Tony, shit doesn’t just happen… It’s now the norm!

Tony, shit doesn’t just happen… it’s now the norm!

As our troops now prepare for “NON” combat rolls in Iraq, after sitting on their hands in the UAE for a month, I’m reminded of that great quote and display of sensitive humanity by our erstwhile LOTO, and sadly current Prime Moron, Tony “Humanitarian bombs” Abbott, who when talking about the death of an Australian soldier said;

“Sometimes shit happens!”

Not only was he displaying gross insensitivity, and a preview of his lack of diplomacy, he was also showing us a glimpse of the future.   :shock:

The truth is that hindsight is a wonderful thing, but with what we already knew about the Abbott, that statement should have been  ringing alarm bells for all Australians!

Cos from what we’ve seen in the last year +, of the Abbott/Murdoch regime, we can now say with all confidence that if there’s one slogan that’s a metaphor for Abbott; it’s… “Shit Happens!”

The one positive that can be said for Abbott is… He’s consistent!   :shock:         Consistently bad that is.

Now, since Abbott first showed up on the political scene, the only skills he displayed, were those of lying, and as a head kicker/ political thug… and he’s never changed!   O_o

And therein lies another red flag, for the poor deluded souls who voted for him, cos if he hasn’t changed (grown up) by now, he never will!   :wink:

This was again emphasised by his continued use of inflammatory language, which may be ok when it comes to the sports field, but certainly not the kind of language to be used when dealing, on the international stage, with the president of a super power, or in fact any world leader.   :shock:

He promised many things before the last election, and I’m not about to re-list them here,Open for business but suffice it to say that with Tony “bover boy” Abbott (You want some bover?… I’ll give you some bover!), everything he said to get elected was shit, and everything he’s tried to do since is shit, including amongst other things, his;

  • vengeance based Royal Commissions, designed to shit on the ALP and the Unions.
  • stupidly hypocritical and arguably illegal Operation Sovereign Buggerups, designed to shit on our international commitments, international laws, asylum seekers, and human rights.
  • Foreign Policy agenda, designed to shit on our international relationships and  reputation.
  • National Security agenda designed to win the redneck vote, whist turning our social cohesion, our civil rights and national security to shit.
  • industrial relations policy designed by moguls and the IPA, to turn our working conditions to shit.
  • commitments to Murdoch, turning our NBN to shit.
  • general economic policy incompetence, turning our manufacturing to shit.
  • ideologies, turning our confidence to shit.
  • lies, secret agendas and general dishonesty have shit on our democracy.
  • despicable “Fudge-it” that promises to shit on the poor and most vulnerable, and ultimately shit on Australia.

So the one thing that we can say with confidence to Abbott and his Lying Nut-job Party is;

Tony, shit doesn’t just happen… It’s now the NORM!   :shock:

Abbott 1+

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Abbott’s credibility auction… Going, going… GORN!

Abbott’s credibility auction… Going, going… GORN!

C'mon Vlad… Ava go ya mug!1

C’mon Vlad… Ava go ya mug!

With Abbott’s diplomatic dunderheadedness going off the scale over his ill-advised, badly executed and just plain STUPID “Shirtfronting” threat to one of the most powerful men in the world, just prior to the G20 summit, one has to ask the question;   “WFT, if anything, was he thinking?

I mean really???

Putin was in the KGB, he’s reportedly a martial arts master, and he has access to intercontinental ballistic missiles that could finish us permanently, if he could be bothered, or got irritated enough???   :shock:

He also has some very powerful friends and allies, like… China!   :wink:

And as China is one of our major trading partners, and one that Abbott is bound and determined to sign an FTA with, we should now, more than ever, regard any FTA with a healthy dose of scepticism.

There are already serious questions hanging over the TPP, and with Abbott’s display of gross diplomatic incompetence; not just over the last week, but from day one, and only brought back into sharp focus with his latest offering   O_o    , we must now seriously consider what he will sign us up to?   :wink:Cabinet liars

Can we really trust anyone from this mob to act in the best interests of our country, or in fact anyone other than themselves and their backers, cos we certainly can’t trust China to work in anyones interest other than their own   :shock:

Now, at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, on many issues China is Russia’s main ally, and likewise Russia with China.   So with that in mind, you would have to assume that when Abbott started out by calling for a fair and open investigation into MH 17, immediately followed by his determination that Russia and Putin, were directly responsible, any bargaining power he might have had with China is, shall we say…  on shaky ground?   :?:

And that brings us kicking and screaming, to the G20, where we will see our hapless treasurer trying to sell his outdated and disproven ideologies for world fiscal growth, based on the old, and largely discredited “Trickle Down” theory, at a time when many, still struggling, economies are looking to stimulus packages, after years of failed right wing austerity measures.    :/

I'll hit yer… I will… I WILL

I’ll hit yer… I will… I WILL

Then there’s Abbott?   O_o

At this point, and in the interests of full disclosure, I have to say that I personally was looking forward to the promised confrontation – which I knew deep down was destined to be a fizzer –  in the vain hope of seeing Abbott monstered by “Vlad the Impaler”!!!!    But alas   ;-(   like everything that Abbott has ever promised, there’s no correlation  between what’s promised and what’s delivered; which is predominantly… Disappointment   :mad:

So sadly ( and I say that with a truly heavy heart   :cry:   ), Vlad won’t be requesting a “Shirtfronting” one on one, with our Prime Moron.

And while the News Corpse rags (and I do mean <i>rags</i> ) are ramping up the rhetoric in favour of their man tool Abbott, in the hope that they can whip up enough redneck sentiment against Putin, to protest his attendance, our once proud nation is becoming an object of world wide ridicule, courtesy of the “Clown Prince of Yesteryear”, and his merry mob of mendacious misfits.   O_o   :/

Now, whether you believe in Putin’s guilt or innocence is irrelevant, as he is, as previously stated, one of the most powerful men in the world, and as such, should be treated accordingly; and to be accused and then threatened by:

  • At best, a pissant wannabe with the nous and diplomatic skill set of a house brick!
  • At worst, an ideologically driven nut-job, with a grossly inflated idea of his own importance, a propensity for playing domestic politics on the world stage (to an audience that couldn’t give a crap) whilst placing both feet firmly in mouth, and… with the nous and diplomatic skill set of a house brick!    :shock:

(I lean to the latter   :grin:   )

Is nothing short of gross, puerile stupidity, and was inevitably going to be treated as such by the Russians.   :shock:

I should also say that Bill “Me Too” Shorten, has proved that he, like Abbott, is not fit to run a political party, much less the country,  as he happily jumped on board with Abbott’s chest beating extravaganza.   :mad:

And rather than Adults running the show, the country’s leadership, including our pathetic FM Bishop, look more like a bunch school yard bullies, having a pissing comp behind the shed, to proved who’s got the hairiest chest, and who can piss the furthest?   :roll:

But I digress   :/Abbott CC

So with Abbott doing everything possible to keep the Climate Change elephant in the room, off the table, while the rest of the world wants and tries to find solutions   :mad:   , and Hockey dribbles on about the ideologically driven, economic policies of a bygone  age, the reality is that we might be the “Host” nation, but our impact will be more along the lines of the “Ghost” nation!   :shock:

And if there was another world leader with the same diplomatic skill set that Abbott displays, then we would probably be told, in no uncertain terms, that under the direction of our dickhead PM, we are quickly becoming an irrelevant, redneck backwater, and an international joke!   :shock:

And the one thing that’s all but certain, is that the G20 is going to look a lot like;

Abbott’s credibility auction… Going, going… GORN!


Yes, dropping bombs is humanitarian! No, Ebola isn't!

Yes, dropping bombs is humanitarian!
No, the Ebola pandemic isn’t!


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Said the Abbott to the Bishop… Team Australia!

Said the Abbott to the Bishop… Team Australia!

Team Australia  O_o

Team Australia    O_o

And as we dig a bigger and bigger hole for ourselves, under the guise of being good global citizens   :shock:   , there is little to recommend this current course of action, other than the rhetoric of Abbott’s “Team Australia” slogan; which fits in well with the policy, decency, honesty and substance free zone, we laughingly call the Australian Parliament!   :shock:

So with that in mind, I thought “Team Australia” needed some perspective   :wink:  via the “Said the Abbott to the Bishop…” treatment   :wink:


So here it is   :grin:

Said the Abbott to the Bishop, Team Australia


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

Team Australia’s, such good fun

I think I’ll be a captain coach

Australia’s number one

And everyone is welcome

To join with the rabid right

Muslim, Christian, black or tan

We’ll make them feel all white


We’ll mobilise the people

And we’ll do what must be done

To hang onto our power base

So with a this war we’ll run

But don’t say I said it’s a war

Humanitarian’s what we’ll call it

Cos it sounds much more impressive

And it fits with all our bull shit


Said the Abbott to Joe Hockey

Team Australia’s quite a lark

Cos to solve our youth unemployment woes

We’ll just send them to Iraq

So let’s hope that bloody ISIL mob

Maintain their insurrection

For at least another two years

To get us through the next election


But linking our bad budget measures

Is walking on the edge

Cos by praising Shorten publicly

I’m building a political wedge

His rank and file don’t like him

Think he’s not up for the fight

And me calling him a great patriot

Moves him further to the right


So keep doing what you’re doing

For to get your budget sold

But remember, failing the LNP

Will see you left out in the cold

Cos in the Libs, hard work and loyalty

Aren’t worth a single Kipper, when you

do the wrong thing by the party…

Just ask Peter Slipper


Said the Abbott to Scott Morrison

Team Australia’s such a hoot

We can claim “national security”

For giving rights and freedoms, the boot

And locking up dissenters

And sending the agencies in

To show the need for what we’ve done

And feed our right wing spin


And you’ve done a really splendid job

Displaying lots of guts

To stand your ground, while all around you

Think you’re really nuts

But never fear, you fit in here

Of that there’s little doubt

But if the voters learn the truth

They’ll kick our arses out


And that’s why “Team Australia” is

Really our best bet

Cos we’ll play the patriotic card

For all that we can get

With National Security

The catch cry of the day

To help us sell our narrative

Cos that’s the Liberal way


Said the Abbott to the people

Team Australia’s where you belong

So get out all your Aussie flags

And join the happy throng

We’ll stand together side by side

To beat this terror threat

And with me as captain, and PM

You just ain’t seen nothing yet


Said smart Aussies to the Abbott

All your policies are bad

And we don’t support your rhetoric

We think you’re raving mad

And the truth is Team Australia

Is just a bloody croc

And your not a captain or PM’s arse

You’re just a lying… little… COCK



He's not a captain, he's a Major… disaster!

He’s not a captain, he’s a Major… disaster!


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Gross National Insecurity!

Gross National Insecurity!

Corman Zombie

Cormann Zombie

With no end in sight to this current madness, and as if to emphasise just how “mad” they have become, Cormann has been out and about, flagging the possibility of a “War” levy, to make us pay more for the privilege of Abbott’s warmongering, rhetoric based poll boost (cos make no mistake, that’s what this is all

Sir Brandis of Nott (Not all there!   :shock:

Sir Brandis of Nott (Nott all there!)    :shock:

about), while Abbott was quick to hit the microphones, trying to scotch the idea of another new tax, as Brandis announced an extension to the union bashing RC, spending more tax payer millions on their own political pay back campaign.   :shock:

And the truth is; you wouldn’t believe any of these lying and ideologically driven nut-job bastards if they told you… water was… wet!   :roll:

And despite Abbott’s assurances that the “Adults are back in charge”, there’s little, if any,village-idiot evidence to show that to be the case, with more waste, new taxes proposed, cuts where they promised NO CUTS, Lies, where honesty would have served them better, and the list just goes on and on!

And with the Murdoch media still backing “Their man (not ours), Abbott”, and still not asking relevant questions, or even demanding proper answer to the odd ones they do ask (mainly by accident) , there’s a litany of questions that DO need answers.

So here’s some questions I prepared earlier   :wink:

  1. Why is it, that when it was “Crystal”clear that your poll numbers were not going anywhere but down, you find an excuse to start picking a fight with Russia?
  2. Why is it, that when the current situation arose with ISIL, you jumped on that as the “War we have to have”?
  3. If this current situation with ISIL hadn’t come up when it did, would we now be at war with Russia instead?
  4. Why is it that within days of lifting our alert status, we have seen racially based, redneck attacks on Muslims, Mosques and other innocent people?
  5. Why is it that within days of lifting our “Terrorism alert level” to high, we have hundreds of police involved in anti terrorism raids, reminiscent of a CSI episode, complete with helicopters and the obligatory news crews?
  6. Why is it that you deny any correlation between your warmongering rhetoric, and these subsequent heightened threats, when the time line clearly says otherwise?
  7. Do you seriously expect us to believe you, that it’s all just coincidence, when you have already proven that you will do, say or use anything to further your own cause, and that of your wealthy backers?
  8. Why is it that you are so “concerned” about the persecuted in Iraq, yet have the most draconian, despicable and internationally condemned policies, which show NO concern for dealing with asylum seekers, the environment and our own pensioners, the sick and the working poor?
  9. Why is it, that when we have heard nothing but “Budget emergency”, for years, and while you’re still defending the attempted cuts to welfare, health and public service providers, we can suddenly find all this money to send troops and equipment, to the tune of around $500 Mill a year, on an open ended “Humanitarian” campaign?
  10. Why is it that we have sent 6 planes and associated personnel/equipment, placed them in harms way at huge expense to us, when  in the UAE alone, they have over 100 fighters (around 80 F16’s), while Syria has around 300 fighters (Mainly Russian and Chinese)?
  11. Why is it that despite promising no excuses; after more than a year of the worst government this country has ever thrown up, you are still blaming Labor for everything?
  12. Why is it that you just can’t tell… THE TRUTH?
  13. Why is it that despite all your gum flapping about; debt and deficit disaster, living within our means, taxes, unemployment and interest rates always being lower under the LNP, cutting waste, being open and transparent, open for business, 1 million jobs, keeping commitments and national security, sadly the only thing that you’ve produced in your first 12 months is… Gross National insecurity?



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Shorten WTF are you doing?

Shorten WTF are you doing?

Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

When the ALP announced that they were going to change the criteria and allow the R&F to have more of a say, I thought that might be a good start and a new direction for a factional mishmash that was slowly but surely killing itself.

Little did I know!

Albo, Mr 60%

Albo, Mr 60%

The fact is, that with around 60% of the R&F voting for Albo, and only 40% for Shorten, the members made it perfectly clear who they wanted, and yet the factions, once again stepped in to make sure their bloke got over the line.

Now at the time, I made my feelings clear, along with a large majority of the R&F, that Albo was the man to rebuild the party and take us to the next election.

I said that Shorten had too much baggage from the last two terms, that he doesn’t inspire, that he’s from the right of the party, and they desperately need to return to their roots and core values.

I have to say I was pissed off that once again the powerful factions got their way, over the membership, but many said  “Wait and see” and “At least give him a go”

Well I waited, albeit somewhat sceptically, and I saw!

And what I saw, was not a Labor leader, but what looks more like a right wing plant, who’s softly softly approach is seeing this once great nation relegated to the last century, where all the gains we’ve worked so hard to achieve, are being either seriously eroded, or completely wiped out on the back of  rabid right wing ideology!

Make no mistake, if Abbott as LOTO could have mustered the numbers in the senate,, during the Gillard term, he would have happily blocked supply to bring down the government, but he didn’t have either a valid reason, or the numbers.

When Hockey brought down his horror fudge-it, it was, to use Abbott’s own expression, CRYSTAL clear, that he lied to the public, to gain office and was, as such, a perfectly legitimate reason to use those numbers to block supply and force a DD.

Billy, Billy, Billy… WTF are you doing?

Billy, Billy, Billy… WTF are you doing?

But what did Shorten do?… NOTHING?

In fact, he did worse than nothing   :shock:    he guaranteed supply, leaving the door wide open for Abbott to do deals with the new senators and Palmer

He  has sold out Labor, and Gillard’s legacy, but worse than that he’s sold out Australia to the rabid right wing ideologies, and voted to take us back to war, on the say so of a man (?) who is a proven, and some would say pathological liar, and  who’s only goal is to maintain power at any cost.

Their dishonesty and hypocrisy are astounding, and over the last couple of days, we’ve seen yet another example, as Morrison signs up for an asylum seeker deal to resettle genuine refugees in Cambodia, one of the poorest and most corrupt countries on the planet, handing over a cool $40 mill, for a commitment to take only 4-5 refugees on a trial basis, and that’s not including the resettlement costs, which works out at 8 – 10 + million $’s each?   W…T…F???

And yet we all remember when they rejected Gillard’s Malaysian solution, because Malaysia wasn’t a signatory to the UNHCR convention, a decision that resulted in some 300 more deaths at sea?

Coincidentally a convention that these hypocrites, effectively tore up at the same time as they signed up with Cambodia, and committed us to a war in which even more people are becoming refugees!

We are now witnessing our hard fought for rights and freedoms being taken away and shoved in a cupboard to “protect them”… WTF?        And the most incompetent, and arguably corrupt government in our history, stirring up hysteria and fear, for the sake of their own political advantage.

