A special kind of stupid!

A special kind of stupid!

The lights are on, but nobody's home!    O_o

The lights are on, but nobody’s home! O_o

This poem follows on from my last post, “Tony, we’re over you, your lies and your stupid bloody slogans!”, where the phrase “Special kind of stupid” first made its presence felt   :wink:   and it was while writing that post, that I also started writing this poem   :shock:

And as I think back over the litany of things that Abbott claimed as “In their (The LNP’s) DNA” his greatest omission  was:

A special kind of stupid


It takes a special kind of stupid

To do what Abbott’s done

He spent his time at pressers

Where he’d sloganeer, then run

He’d never answer questions

He’d always weave and bob

And we’ve since learnt “he’s got nothin’”

He’s just an ideological knob


He’s a rabid right wing nut-job

Now that's a "Demented Plutocrat!

Now that’s a “Demented Plutocrat!

With a massive debt to pay

Cos he sold his arse to Murdoch

And he won, the “Murdoch” way

Of self interest, greed and lust for power

Through lies and News Corp spin

Though anyone with morals would know

That’s not the way to win?


And it’s a special kind of stupid

That makes him think he’s doing well

As he struts the diplomatic stage

With the foreign minister from hell

Whose diplomatic skill sets

Sees them both with feet in mouth

While our international reputation

Is quickly heading south


Medusa Bishop

Medusa Bishop

The Bishop and her death stare

Have put many “friends” off side

As she struts her stuff in designer fluff

To disguise her rhino hide

And the silk purse and the sows ear

Are what quickly comes to mind

But the comparison is odious

To the sows ear… most unkind


It takes a special kind of stupid

To pick a fight, with Putin

A man that leads a super power

And could quickly put the boot in

And with Bishop’s terminal foot in mouth

He’s hardly going to thank her

And he sees the Abbott for what he is…

A little Aussie wanker


Turnbull’s kind of stupid071127-MalcolmTurnbull-c83d7dd4-7a4b-49d5-b4d6-07e082dd963c_thumb[1]

Is a special kind indeed

Making NBN decisions based on

Liberal donor greed

So in the world our internet

Will still be second rate

But take comfort in the knowledge

That he’s helped his mogul mate


He’s dishonest like the rest of them

Though charming, and a whit

But his efforts with the “Ute gate”

Showed like the rest, he’s full of shit

He comes across as classy,

And a veritable scholar

But his special kind of stupid’s driven

By the almighty of the dollar


It’s a special kind of stupid

And stay out!

And stay out!

That made Hockey, treasurer

And the mendacious Nazi Cormann

As his crazy offsider

They put their heads together

To produce a pile of shit

Then smoked a fat Cuban cigar

While the country takes the hit


Now they’re screaming bloody murder

Cos their measures wont get through

And blaming Labor and the greens

For their pile of cattle poo

And it’s a special kind of stupid

That thinks the senate should just pass

A policy disaster that came

Straight from Hockey’s arse


It’s a special kind of stupidGreg Hunt+

That rewarded Greggy Hunt

A climate change denier

And a stupid little runt

A man of dodgy morals

And little credibility

Who’s just about a perfect fit

For the Abbott’s LNP


And it’s a special kind of stupid

That makes Morrison perform

Like a nut-job craving power

Where plain nasty, is the norm

A man who’s not responsible

Who’ll never take the blame

For things that happen on his watch

He treats it like a game

O_o   o_O

He’s a man who shows no conscience



In the things he wants to do

Like hiding facts about the boats

And the ones still sneaking through

Cos it’s all about the winning

While others pay the cost

And our country is the poorer

As our reputation’s lost


It’s a special kind of stupid

That wants the vulnerable to pay

For the lifestyles of the wealthy

Which is Tony Abbott’s way

He’s corrupting all our processes

And the truth is plain to see

It takes a special kind of stupid

To still support… the LNP




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Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!

Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!Open for business

It takes a special kind of stupid, to make the same mistakes over and over again.   And sadly our PM is just such a special kind of stupid.

