Said the Abbott to the treasurer.

Said the Abbott to the treasurer.Dunce2

As this pathetic excuse for a government approaches it’s first budget, and with the lies  flying thick and fast from the Abbott and his cronies, I thought it was time for another poem.   :shock:

imagesAnd after much consideration, I decided to make it  another in the “Said the Abbott…” series, and this is it.   :grin:


Said the Abbott to the treasurer.


Said the Abbott to the treasurer

There’s a snow job still to do

To address the large imbalance

Between the poor and the richest few

We need to make adjustments

To reflect our own agendas

And to hide the fact that the LNP

Are the billionaires defenders


The wealthy need the lions share

Of tax breaks and supports

To help them build the economy

By Mogul, welfare rorts

But the problem is, those pensioners

Who want more than their share

How dare they think that they deserve

A system that is fair?


I mean, they’ve lived a bloody lifetime

And most have naught to show

But they think that just because they’re old

The welfare funds should flow

Now with these, we must tread carefully

To protect our supporter bases

So we’ll do them over gently

While we put on friendly faces


But those disability pensioners

Are something else again

Cos they’re just a bunch of bludgers

Who can’t work… cos they’re in pain?

Amputees and the terminally ill

Should shut their whingeing gobs

Then take a bloody Aspro

And get back to their jobs


And then there’s those that claim the right

To see a doctor for free

Well that’s not gonna happen here,

With the glorious LNP

User pays, is our belief

And if they think that’s tough

Well go and whinge to someone else

Cos we don’t give a stuff


All Medicare locals will be gone

While renewables take a hit

With cuts to public services turning

Labors legacy to shit

And the assets sell off, was a coup

For all our wealthy mates

As you shifted blame from the government

To the stupid, bloody states


And bloody Clive has said that he

Will stop us in our tracks

He’ll even reconsider keeping

That bloody carbon tax

So we have to hit them hard and fast

And give ourselves a pass

To do whatever else it takes

To sell Australia’s arse


If we can get the budget through

Then the country’s been done over

While the rightful rulers of the land

Will find themselves in clover

So hold your nerve and stay your course

Cos the media, we’ll keep hogging

And the poor, and the most vulnerable

Will cop… a right royal… flogging


Old Lady2



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Bazza O’Fazza, and the strange missing Grange?

Bazza O’Fazza, and the strange missing Grange?

Now, as someone who lived through the heady days of Love, peace and mung beans, albeit as a young observer in the early days, when The Beatles and The Stones rocked the music world,  and Woodstock was the centre of the universe;  when Jimi Hendrix gave us “Purple Haze” and great bands like Jethro Tull joined the fray, with a myriad of other fantastic artists, I live the old adage, “If you remember it, then you probably weren’t there!”   :shock:

Cos there’s lots that have mysteriously disappeared, like a certain James Taylor concert, where I was otherwise engaged, and remember nothing of the actual concert, although I do remember arriving at the concert with my girl friend, at the time, and three of her girl friends   :shock:

And I’m still pissed, as I was, and still am,  a huge fan.

Now why, you may ask, am I travelling down this memory lane, that  ends up as a block end turning (cul-de-sack)?

Well if during those aforementioned “Heady Days”, someone had given me a $3,000 bottle of anything, I’d have remembered it, and would have considered that person, some sort of friend !   :wink:   So despite your protestations that barely knew the man, here’s one for you Bazza   :wink:


Call me cynical, but really?

Now I’ve heard some saying that maybe it just got lost in the sheer volume of largesse shown to a “Liberal” leader, from a grateful top 5%?

When Bazza said that he never received the delivery, my immediate reaction was… Mmmm?

Then he was reported as saying that he and his family were  away, and even the family dogs was in the kennels?  Mmmmm?

Then we had the handwritten thank you note, followed closely by the inevitable resignation!  :wink:

We then saw  The Hon (Nyaaaaaahahahhahahahaha   :grin:  ) Tony Abbott PM saying what a thoroughly heroic act, from a truly decent man, who “Inadvertently misled” the ICAC …. Mmmmmmm?