And all the while, Shorten’s opposition is not only MIA for much of the time, but complicit in many of these decisions… W…T…F???

The thing is that I along with many others, tried to warn Australia of how Abbott would destroy this great country   :roll:    and he has more than lived up to our expectations!   :shock:

And likewise with Shorten   :mad:

In his first year, Abbott has done damage that will take decades to fix, if in fact it can be fixed, and all for the sake of his own twisted ambitions and ideologies.

And in his first year as LOTO, Shorten has basically made the ALP irrelevant.

I did hope hope he would prove me wrong… He didn’t!

I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt… But he just confirmed all my fears at every turn!

But I’m still prepared to give him a go   :shock:

So Billy boy, If you do genuinely care for this country and the once great Labor party, the only Go that I can still give you is… GO AWAY!

Do the decent thing and resign your position as LOTO, and let the will of the R&F prevail!

We need a LOTO that will reform the party, whilst taking the fight up to Abbott and his mendacious mob of mistits, hitting him with both barrels, not a limp lettuce leaf!

Cos too many times over the last year, too many of us have asked the question:

Shorten, WTF are you doing?

Abbott's mini me

Abbott’s mini me

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Said the Abbott to the Bishop…War!

Said the Abbott to the Bishop… War!

The lights are on, but nobody's home!    O_o

The lights are on, but nobody’s home!    O_o

Now I know that war is no laughing matter, but with the mendacious Abbott running the show  (now there’s a joke right there!   :shock:   ), and with the news getting more depressing by the minute,   :sad:   I thought I should at least try for a little light relief.   :-)

So I decided to write another in the  “Said the Abbott…” series of poems, trying to take a light hearted look at the political stupidity of the last few days   :wink:

And at least for me, a chuckle every now and then helps to get things back in perspective



and the main cause of our angst, should also be the target of some good old Aussie ridicule!   :shock:

And Abbott… You’re IT!   :twisted:

Said the Abbott to the Bishop… War!


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

It’s a good time for a war

Cos the budget’s in the crapper

And my polls are through the floor

So just keep hassling Putin

While I look towards the east

Cos they’re offering a smorgasbord

A veritable feast


A land of tribes and warlords

And extremists this is true

But they suit my own agenda

Cos they’re full of camel poo

And Peta said we need a war

The next election for to win

Cos they’ve stopped believing Rupert

And his blatant right wing spin


And our propaganda’s failing

So our team can’t do their jobs

And that bloody recalcitrant senate

Makes us look a bunch of knobs

Though the Labor party’s lost its way

With Shorten at the helm

Playing team Orstraya to the nth

Is Billy’s fantasy realm


He’ll back us up not questioning

The stories that we’ll spin

Cos the man’s a latent righty

And there’s no way he will win

He agrees that we’ll not make things worse

By my warmongering chatter

And by the time the dope wakes up

It’ll be too late too matter


And war’s a great distraction

So John Howard I must thank

Cos it’s him that set the ground work

The little Liberal wank

And he taught me everything I know

But for honesty he gets zero

And the same score for integrity

And that’s why he’s my hero


Said the Bishop to the Abbott

Yes, a stellar Liberal leader

And one we all aspire to be

The lying little bleeder

But you have done a sterling job

And the bullseye you have hit

By telling everybody lies

And talking naught but shit


So I’m off to take on the UN

And their climate change agenda

Spelling out our “direct action” plan

Of the truth, I’ll be a bender

I’ll sing our praises; tell them all

There’s nothing there to fear

I’ll just blame everybody else

Cos there’s nothing to see here


Said the Abbott to George Brandis

All this talk of war is great

Cos it sells a lot of papers

Which will please our mogul mate

So go and tell the senate

All the things that we must do

Cos to keep the masses terrified

Is the job I have for you!


Said the Bishop to the UN

Fair and balanced is our approach

And the Liberals will survive CC

Cos we’re like a big cockroach

And we couldn’t care what you lot think

We think this debate’s quite funny

As the most important thing to us

Is not the Earth… it’s money!


Said the Abbott to the UN

On this war I cannot pass

Though I cant see where we’re headed

With my head up Barack’s arse

But I know that soon he’ll tell us

Exactly what we’re supposed to do

Cos without his lead, the world will know

We’re full of cattle poo


And that’s why Peta came along

To whisper in my ear

And tell me what I need to say

To push our line of fear

And repairing my world standing

Is the most important job

Cos so far everything I’ve done

Just made me look… A knob


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

Though I know you did your best

Our policy’s been overshadowed

By the arguments of the rest

And the truth is that on climate change

Although you’ve been well groomed

You couldn’t sell it to the world

Cos we’ve just been Ban Ki-Mooned




OK, outrage on the count of three.

