CC, is it worth the risk?

CC. is it worth the risk?images

After watching the nut-job Malcolm Roberts on QandA, last Monday night, I felt compelled to respond.   😯

Despite his efforts, and his obvious understanding of the  dilemma that faces the planet, Brian Cox, was never going to make any headway with the sadly delusional Malcolm Roberts, as despite his calls for “Empirical Evidence”, the reality is that Roberts is not interested in any evidence that contradicts what he believes to be true.   😯

Although, having said that, I’m not personally convinced that Roberts truly believes his own demented ramblings, as much as he protests that he does?   😛   (But then he did cite Pauline Hanson, as one of the most intelligent people he’s ever known   😯   So who knows???   ❓   )

And his incessant demands for “Empirical Evidence” are only matched by his effort to dismiss any and all evidence put before him

So, what is “Empirical Evidence”?

  1. Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation. This data is recorded and analysed by scientists and is a central process as part of the scientific method.
  2. “Empirical evidence” or “scientific evidence” is evidence which serves the purpose of either supporting or countering a scientific hypothesis or theory.

Now, I may not be as smart as Professor  Brian Cox   😯   , but by those definitions, it seems to me that   “Empirical Evidence” is exactly what we have… But I digress   😉

Roberts+The truth is that Roberts is an ego maniac, and deluded fool, who would never even consider the possibility that he could be wrong , as evidenced by his performance on QandA , and his responses to the evidence that he was confronted with.

But the question needs to be asked, of all those who believe the plethora of crap that  is pervading the internet in regards  to CC;

“What is the worst case  scenario if  either  side is wrong”?????

Well, if those that believe the science (as I do), are wrong, but do what they believe needs to be done, then the worst case scenario is that we will end up with;

  1. A planet that is cleaner and greener than it otherwise would be
  2. A new world wide economy based on renewables
  3. A vastly more efficient, and  environmentally friendly energy sector
  4. A healthier populous, due to a reduction in pollution, amongst other things, reducing at least some of the pressure on grossly under resourced health services
  5. And hopefully a more environmentally aware, and responsible populous, that will leave the planet in a better condition for future generations to work with, appreciate and enjoy.

And on the other hand, if the CC deniers are wrong, but convince the powers that be, to do nothing, other than maintain the status quo then the worst case scenario is that;

  1. There will be potentially billions of environmental refugees
  2. Natural disasters, increasing in both frequency and intensity
  3. Coastal inundation on a grand scale
  4. Untold millions, if not billions, of people dying from the aforementioned natural disasters (Floods, droughts, fires etc etc)
  5. A populous battling the environment, for their very survival, with a vision and grip on the future that is tenuous at best!

Now, at this point, I have to say that I, for one, would be more than happy for all the scientists, and “empirical evidence” to be wrong, and for the likes of Malcolm Roberts et al to be able to say “We told you so”!

Sadly however, as Brian Cox pointed out to Roberts (Which the aforementioned Roberts summarily dismissed   😯   )  the overwhelming consensus of the science community is of the contrary view!

So, IMHO, the most important question that we need to ask ourselves is not who’s right or wrong, (Although, I, like most would argue that the evidence is clear   😛   ) but;

“When it comes to doing nothing about CC… Is it worth the risk???”

And the answer is a resounding NO!







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Living within our means… Mmmm?

Living within our means… Mmmm?

Don’t you just love it, when a multi millionaire, with his money stashed in an offshore tax haven, tells you to “Live within your means”?Man on loo+

The funny thing is that Malaise Turdball has been playing catch-up since stabbing Abbott in the back, using the reason that he was going to give us better fiscal management, which was “beyond” the aforementioned Abbott   😯

Now call me cynical   😯   , but not only would I say we haven’t seen “better” fiscal management, but I would venture to suggest we’re yet to see any fiscal management,   😛   unless, of course, he was talking about better fiscal management of his own Cayman Islands accounts   😉

But even worse than that, after nearly three years in gov, and seven months of the Turdball iteration of the Abbott/Muddick/IPA/LNP  regime, they have no discernible policies or direction (other than backwards   😡   ), and seem obsessed with only talking about, and blaming, the Labor opposition, for everything that has ever gone wrong   😯

The fact is, that at the last, Muddick sponsored, “Leaders” debate, when Turdball said that he knew what it was like worrying about whether the grandkids could have an ipad, or a tablet etc, for their education, I nearly threw up!   :mrgreen:

I mean really… How can an ex lawyer/banker, living in a $50 mill, harbour-side mansion, with his money stashed in the Caymans, have any idea what it’s like in the real world, that the vast major of us inhabit???