Of course, Abbott does tend to give glowing personal references, like the one he gave for a pedophile priest?    Mmmmmmmmmm?

So here’s one for Tones and Bazza   :grin:

Anyway, IMHO, there are only three possible scenarios.

  1. The aforementioned theory of so many “gifts”, that it got lost in the pile?
  2. He really did forget that he received a $3,000 bottle of Grange, of his own vintage (1959), also forgetting that he phoned his benefactor and sent him a hand written “Thank you” note, then  subsequently forgot to declare it?
  3. Rather than forgetting, he’s realised that he’s on a ticket to nowhere, and decided to lie, and then quit his job, rather than face the real consequences?

My pick would be #3, as I figure that if all he he loses is his job, he’s doing well, as not only has he not declared the gift, but he’s also misled the ICAC.   :shock:

So despite the protestations from the LNP, about his “honour” and “Integrity”, I personally don’t really think that either of those fine qualities were part of the equation when Bazza thought about his future, but rather IMHO he was trying to contain the inevitable damage, and cover his very exposed arse!    :shock:

What do you think about;

Bazza O’Fazza, and the strange missing Grange?

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Free speech for sale!

Free speech for sale!Abbott sleeping

I have to admit to feeling somewhat flat, and uninspired by the political landscape/discourse at the moment, but it appears that I’m not alone. It feels a bit like the nation is holding its collective breath, in anticipation of the next big policy and or diplomatic stuff up, by this Abbott led catastrophe we laughingly call a government.

Abbott1+While the MSM are busy lauding his latest efforts at selling us out to overseas interests, as a great win and diplomatic triumph for “The Blunder from Downunder”, there are many at home  asking the questions that the MSM should be asking… like:

  • What are the “REAL” benefits, if any, for the nation?
  • Who benefits the most from these FTA’s?
  • And most importantly, are there ISDS provisions included, and if so …WHY?

But of course the chances are that these questions will go largely unasked, and consequently largely unanswered.

It also seems, from the latest Fairfax Nielsen  poll (Labor 52%, LNP 48% TPP), that many punters are not overly impressed with the LNP performance so far, with 9 out of 10 respondents citing  the amendments to 18C, and associated legislation as of great concern, and not warranted, or wanted.

Now it appears that Brandis is likely to be forced to backflip on his promise to clear Bolt’s name, which I’m sure will be very upsetting for the likes of Gina and her “Boy” Bolt, who will just have to learn to live with the original determination.   :sad:   :wink:

For me though, the thing that really jumps out is the level of publicly displayed hypocrisy, from a federal mob that screams “free speech” at every opportunity to further their own cause, and protect their mates, while their fascist state counterparts ably supported by the MSM do all they can to stifle free speech, with draconian anti association laws like the VLAD  laws in QLD.images

And while I’m on the subject of QLD, and the fascist state that it has pretty much become, it is increasingly evident that newman (no Capital N deserved   :shock:  ) is trying to takes us back to the years of Gerrymander “Don’t you worry about that” Joe.

He is now looking at ways to;

  • Make it harder for the marginalised to vote.
  • Politicise and/or silence the public service.
  • Further erode the effectiveness of the watchdogs, which he started from day 1, under the guise of “Cutting red and green tape” (sound familiar?).

Amongst other things…

The sad truth is that the LNP are ideologically driven, by the mantra “Greed is good” (at least when it’s right wing greed), with the almighty dollar being the determining factor in all areas of policy making, and consequently the reason why they are worse than useless when it comes to good public policy; and they are the same, both state and federal!

All these issues, and more,  are symptomatic of the aforementioned ideologies, dictating policy direction.

As a nurse, who worked for many years in the public health system in QLD , SWMBO still has friends in the QLD system who tell a disturbing story of;

  • Corporate bullying of nurses, allied health workers and even doctors , as all levels of management jockey to find some sort of job security for themselves, as they are forced to find further savings in a system that is already stressed to breaking point as a direct result of newman’s previous cuts.
  • Morale at an all time low, throughout the sector.
  • A “health care” service that takes no responsibility for the “health” or “care” of its own workers.
  • A culture of fear, propagated by implied threats to, what if any, job security remains, for any that try to speak out against “The System”, or its masters.

