What a bloody mess we’re in!

What a bloody mess we’re in!Open for business


This poem was written for no other reason, than it’s my birthday, so I can… And seeing as how we are now subjected to the long, winter break, and politically it’s that time when politicians play the junket game, heading off to the warmer climes of the northern hemisphere summer, or just playing hide and seek, with their electorates and constituents!   :shock:

So to fill the gap for those alleged reporters of news, who regularly neglect their duty to their readers/listeners/viewers, by beating up “nothing” stories, or ignoring the stories that don’t suit their agendas (Like Hockey telling the truth about “No budget emergency”, to the Kiwis… WTF?), I thought I would  go for something completely different, and try a “Look over here” moment   :shock:



What a bloody mess we’re in!


What a bloody mess we’re in

After ten months of these fools

Cos we listened to the right wing spin

From Murdoch’s bunch of tools

And now our country’s in the bin

Our democracy’s been hit

Cos of Abbott’s unoriginal sin

Of speaking nought but shit


He lied and cheated, that is clear

To gain the highest job

With Policies dribbling from his rear

He proved he’s just a knob

He talks of help, but he works on fear

As crap flows from his gob

He says he’ll save money, but he’s really dear

Just another trough snouting slob


He says he’s everybody’s friend

On that you can rely

But “the truth” is something that he’ll bend

Cos he’s partial to a lie

To hide the services that he’ll rend

He’ll claim a falling sky

And the multitudes that, to the dole, he’ll send

Would like to black his eye


He’s a right wing ideologue, that’s plain to see

And nothing could be truer,

Than he corrupted the leaning of the LNP

And moved them right, to the sewer

With support from that bastard Murdochracy

Whose mania has no cure

Who’s aligned them to the Tea party

His own wealth to secure


The treasurers judgement’s really poor

He’s tried to screw us all

So on his budget we’ve closed the door

Cos he’s really dropped the ball

While the economy goes right through the floor

His mob won’t stop the fall

Cos he’s sold his soul! He’s a corporate whore

Who’s full of lies and gall


For years he cried “Budget Emergency”

But to Kiwi’s he tells the truth

There is no damned emergency

And for that there’s lots of proof

So the lies from this bloody LNP

Were definitely uncouth

And exposed as pure ideology

By the rabid Hockey… goof


And Morrison of sovereign borders fame

Is such a raving knob

A psyche exam would end his game

Prove he’s not right for the job

And “megalomaniac”, is his name

Of that there’s little doubt

But megalomania, to the LNP’s shame,

Is what they’re all about


So while Peta Credlin runs the show

Anointing Hockey next in line

The Abbott basks in the medias glow

Thinking everything is fine

But even news poll seems to know

He’s running out of time

But Murdoch just wont let it go

Cos Abbott’s, Murdoch’s… slime


So for now we’re stuck with the LNP

And all their right wing spin,

And their broken promises, and bad policy

That’s dumped us in the bin

They’ve damaged our democracy

And our patience is wearing thin

And thanks to Abbott and his LNP

What a bloody mess we’re in?


Cabinet liars

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Oh… Cynical me!

Oh… Cynical me!MH17

Firstly, let me say that the Malaysian Airlines plane being shot out of the sky is an absolute outrage, tragedy, and a pointless and incredibly sad loss of totally innocent life, and our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this abomination.

There has also been, and still is, plenty of coverage across the MSM about the victims, and their communities, making sure that the victims families and friends are appropriately recognised for their sad and painful losses.

But the thing is, is it just me, or are others out their getting more and more angry at our bloody politicians?

I know this will be seen as politically incorrect, by some, and positively scandalous by others, who would have us believe that Abbott’s not really a dickhead, just badly misunderstood!… WTF?

Now I’m angry on many levels, about these alleged “Adults” (From both sides of the political divide).