But I digress…  Oh… Actually, I didn’t   😯

But anyway, as Snott Morescum and Maths Conman, continue to push their bullshit and meaningless slogans, and Turdball continues to stand for nothing other than rabid right ideology, and his tenuous hold on power, at any cost (To us), the choice becomes clearer by the minute!   😛

And as there are more debates, and the pork barrels start overflowing, predominantly in marginal seats, and we get beaten around the head with “Jobson Growthe” and “It’s all Labor’s fault” and “Their big black hole is bigger than our big black hole”, I have a few things to say to Mr Malcontent Turdball:

  1. You are no friend of this country or its citizenry, cos if you were, you would not have your money stashed in the Caymans, you would not be protecting the top end of town with your opposition to the changes to negative gearing (which by any measure should be seen as a gross conflict of interest), and you would not have sold out your “alleged” principles, for the sake of a job at the top, which you have obviously coveted for no other reason than personal ambition and self aggrandisement!
  2. The more you hold the line about how good your stuffed up NBN is, the less people are taking you seriously, and the more people are just no longer listening, which is evidenced by your dramatic slide in the polls.
  3. Stop your waffling, prevarications and downright lies, and start actually answering questions!   I know it’s foreign concept to LNPee’ers, but if you started telling the truth, answering questions and taking some responsibility for your actions, instead of blaming everyone else, you probably still won’t save the election, but you might just limit the damage both you and Abbott have done to the LNP brand!
  4. They say that perceptions are critical, and the perception that you are “out of touch”,Turdball selfie+ is a difficult thing to deal with, but the reality that you are “out of touch”, is the more pressing problem, and only servers to reinforce and in fact confirm the perception; and no amount of riding trains and taking selfies will change that fact.
  5. The only legacy of your time in parliament, and the only thing that you can claim as your own, is the complete suff up of the NBN, courtesy of your ex-boss The Abbott, AKA the village idiot, who played you for the fool, and got you to destroy the most needed and relevant piece of 21st century infrastructure planned for our future jobs, growth and prosperity, the very things you claim as your main priorities.
  6. So you shouldn’t be surprised by your poll numbers dropping like the proverbial stone.  Neither should you be surprised by the fact that the people have stopped listening to your waffling and hyperbolic bullshit. And you certainly shouldn’t be surprised by the anger, frustration and resentment invoked, when someone like you, who has cut our services to the bone, while having absolutely no conception of the day to day struggles that most of us have to deal with, sends out the directive from your ivory tower that, we should all be ;

Living within our means… Mmmm?




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Said the Turdball to the Bishop

Said the Turdball to the Bishop



Well, what a start to the election campaign?

The starters gun has yet to be fired, and the Turdball/Morescum fudgeit has already been labeled a fraud.

In QT this week, Morescum didn’t know what day it was, Turdball made a complete arse of himself, including in an inteview with David Speers, on Sky, and Maths Conman in a doorstop, took up the waffling mantle and ran with it, before the questions got too hard for him, and then …. He just ran   😯

And the entire LNP, in QT looked like the family pet had just died   😦


And I’ve written my first poem of the election campaign   😀

Said the Turdball to the Bishop.


Said the Turdball to the Bishop

I am fabulous it’s true

But the rabid right wing legacy

Has dumped us in the poo

And the Abbott’s still there lingering

Like a rotten right wing stink

And working to discredit me

The nasty little fink


He’s a man devoid of principles

And completely lacking class

Who won’t accept the simple fact

We dumped his sorry arse

And despite my popularity

Which no one can deny

He’s dragging this great party down

No matter what I try


And with the election looming

And our numbers heading south

And the journos starting to question

Every utterance from my mouth

We’re in a spot of bother

And my plans have gone awry

As my PMship is sinking

And it makes me want to cry


Cos we all know that I’m fabulous

The smartest one around

And I don’t need expert modelling

Cos my un-common sense is sound

And the people need to understand

I’m exactly what they need

To save them from the ALP

And foster personal greed


And the wealthy must get richer

For the wealth to trickle down

That’s why us LNPee’ers

Wear the economics crown

And although some think that “trickle down”

