Dearest Santa.

Dearest Santa.SantaHello009_300dpi

As the year comes to an end, and the kiddies letters head off to Santa, it’s time for our illustrious   :wink:   Leader to send off his requests too, so here’s Tony’s wish list/ letter to Santa   :grin:

Dearest Santa.

Dearest Santa, it’s Tony here

The Australian PM; I wrote last year

Well things have gone from bad to worse

With many calling me “The Abbott curse”

The backbench are revolting and the cabinet are too

And the people are all saying that I’m full of cattle poo


They say that I lied about the ABC

But don’t they understand I lead the LNP?

And uncle Rupes wants the damned thing sold

And the old bugger’s got me in a squirrel hold

So breaking promises doesn’t take guts

It just takes Rupert hanging off your nuts


And he seems to be somewhat discontent

Rupert "The Pirate" Murdoch, Puppet Master

Rupert “The Pirate” Murdoch, Puppet Master

With our implementation of his right wing bent

And I know that some have drawn his ire

With a few in Rupert’s line of fire

But he’ll tell me who he wants to go

Cos he likes to think he runs the show


Which brings me to the salient point

That it’s me who’s left to run the joint

And our polling’s taken quite a hit

Cos Labor says we’re full of shit

So I’m writing this to seek your aid

With some of the problems that we’ve made


Like my signature policy, PPL

That’s given me electoral hell

I compromised, to make it work

But I still ended up looking like a jerk

And now I’ve compromised again

But the people still think.. I’m insane

O_o   :/

My great dilemma is to act with grace

Whilst finding some way to save face

So can you show me how to dump it

Like last weeks mouldy breakfast crumpet

And still come out like a political hero

Before my polling hit a zero


And the budget needs your intervention

With many measures in contention

Like the GP co-payment that everyone hates

Except for big pharma, and my corporate mates

And I don’t see the problem, cos it’s just 7 bucks

But even some in cabinet, reckon it sucks


So I’ve told all the people the co-payment’s dead

And introduced a different co-payment instead

But this one is different, cos the blame isn’t mine

And if the doctors start charging, well that suits me fine

So all I would ask, is you help it go through

Cos no one trust me, but they’ll listen to you


Budget Deliberations

Budget Deliberations

And we tried to tell people the budget was good

But Joe didn’t sell it as well as he could

So we’ll look to remarket it in the New Year

With an LNP flavour of… lies, spin and fear

So a win would be nice for our embattled Joe

Before Rupert decides that he really must go


And for Chrissy Pyne; the boon I would seek

Is that in the next year, he’d have at least one good week

Cos education reform, in the senate it’s blocked

While poor whining Chrissy has gone off half cocked

Cos what he is selling, the public’s not buying

And it’s really quite sad, to see a grown poodle crying


And Mathias Cormann has done a great job

As lies, spin and bull shit flow well from his gob

And sounding like Arnie, for insults, is funny

But it isn’t so good when he’s talking about money

So a more “Aussie” accent would help with his cred

Cos without a good con job, our budget is dead


And little Scott Morrison stepped up to the plate

To become a target for much bile and hate

A welcome distraction from my own main game

And if it goes pear shaped he’ll be wearing the blame

So I ask that you give him some peace and good cheer

Cos there ain’t gonna be much of either next year


And repealing the carbon tax was one that I won

But world leaders are asking, “WTF have you done”

And instead of great accolades for winning the prize

I’ve given Australia, environmental black eyes

So I know this request might seem a bit strange

But could you please do something to stop climate change?


And for Peta Credlin and Brian, her hubbyCredlin2

Who’ve been trying and trying to have their own bubby

With her keeping her eggs in my office bar fridge

Which proves that for women… I am ridgey didge

So a successful pregnancy would be fine

So long as the little bugger’s not mine


So thanks again Santa in anticipation

Of all of your help, in this bad situation

MYEFO is out and the numbers we’ve fudged

And we’d have looked so much better if the senate had budged

But when the shit hits the fan, next year, I’ve one fervent hope

That it’s still not too late, for an Abbott to be… Pope!


Abbott 1+

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Health care smoke and mirrors!

Health care smoke and mirrors!