A man (?) who spent his entire tenure as LOTO, coming up with, and then repeating, slogans, all the while, telling lies to justify them.

A man (?) who didn’t bother developing policies, cos he was too busy developing lies and slogans… And besides he didn’t have too cos his rabid right mates in the IPA had a wish list, and he had brain farts like his PPL scheme… WTF?   O_o

A man (?) who thought only of winning at any cost, with nary a thought for what comes after.

A man (?) who told us all, ad infinitum, that the LNP are better  at… well pretty much everything.

A man (?) who, now that he’s lied and cheated his way into government, has no idea WTF he’s doing!

Too harsh, you say?

Well I tried to focus on his good points… But I couldn’t find any   :sad:

But I digress   :shock:

The problem, as I see it, is that unlike the end of the Gillard term, where people were not listening – not as a result of the lie that she allegedly told, but because of the lies told over and over by the LNP and the MSM–  people stopped listening to Abbott from virtually the start of his term; as that’s when they realised they’ve been lied to, and severely conned.

A realisation that has only been reinforced by their backflips, broken promises and continuation of the lies, that most people now recognise as such, and the litany of lame  excuses to justify the aforementioned “Backflips, broken promises and lies”!

So how do they address this ever increasing  “Trust” deficit?

They ignore the mountain of evidence to the contrary and continue to tell the lies they told before the election, along with a few new ones, thrown in for good measure, and then talk about “Rebooting” the fudge-it that they haven’t been able to sell because of the first round of aforementioned LIES… WTF?   :roll:

Then Abbott comes out with more slogans like:

“Terrorism Tourism on the Taxpayer!”

Now, I have no doubt that most fair minded people would say that if someone on a DSP, or Newstart/dole goes overseas, to fight for another country or insurgent militia of any description, then the tax payer should not be supporting them in that, but the problem for Abbott is not so much in the message, as in the delivery.

I have to say, the more I watch and hear Abbott, the more angry I get, and the more I deride everything he says, often before he’s even said it!  As to me, everything he says is tainted by his own blatant dishonesty and stupidity, and further exacerbated by his arrogance and hubris.

But I also  have to admit to having serious doubts about the level of humanity in the LNP and particularly Abbott; thinking that he is some kind of  IPA, “Artificial Intelligence” experiment that went horribly wrong?   :shock:

The rabid right’s very own Frankenstein,  (or “Frabbottstein”)  if you like?

And  I base this realisation on the fact that when he rocks up for an interview, he literally “Rocks” up to it.   As when he walks (if you can call it that), he rocks from side to side, like an old toy robot!   O_o   :shock:

His arms don’t hang comfortably at his sides, but rather stick out at the elbows, like an

robot+1over blown body builder; and I get the impression that he would be much more comfortable waving his arms around whilst reciting the lines from “Lost in Space”, that suit him to a tee:

“Warning, Warning… Danger Wil Robinson (substitute Australia)!”   O_o   :/

Then you have his verbal delivery, which I find highly frustrating and insulting, as he ums, ahs and  clicks his way through the start of an answer, seemingly having to think about every word that dribbles from his gob, except when it comes to his bloody slogans, which he throws in with gay abandon, and then insists on repeating them, as if he’s actually said something worth repeating… WTF?   O_o   o_O

Then there’s the complete stupidity of pretty much every “Abbott” utterance, and the reason why he will happily go on to 2GB, with his mates Jones and Hadley, or TEN for his mate Bolt, but is not allowed to go on QandA, as he will be faced with real questions from real people, who expect real answers   :shock:   (It’s just as well he’s an “Adult”, cos most kids would be really pissed off at being told that they’re too stupid to talk to real people?).