Is just a right wing fable

There are always crumbs a’falling

From the wealthy’s banquet table


And with jobs and growth our focus

Giving tax back to the rich

And tax breaks for the businesses

Helping scratch that fiscal itch

I don’t care what the lefty’s say

It’s not a war of class

And if the plebes don’t like it

They can kiss my wealthy arse


Thought the Bishop of the Turdball

I am loyal through and through

But if your numbers don’t improve

We’ll dump a Turdball too

You’ve stolen Labors policies

Cos you’ve got none of your own

And the others that you’ve stuck with

Show you as an Abbott clone


Said the Bishop to the Turdball

I’m a loyal deputy

And we’ll clearly stick together

To defeat the ALP

but we’ll need much more than slogans

And the Muddick MSM

To placate the angry masses

Cos the Abbott lied to them


So the budget must deliver

Or we’ll take a major hit

And all your political capital

Won’t be worth a pinch of shit

And we wrote off Billy Shorten

But the truth is plain to see

That we’ve underestimated

The bloody ALP


And the journos have all started

Asking questions on our budget

That clearly show the voters

That all that we’ve done is fudge it

And the bloody Labor party

In their damned budget reply

Have taken all our premises

And blown them all sky high


And the ten year fiscal outlook

Has sidetracked our fiscal plan

As our claim of Labor’s big black hole

Has been flushed straight down the pan

All because the ten year treasury costing

For smokes excise was low

They’re claiming that the dollar cost

Of tax cuts we should show


Said the Turdball to the Bishop

All’s not lost, you still have me

And I’m doing everything I can

To save the LNP

So I’ll get out there and sell myself

With a smile they can’t resist

And I’ll just have one more glass of Grange

So they don’t think that I’m pissed


Said the Turdball to the people

At this time your choice is clear

To endorse my plan for jobs and growth

And kick Bill Shorten’s rear

Or vote for lower house prices

And wasting cash on public health

And funding bloody Gonski

And more services by stealth


Said the people to the Turdball

Of the lies and spin, we’re sick

And your fear and smear agenda shows

Just like Abbott, you’re a dick

You think you’re the smartest in the room

An ex lawyer and ex banker

And soon to be ex Ptime Minister

But you’ll always be a wanker!


Turnbull 1++

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Turdball and Di Natale, are a real Double Disillusion!

Turdball and Di Natale, are a real Double Disillusion!Turnbull ++

Well, with all the expectations heaped on Turdball since the carefully engineered (albeit long overdue, and well deserved) demise of The Abbott, the disappointment, disgust and disillusionment  has been steadily  building, to the point where it’s almost palpable.   😯

So finally, despite the initial euphoria of the masses, over the aforementioned demise, and the relief of not having to watch The Abbott embarrass us on the world sage, whilst doing everything he could to make life as hard as possible, at home, for the sick, the elderly, the unemployed, the disabled and disadvantaged, people are starting to wake up to the fact that Turdball is no more than Abbott, in a designer suit!   😡

The frustration for truth seekers everywhere, is that we predicted both how dysfunctional and incompetent Abbott would prove to be, and that Turdball would be no better!   😛

And then, to add insult to injury (and what we were always led to believe to be from the left of politics)  we saw Milne hand over the reins of the greens to the big Dick Di Natale    😯   giving us Turdball the rabid right wing lefty, and Big Dick Di Natale the rabid left wing righty   O_o   :/   😕

Now the greens have been walking on shaky ground, since their “Green” credentials came under suspicion during the Rudd years, when they voted, on “ideological grounds”, with the LNP, against the original ETS, and are in large part responsible for the lack of environmental policy today, that has made us a world wide laughingstock and environmental pariah.   😡

There then followed a conga line of LNP bed hops, making the greens look more like political whores, than progressive ideologues, siding with the rabid right to block policies like the Malaysian Solution,  which ultimately resulted in the mess that is our current Border Farce and Asylum Seeker debacle, instead of compromising their ideals, for the greater good!   😦

In other words, rather than compromise for the sake of getting s0me possibly reasonable outcome, they stuck  to their “Principles” to achieve the worst possible outcome, and their own ideological nightmare   😯

They also voted with the LNP to remove the cap on gov borrowings, which has now resulted in a major blowout in the Abbott and Hockey declared “Debt and deficit disaster” of the Abbott opposition, to what we have now, which by comparison, can only be seen as a “Major debt and deficit catastrophe”

But of course, Dick Di Natale and his greens will take no responsibility whatsoever for any of the policy disasters that their complicity with the LNP has enabled, rather still claiming that they are diametrically opposed to the LNP… WTF???   :/

So here we are, as the last parliamentary sitting week before the budget session comes to an end, and both the greens and the LNP have stymied debate on their own policies,  for the sake of once again getting in to bed together for a quickie over senate voting “reform”, which Dick calls political pragmatism, while Malcontent screws not only the greens, but the voting public, for the sake of trying to hang on to power, and in the process gaining control of the senate so as to further reward wealthy LNP donors!   👿

So while the LNP, rather than negotiate, do what they always do  (Cheat, steal and manipulate) to try to get their own way, the greens in their political naivety and stupidity try to be relevant in the name of pragmatism, by crapping on their own “principles”, not to mention their supporter base.   😯

And while we don’t know for sure if Turdball will call a Double Dissolution, the one thing we do know for sure is that;

Turdball and Di Natale, are a real Double Disillusion!