Doesn’t sound much like democracy or free speech to me?

And meanwhile, back at the trough, similar types of laws are already doing the rounds in Vic, while Tassie will almost definitely jump on the VLAD/LNP bandwagon, as a way to contain the damage and fallout from his promise to tear up the ‘Forestry accord”.

So although we may see a major backflip (one of many) from this “Adult, no excuses, no surprises” — NO HONESTY — LNP mob, the truth is, the fact that they even considered these amendments clearly shows their screwed priorities when it comes to “Free Speech”, and  policy in general.

If you live in a state other than QLD, and are thinking “I’m glad I don’t live there!”, all I can say is… Just wait!

So as we wait with baited breath for Hockeys axe to fall on those of us identified as leeches on society… you know, pensioners and the disabled etc, and we witness further acts of  gross hypocritical bastardry,  like the states getting on board with Hockey’s assets sell offs, let’s use what free speech we have left, to tell the LNP unequivocally:

  • Hands off our democracy!
  • Hands off our public assets!
  • Stop degrading our public services!
  • Leave our long-suffering aged and disabled pensioners, their homes and their pensions alone!

And BTW, our Free speech IS NOT for sale!

Chrissyfit2 Cheers   :grin:

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Gross stupidity, and even grosser Hypocrisy!

Gross stupidity, and even grosser Hypocrisy!Joe Bullock

And the masters of stupidity and self foot shooting (The ALP), along with the masters of lies, spin and confected, hypocritical outrage (The LNP) are at it again.   :shock: Meerkats +3+ With the repeat WA half senate election (Not a Bi-election, as claimed by the LNP)   now relegated to the annuls of history, and the long and laborious preference  counting, begining, to determine the last of the six seats, you have to wonder what has this country come to?

What we saw, was yet another example of gross stupidity on behalf of the ALP, with the choice of  Joe Bullock as #1 on the ticket, and even grosser LNP hypocrisy from the likes of Abbott and Bishop (All we’d need is the Cardinal, and we’d have the Catholic trifecta   :shock:   ), crying foul over “People buying seats”… Shock horror…   :shock:   :eek:

I’ll get back to the LNP, but the first question that has to be asked is;

“WTF were the ALP thinking?” I mean seriously? What political genius thought… “Oh… I know, lets go far a Labor candidate that:

  1. Is a friend of Tony Abbott?
  2. Advised him to join the Liberals?
  3. Has publicly endorsed Abbott as a potentially “Good PM”?
  4. Has publicly criticised his ALP running mate?
  5. Has publicly stated that  some in the ALP are “Mad”?
  6. Has publicly stated that the ALP don’t look after the workers, and can’t be trusted?
  7. Says he doesn’t always vote Labor?

Now we know that it was a right wing union deal, but really; is it a prerequisite of the “Right” factions, that they check their brains, common sense and loyalty at the door, when they join up, and never reclaim them?   :roll:

WTF, if anything, were they thinking?

And the upshot being that Louise Pratt, the decent” candidate, and the one that should Pratt and Bollockhave been #1, is fighting to claim her seat, while the modern version of “Senator Field” of the Gough dismissal era comes to mind. (For those that don’t remember he was appointed to replace a deceased QLD Labor Senator (Bertie Millner), by Joh Bjelke-Petersen  who rejected the Labor nominee Mal Coulston.)

Of course, the difference being, that appointment was made by a corrupt QLD state Premier, to help screw a Federal Labor government, whereas Bullock was an ALP appointment, to help screw themselves?   :shock:

Now we come to the other stupidity, from the LNP; the issue of their blatantly obvious hypocrisy.

When  Arthur Sinodinis showed his lack of recall, last week at the ICAC enquiry, we were gobsmacked that one of the most influential and arguably, most powerful Liberals, has such a shonky memory.   :shock:

But apparently it’s also in their (The LNP) DNA, as the leadership (And I use the term very loosely) team,  seem to have forgotten about the last election?   :wink:

OK, outrage on the count of three.

