even if, by some miracle, all bosses passed the so called “savings” on, the poorest would see little difference in their pay packets, week to week, but would see a big drop in their retirement savings, as the $500.00 government top up, for the lowest paid, has been scrapped, and so will not be passed on in wage rises, and is a cut for them, and a broken promise from Abbott who promised “No adverse changes to super”… WTF?   :evil:

And while the community outrage grows over the terrorists  in Iraq and the war in Ukraine, don’t be fooled by Abbott’s warmongering rhetoric, as it’s more about diverting attention from his “BUDGET DISASTER”, and trying to reinvent himself as a war time leader (as opposed to the right wing nut-job, and economic and social policy incompetent that he plainly is!), for the sake of riding the wave of terror based fear, all the way to a power maintaining boost in the polls, in defiance of his gross incompetence in the job he was employed to do!

And if you think I’m being unfair to Abbott, then just take look back to the Howard years, and indulge in a stroll down memory lane about “WMD”s” and “Children overboard”as two of many examples of the lengths the LNP will go to to hold onto power, at any cost, and obviously the main lessons that Abbott took away from his term in that mendacious and despicable parliament.

Now I’m not saying that as a human being (?) he was not affected by these horrendous Smirkacts of barbarism!  What I am saying, is that his barely hidden, self satisfied smirk, screams volumes about his personal satisfaction at the prospect of a war… any war!   And two at once, for the Abbott is tantamount to  political sex.   :wink:

And the truth is that Abbott and the LNP are exercising every ounce of  international, diplomatic incompetence they can muster, to make it so.

Don’t be fooled people; Abbott and his short sighted and  inflammatory rhetoric are not about helping solve the problems of the world, but rather for the sake of  helping to solve his own political problems, by gaining short term domestic political advantage, with poll numbers and the next election front and centre, but with nary a thought for the long term consequences of his incompetence and narcissistic based ideologies and rhetoric.   :twisted:

And our response to this most despicable, delusional and destructive political opportunist, Australia has ever seen, should be;

Tony, we just don’t believe you!


Liar Liar




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Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

With all the rhetoric going around about terrorism, and the the extremist “War” language spewing gleefully from the mouth of the political thug and brawler, we laughingly call a PM, I thought it might be worth looking at the issue of home grown terrorists!   :shock:

Now it goes without saying that the recent beheading was an act of unspeakable barbarity, and an affront to anyone with even a semblance of humanity, and as such should be widely condemned by all of humanity.   :evil:

But with his response to terrorism, as with most of our neighbours, China and let’s not forget Russia; Abbott’s,  were not what should be ‘measured’ responses, but rather disproportionate to the threats or problems confronting us, so the real problem that we have to face, is one of perceptions.   :shock:

So what is “Terrorism”?

Well, simply defined, “Terrorism ” is the act of creating fear/terror, in the minds and hearts of the people, to achieve a predominantly political outcome.

Now many will argue that they are just freedom fighters with a religious cause, but the truth is that in the vast majority of examples, terrorism is fuelled by religious extremism,  but carried out by thugs, bullies and/or murderers to achieve a political outcome… In the name of religion.

Firstly the issues that need to be addressed are those in the Middle East, where for thousands of years, the different tribes have fought amongst themselves for political dominance, with religion as the excuse.

The Old Testament talks of the “Twelve Tribes of Judah” from which Islam originated, and Christianity was eventually born. So in reality, Judaism, Islam and Christianity all worship the same God.   :shock:

And the truth is that the vast majority of peoples from all religions want the same things.

They want to see their children and grandchildren grow up to be safe and happy , with a decent future, and to have some peace in their own lives, so as to be able to go to work, pay their bills and support and enjoy their families, etc!

The sad irony is that the zealots from all religious communities, invariably hurt more of their own, than the ones they claim to be fighting against.

And while Muslim communities are now viewed with suspicion and fear, around the world, and subjected to abuse and red neck violence from the ignorant and ill-informed,  the reality is that by far and away, the most victims of these radical, brutal Muslim regimes are… Muslims!