Greens Senator Richard Di Natale speaks to the media in Melbourne, Friday, Jan. 3, 2014. The acting Greens leader said The Greens will push for a ban on the promotion of alcohol in sport (AAP Image/Julian Smith) NO ARCHIVING

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What has Australia become?

What has Australia become?Beetroots+


So, we got rid of Tony Abbott AKA The village Idiot, and now we have Surgical Truss, AKA the Human Sedative, heading for the public sector, leaving us with Turdball AKA The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth, and the Mr Beetroot Head AKA Bananaby Juice, to take the level of stupid to new heights  FFS   😯

Is it just me, or is it feeling like we’re stuck in a parallel  universe, where stupid is the norm, and the best we can hope for, as a nation, is gross national embarrassment   😳

And in that parallel universe, I suppose we should feel some level of sympathy for the Turdball, who has lost so many ministers, that it has moved well past unfortunate, to downright careless   😯   but in the real world, what it screams is… Turdball’s bad judgement!   😛

Turdball 2++

And when we look at the Abbott’s track record of bad “Captains Picks”, a record which many thought  would stand forever as a testament to Abbott’s stupidity, and would never be surpassed, we now have a situation where the Turdball is a real contender to actually wrest that somewhat dubious record from the Abbott’s dead, yet still grasping, claws!   🙄

Dunce 1The fact that Abbott is still on the backbench, agitating as only a true dickhead can, speaks volumes about the delusion that he works under.   😦    and the tenuous hold that he has on reality… Not to mention the even more tenuous hold that the Turdball has on power   😀

But I digress   😯

So as we watch the slow-mo  train wreck that the LNPee’er, alleged. government has become, with Morescum looking more economically  inept with every passing moment,  and Ashbygate threatening to disembowel the cabinet…Again…, we now have the prospect of the much promised/threatened DD, which is becoming more urgent by the day, for them as the Turdball’s poll numbers drop like the proverbial!

Tony Windsor

And with Tony Windsor snapping at Bananaby’s heels, not like an angry Pistol and Boo, but more like The Hound of The Baskervilles, waiting to rip out his political throat   😯   and NSW polling showing at least 10 LNP seats in real danger of changing hands, along with major factional preselection wars, and their complete lack of direction and policy, panic is the order of the day!   😀

We also have  the treasurer in witless protection, as he tries to come up with something vaguely resembling  a budget   😯   and Turdball trying to blackmail the cross benches into passing the ABCC legislation, while playing puerile little games about the timing of both the budget and a possible DD   🙄

So, as we move inexorably from democracy to neo-fascist stupid, and just as inexorably towards the election, that it looks increasingly like he’s scared to call, there are 2 burning questions that I for one am asking:

  1.   Have the masses woken up enough, to vote this dysfunctional rabble out?   ❓
  2.   The very fact that the first question needs to be asked, means that the most important and relevant question is… What has Australia become?   😦   

Turnbull ++

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Let the fear, smear and verbal diarrhoea begin!

Let the fear, smear  and verbal diarrhoea begin!Turnbull 2+

Let’s face it, all the talk by the Turdball, of going full term, was just that…Talk!   😯

Many of us here have been predicting an election as early as April – May, as Morescum is totally incompetent, and is much more likely to bring down the country, than to bring down a decent budget   😯

But now the “Talk” is of a July election, to be announced the day after the budget, which would be typical for the LNP, especially this iteration of the LNP, as they will try every trick in the book (of “dirty tricks”), to gain some level of advantage.   🙄

And I have to say, Turdball was quick out of the blocks, with the start of a fear campaign on negative gearing, it’s just a shame that they were nowhere near as quick in releasing a policy… Any policy!   😛

But the problem that they have, is that Turdball’s iteration of the LNP can’t even do a Turdball 2++decent scare campaign   😯   , with absolutely  no research to back up their ludicrous claims, claims that are not only ludicrous, but blatantly contradictory.   🙄


Like Turdball channelling  his inner Abbott, resurrecting and citing the old “Wrecking Ball”, and claiming that “House values will be SMASHED”   😯    while the perennially disengaged mouth, Smelly O’Dire (Or is it Kelly… Oh’Dear) the “assistant Kelly O'Dwyer+treasurer” claims House values will soar   😯