OK, outrage on the count of three.

Apart from the fact that we have Abbott and Bishop squealing like the proverbial “Stuck Pigs”, over Palmer and his efforts to “Buy” seats in parliament, in the bi-election that wasn’t, what we witnessed was the most breathtaking examples of selective memories and hypocrisy.

So let’s just have a quick look back to the last parliamentary term, and the way that they stole won the election.

One of the main features of the last three years+ was the LNP lies, spin, fear and propaganda  campaign, waged with the full and unwavering support of the Murdoch media empire and most of the remaining MSM.

Now I have to say that it beggars belief, that Abbott and Jules Bishop, can seriously imagesexpect anyone with a brain,  to accept the level of outrage that they displayed, over Palmer paying out around $3 mill (According to Clive, and much more according to the LNP) for party advertising, when they owe Rupert for 3 years + of, almost daily,  free advertising in the form of editorial content, spread from the front pages of  his “rags” (and I do mean “RAGS”),  back through the pages in most editions, in most of his mastheads.   :shock:

Even Clive couldn’t afford that!   :shock:   And certainly the LNP can’t.   :wink:

So without covering the old ground of how we’ll be the ones to pay back, in spades, Abbott’s debt to Murdoch; the truth is that while it can be argued that Palmer bought his seats in parliament, there is a much stronger, more powerful and valid argument that says that; Murdoch bought and paid for, not just a few seats, but the whole damned parliament!

Pot… Meet Kettle!   :wink:   

At this point, it would be remiss of me to not mention that I also heard the greens make similar claims about Palmer, which is also somewhat hypocritical and disingenuous, from the party that was the second biggest spender.   :wink:

And sadly, the things that will define this current term of parliament, and may well become its enduring legacy are: Gross stupidity, and even grosser Hypocrisy!

I know I’ve used this picture a few times, but I just love it!   :wink:

An oldie but a goodie!    :grin:

An oldie but a goodie! :grin:

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Tony’s “Utilities R Us”!

Tony’s “Utilities R Us”!




There has never been an Australian government that needs and deserves a hostile senate, more than this mob!

If we look at the LNP state governments, particularly QLD, we see that one of the first things that Newman did was to start dismantling the checks and balances (Red Tape), so that he can do as he likes with impunity… and he is.!   :shock:



There are also the VLAD (Anti Association) laws, which they are starting to introduce into Vic, and expect other LNP states to follow suit, with WA already trying to crack down on Bikies, which is just the thin end of the wedge!

And then there’s Hockey, passing the buck to state govs WRT the assets sell off (Read FIRE-SALE) , with the states copping the flack from the electorates, while he claims that they— the Federal LNP— have kept their promise to build infrastructure!   WTF?outrage1+

There is also the small matter of our manufacturing industry, shutting up shop (Pardon the pun   :wink:   ) and shedding potentially tens of thousands of jobs, while the Abbott sticks to the ideological path of slash, burn and sell.

Now we all know that there are the “Puppet Masters” behind the scenes, pulling the strings, but Tony Abbott is the PM that chose, for the sake of his own blind ambition, to become “The Puppet” of international vested interests

So when you break it all down, the real problem is Abbott, as he tries to run Australia, from the saddle of his pushie, with his three word slogans and his policy vacuum.


Tony’s Utilities R Us!