TONY ABBOTT COPAYMENT PRESSERAs Abbott and Dutton play with our universal health care system, it’s not hard to see their ideologies hanging out   :shock:

The truth is these latest attempts to make Medicare “Sustainable” are a complete croc of horse shit, as the premise that they are trying to sell us, is just plain wrong!   :twisted:

And sidestepping the parliamentary processes for the purpose of duck shoving the onus of charging and collecting their new doctor tax onto the doctors is the height of gutless polity!   :mad:

Make no mistake this is NOT about making Medicare sustainable long term, as the money that they save is NOT going to Medicare, but to “Abbott’s” future fund for medical research… WTF?

Co-payAnd the so called “Price signal”, is already there, as most already pay around $30.00 on top of the rebate, for a GP service, and when I go to my lung specialist, which I did only a couple of weeks ago, I had to pay around $120.00, and got about half back from Medicare.   :shock:

And one of the local surgeries charged my BI, who has a health card, $25.00 for a visit, and when he complained about not being bulk billed, he was informed that they don’t bulk bill anyone, but have given him a $5.00 discount off their regular fees, because he has a health care card… WTF?   :mad:

Needless to say,. he doesn’t go to that surgery anymore!

So the money raised, which despite them saying that they’ve added a heap of exemptions, is roughly the same as their claimed savings under the original proposal (obviously Sloppy Joe’s “Eleventy” calculator has been doing overtime   :twisted:   ), will not go to medicare, and the all important “price signals” are already in place, so the question is WTF are they doing it for?

And the answer is… Ideology!

They don’t, and never have believed in a universal health care system, they only believe in “The market” and user pays!   (At least when it suits them?   :wink:   )

But as for all public utilities/services, they don’t believe in public ownership, but rather they do believe in small government (again, when it suits them), and outsourcing and privatisation (When they can get away with it   :wink:   )

And the reality of Abbott’s Doctor Tax, in any form, will be that many will start presenting at the local A&E, rather than going to their GP,  and many elderly and chronically ill will miss out on their much needed Primary health care, meaning that some may die.

SWMBO told of many appointment cancelations immediately after the budget was brought down, along with others doing the bolt, without paying, after seeing the doctor   :shock:

Then there’s the red tape nightmare associated with administering the stupid bloody system, which may well result in higher costs than just the extra $5.00, with the very real possibility that an eroding of exemptions will follow once they’ve got it bedded in.

So I would say to the cross benches, don’t be fooled by the Abbott, remember “the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour“, and with that firmly in the forefront of mind, pass a disallowance motion to stop his cowardly sidestepping of the senate, and don’t be naive enough to think that Abbott can be trusted to stand by any deals he makes.   :twisted:

And there is no way that Abbott has any intention of delivering a more sustainable Medicare, the only thing that he will deliver is;

Health care smoke and mirrors!

Abbott stupid

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A Mendacious Mob of Miscreants!

A Mendacious Mob of Miscreants!

idiot boyIn  the wash-up of the G20, the clearest conclusion that an objective observer would come to is that we are run by… Idiots!

Abbott made a complete fool of himself and us with his mega whinge about domestic policy fails;

  • Telling them how hard it has been to fix an economy that most there envied.
  • Whining about not being able to get his $7.00 co-payment through, when our “Medicare” is already one of, if not the cheapest and most cost efficient universal health care systems around.
  • Boasting about how he “stopped” the boats, when many have watched with dismay, at the way we have thumbed our noses at international commitments and laws in pursuit of what many see as illegal AS policy, when most there have much larger AS problems than we could even dream of.
  • Boasting about how they repealed the carbon “tax”, which most there are playing catch-up on, and wondering WTF are we doing getting rid of something that was working, and replacing it with “Direct action” which most experts agree… Isn’t much of any kind of “Real” action, and won’t work!

We had Abbott’s promise of a “shirtfront” for Putin, that looked more like a Koala love in, while as usual he left his tory mates to do his dirty work (Shirtfronting Putin).

He had his narrow economic agenda broadened/upstaged, with a hearty slap from Obama, Xi and Moon amongst others, to include the CC elephant in the room, where the roles were reversed, as the hosts became the elephants/dinosaurs in the room   :shock:

We saw Abbott trying desperately to sign us up to FTA’s with anyone… Anyone?