I mean really, if they’re determined to go with stupid, the least they could do is go with the same stupid, instead of opposing stupids!   🙄

But then this IS the LNP we’re talking about???   😡

The good thing about the LNPee’ers and Turdball’s position, if there is a “Good thing”  to be found, is that they have shown their hand, as totally incompetent and all at sea on critical issues.   😉

And I suppose that the idea of “Floating” rabid right thought bubbles (Read “Brain farts”   😛   ), is that once “floated”, they can then be declared “On water matters”  and no longer up for discussion   😛

So with that in mind, and the fact that it is an election year;

Let the fear, smear and verbal diarrhoea begin!

Turdball 2+1


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The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth

Turnbull 2+The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth

Now although this poem is about the Pernicious Prince of Point Piper; as an avid observer of the human condition, I felt compelled to share an observation that I made about one of his co-conspirators in the coup   😉    and I don’t think he’s the only one, as I’ve started to notice this phenomena in other LNPee’ers as well   😕

After watching Snott Morescum give his Press Club address, I came to the inescapable conclusion that we are run by absolute morons.   😯

Now this may not come as any grand revelation,   😛   except that there seems to be a pattern emerging   😉

So why, you may ask, did I come to that inescapable conclusion?   ❓

Well, it appears that LNPee’ers naturally take on the Characteristics of their (And I use the term loosely) “Leaders”   😯

I distinctly remember under Abbott; Morescum and the rest of the mendacious mob of miscreants repeating Abbott’s much discussed and even more despised “three word slogans” Ad-nauseam,   😡   , and now after only five months of the Turdball’s tenure, Morescum,  who was always a wanker, is now himself a waffler too   😯

And quite frankly, of late, waffling is about all that LNPee’ers seem to do.   😛

Now, I’m sure that part of the problem is that waffling is a logical next step, when a politician has no bloody idea WTF they’re talking about, and it’s further compounded by the fact that they have no clear policies,  and are being done over by a very policy proactive Labor party, that’s leading the debate on many fronts   😯   , but that certainly isn’t the whole story!   😉

But I digress   😛

The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth


The Waffling Wanker from Wentworth

Said, for the economy, I am your man

The Abbott is just a pretender

He can’t do all the things that I can

I’m a man for all seasons with a million good reasons

Why everyone should vote for me

It’s not rocket science to show your compliance

Cos I’m fabulous you will agree


I will run a new government for all the people

My tenure will be hailed a success

Unlike all those that have gone before me

I promise I won’t make a mess

And it’s natural to think, that my shit doesn’t stink

And a rainbow is all I can fart

I’ll be honest and true, a good guy through and through

Cos I’m a rabid right lefty at heart


My credentials are clearly outstanding

And my character far from reproach

As a captain you’ll never find better

And there’s no one who’s a better coach

I’m an orator supreme, and a voters wet dream

A repository for national pride

I can fix all our ills, while appeasing the dills

And I can probably hold back the tide


My millions I’ve stashed in the Caymans

My investments are all at arms length

But I don’t avoid paying my taxes

Cos minimisation’s my strength

I’ll be clear and precise, and really quite nice

And as always incredibly calm

While I take up the fight for my mates from the right

As we sell off the family farm


But there’s no need for deep consternation

Cos you know I’m the one you can trust

To get a fair price for our assets

And to pay down our debts, as we must

Cos we emptied the vault, though it’s all Labors fault

As with money they have no idea

And they haven’t yet learnt, that they’ll always get burnt

By my verbal and fiscal diarrhoea


I’m the bard of the right wing agenda

A regular Shakespeare am I

I’m that good, I’ll sell ice to the Eskimos

And my forte is pie in the sky

Like my fabulous broadband, that Labor calls fraudband

You all bought it all,  hook line and sinker

As my fibre to the node, was the lie mother load

And what I’ve delivered’s a stinker


But you cannot blame me, it isn’t my fault

The Abbott’s the one you should blame

He told me to wreck Labors fine NBN

Which I thought was really a shame

But blowouts and debt, are the best you will get

Till the legacy of Labor’s no more

Cos the copper, you see, is a long way from free

And I’ve already shown fibre the door


And my plan is to win the election

Cos I know that now, it’s my shot

And if Abbott can do it then anyone can

Cos Abbott’s a rambling clot

And I’ll easily win, with some media spin

And the backing of my LNP

Cos I’m the prince of Point Piper, and a political viper

And the truth is…  It’s all about me!


Turdball selfie+

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