Religious zealotry has been, and always will be, a problem, as all religious books of law are open to individual interpretation; and without wanting to get in to a discussion on theologies, suffice it to say that it’s easy for politics of both church and state to corrupt the process of doctrinal interpretation.

And the Roman Catholic Church is a classic example of a church that has, since its inception, become less “Spiritual”, and more political, and even more sadly, political in its spirituality!   :sad:

And that brings us to the original premise, and the definition of “Terrorist”!

The goal of terrorists, is to create fear in the mind of the masses,  and they have many tools at their disposal, from the physical (Torture, beheadings, general violence, hostage taking etc), criminal (drug supplies, money laundering, smuggling etc), to the social, emotional and economic (Predominantly propaganda based).

And they try to justify these atrocities, by indoctrination, or convincing themselves that, “The end justifies the means.”   :twisted:

So to determine who fits the criteria, the question is:  “Who is creating the fear in the minds of Australians?”

Well we saw the consequences of lies, designed to promote fear, under the Howard governance, where we went to war on the back of lies, misinformation and propaganda.

Where we saw the lies of “The children overboard” saga, seek to demonise asylum seekers, and polarise public opinion against them.

Where we saw political cronyism and opportunism reach new heights, in…low!

I for one loved the ultimate irony of watching  “The lying rodent” finally get unceremoniously dumped from, not only his job as PM, but from his own, blue ribbon electorate; although many would argue that in his case, justice will only be done when he’s in gaol for his crimes!   :wink:

And for the last four years, there has been another one from the same mould; we could call him “The son of the lying rodent” which would be a fairly accurate description, but he’s already known by so many other derogatory names, like “The mad monk” or “The Lying King” or “The dickhead” (I threw that one in, cos I can… and he is!   :razz:   ) etc, that one more might just get lost in the crush.   :shock:

But I digress   :wink:

So what have we seen since The Abbott came onto the scene?

Well apparently, even his rise to the top of the LNP was based on promises made to Hockey and others, that he wouldn’t put his hand up for leader; a promise he subsequently broke.   :shock:

And once in the position of LOTO, his only plan was to do whatever it took to gain government.   So taking a leaf out of the rodents song book, he started lying.

But they were not just any old lies, these lies were designed to instil fear, amongst the citizenry:

  • Fear that the country will go broke because of the “Carbon Tax”.
  • Fear that our debt is out of control.
  • Fear that we had an incompetent and dysfunctional government that were hell bent on wrecking the economy.
  • Fear that spending and waste were out of control.
  • Fear that asylum seekers were all either terrorists or economic refugees, intent on taking over our country.  etc etc.

for the sole purpose of imposing on an unsuspecting public, his rabid right wing, personal, religious and political ideologies, and those of his self interested, corporate masters.

And arguably his biggest corporate master, owned the propaganda machine Abbott needed to sell his lies, fear and smear campaigns, with the ultimate goal of bringing down a duly elected government.

Which ultimately worked, albeit minus the predicted (by Murdoch’s News Corp) Labor massacre.

Since then we have seen the budget from hell that struck fear into the hearts of large swathes of the population, as their lies and deceptions were exposed.

Then we have ICAC, uncovering slush funds used to launder money, with federal members implicated.   Also not forgetting Abbott’s own slushie, that he lied to the AEC about. The same one that he used to have political rival, Pauline Hanson and friends, gaoled.

We’ve seen political witch hunts through RC’s, and the torture and character  assassination of friend and foe alike. (If you don’t think it was torture, just ask Slipper or Thomson!)

In the name of “Border Protection”, we’ve seen what many consider to be government sanctioned;

  • Piracy.
  • People smuggling.
  • Dehumanisation.
  • Torture.
  • Murder.

The sad reality is that Abbott’s main game is hanging on to power, and will do whatever it takes to achieve that!    And everything that he does, he does with one eye on the polls.

And if it wasn’t clear before he became PM, it sure as hell is now, that the LNP believe sincerely that… “The end justifies the means!”