For example; he said the other day that he wouldn’t say, what Hockey said about the petrol indexation and the poor… WTF?   Of course he wouldn’t say it; there’s too many syllables, and it wouldn’t work as a three word slogan, so he couldn’t… even if he wanted to!   :/   :roll:

But let’s face it, Abbott doesn’t need to follow Hockey’s lead, as he has no problem making himself look stupid, like he has on many occasions;

and as he did more recently, with his comments about Scotland, and its possible secession from GB.   :roll:


Sadly for Australia, we’ve got the two highest cabinet appointments, both Hockey and Abbott, vying for the title of “The most special kind of stupid”   :roll:  and even sadder   :cry:   they’re not alone, as that special kind of stupid seems to be in the LNP DNA, and a few examples are, in no particular order:

  • Bishop (Jr)   :evil:
  • Bishop (Sr)   :twisted:
  • Abetz   O_o
  • Morrison   :/   :evil:   ^^’   :mrgreen:
  • Pyne   :/
  • Brandis   ^^’
  • Hunt   :mrgreen:   O_o
  • Turnbull   :roll:
  • Cormann   :eek:
  • Joyce   O_o   :/   o_O

But let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Abbott, most if not all of the current cabinet, would still be back benchers, or not even MPs at all, where they could devote their special kind of stupid to themselves and their families, and not inflict it on us!   :mad:

So there are three things that I would like to say to the Abbott:

  1. Tony, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… “Self praise is NO recommendation!
  2. Tony, you and your LNP are nothing but dishonest and incompetent fools!
  3. Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!
An oldie but a goodie!    :grin:

An oldie but a goodie!  :grin:

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Still Sloppy… Joe!

Still Sloppy… Joe!

Eleventy seven ?  Mmm…  sounds about right!

Eleventy seven ? Mmm… sounds about right!

 For any that weren’t sure why our alleged treasurer got the nickname “Sloppy Joe”, his efforts to sell his Fudge-it should shed some light on that conundrum    :shock:

In Jan 2013, I wrote a short poem called “Sloppy Joe”, outlining my observations about the man who would be treasurer, and I thought it was worth re-posting here, with an updated version, so first of all, here’s the original:

Sloppy Joe


Cocky Hockey, or sloppy Joe

Call him what you like

The man talks only lies and spin

And should be told, get on your bike


His economic creds are shot

The man’s a total knob

And rubbish is the only thing

That dribbles from his gob


To give him keys to treasury

Would be a huge mistake

Cos like his leader? Abbott

He’s a… monumental… FAKE


And now we come to his latest performances since getting the job he wanted, and how he has forever locked in the nickname “sloppy Joe”, as the one that fits him to a tee.

Still Sloppy… Joe!

Smokin’ Joe or Sloppy Joe

Call him what you will

But when it comes to numbers

Our treasurer’s a dill


He came up with “Eleventy”

To show he has some smarts

And demonstrate his leaders cred

With quality brain farts


He thought that he was clever

As he smoked his fat cigar

And proved that for stupidity

In the LNP… it’s par


And he danced around his office

When he’d brought the budget down

Proving he’s not a treasurers arsehole

But an economic clown


Cos his so called ‘plan for future growth’

Will bring us down as well

As Abbott and the Sloppy Joe

Guide us down the road to hell


He has no clue on percentages

And he cannot tell the truth

Cos the percentage that the poor pay

May mean their car, provides their roof


He talks about emergencies

And he talks of being fair

And he wants us to believe him

When he really doesn’t care


And he’s full of bluff and bluster

And a raving right wing git

And he says he has the only plan

But he’s really full of shit!


And then he says ‘“I’m sorry”

That the words I said, upset!’

But the problem is, he hasn’t said

He’s sorry he said them… yet


He really doesn’t get it

As he plays us all for fools

That we’ve woken up to the LNP

Who’re just a bunch of Murdoch’s tools


And he’s touted, “future leader”

Of that lying Liberal lot

Which shows their lack of talent

If Sloppy Joe’s… the best… they’ve got!



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The LNP Party room, where Honesty, Decency and Morals go to die!

The LNP Party room, where Honesty, Decency and Morals go to die!

 Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICTATOR, in record time!

Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICTATOR, in record time!