And just like the spotty faced adolescent, fronting up to “Honest John’s Used cars” to buy his first “quality” used car   :wink:   the experienced international negotiators/used car salesmen, must be looking at this mob of incompetents and rubbing their hands together with glee, knowing that they’ve just found a buyer for the lemon they’ve  been trying to palm off on any unsuspecting fool that wanders in to their lair.   :roll:

And since the G20 wound up its little red wagon, we’ve seen Bishop among others saying

Medusa Bishop

Medusa Bishop

that Obama’s speech, containing reference to the degradation of the GBR, was ill-informed, knowing full well that  there is a UNESCO decision on the vulnerability of the reef pending, making her assertions that ‘the reef is not endangered’, positively misleading!   :shock:

But then “Misleading” is what they do best   :shock:   Like Abbott still claiming that households will be $550.00 better off.   WTF?

We had 2500 watt PV system put on the roof, along with solar hot water three years ago, and our first full bill was the spring quarter bill which came in at$79.00 in credit   :-)

Our bill for the last spring quarter (2013)   was $35.00 in credit, despite making further “efficiency Dividends” including long life bulbs  (?)   and replacing some broken appliances with new and more efficient ones.   Mmmm?   :?:

Then last week we got this years spring quarter bill which showed a $20.00 Carbon “Tax” rebate from the last bill, and claimed a reduction in our Kw rate (unspecified). And despite further “efficiency dividends” including turning everything off at the powerpoint when not in use, and going to LED bulbs for most lights in the house, our bill came in at $31.62 in debit… WTF?   :shock:

And it would have been $51.62 without the $20.00 rebate from the last bill!

Now I don’t care which way they spin it, that’s a big rise in our electricity cost, and proof positive that Abbott lied!

And in the last week we have seen Helmet Hair Bishop further erode the position of speaker, to the point of high farce, and Hockey admit that they sold out our car manufacturing capability as  a condition of being able to sign off on the FTA’s with Korea and Japan… WT238209C800000578-2849485-image-92_1416961066090   :shock:   and with that in mind, the question is;  “did they do the same to ASC, in the FTA with Japan?”

And after Johnston’s “Rhetorical flourish” and the rumours persisting about us buying our next fleet of subs from Japan, my guess would be a confident… “Yes they bloody did!”   :twisted:

We also saw Hockey squealing like the stuck pig that he is, over his failed budget.   Blaming Labor for everything, and quoting misleading figures to justify his dummy spit (Aren’t we lucky to have Adults in charge   O_o   :/   )

And speaking of squealing like a stuck pig, Medusa Bishop was also spitting chips, as she was saying any cuts to her portfolio are on Tanya Plibersek and the ALP’s shoulders… WTF?   :evil:

So we know they lie like pigs in shit, and they’ve sold out tens of thousands of jobs in Australia, for the sake of patting themselves on the back over signing FTA’s that have dubious benefits at best, and severe consequences at least!   :shock:

And now as the sun sets on another year of politics, we have just seen Morrisscum using



asylum seeker children, as bargaining chips, to get his bad AS policies through the senate.

I cannot see how that could be seen as anything other than blackmail, and as obscene as a terrorist organisation holding innocent people to ransom!   :twisted:

Why are these criminals not in gaol????   :mad:

These idiots that are laughingly referred to as our government, are nothing but liars, cheats, rorters and criminals, and for Abbott to claim that he has “Kept faith” with the voters, and that his front bench is doing a good job, and Hockey will be recognised as one of Australia’s best treasurers, is nothing short of dangerously delusional!   O_o   o_O   :/

And they are not even a mediocre governments areshole, they are just…

A Mendacious Mob of miscreants!






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Self praise is no recommendation!

Would I lie to youSelf praise is no recommendation!

This poem was started as a result of  watching Abbott’s presser, where he told us what a good job him and his government (Nyahahahahah   :lol:   :lol:   ) are doing… WTF?   :shock:

And there we were thinking, “they are an incompetent Mob of Mendacious miscreants”   O_o    or words to that effect   :wink:

So, how could we get it so wrong?   :shock:

How could he be so misunderstood?   :?:

Well, we didn’t get it wrong, and he wasn’t misunderstood, like always, his presser was nothing but a lie and spin-fest, to try and con the people… yet again… into believing his BS.   :twisted:

Then last night I saw the mincing poodle, referring to himself as “A good minister”… And again… WTF?   :shock:

So it looks a lot like the rest of the LNP have also been taking self aggrandisement lessons, instead of the lesson they really do need to learn;


Self praise is no recommendation!