ScumAnd one thing that I’m really pissed about, is that while I was watching Campbell Newman apparently choking back the tears, whilst talking about this tragedy; Rather than feeling empathy with him, over what he was saying, I found myself thinking “What a great opportunity for someone in need of a public makeover, to show how caring he really is…”   :mrgreen:

The sad fact is that my natural empathy has been undermined by my cynicism toward this current bunch of so called political leaders.

So we have Campbell Newman, in the process of trying to re-brand himself, as “human“,  in the face of  the  mounting realisation that he is one of the most despised right wing nut-job political leaders QLD, and the country in general has ever seen.   :shock:

Funnily enough, when questioned about the 18.5% swing against him, he said we have to “Work harder”, and basically (my paraphrase) “The voters haven’t yet realised just how good we are!”… WTF?   :shock:

The very next day, we saw can do (NOTHING!) saying “Sorry”… WTF?   :shock:

Does he really think that saying “sorry” will make a difference?

I mean, did he say:

  • Sorry we trashed QLD’s democracy?
  • Sorry we showed you our real plan, before the next election?
  • Sorry I was such an arrogant dick?
  • Sorry I gave the top lawmakers job to a Conveyancing Solicitor?
  • Sorry I’m a small man with an ego that needs its own post code?
  • Sorry I lied?

No!…  What he said was Sorry we introduced some policies that you didn’t like!… W…T…F…?

So they’ll take the worst three, and change them…  Again…WTF?

Why doesn’t he get the fact that we are sick of being lied to by arrogant little upstarts who think they have some God given right to… Well… Everything!

Then we saw the king and queen of Diplomatic dunderheadedness, picking a fight with

OK, outrage on the count of three.

OK, outrage on the count of three.

Russia, while Gerard Henderson hailed him (Abbott)  the world leader in calling  for a fair and “independent” inquiry into how “guilty Russia and Putin are!”   And once more with feeling… WTF?

Now I’m not saying Russia is innocent, cos it looks like their fingerprints  and DNA are all over it, but to name anyone as guilty, and then call for an “Independent” inquiry could be seen as somewhat hypocritical?   :wink:

PutinI mean really?…  Picking a fight with one of the super powers for purely domestic political reasons — The hope being that he will get a bounce in the polls— and sadly some will see his diplomatic ineptitude as strength, even political courage, as opposed to what it really is, which was seen in a presser, when he was asked a question about the budget, and his response was… “Too soon!”….. W…T…F…?

Too soon for what?

And the answer is… “Too soon” to interrupt his major “Look over there” moment.

Then we have the other side of the MSM bandwagon; those that are joining Henderson, in trying to sell the line that Abbott has shown “real leadership”, in his efforts to take a big stick to Putin and consequently a leading roll in the “World”?    WTF?

Now I’m sure that Putin was shaking in his old KGB boots, at the prospect of the “Blunder from down-under” making all kinds of accusations and demands, knowing full well that if the flea, that’s determined to bite the dogs of war, gets too annoying, his options are infinitely greater than those of said flea!

Having said that, the MSM that spent years telling us that Abbott was the best option, has at last found something they can crow about, as they portray him as showing leadership to the world, regardless of the realities of the situation: Where Putin couldn’t give a flying  fig for anything that Abbott has to say, and as we are not a major trading partner of theirs, bluff and bluster is all Abbott’s got… But he has got that in abundance… Especially with Jules on the job?Team Aus

Now, you can call me biased   :shock:  Surely not?   :shock:   But I have to say, in my own defence, if I hear one more “Team Australia” moment, as Shorten conducts a rousing chorus of Kumbaya, I think I’ll throw up, preferably over him!   :mrgreen:

I have to admit that I was not sure about posting this, for fear of  seeming insensitive to the victims, but I’ve seen so many comments and articles  pointing in similar directions, and when all’s said and done, my issues are not with the victims or their families, but with lying politicians who rather than rise to the challenge of high office and public service, taint everything they touch with their sleazy  self service, reducing everything to the lowest common denominator… Them!   :shock:

And the truth is that they themselves have taught us how to treat them!    The same way they’ve treated us; with contempt and disdain.     And to never trust what they say, or their motives for doing anything, as they have proved that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing for the country, the people, or even do something as simple as telling the truth.