So now that Abbott has taken us back to the dark ages, where Chicken Little, and his   “head in the sand” brigade, rule the roost, while the Palmersaurus, tries  in vain to convince those new converts to PUP, that they have done the right thing, and continues to convince himself that he will be seen as the champion of the people, our country is paying the price.

As our unemployment rate hits an official 6.4%, a figure that doesn’t include anyone that works for 1 or more hours per week, we have to have serious doubts about the promise that Abbott made, the he will create 1 million jobs, although I have to concede that with his manic rush to close down manufacturing and sign up to FTA’s, he may well be able to, at least, claim success on the jobs front for… South Korea, Japan, China, India and pretty much anywhere… BUT Australia.

And the minister for unemployment has his own look over there moment, citing studies done in the 50’s, that claim a link between abortion and breast cancer… WTF?

For starters, WTF has that got to do with his portfolio?

AbetzAnd when in 2014, did we start to take seriously, any studies done in the 1950’s, when we barely had antibiotics, much less the understanding of cancers that we have today?

But then I don’t suppose it matters, cos he now says that what he said… wasn’t what he said, despite video proof to the contrary… WTF?   (They do like tying to rewrite history!)

I thought we were supposed to have the best and brightest, running the country, but what we have is… The worst and dimmest!   O_o   o_O   :/

And now we have Hockey reeling after the worst unemployment figures in 12 years, and

King for a day, but a DICKHEAD forever!   :evil:

King for a day, but a DICKHEAD forever! :evil:

trying to say that these figures underline the need for his fudge-it to be passed… And I agree   :shock:

It should be passed, like the big turd that it is, and then flushed!  come to think of it, so should Abbott and his entire front bench.   :grin:

But I digress   :grin:

The thing is, writers like yours truly, are now struggling to keep up with Abbott  and his moronic LNP, as they are now making stuff-ups  by the minute, and moving us so quickly down hill, that it’s like the  whole party is hanging on to Aus for grim death, whilst skiing down the near vertical face of a 1000 metre high glacier.

The truth is that not only do they have no clear direction for this county’s future (Except south), but they really have no friggin’ idea on… well…  anything!   O_o

Except maybe money laundering and corruption, if you take even a cursory glance at what’s happening in the NSW ICAC enquiry!   :shock:

And despite the vicious rumours about  party room unity, they are just a rabble fighting amongst themselves, and they are only consistent, in their inconsistency and dishonesty!   :shock:

And so, if you are a sociopath, my advice to you is… Join the LNP, cos it’s;

The LNP party room, where honesty, decency and morals go to die!  

Austrlias debt



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Why politics is such a dirty game!

Why politics is such a dirty game!

Here's one reason!

Here’s one reason!

What is politics?

Well for starters, politics and the “game” of politics are two slightly different things, albeit inextricably linked.   :/

Now politics is usually related to the governance of a country or state, whereas the “game” of politics is about achieving outcomes, political and personal.  But in truth, for good or bad, both politics and the “game” of politics, is the art of manipulation and positioning.   :shock:

And sometimes that manipulation and positioning is altruistic in nature, based on the advice of people who actually know what they’re talking about, and a firm and genuine belief that what is done, or at least proposed, is in the best interests of the country/state and the citizenry.

And sometimes that manipulation and positioning is motivated by nothing more than blind ideologies.   ^^’

It’s a game played:

  • In workplaces.
  • In schools, TAFE’s and Uni’s.
  • In social groups, Churches and even families.
  • In clubs and NGO’s.
  • And of course in governing.

So for students of politics, just look around, and you’ll see people playing the game all around you.   :wink:

But there’s one big problem with the Game of politics, and that is that unlike most other games, it’s rules are not clearly defined, are not set at the start of the game, or when someone enters the game, but rather are determined by the character and morals (or lack thereof) of the individual players.   :shock:

Now politicians might argue that “Politics” is not a game, but a career path, and they would be right, in as far as it is their chosen career path.   But it is also, nevertheless, a game that they as  professional “Politicians” play… professionally!   :shock:

For those who, like me, are great fans of Game of Thrones, it’s easy to see the parallels between the fantasy world of GoT, and current day politics in Australia.