So when Abbott and his LNP across the country, display  outrage at the atrocities we’ve seen, we can all nod in agreement, whilst maintaining a healthy level of scepticism about their possible motives.   :shock:

And make no mistake, when comparing the actions of Abbott and his gov, and listening to his rhetoric, one could be forgiven for crying… Bloody Hypocrite!  

And likewise, one could be forgiven for asking the question:

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?



Undoubtedly, terrorism is a cancer on our world.

Let us recognise it, totally condemn it, and work together to eradicate it…                                                                                                                                                                               

In all its guises!


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A special kind of stupid!

A special kind of stupid!

The lights are on, but nobody's home!    O_o

The lights are on, but nobody’s home! O_o

This poem follows on from my last post, “Tony, we’re over you, your lies and your stupid bloody slogans!”, where the phrase “Special kind of stupid” first made its presence felt   :wink:   and it was while writing that post, that I also started writing this poem   :shock:

And as I think back over the litany of things that Abbott claimed as “In their (The LNP’s) DNA” his greatest omission  was:

A special kind of stupid


It takes a special kind of stupid

To do what Abbott’s done

He spent his time at pressers

Where he’d sloganeer, then run

He’d never answer questions

He’d always weave and bob

And we’ve since learnt “he’s got nothin’”

He’s just an ideological knob


He’s a rabid right wing nut-job

Now that's a "Demented Plutocrat!

Now that’s a “Demented Plutocrat!

With a massive debt to pay

Cos he sold his arse to Murdoch

And he won, the “Murdoch” way

Of self interest, greed and lust for power

Through lies and News Corp spin

Though anyone with morals would know

That’s not the way to win?


And it’s a special kind of stupid

That makes him think he’s doing well

As he struts the diplomatic stage

With the foreign minister from hell

Whose diplomatic skill sets

Sees them both with feet in mouth

While our international reputation

Is quickly heading south


Medusa Bishop

Medusa Bishop

The Bishop and her death stare

Have put many “friends” off side

As she struts her stuff in designer fluff

To disguise her rhino hide

And the silk purse and the sows ear

Are what quickly comes to mind

But the comparison is odious

To the sows ear… most unkind


It takes a special kind of stupid

To pick a fight, with Putin

A man that leads a super power

And could quickly put the boot in

And with Bishop’s terminal foot in mouth

He’s hardly going to thank her

And he sees the Abbott for what he is…

A little Aussie wanker


Turnbull’s kind of stupid071127-MalcolmTurnbull-c83d7dd4-7a4b-49d5-b4d6-07e082dd963c_thumb[1]

Is a special kind indeed

Making NBN decisions based on

Liberal donor greed

So in the world our internet

Will still be second rate

But take comfort in the knowledge

That he’s helped his mogul mate


He’s dishonest like the rest of them

Though charming, and a whit

But his efforts with the “Ute gate”

Showed like the rest, he’s full of shit

He comes across as classy,

And a veritable scholar

But his special kind of stupid’s driven

By the almighty of the dollar


It’s a special kind of stupid

And stay out!

And stay out!

That made Hockey, treasurer

And the mendacious Nazi Cormann

As his crazy offsider

They put their heads together

To produce a pile of shit

Then smoked a fat Cuban cigar

While the country takes the hit


Now they’re screaming bloody murder

Cos their measures wont get through

And blaming Labor and the greens

For their pile of cattle poo

And it’s a special kind of stupid

That thinks the senate should just pass

A policy disaster that came

Straight from Hockey’s arse


It’s a special kind of stupidGreg Hunt+

That rewarded Greggy Hunt

A climate change denier

And a stupid little runt

A man of dodgy morals

And little credibility

Who’s just about a perfect fit

For the Abbott’s LNP


And it’s a special kind of stupid

That makes Morrison perform

Like a nut-job craving power

Where plain nasty, is the norm

A man who’s not responsible

Who’ll never take the blame

For things that happen on his watch

He treats it like a game

O_o   o_O

He’s a man who shows no conscience



In the things he wants to do

Like hiding facts about the boats

And the ones still sneaking through

Cos it’s all about the winning

While others pay the cost

And our country is the poorer

As our reputation’s lost


It’s a special kind of stupid

That wants the vulnerable to pay

For the lifestyles of the wealthy

Which is Tony Abbott’s way

He’s corrupting all our processes

And the truth is plain to see

It takes a special kind of stupid

To still support… the LNP




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Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!

Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!Open for business

It takes a special kind of stupid, to make the same mistakes over and over again.   And sadly our PM is just such a special kind of stupid.

A man (?) who spent his entire tenure as LOTO, coming up with, and then repeating, slogans, all the while, telling lies to justify them.

A man (?) who didn’t bother developing policies, cos he was too busy developing lies and slogans… And besides he didn’t have too cos his rabid right mates in the IPA had a wish list, and he had brain farts like his PPL scheme… WTF?   O_o

A man (?) who thought only of winning at any cost, with nary a thought for what comes after.

A man (?) who told us all, ad infinitum, that the LNP are better  at… well pretty much everything.

A man (?) who, now that he’s lied and cheated his way into government, has no idea WTF he’s doing!

Too harsh, you say?

Well I tried to focus on his good points… But I couldn’t find any   :sad:

But I digress   :shock:

The problem, as I see it, is that unlike the end of the Gillard term, where people were not listening – not as a result of the lie that she allegedly told, but because of the lies told over and over by the LNP and the MSM–  people stopped listening to Abbott from virtually the start of his term; as that’s when they realised they’ve been lied to, and severely conned.

A realisation that has only been reinforced by their backflips, broken promises and continuation of the lies, that most people now recognise as such, and the litany of lame  excuses to justify the aforementioned “Backflips, broken promises and lies”!

So how do they address this ever increasing  “Trust” deficit?

They ignore the mountain of evidence to the contrary and continue to tell the lies they told before the election, along with a few new ones, thrown in for good measure, and then talk about “Rebooting” the fudge-it that they haven’t been able to sell because of the first round of aforementioned LIES… WTF?   :roll:

Then Abbott comes out with more slogans like:

“Terrorism Tourism on the Taxpayer!”

Now, I have no doubt that most fair minded people would say that if someone on a DSP, or Newstart/dole goes overseas, to fight for another country or insurgent militia of any description, then the tax payer should not be supporting them in that, but the problem for Abbott is not so much in the message, as in the delivery.

I have to say, the more I watch and hear Abbott, the more angry I get, and the more I deride everything he says, often before he’s even said it!  As to me, everything he says is tainted by his own blatant dishonesty and stupidity, and further exacerbated by his arrogance and hubris.

But I also  have to admit to having serious doubts about the level of humanity in the LNP and particularly Abbott; thinking that he is some kind of  IPA, “Artificial Intelligence” experiment that went horribly wrong?   :shock:

The rabid right’s very own Frankenstein,  (or “Frabbottstein”)  if you like?

And  I base this realisation on the fact that when he rocks up for an interview, he literally “Rocks” up to it.   As when he walks (if you can call it that), he rocks from side to side, like an old toy robot!   O_o   :shock:

His arms don’t hang comfortably at his sides, but rather stick out at the elbows, like an

robot+1over blown body builder; and I get the impression that he would be much more comfortable waving his arms around whilst reciting the lines from “Lost in Space”, that suit him to a tee:

“Warning, Warning… Danger Wil Robinson (substitute Australia)!”   O_o   :/

Then you have his verbal delivery, which I find highly frustrating and insulting, as he ums, ahs and  clicks his way through the start of an answer, seemingly having to think about every word that dribbles from his gob, except when it comes to his bloody slogans, which he throws in with gay abandon, and then insists on repeating them, as if he’s actually said something worth repeating… WTF?   O_o   o_O

Then there’s the complete stupidity of pretty much every “Abbott” utterance, and the reason why he will happily go on to 2GB, with his mates Jones and Hadley, or TEN for his mate Bolt, but is not allowed to go on QandA, as he will be faced with real questions from real people, who expect real answers   :shock:   (It’s just as well he’s an “Adult”, cos most kids would be really pissed off at being told that they’re too stupid to talk to real people?).