So what’s left to say but:

Oh… cynical me!


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And this is what happens, when the PUP you adopt turns out to be a Pit Bull!

And this is what happens, when the PUP you adopt turns out to be a Pit Bull!

Soooo Cute?

Soooo Cute?


So you choose the little bundle of fluff, take him into your life, feed him and look after him, as he wags his tail with the enthusiasm of a PUP who wants to please his master.

BitesBut once he’s settled in, he starts chewing and biting everything, including you and your family, and then the grand revelation dawns… Instead of a cute little ball of fluff, you’ve got yourself a Pit Bull, that will turn quicker than Abbott on his promises, and attack not only the hand that feeds him, but the whole damned family.

Enter Clive Palmer, the PUP that has already started biting the very ones that supported Palmerhim.

I have to say that I was somewhat surprised to see that he actually voted to repeal the carbon price, in the lower house, as that smacks of a gross conflict of interest, which he himself declared, by abstaining from the previous votes.

Now I know that it would have been difficult to abstain from voting on his own amendment, but he’s now shown his hand, and there’s no turning back.

And now that we have Abbott, who screamed FOUL, from the rooftops, over anyAbbott1+ agreements reached between the ALP and the greens, and promised that he would NOT do deals with the independents or minor parties, now doing deals with the independents and minor parties, and not only that, but basically capitulating to Palmer, effectively making him the de facto PM, the question is… WTF?

Now I have to admit that knowing full well his past with “Crooked, Gerrymander Joe”

Gerrymander Joe

Gerrymander Joe

and his lifetime membership of the LNP, and their biggest single donor,  I really hoped, beyond hope, that he had  had a “Road to Damascus” moment, and seen the folly of his ways?… But sadly no!

A leopard can’t change its spots, any more than a Palmersaurus/Dinosaur  can change the world to accommodate the fact that it only lived in the dim, distant past and has no place, or relevance in the 21st century.

Having said that, any disaffected Labor voters that jumped onto the PUP Titanic, should Titanicnow be ready to, at the very least, take a good, long, hard look at their decisions and reassess them in the cold, harsh light of the PUP reality.

There should also be many pensioners who are very disappointed with the voting preferences that they gave, based on the lies, and subsequent backflips, of not only Abbott and the mendacious LNP, but also now, as it turns out… Palmer/PUP!

So the sad reality is that:

Once a right wing nut-job… Always a right wing nut-job.

And this is what happens, when the PUP you adopt turns out to be a Pit Bull!







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The Royal Abbott Show!

The Royal Abbott Show!stocks1+

With the farce that is this LNP gov, and the lunacy that is the senate, I though it was time for a bit more silliness from our side.

So here it is:

The Royal Abbott Show!


For those that like a country fair

There’s the Royal Abbott Show

It’s like the one at Easter

Except, only nut-jobs go

Cos they know that what is promised

Will fall short of what they’ll get

But they really couldn’t give a toss

Cos the Abbott’s, Murdoch’s pet


So they come to sideshow alley

And they bring a lot of bucks

Cos they’re all L N P donors

Which shows their judgement really sucks

And they buy a lot of show bags

Cos they’re conned, hook, line and sinkers

By the Abbott and his cronies

Who’re a rabid bunch of stinkers


And there aren’t the usual suspects

Like Bertie Beetle and Freddo Frog

But show bags like “Asylum hell”

And “Abbott’s rabid dog”!

Which are full of right wing goodies

That will help you to aspire

To be like Abbott’s Chrissy Pyne

Or Scotty’s razor wire.