Self praise is no recommendation

I yelled at the TV

As I watched the right wing Abbott

Talking up his LNP

Like before he was elected

When he said he knew it all

About running an economy better

Than Labors “wrecking ball”


Saying interest rates and taxes

Are always lower, under Libs

But the one thing that we know for sure

Is that Abbott tells big fibs

And to sing his party’s praises

He would talk our country down

So with lies and stupid slogans

Phony Abbott went to town


To reinforce these right wing myths

They used old Murdoch’s papers

To spread their lies and right wing spin

And ignore their crooked capers

He went out to destroy careers

To further his own cause

Assassinating friend and foe

Without regret or pause


They cried “Budget emergency”

As Hockey took the lead

Claiming if they don’t fix “Labors mess”

Our country’s going to bleed

With his shonky take on numbers

And his count to “Eleventy”

He proved he wasn’t capable to

Run our economy

O_o   :/

But still the Media pressed ahead

To realise Murdoch’s ambition

Of running our great country through…

The nut-job coalition

And here we are 15 months down

The Abbott’s road to hell

And yet his nasty first budget

The Hockey still can’t sell


And stuff-up after stuff-up

Is the story of these knobs

Proving no one in the LNP

Is fit to do their jobs

But as the year comes to an end

The Abbott fronts the press

To play his game of lies and spin

Talking down his party’s mess


He praised his party’s courage

And he praised his party’s guts

And he said they’ve had a productive year

Which proves the Abbott’s nuts

He bragged about how he repealed

That toxic carbon tax

Ignoring world wide condemnation

And scientific facts


He claimed that every household

Would be so much better off

To the tune of five hundred and fifty bucks

Excuse me while I scoff

He said they had good policy

That was worthy of pursuing

While the people say they’re rubbish

And our country you are screwing


He said they’re high achievers

And the job they’ve done is great

But the proof of Abbott’s pudding is

Most would rather eat the plate

With hand on heart he told us that

“The buck stops here with me”

But we all know consequences don’t apply

When you’re in the LNP


His arrogance is astounding

And his hubris immense

He lives for ideology

Ignoring common sense

He has no social conscience

Cos it’s all about the money

He’s a laughingstock around the world

But for us it isn’t funny


He claimed success at the G20

But it really was a farce

With the blunder from downunder

Talking shit… Straight from his arse

He whinged about the senate

Blocking policies that are bad…

The policies he’s sticking by;

Which shows he’s raving mad


He’s a man of little substance

And a hypocrite supreme

And blowing his own trumpet

At the presser, was the theme

He suffers verbal diarrhoea

But mental constipation

And we need to make him understand

Self praise is no recommendation!


Abbott sleeping+

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A Rhetorical Flourish!

A Rhetorical Flourish!Rhetorical Flourish

So when the minister for ‘Self’ Defence, David Johnston, says (My paraphrase) the Australian government owned ship builders(ASC)  ‘couldn’t be trusted to build a canoe': According to the LNP lexicon he wasn’t;

  • being rude and offensive.   :razz:
  • Denigrating the company and workers.   :mad:
  • being a typical arrogant LNP ARSE!   :twisted:

He was merely exercising a Rhetorical Flourish!   WTF?   :shock:

Now I have to admit that I thought he was just being a typically, rude, offensive, arrogant LNP arse… but that’s just me   :wink:

Others obviously thought…

  • “Ooh… what a spectacular “Rhetorical Flourish.”
  • Now there’s something we need more of in politics… The old “Rhetorical Flourish!”
  • He could have been very offensive… but he wasn’t because of his masterful use of the “Rhetorical Flourish?

But when we can get past the rhetorical flourish of… “The Rhetorical Flourish”   :wink:   there are still the very real questions of;

  1. Is it becoming of the Minister of Defence to be denigrating our own ship building and servicing capabilities, with a view to justifying the governments decision to buy our new submarine fleet from Japan?
  2. Why would a government who says they want to create 1 million Aussie jobs send them all overseas?
  3. Why would you not be prepared to pay more for the locally made product, when you know that the vast majority of the money that you spend will stay here in our own country employing Australians, and stimulating our economy, instead of someone else’s?
  4. What exactly did you sign us up for, with this FTA with Japan, not to mention with  Korea and China, and the upcoming TPP?
  5. Shouldn’t the minister suffer at least  some level of censure, over his comments, if not something stronger, like a “rhetorical flourish” to the back of the head.   :shock:  or just a plain old fashioned sacking!