For example; he said the other day that he wouldn’t say, what Hockey said about the petrol indexation and the poor… WTF?   Of course he wouldn’t say it; there’s too many syllables, and it wouldn’t work as a three word slogan, so he couldn’t… even if he wanted to!   :/   :roll:

But let’s face it, Abbott doesn’t need to follow Hockey’s lead, as he has no problem making himself look stupid, like he has on many occasions;

and as he did more recently, with his comments about Scotland, and its possible secession from GB.   :roll:


Sadly for Australia, we’ve got the two highest cabinet appointments, both Hockey and Abbott, vying for the title of “The most special kind of stupid”   :roll:  and even sadder   :cry:   they’re not alone, as that special kind of stupid seems to be in the LNP DNA, and a few examples are, in no particular order:

  • Bishop (Jr)   :evil:
  • Bishop (Sr)   :twisted:
  • Abetz   O_o
  • Morrison   :/   :evil:   ^^’   :mrgreen:
  • Pyne   :/
  • Brandis   ^^’
  • Hunt   :mrgreen:   O_o
  • Turnbull   :roll:
  • Cormann   :eek:
  • Joyce   O_o   :/   o_O

But let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Abbott, most if not all of the current cabinet, would still be back benchers, or not even MPs at all, where they could devote their special kind of stupid to themselves and their families, and not inflict it on us!   :mad:

So there are three things that I would like to say to the Abbott:

  1. Tony, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… “Self praise is NO recommendation!
  2. Tony, you and your LNP are nothing but dishonest and incompetent fools!
  3. Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!
An oldie but a goodie!    :grin:

An oldie but a goodie!  :grin:

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Still Sloppy… Joe!

Still Sloppy… Joe!

Eleventy seven ?  Mmm…  sounds about right!

Eleventy seven ? Mmm… sounds about right!

 For any that weren’t sure why our alleged treasurer got the nickname “Sloppy Joe”, his efforts to sell his Fudge-it should shed some light on that conundrum    :shock:

In Jan 2013, I wrote a short poem called “Sloppy Joe”, outlining my observations about the man who would be treasurer, and I thought it was worth re-posting here, with an updated version, so first of all, here’s the original:

Sloppy Joe


Cocky Hockey, or sloppy Joe

Call him what you like

The man talks only lies and spin

And should be told, get on your bike


His economic creds are shot

The man’s a total knob

And rubbish is the only thing

That dribbles from his gob


To give him keys to treasury

Would be a huge mistake

Cos like his leader? Abbott

He’s a… monumental… FAKE


And now we come to his latest performances since getting the job he wanted, and how he has forever locked in the nickname “sloppy Joe”, as the one that fits him to a tee.

Still Sloppy… Joe!

Smokin’ Joe or Sloppy Joe

Call him what you will

But when it comes to numbers

Our treasurer’s a dill


He came up with “Eleventy”

To show he has some smarts

And demonstrate his leaders cred

With quality brain farts


He thought that he was clever

As he smoked his fat cigar

And proved that for stupidity

In the LNP… it’s par


And he danced around his office

When he’d brought the budget down

Proving he’s not a treasurers arsehole

But an economic clown


Cos his so called ‘plan for future growth’

Will bring us down as well

As Abbott and the Sloppy Joe

Guide us down the road to hell


He has no clue on percentages

And he cannot tell the truth

Cos the percentage that the poor pay

May mean their car, provides their roof


He talks about emergencies

And he talks of being fair

And he wants us to believe him

When he really doesn’t care


And he’s full of bluff and bluster

And a raving right wing git

And he says he has the only plan

But he’s really full of shit!


And then he says ‘“I’m sorry”

That the words I said, upset!’

But the problem is, he hasn’t said

He’s sorry he said them… yet


He really doesn’t get it

As he plays us all for fools

That we’ve woken up to the LNP

Who’re just a bunch of Murdoch’s tools


And he’s touted, “future leader”

Of that lying Liberal lot

Which shows their lack of talent

If Sloppy Joe’s… the best… they’ve got!



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