Then there Scotty’s “Sovereign Borders”

Full of vessels that don’t float

And a colouring competition

Where you’ll win your own lifeboat

In a lovely shade of orange

Like a floating High viz vest

And for second prize, some lessons

On, how to really… beat your chest


There’s “The political enemies” starter pack

With untold party tricks

Compiled by their George Brandis

And some other right wing dicks

It shows you how to kill careers

And beat up on your mates

And how to gain the higher ground

By claiming huge mandates


There’s Julie Bishop’s makeup bag

To help you play the part

Of looking like a minister

Whilst acting like a tart

Included is the “Death stare” mask

With eyes all glowing red

But it isn’t really scary

Just makes you look… sick in the head


Hockey’s bag of Budget woes

Is full of big distractions

To help confuse the peasants

And to stop their bad reactions

And it has a calculator

Which is special LNP

Where everything you add up

Always makes… eleventy


And out in side show alley

There are great, fun things to do

Like instead of watching wood chop

You can shovel cattle poo

And when you swing the mallet

And hit the high set bell

You’ll win a meal with Eric Abetz

And think you’ve gone to hell


There’s Bronnies spa and treatment tent

And for every right wing derro

Who hasn’t had the chance to wash

There’s bathtubs full of Kero

There’s super glue to set the hair

And filler for the face

And Guidance for a long career

Without honesty or grace


And Turnbull’s internet café

Attracting right wing fans

Who took his word that the internet

Works fine with strings and cans

And the speed of light is not for us

The cost is just too great

And broadband plans with foxtel

Helps support his mogul mate


There’s Julie Bishops Kissing booth

One thousand bucks a pucker

But don’t eat much before you go

Cos you’ll just throw up your tucker

And Chrissy’s dummy spitting comp

Will always pull a crowd

But you’ll need to bring some ear muffs

Cos he’s shrill… and very loud


A hotdog costs you sixty bucks

And the roll’s another fifty

But they’ll put the two together, free

Cos they don’t want to look shifty

And an Abbott’s slushy will cause brain freeze

Which really isn’t funny

Cos it’s not a drink to cool you down

But a way to launder money


Greg Hunt’s climate change pavilion

Is something to behold

Even though the weathers sweltering

He’s got it freezing cold

He argues that the planet’s cooling

So there really is no prob

But the experts fully disagree

With the lying little knob!


The rides are something else again

The coaster is a doozy

That spins around a pile of facts

Until you’re feeling woozy

And the Ghost train’s run through Menzies house

Is something really hairy

With attacks by the IPA’s ideologues

Is proving truly scary


But the comedy highlight of the show

Is in the main pavilion

And you can get a front row seat

For “just” a half a million

And as you sit on plastic chairs

At the “Abbott’s honesty booth”

The funniest thing you’ll ever see

Is Abbott… trying to tell… the truth!


Menzies House


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Not in our name Mr Abbott!

Not in our name Mr Abbott!Cabinet liars

What The Frack is going on with this mob we laughingly call “A Government”?

Now, I use the word “laughingly”, as a derogatory term, as there is little in what they are doing that is “funny Ha Ha”, but plenty that is “funny peculiar”!

For instance, It’s funny, that at a time when the world is moving inexorably towards an ETS or some other “Market based” carbon abatement scheme, a party that shouts from the roof tops at every opportunity, that the “Market” should be allowed to determine the price of pretty much everything, and should be self regulating; is seeking to repeal our own market based mechanism, courtesy of Abbott and Hunt!   WTF?

But rather than having a bloody good chuckle, the world is looking at us and shaking their collective heads, in disbelief at the gross hypocrisy and stupidity, of a country that is going from “Hero” to “Zero” in less than a year, as a result of a change of government?   And I say yet again:    “Not in our name!”

Then there’s Abbott and SHockey, and there’s nothing “funny” about the way they’re Old ladyproposing to rip the heart out of support for the elderly, the sick and disabled, the unemployed, students, apprentices and the under 30’s.