All the time I sit and wince

Whilst watching Abbott the evil prince

As he Umms and Ahhs and dribbles shit

The Abbott man (?) is a right wing git


He tells us that he’s doing well

But he has that strong decaying smell

Of anachronistic policy thinking

That sees his numbers quickly sinking


With Knights and Dames he’s set the stage

To take us to a bygone age

Of Downton Abbey’s class divide

Where workers rights are swept aside


And Sir Rupert Murdoch rules the roost

So the citizenry are… royally goosed

With priorities set and badly skewed

By this LNP mob that will see us… screwed


And six months in I continue to simmer

At a Liberal agenda, that couldn’t be grimmer

We’re “Open for business” was the Abbott’s catch cry

Except that our industries are proving the lie


With Australian Icons, all set to quit

And the LNP dumping us right in the shit

With their old ideologies and mega brain farts

And no policy goers, but many false starts


And when Abbott’s caught lying, there is no contrition

And he continues to act like he’s in opposition

With bad “Three word” slogans and his policy farce

It’s clear to most thinkers… He talks through his arse


He’s a PM pretender, and an oxygen thief

And his only legacy, will be Australia’s grief

Cos he lies through his sneer, and the facts he ignores

For the sake of “The Madame”, and the LNP whores


And their rich mates who’ll line up to wait for their share

Of the spoils from the sacking of… Australia fair

As he pushes austerity with motives so suss

And his “Open for Business”… means.. “Utilities R Us”


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So, we’ve all got to help do the heavy lifting?… WTF?

So, we’ve all got to help do the heavy lifting?… WTF?images

The problem that I have with this call to “alms”, by Sloppy Joe, as he cries poor, is that he’s still telling lies about the economy, using his own dodgy formulas to claim that the other lies that they’ve told were justified, because “His” (Fudged) figures  show clearly that their previous lies on Gonski, NDIS, pensions, health etc etc etc, are not lies or broken promises, but nothing more than the fault of Labor… WTF?

How convenient?   :shock:

Kaye Lee has written a great article on AIMN, about Abbott and Hockeys misleading figures.

The Hockey thunderhead   :wink:

The Hockey thunderhead    :wink:

And perversely, whilst the obligatory apoplectic LNP outrage, is most evident in the venom and bile that he unleashes at every opportunity, accompanied by the roiling thunderhead of, barely contained, feigned anger, on the “Economic Mismanagement” of the previous government, he still manages to defend the indefensible, in his calls for the scrapping of the “Carbon Tax”      (price   :razz:  ) and the MRRT.

Now I’m no economist, (But then neither is Hockey… apparently?) but if you are calling for everyone to “Help do the “economic” heavy  lifting”, why would you be;

  • Trying to repeal the Carbon Price, which is adding substatially to the governments apparently dwindling coffers?
  • Trying to repeal the MRRT, which is earning a few hundred million dollars, and with some tweaking could add considerably more to the coffers?
  • Maintaining massive subsidies for the minerals sector and the big end of town?
  • Stubbornly sticking to your stupid and inequitable  PPL scheme, while cutting funding for child care services, which is the REAL area of need for supporting working families, as opposed to paying them to have more kids that most will NOT be able to afford to have in child care, putting the lie to your claims of it helping productivity and participation rates for working women/mothers?
  • Supporting huge wage increases for politicians?
  • Encouraging state governments to “Recycle”, read bargain basement sell off, of publicly owned assets, which are currently paying dividends to said state coffers, and which would invariably further add to the already spiralling cost of living pressures, which BTW, you PROMISED to ease?   :shock:

    Eleventy seven ?  Mmm…  sounds about right!

    Eleventy seven ? Mmm… sounds about right!

Why then, given the glaring holes in your arguments, would you expect that the “average” australian voter will happily watch as their elderly parents, grandparents, disabled children and partners etc, who in many if not most  cases are already living at subsistence levels, take further hits to their ability to clothe and feed themselves, and pay their bills?

The fact is, we live in a very rich country that is being raped and pillaged for the sake of mega profits for a handful, while the majority live week to week and hand to mouth.

So before you systematically tear down this country’s economy and societal fabric, in the name of blind, right wing ideology, look to the failures and lessons of the past and learn from them, instead of cyclically repeating them ad-infinitum.

Get away from this unhealthy obsession with surpluses, and the pretence that you, despite all the evidence to the contrary, still believe in the “Trickle down effect”, which only serves to increase the every widening  disparity between the “Haves” and the “Have nots”.

So Joe, stop lying about the economy, and the reasons for the cuts!

And if you are still determined to further marginalise the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, whilst trashing our economy and our country, at least have the guts to be honest, and tell them/us the real reasons why; when you, your LNP mates and supporters are doing very nicely thank you, you are telling us:

So, we’ve all got to help do the heavy lifting?…   W…T…F?