idiot boyBut let’s face, idiot boy– “Shirtfront Putin… You bet you wil… I will… somebody will… Maybe?”– couldn’t lead a horse to water, much less lead our country, so expecting him to take a “leaders” position, and sack an incompetent minister is like expecting him to… tell the truth,   :shock:   and we all know that ain’t gonna happen   :sad:

And besides, if he was going to start sacking LNP incompetents, then he’d have to start by sacking the biggest incompetent of a band of state of the art incompetents… himself   :shock:   and we all know that ain’t gonna happen!   :mad:

So sadly, until we are blessed with a new election, we are stuck with Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants, and although there is talk of a reshuffle, and whisperings of leadership challenges, at this stage in the “game”, “the money” is still behind Abbott, and the LNP always go where the money is; in this case, like lemmings heading for the cliff!

And even if the money turns and bites Abbott, we will still be stuck with the LNP, just under a new (and I use the term loosely) leader?   :?:

But with the Vic elections out of the way, and a one term LNP government summarily dismissed, and elections in QLD and NSW sometime in the first half of next year, set to slam the door on a couple more, all being well, and Australia’s ignominious “tea party” experiment set for, and fully deserving of, a similarly ignominious demise, Abbott and the LNP should be very worried!   :wink:

And I have to say that each time Abbott or one of his cronies come up with another stupid slogan or excuse, and start another cycle on repeat, the public are becoming more and more cynical.   :shock:   and less and less interested.   :roll:

And for any LNP voters that may have strayed into my little part of the blogosphere, let me just say that telling the world that the ASC  “couldn’t build a canoe”, IS NOT  a “Rhetorical Flourish”, but simply an incredibly stupid and insulting thing for any government minister to say, and much more so when it’s the Minister for Defence.     :twisted:

And in conclusion; Abbott and the LNP are nothing more than a dishonest, dysfunctional, dishonourable, disgusting and thoroughly despicable bunch of self serving nut-jobs, who’s only plan for the future, is a plan for their own future wealth, and that of their rich mates, at the expense of the sick, the elderly, the young, the working poor and our great country!   :evil:

Now that’s… A Rhetorical Flourish!



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Sloppy Joe’s a jumper?

Sloppy Joe’s a jumper?Hockey1+

And as poet laureate to the G20 ( self appointed   :grin:   ), I felt it my duty to also cast a spotlight on the other Australian major player (and I do mean player   :wink:   )   at the G20.

The acting ( and I do mean ‘acting’   :shock:   )   Co-host, Treasurer ( and I use the title ‘Treasurer’ with tongue firmly planted in cheek   :wink:   ), Sloppy Joe Hockey, is the one that is there to guide the worlds finance ministers through this most important economic forum… WTF?   :shock:

And as the last day gets underway, and we are all still reeling from the gross embarrassment and cringe-worthiness of the Abbott’s foray into domestic political whinging on the world stage,  despite the worlds condemnation of his previous efforts in this area, we have to concede three things about Abbott and Hockey;

  1. They are both liars   :shock:
  2. They are both idiots   :shock:
  3. They never learn   :roll:

And on those bombshells…

Sloppy Joe’s a Jumper


Sloppy Joe’s a jumper

Which is somewhat over size

But it’s also our fat treasurer

Who really takes the prize

For grossly overacting,

Economic lies and fear

For shedding lots of crocodile tears,

And verbal diarrhoea

He says that economically

There’s nothing he can’t fix

But the truth is, he’s just one of many

Liberal party Dicks


A man of grand proportions but,

Little brain capacity

Which makes him just a perfect fit

For the Abbott’s LNP

He suffers self-aggrandisement

He thinks he’s really smart

Whilst trying to sell his budget

Which was just a big brain fartsmoking1

He talks of heavy lifting

While he smokes his fat cigars

Of lifters and of leaners

But he’s talking through his arse


He wants to slug the unemployed

And pensioners as well

The frail, the sick and vulnerable in his

Version of right wing hell

He’s nasty, mean and tricky with

Austerity his only tool

Proving he’s no intellect

Just an economic fool

He danced around his office

King for a day, but a DICKHEAD forever!   :evil:

King for a day, but a DICKHEAD forever! :evil:

When he brought his budget down

To “This is the best day of my life”

The rabid right wing clown


But the country wasn’t dancing

Cos it took a massive hit

From the fat man we call Sloppy Joe

And his budget, full of shit

He said we need co-payments to make

Medicare sustainable

But not one cent goes to Medicare

Proving, of crap, his budget’s full

He screams “Budget emergency”