It is however “funny” that whilst attacking the most vulnerable in our society, they are  happily handing billions of tax payers $’s to big business and multi nationals, to subsidise their mega profits.   W…T…F?   And again I say… “Not in our name!”

There’s nothing “funny”  about taking 100 + Billion from the RC into Child Abuse, so that they do not have the funds required to finish the job they started.

But it is “funny” that those, badly needed, funds have been redirected to an LNP “Witch Hunt”  RC, to attack the ALP?   W…T…F?   “Not in our name!”

It’s funny how they think that charging a further $7.00 for doctors visits, pathology, Xrays etc, will have virtually no impact on the overall health of the nation.

But pensioners and  the poor, along with many doctors, health workers and even surgeryOld Lady2 owners are not laughing, as many aforementioned pensioners and poor are, and have been, since the announcement of the measure, cancelling their doctors appointments, believing that it is already imposed upon us. with reports that visits to doctors, pathologists etc, in some areas, are down by as much as 40%.   W…T…F?   “NOT in our name”

But I have to say there’s NOTHING “funny” about the way that Abbott and Morrison are working hard to show the world  what a heartless, selfish, dishonest and dishonourable nation we have become, as a result of our despicable treatment of Asylum Seekers under the ideological zeal of these disgusting right wing nut-jobs.

Now at this point, as many of these right wing nut-jobs claim to be “Christians”, and as a Christian myself, (who is absolutely appalled at the actions of  these “Christians”?) I am about to break my own rule, albeit briefly,  to see what Jesus says.

In  Mathew: 25, “The parable of the sheep and the goats”, he has plenty to say to the likes of Abbott et al.

Now I was going to post the entire text, and for those that would like to read it, it can be found by clicking here, but I remembered a much more entertaining way to demonstrate the message.

So here is the exact passage put to music by the late, great Keith Green.   And for those that are quick to point at Christianity as the problem, I would implore you to take 8 minutes of your time to listen to this parable, as it is relevant to all these issues, and shows how Christians are expected to act!

A Christian is supposed to be, literally  a “follower of Christ”, so I have two things to say to Abbott and his largely “Christian” cabinet:

  1. You are promoting nothing but discredit, and disdain for the Christian church!
  2. And as a nation, both Christian and secular we say… Not in our name Mr Abbott!


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The LNP are not only incompetent, but calculating… And dangerously so!

The LNP are not only incompetent, but calculating… And dangerously so!



When Abbott started his three year lying campaign, to steal government, he knew exactly what he was doing, which means he was acting fraudulently!

His claims that he would be, pretty much, everybody’s best friend was laughable for those of us that remember “Workchoices” and his claim that he was the workers best friend.

Now the self proclaimed best friend of Medicare tells us that he’ll make it more sustainable… WTF?

Since the Abbott and SHockey’s fudgeit, there have been many surgery’s and pathology providers experiencing a downturn in patients of up to 40%, especially in areas with high concentrations of retirees, who think that the co-payment is already in place, and they just can’t afford to pay it!

There have also been some less well known cuts that started to bite from the 1st of July, like the cuts to mental health support, with the offices of the “Public Guardian” for adults and children, now combined for apparently “efficiency gains”.  These cuts mean that there are no longer the resources to deal separately with children and adults, so they all have to wait in the same queue for the help they need, even though their needs can be quite different?   WTF?

And many in the private health industry from doctors to nurses and also office staff are now fearful for their jobs.   And this is just one sector of many that are feeling the pinch.

Open for businessSo despite Abbott’s claims that “Australia is Open for Business”, the latest figures show that consumer confidence is at an 18 month low, and many businesses are not experiencing the “promised land” of good right wing fiscal management that they voted for!   :shock:

So the rhetoric of the self proclaimed  “Better fiscal managers”, just prove that, as I wrote in an earlier piece, Abbott still hasn’t learnt the lesson that “Self Praise is no recommendation!”, and though they still keep pushing the lines that they will always be better at…   The punters are waking up to the fact that you should believe them at your peril.