Of course we are much too civilised   O_o  to let our leaders lop someones head off in imagesCT1public, so instead we just watch with fascination as someone has their career, reputation, marriages etc etc, ripped out from underneath them, for the very same, self serving political reasons that the “Kings Hand”, Ned Stark, had his head chopped off,  (spoiler alert,  for those that haven’t seen the last series) and “King Joffrey” was murdered by poisoning.

The circumstances are different, but the game remains the same!

And so we come, kicking and screaming, to… Tony Abbott and his LNP.   :shock:

Classic examples where dirty politics is not only played, but is intrinsic.

If you think back across the LNP language, throughout the term of the previous government, and the recent federal election – that seems like a bloody lifetime ago – There are many clues to the way they were playing the game.

There were three main themes:

  1. All things money: “Axe the tax”, “Toxic tax”, “Budget Emergency”, “Massive debt”, “Out of control spending”, “Putting it on the country’s credit card”, “We are better fiscal managers”, “Labor’s addicted to spending” and the list goes on… and on… and on!  And all to appeal to the greedy, the ignorant, the selfish and the frightened   :shock:
  2. Nationalistic chest beating: “Stop the boats!”, “Illegals”, “Turn the boats back”, and all the language used to demonise asylum seekers, cos they believe that beating up on the most vulnerable, makes them (The LNP) look tough, which is designed to appeal to the red-neck elements in society.
  3. Honesty and trustworthiness: “Juliar”, “Incompetent and illegitimate government”, “who do you trust  to…?”, “Taxes and interest rates will always be lower…” and again, the list goes on and on.  And  these things, all ably supported and built upon by the complicit MSM.

And speaking of the MSM, Murdoch is a classic example of a “Non-politician” playing atimages not only politics, but the game of politics, through his News Corp conglomerate.

And as we all know,  the truly incompetent Abbott and his equally incompetent LNP, are now in charge, courtesy of Murdoch and his News Corp propaganda machine.

Which is just another example of how easy it is to manipulate the peoples perceptions, and to persuade them to vote for a government which is not only useless, but dangerously so.   O_o

So, when we look at the priorities set by Abbott’s 3 main themes, which were, and still are,  based on lies and blind ideology, we see some very worrying pointers to a man (?) who’s ambition certainly outstrips his abilities, and should have been raising red flags in the community, and almost definitely would have, had the media done their job properly.

They didn’t!   :mad:

The thing is though, as stated earlier, the rules of the game are ultimately determined by the character and morals (or lack thereof) of the players, so too, the way that someone plays the game of politics, clearly reflects their character and morals (or lack thereof).

Most have heard the old saying “Power corrupts…”.

Hockey1+Well it’s true, but so too can the lure of wealth, inspire corruption in many politicians, so when you start with career politicians like Abbott and his cronies, who’s priorities include money, and supporting the big end of town, to the detriment of the rest of the country, as was clearly seen in the Hockey Fudge-it, and a party who’s underlying mantras consist of;  “Every man woman and child for themselves– except if your rich” and “whatever it takes”, it’s easy to see why corruption is bubbling away just below the surface.

Hence we have a raft of royal witch hunts commissions into unions, and anything Labor, that they can think of and get away with, as a means of keeping the focus somewhere… anywhere, other than on them.

Sadly their corruption is so close to the surface, as a result of their own arrogance, hubris and self serving attitudes that the Kathy Jackson bubble has already broken the surface, and threatens to open up a sink hole that could well swallow many high profile LNPers.   :shock:

And that’s just one of many issues that this mob are  facing, as a result of their “Whatever it takes” approach to politics, public life and gross self service!     :/

ditch the witch

And with politicians like Abbott and this current crop, it’s easy to see;

“Why politics is such a dirty game!”




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What a bloody mess we’re in!