And of our “Massive debt”

Which they’ve doubled since they came to power

And they haven’t finished yet


They’ve ordered very expensive planes that

Have question marks around,

How well the bloody things perform

When you get them off the ground

They’re called a “Joint” strike fighter

But its partner we can’t buy

Which is really bloody stupid

Cos its the one we know can fly

And the only firm conclusion

When we wonder what’s the point

Is that before they signed the contractimages

They must have smoked the bloody “Joint”

:shock:   O_o

And Sloppy Joe’s a jumper

Cos he quickly “jumped” on board

With right wing nut-jobs round the world

To sell their austerity fraud

And trickle down economics

Which is his ideological dream

Even though most respected economists know

It’s a right wing nut-job scheme

With no real sound foundation

To redistribute the wealth

Except to those that need it least

By dishonest right wing stealth


And as he steps up to the mike

To spruik his bad agendas

The world will see quite clearly that

We’re led by mad truth benders

With Abbott talking domestic fails

And Hockey much the same

They’re such a great embarrassment

And to Australia’s shame

Their policies are old and bad

They haven’t got clue

And Sloppy Joe like Abbott are,

Just full of cattle poo!

O_o   ^^’

Sloppy Joe’s Job creation scheme… WTF?

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When the Abbott goes bad!

When the Abbott goes badPick the madman

As the self declared poet laureate  for the G20, I felt it my solemn duty to highlight some of the qualities of our Illustrious   (   O_o   :/   ) PM, and chair of this important economic forum.

With the political discourse of the last few weeks focused on his “Shirtfronting” threat to arguably the most powerful man in the world, and the world in general wondering WTF he was thinking (Almost certainly… Not much?   :shock:   ), I thought it was only fair and reasonable that we should cast the light of scrutiny on the man who could make such threats, and his ability to follow through?   :roll:

My first endeavour in the aforementioned “Self appointed” role was a mere entree, to the main, and did promote some response; of a poetic duelling nature with Kaye Lee from the AIMN.

Here’s the Entree:   :wink:

“When world leaders speak
Conversations are started
But when Abbott speaks
The world asks… ‘Who farted?’”     :shock:   

And the ensuing replies can be found here:

When the Abbott goes bad.


When the Abbott goes bad

It’s really quite sad

For the voters to see

That we’ve all just been had

Can people really be this stupid Nyahahahahahaha.

Can people really be this stupid Nyahahahahahaha.

As he set out to fight

With the Russian named Vlad

And the people have realised

That the man’s raving mad

O_o     o_O

For the world it’s a joke

That we’re stuck with this bloke

With a heart of marshmallow

And a brain made of oak

Who ignores facts and reason

To support wealthy folk

Whilst he’s giving the masses

A hell of a poke


He’s a CC denierAbbott CC

A spin merchant town crier

Who’s driving our country

Into the deep fryer

Hiss agenda is clear

From the mates that he’ll hire

He’s a dickhead supreme

And pathological liar


He encourages fear

As he talks through his rear

While locking our country

Into reverse gear

While all of the experts

He refuses to hear

And when taken in context

His stupidity’s clear


As PM he’s a knob



Who’s not fit for the job

And most women will tell you

He’s an ignorant slob

Who has little control

Of his dribbling gob

Who’s misogynist attitude

Is not worth two bob


His credibility’s shot

As he talks nought but rot

As he leers at Lib women

Thinking they’re really hot

But just look at the Bishops

And you’ll see that they’re not

But then rubbish looks good

When it’s all that you’ve got


He’s called the mad monk

The Abbott ot Downunderton Abbey

The Abbott ot Downunderton Abbey

He’s a middle aged punk

He floated his policies

But most of them sunk

And in his red budgie smugglers

He exposes his junk

Though he’s far right, his budgie

Leans left… who’d a thunk


He’s a man for the past

And he’s running us last!

In the race to the bottom

The man’s really fast

He’s devoid of all reason

And his malice is vast

As he beats up the poor

Leaving millions aghast


As the G20 startsvillage-idiot

Sense and reason departs

With Abbott proudly haling

His policy brain farts

Showing Abbott’s LNP

As mere corporate tarts

With his economic incompetence

Rating well… off the charts

O_o     :/

And It is really sad

That the Abbott’s so bad

But it’s now plain to see that

That he is raving mad

He’s a nut-job par-excellence

And demented a tad

And when he’s thrown out

We’ll all be very glad



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