And then we see Scott Morrison, hiding information that we as Australians have a right



to know, like the boatload of Tamils that have mysteriously disappeared into the ether, only for us to find out this morning that around 41 asylum seekers have been transferred at sea, to a Sri Lankan  boat, to be returned to the regime they were fleeing from?… W…T…F?

And many would argue that not only is Morrison incompetent, but bordering on the criminally insane!

Greg Hunt+Then there’s Greg Hunt, now complaining that if his widely condemned DA, alleged “Plan”, is not passed, we will have no plan to combat CC, which smacks of gross hypocrisy, as the world moves inexorably towards an ETS, which is already legislated for in Australia?  Again… W…T…F?

We still hear daily the misinformation from Abbott and the rest of his mob, about the “Budget Disaster”, when the truth is that the only budget disaster, is the one foisted upon us by SHockey and Corman.   :shock:    And with the numbers that turned out over the weekend to demonstrate against it;  It appears that large sections of the population have woken up to the fact, many of whom would have voted for them a mere 10 months ago!   :razz:protest

The question is that while the LNP remain with their heads stuck firmly in the sand, or in some cases up Murdoch’s arse, we now have a mishmash senate full of vested interests and first time politicians, who “Mr people skills” (NOT), has to deal with: Which he promised, prior to the election, he would not do!

And while much of the world looks at us and scratches their collective heads at the stupidity we displayed, in getting rid of a government, that history will show — did a good job of guiding the country through the GFC, and managing the economy— for a lying, deceitful mob of ideological nut-jobs who have done nothing but embarrass us on the world stage, and act like thugs and bullies (which is what, in reality, they are).

We are currently facing international condemnation over some key policy areas, and the most awful thing about it, is that they are doing these disgusting and despicable things, in OUR name.

Sadly, they have displayed only arrogance and ignorance, and a total disregard for the things they promised, in their dishonest, whatever it takes, approach  to stealing government, and since then in the delivery of their largely hidden and self serving agenda.

The truth is these right wing nut-jobs are nothing but pathological liars, pure and simple, and:

The LNP are not only incompetent, but calculating… And dangerously so!

And there’s one thing that “The Prince of Budgie smugglers! deserves!   :wink:



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There’s little justice in the court of public opinion!

There’s little justice in the court of public opinion!ditch the witch

How can anyone expect justice, when their future is determined by the likes of Murdoch et al?

Julia Gillard is a classic example of what the power of the media can do.

Abbott and Murdoch conspired with other RWNJ’s like Bolt and Jones, to paint Julia as a liar, and they succeeded in that quest which was, in truth, nothing more than just a crude grab for power.

The great irony is:   “The message” that one alleged “Lie”, which itself was a lie, changed the minds of many, and

imagesconsequently the future direction of the Nation, by replacing a good, though badly, and falsely, maligned PM, for one that is trulyAbbott bored the most despicable, dishonest and incompetent PM, leading the most despicable and dishonest cabinet, this country has ever seen.

And if the alleged carbon “tax” lie, was  an indictable  offence, I would venture to suggest that there is no way  Julia would have got a fair trial, and would most likely have been found guilty by a jury of her peers!

imagesLikewise Slipper and Thomson, who were both targeted by the LNPCT1 and Murdoch’s propaganda machine, purely for the sake of bringing down a duly elected government.

Sadly though, these issues aren’t restricted to Australia, as in the last week we saw Rebekah Brookes found not guilty on charges relating to the hacking of voice mails; which says a lot about the system , and even more about her, as she is either;Brookes

  1. A liar?
  2. Incompetent at her job?

Now I know that she is very close to Murdoch, and I find it inconceivable that she would be one of his most trusted lieutenants, without knowing WTF was going on in the papers that she was responsible for?

We also saw Coulson found guilty of similar charges, and appears now to be the fall guy for the management team.