What a bloody mess we’re in!Open for business


This poem was written for no other reason, than it’s my birthday, so I can… And seeing as how we are now subjected to the long, winter break, and politically it’s that time when politicians play the junket game, heading off to the warmer climes of the northern hemisphere summer, or just playing hide and seek, with their electorates and constituents!   :shock:

So to fill the gap for those alleged reporters of news, who regularly neglect their duty to their readers/listeners/viewers, by beating up “nothing” stories, or ignoring the stories that don’t suit their agendas (Like Hockey telling the truth about “No budget emergency”, to the Kiwis… WTF?), I thought I would  go for something completely different, and try a “Look over here” moment   :shock:



What a bloody mess we’re in!


What a bloody mess we’re in

After ten months of these fools

Cos we listened to the right wing spin

From Murdoch’s bunch of tools

And now our country’s in the bin

Our democracy’s been hit

Cos of Abbott’s unoriginal sin

Of speaking nought but shit


He lied and cheated, that is clear

To gain the highest job

With Policies dribbling from his rear

He proved he’s just a knob

He talks of help, but he works on fear

As crap flows from his gob

He says he’ll save money, but he’s really dear

Just another trough snouting slob


He says he’s everybody’s friend

On that you can rely

But “the truth” is something that he’ll bend

Cos he’s partial to a lie

To hide the services that he’ll rend

He’ll claim a falling sky

And the multitudes that, to the dole, he’ll send

Would like to black his eye


He’s a right wing ideologue, that’s plain to see

And nothing could be truer,

Than he corrupted the leaning of the LNP

And moved them right, to the sewer

With support from that bastard Murdochracy

Whose mania has no cure

Who’s aligned them to the Tea party

His own wealth to secure


The treasurers judgement’s really poor

He’s tried to screw us all

So on his budget we’ve closed the door

Cos he’s really dropped the ball

While the economy goes right through the floor

His mob won’t stop the fall

Cos he’s sold his soul! He’s a corporate whore

Who’s full of lies and gall


For years he cried “Budget Emergency”

But to Kiwi’s he tells the truth

There is no damned emergency

And for that there’s lots of proof

So the lies from this bloody LNP

Were definitely uncouth

And exposed as pure ideology

By the rabid Hockey… goof


And Morrison of sovereign borders fame

Is such a raving knob

A psyche exam would end his game

Prove he’s not right for the job

And “megalomaniac”, is his name

Of that there’s little doubt

But megalomania, to the LNP’s shame,

Is what they’re all about


So while Peta Credlin runs the show

Anointing Hockey next in line

The Abbott basks in the medias glow

Thinking everything is fine

But even news poll seems to know

He’s running out of time

But Murdoch just wont let it go

Cos Abbott’s, Murdoch’s… slime


So for now we’re stuck with the LNP

And all their right wing spin,

And their broken promises, and bad policy

That’s dumped us in the bin

They’ve damaged our democracy

And our patience is wearing thin

And thanks to Abbott and his LNP

What a bloody mess we’re in?


Cabinet liars

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Oh… Cynical me!

Oh… Cynical me!MH17

Firstly, let me say that the Malaysian Airlines plane being shot out of the sky is an absolute outrage, tragedy, and a pointless and incredibly sad loss of totally innocent life, and our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this abomination.

There has also been, and still is, plenty of coverage across the MSM about the victims, and their communities, making sure that the victims families and friends are appropriately recognised for their sad and painful losses.

But the thing is, is it just me, or are others out their getting more and more angry at our bloody politicians?

I know this will be seen as politically incorrect, by some, and positively scandalous by others, who would have us believe that Abbott’s not really a dickhead, just badly misunderstood!… WTF?

Now I’m angry on many levels, about these alleged “Adults” (From both sides of the political divide).

ScumAnd one thing that I’m really pissed about, is that while I was watching Campbell Newman apparently choking back the tears, whilst talking about this tragedy; Rather than feeling empathy with him, over what he was saying, I found myself thinking “What a great opportunity for someone in need of a public makeover, to show how caring he really is…”   :mrgreen:

The sad fact is that my natural empathy has been undermined by my cynicism toward this current bunch of so called political leaders.