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Chrissy Pyne, I was outraged by your outrage!

Chrissy Pyne, I was outraged by your outrage!

When the ALP moved a motion of “No Confidence” in the most deserving speaker our Bishop abd Pyne1parliament has seen.   (Even the bulk of right wing commentators and journos have recognised  that she is a bloody disgrace.)

But then Pyne got up and started to defend the indefensible (Helmet Hair), in his best, feigned righteous indignation voice and expression, claiming that he was the most ejected from parliament, but wasn’t a “sook” about it.   WTF?  Most of the time it was him being a sook/chucking a tantie, about something that got him ejected in the first place!

He has been seen and heard in QT, telling the speaker what she should do — which makes a joke of her impartiality, and alleged knowledge of the rules/ standing orders — and then she does it, and between them they have trashed parliament, as surely as Abbott is trashing the rest of the country.

His (Pyne’s) dummy spits are legendary, along with his whinging, hypocrisy, lies and stupidity, and they’re his good points   :shock:

So I went back through some of my poetry to see what I said about Chrissy, from when I first started writing political, satirical poetry and the first political poem that I wrote was back in July 2012,  and was a satirical piece called “The Boil”, and Chrissy got a mention.

There are many mentions of him over the last 20 months or so, so I have pulled some relevant verses from some of my earlier poems, to show that not only is he a major sook, but he is a spoilt brat who’s main talents are spitting the dummy and telling lies.

Now I know that my last poem was dedicated to “Chrissy Pyne, the crown prince of whine!”, but I thought it appropriate to highlight the fact that when it comes to whinging, whining and dummy spits, he’s a master.   :shock:

So here are a few excerpt verses:

“The boil”, written in July 2012


Then the core broke away in a fountain of puss

And in the midst of the gore was an LNP bus

Covered with slogans and filled up with slime

Then the door slowly opened and out stepped Chris Pyne

And the children collectively said to their mummies

“It’s a big mincing poodle, with a mouthful of dummies”

Then Hockey slipped… landing, calculator in lap

But the batteries were spent and his figures were crap

Mirabella and Bishop stepped out hand in hand

They were covered in slime….. but their posture was grand


“The Media”,  written in  Aug 2012.


So while Abbott bolted, Bishop stepped up

All prim, and looking spruced

But her expression really said it all

“I’ve just been verbally goosed!”

Then the mincing poodle took the stage

A fire in his tummy

With nostrils flared and eyes ablaze

He spat another dummy

Then Hockey sought to join the fray

His large jowls all a-quiver

Stating “Lower tax and interest rates,

You know we will deliver.”


“Arsegate for beginners”,  written  Sept 2012.


There’s Pyne, the Mincing poodle with his mega dummy spits

And his whinging, wining manner giving everyone the shits

And his social ties to Ashby giving rise to speculation

That there’s more to that than meets the eye, and cause for consternation


“What a joke the LNP are”,  written Sept 2012


Pyne enunciated the same script

Falling prostrate to the floor

While proving once and for all time

He’s Abbotts little whore

He’s called the mincing poodle

And he’s great at dummy spits

But as leader of opposition business

He gives everyone the shits


“Tony Abbott’s letter to Santa”,  Dec 2012


For Chrissy Pyne… It’s my first choice

That he could get.. a deeper voice

My misogynist word “Shrill”…. is working fine

Except.. HE.. gets “Shrill”.. when he starts to whine

His whining.. and his dummy spits

Are what give.. laborites the shits

But sadly.. if I’ve truth.. to tell

His voice gives us.. the shits as well

The Mincing Poodle’s his.. nick name

Making light of the way.. he plays our game

So a deeper voice.. would be just great

To help my little.. fluffy mate

“Said the Abbott to the Bishop”, written  April 2013.

Said the Abbott to the Poodle

What I need for you to do

Is to spit your dummies daily

And to shovel cattle poo

To rant and rave incessantly

And to your hearts content

To disrupt, and show dysfunction

In this Labor government




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