SavileWe have also seen the media have a field day with the Jimmy Saville revelations, which, with the “Guilty” verdict against Rolf Harris, must have many rock stars and celebs, seriously concerned about the  heady days of the 60’s and 70’s, and the number of possible accusers waiting in the wings, to jump on the band wagon (pardon the pun), in search of the possible gravy train of compo claims.   :shock:

Now I know that many will be outraged at the mere suggestion that maybe some, if not all of these claims are spurious, but let’s take a step back from the very real, albeit emotive, issue of pedophilia,  and  look at a few realities.

Jimmy Saville was undoubtedly a sexual predator, who used and built his celebrity to indulge his sick and despicable sexual fantasies, with little or no regard for his victims.   :evil:

As a kid in England, I witnessed the rise of Saville, and took an instant dislike to him, as all I saw was a  relatively talentless man, who played the celebrity card for all its worth, and a sleazy disgusting man with a very dark side.   :shock:   As a consequence, I was not at all surprised by the revelations about his exploits.

I also witnessed the rise of Rolf Harris, who though a bit dorky, was an incrediblyRolf talented artist/singer/performer, and one that, unlike Saville (who was pretty much a celebrity for celebrities sake), was actually deserving of his celebrity.

At this point, I have to say that I’m not declaring guilt or innocence WRT Harris, as I, like most don’t know the truth about what happened, but there are definitely aspects of the case against him that raise questions about the process that brought about the guilty verdict.

LeeFirstly, I saw the original ACA report on the accusations by Tonya Lee, and my very first reaction to her, which was echoed by Mrs Truthy, was “Me thinks she doth protest too much!”

Again, I don’t know what happened, but it appeared to us that the level of emotional distress displayed was grossly disproportionate to the claims being made.

Now maybe that will be seen as unfair, cos we’re all different, and react to circumstances in different ways, but in my defence, I have had a lot of personal experience with people who have suffered sexual, emotional and physical abuse, as well as mental illness, and based on that experience, I found her less than believable.

But my main concern was that the seeds of doubt about Harris were planted in the minds of many, long before the claims were tested in a court of law.    And with the RC on child abuse and pedophilia in general taking centre stage in the media both here and across the world; that one program, along with the outrage over Saville, set the ground work for the subsequent guilty verdict that was handed down, in the Harris case, whether he is guilty or not!

Now many will ask the question:

“What possible motive could these women have for lying?”

Well let me reiterate; I, like the vast majority, don’t know what happened, cos we weren’t there, but we’ve all heard of the danger of ” A woman scorned”.       Most know about “Chinese whispers”, most also know how a child can embellish  a story to gain a personal advantage (like not getting into trouble, or to hurt someone that they have a grudge against, or just don’t like).

What a winker

What a winker

We also have a “PriMe” example of  a so called adult, who actually seems to believe the lies he tells (Tony), and there’s been much commentary about: if you tell yourself something often enough it can become your reality.

And we ourselves have had much discussion about the Nazi school of propaganda that has been the template for, and instrumental in: the downfall of government, and the rise of the rabid right.

As most that know me know, I’m a passionate advocate for true Justice, and if someone is guilty of a crime, then I believe they should pay the relevant and appropriate penalty, but I have serious doubts that there is much “True” Justice seen, when the media are:

  1. Looking for any distractions from their own corruption and duplicity.
  2. Looking to sensationalise a story, not in the public interest, but rather their own self interest.
  3. Still trying to create the news rather than just reporting it.
  4. Working hard to try and control the hearts and minds of  the people, for the sake of their own warped agendas.

The truth is that with the influence the media wields, at the behest of their moguls, and the effluence they try to pass off as good, fair and decent reporting, the only conclusion that I can come to is:

There’s little justice in the court of public opinion!


Rupert "The Pirate" Murdoch, Puppet Master

Rupert “The Pirate” Murdoch, Puppet Master



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