So we have Campbell Newman, in the process of trying to re-brand himself, as “human“,  in the face of  the  mounting realisation that he is one of the most despised right wing nut-job political leaders QLD, and the country in general has ever seen.   :shock:

Funnily enough, when questioned about the 18.5% swing against him, he said we have to “Work harder”, and basically (my paraphrase) “The voters haven’t yet realised just how good we are!”… WTF?   :shock:

The very next day, we saw can do (NOTHING!) saying “Sorry”… WTF?   :shock:

Does he really think that saying “sorry” will make a difference?

I mean, did he say:

  • Sorry we trashed QLD’s democracy?
  • Sorry we showed you our real plan, before the next election?
  • Sorry I was such an arrogant dick?
  • Sorry I gave the top lawmakers job to a Conveyancing Solicitor?
  • Sorry I’m a small man with an ego that needs its own post code?
  • Sorry I lied?

No!…  What he said was Sorry we introduced some policies that you didn’t like!… W…T…F…?

So they’ll take the worst three, and change them…  Again…WTF?

Why doesn’t he get the fact that we are sick of being lied to by arrogant little upstarts who think they have some God given right to… Well… Everything!

Then we saw the king and queen of Diplomatic dunderheadedness, picking a fight with

OK, outrage on the count of three.

OK, outrage on the count of three.

Russia, while Gerard Henderson hailed him (Abbott)  the world leader in calling  for a fair and “independent” inquiry into how “guilty Russia and Putin are!”   And once more with feeling… WTF?

Now I’m not saying Russia is innocent, cos it looks like their fingerprints  and DNA are all over it, but to name anyone as guilty, and then call for an “Independent” inquiry could be seen as somewhat hypocritical?   :wink:

PutinI mean really?…  Picking a fight with one of the super powers for purely domestic political reasons — The hope being that he will get a bounce in the polls— and sadly some will see his diplomatic ineptitude as strength, even political courage, as opposed to what it really is, which was seen in a presser, when he was asked a question about the budget, and his response was… “Too soon!”….. W…T…F…?

Too soon for what?

And the answer is… “Too soon” to interrupt his major “Look over there” moment.

Then we have the other side of the MSM bandwagon; those that are joining Henderson, in trying to sell the line that Abbott has shown “real leadership”, in his efforts to take a big stick to Putin and consequently a leading roll in the “World”?    WTF?

Now I’m sure that Putin was shaking in his old KGB boots, at the prospect of the “Blunder from down-under” making all kinds of accusations and demands, knowing full well that if the flea, that’s determined to bite the dogs of war, gets too annoying, his options are infinitely greater than those of said flea!

Having said that, the MSM that spent years telling us that Abbott was the best option, has at last found something they can crow about, as they portray him as showing leadership to the world, regardless of the realities of the situation: Where Putin couldn’t give a flying  fig for anything that Abbott has to say, and as we are not a major trading partner of theirs, bluff and bluster is all Abbott’s got… But he has got that in abundance… Especially with Jules on the job?Team Aus

Now, you can call me biased   :shock:  Surely not?   :shock:   But I have to say, in my own defence, if I hear one more “Team Australia” moment, as Shorten conducts a rousing chorus of Kumbaya, I think I’ll throw up, preferably over him!   :mrgreen:

I have to admit that I was not sure about posting this, for fear of  seeming insensitive to the victims, but I’ve seen so many comments and articles  pointing in similar directions, and when all’s said and done, my issues are not with the victims or their families, but with lying politicians who rather than rise to the challenge of high office and public service, taint everything they touch with their sleazy  self service, reducing everything to the lowest common denominator… Them!   :shock:

And the truth is that they themselves have taught us how to treat them!    The same way they’ve treated us; with contempt and disdain.     And to never trust what they say, or their motives for doing anything, as they have proved that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing for the country, the people, or even do something as simple as telling the truth.

So what’s left to say but:

Oh… cynical me!


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