OK, outrage on the count of three.

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Half the world’s goin’ mad, and the other half’s already there!

Half the world’s goin’ mad, and the other half’s already there!robot+1

As our Prime Moron, denies any responsibility for the heightened level of possible local terrorist activity, and his menagerie of mendacious miscreants line up behind him, decrying any who have the absolute audacity to even suggest otherwise, or ask the obvious questions, regarding the possibility that he’s made the situation worse, I just wonder how badly this will turn out?   :mad:

The fact is that we are now seeing a heightened level of redneck activity around Mosques, and normal, law abiding Muslims, every night on the news, since Abbott’s rhetoric (Read SHIT) hit the fan.    While the word is that the phone call that triggered the raids, was intercepted on Tuesday, after the announcements that we will be sending 600 ADF personnel, and  associated hardware  to the middle east, and our terror alert was raised by the outgoing head of “intelligence (?)”, with the mendacious Abbott superglued to his hip!    :roll:   How coincidental?

Then there’s the gross stupidity of Abbott telling people that a random citizen was going to be kidnapped, and then publicly beheaded (which apparently wasn’t specified in the call anyway?) for the sake of justifying his overblown rhetoric.  Closely followed by the equally stupid statement, that we shouldn’t worry about the possibility of being decapitated, but just go on with life as normal!… W…T…F…?   :roll:

All the while “Team Orstraya” is doing a great job of recruiting it’s own extremists in the form of the aforementioned rednecks, with threats of bombings and retribution for acts perpetrated by so called  Muslims.    The sad fact is that Abbott, and all that support his overblown rhetoric, along with these rednecks are playing right into the extremists hands,  as the young, and already disaffected Muslims in our community will feel persecuted to the point where many will be driven into the waiting arms of  the extremist recruiters.

We’ve seen Innocent people murdered, around the world, by these nut-jobs, with claims of retribution for Muslims killed… WTF?    When the truth is that they have killed more Muslims than everyone else put together!

Then we have the threats from the radicalised contingent in Indonesia whose ire had already been reignited by Abbott’s despicable tow back policy, as a part of his equally despicable “Operation Sovereign Bugger-ups!”

And speaking of OSB; how come we can’t be told about what’s been going on with asylum seekers, cos the PPL smugglers might get a heads up, but we can be told all kinds of stuff about, what we have been told by Abbott, is a credible threat to our national security and warned that some random citizen may well get… a heads off?   W…T…F…?   O_o   :/   o_O

And that’s only in the last couple of weeks   :shock:

In the last few years, we’ve seen, in no particular order:

  • The GFC.
  • Climate Change.
  • Earthquakes.
  • Volcanos.
  • Tsunamis.
  • Mud slides.
  • Wars and rumours of wars.
  • Right wing nut-jobs practicing “Trickle down economics”?
  • Planes falling out of the air.
  • Planes shot out of the air.
  • Fascist dictators, both abroad and at home.
  • Tens of millions displaced.
  • Lies and distortions from pollies and moguls alike,  (All for blatant self interest)
  • And the list of madness just goes on and on and on………

Now we are being told that to protect our hard fought for freedoms… we have to lose them?   WTF?

We have a proven, pathological liar in T Abbott Prime Moron, trying to claim the moral high ground supported by the most mendacious mob we’ve ever seen in parliament backing him to the hilt.

We have the another idiot LOTO, (since the last one stole the top job) B Shorten, supporting him in his dishonesty and stupidity.

We have Medusa Bishop still trying to pick a fight with Russia, demanding in the UN that more action be taken against them.

We still have helmet hair Bishop giving us the most one sided display of umpiring, in the history of parliament, red-carding everyone she can from the ALP for the most puerile and ridiculous of reasons.

And now we see direct threats to Australians, from these murdering ISIL bastards, but it’s got absolutely nothing to do with Abbott and his mind numbingly stupid, pugilist and war mongering rhetoric, again, just sheer coincidence… NOT!

Now we have Abbott going to New York, to address the UN, as News poll tells us he’s doing a good job…   And the PPL approve… W…T…F???

And the only conclusion I can come to is:

Half the world’s goin’ mad, and the other half’s already there!



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